So you took a few photos and put them on RB....

I thought that National Parks and just that, national, ours. It turns out that they are not, no even to photograph. Get a load of this:…


Legislation and Policies

Photography and filmmaking within a Parks Victoria requires photographers and filmmakers to adhere to the provisions of the National Parks Act, 1975, Crowns Lands (Reserves) Act, 1978, Water Industry Act, 1994, and Guidelines for Filming and Photography, Parks Victoria.

Scope and Application of the Guidelines


The Guidelines require a company, group, or individual conducting photography as a trade or business to have a permit to take photographs within its controlled areas. Product includes – magazines, ads, journals, textbooks, calendars and postcards, and public displays and exhibits. Amateur photogr

What a load...

I am getting seriously sick and tired of hearing Australian politicians repeating on and on how we emit “ONLY” 1.5 percent of world’s greenhouse gasses.

Well, here are my numbers, you make up your own mind.

Population of Australia: 21,779,230 – Source
World’s population: 6,784,073,287 – Source

Which means that we are 0.321 percent of the world’s population, which in turn means that per capita we emit around 5 times more that any other nation in the world.

Should somebody tell them, or should we keep it our little secret?

A happy day for real nerds!

I am proud and happy to announce that I have created, and RB gods approved, a new group for Helvetica nerds.

Please drop by and join if you have any Helvetica wares to show off.
It’s OK to love Helvetica!


Spam on RB?

I received the following through BM:

“Hello my dear.
My name is Gift i saw your profile today at ( )and i became intrested so please i will like you to email me back through my email address thus:( pls i will like you to send me your email address so that i will tell you more about my self and also my picture you to know who i am .hope you understand.thanks.And i will like you to contact me trough my email adress(
Am waiting to see your lovely reply soonest.
Miss Gift.”

I am soooooo happy… someone likes me! WOW!

I recognise the tell-all signs of Chinglish…
What do you think, should I reply? Send my credit card nuber as well? And all my passwords and PIN numbers?

A copyright question.

HI all,
Recently I took some photos (as a favour) at an exhibition opening. I supplied the photos to the artists with a copyright notice on the CD, name, details etc.
A few of the photos are going to be printed in a commercial publication.
I told the artist to go ahead and pass the photos on to the publishers together with the copyright notice and my details.
The question is:
Did I do the right thing? I would expect to be paid by the publishers of this Australia-wide, quite popular monthly, but I am not sure if they can just say that they got the pics from the artist and therefore a release to print?

Should I expect the publishers to contact me before printing, considering they have my name, contact AND the copyright notice?

Anyone with commercial experience, your help will be appreciated.


Thank you all...

… who over the last two weeks bought T-shirts from yours truly.
It’s been fun seeing that people acutualy LIKE what I do.
Thanks again, and why stop now?

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