Wishing all my friends on Redbubble a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year

Much appreciated thank yous for all your kindness and support in 2010 and
best wishes for another amazing & creative year to you all-
Hugs Anita xxxx

A few festive sales whilst I was sleeping off the chocolate overload.
Much appreciated Thank Yous….

Kiki Monique (Silver Moon Addition) Card to a Mystery Buyer

Owl Familiar Card to the most talented, wonderful eleveneleven

Red Haired Alice Tee to awesome photographer Trish Mistric

I’d like to say an extra special thank you to one of my favourite artists here on Redbubble Lynnette Shelley for commissioning a piece for her husband. It was a priveledge to do a version of one of his favourite authors and I think I can safely say a big thank you now that “Sa



This will probably be my last journal entry for 2010. I’m enjoying my little
break too much and still have a bit to get organised for the holidays. It’s
been a bit quiet round these parts, so I guess you are all on the same boat.

Thank you for all your comments, encouragements & support this year. I feel very lucky
to have found such a wonderful community and wealth of talent & inspiration.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday and all my very best wishes for a creative, happy & healthy 2011- Hope all your dreams come true

Anita xxx

Thank yous :))) xxxx

Thank you for the beautiful comments & to every group who has featured my work

I have been having a wee break as you know and cant wait to get back to drawing and catching up here on redbubble. Not too organised for the holidays yet, so it might be after Xmas before that happens. I wish you all a magical time.

Thank you so much for the following sales- A lovely & unexpected surprise over the last couple of weeks- so much appreciated.

The Art of Anita Inverarity Calendar- Thank you my dear friend, the talented ROUBLERUST

Interstellar Elephant Tee x2- Thank you to the mystery buyers who got this in a Ladies Tee and Childrens Tee, hope you like them

Pigs will Fly Tee x2 – Thank you to talented RB members Fay Hartnell & Bubbleblue

Bunny Dreams Tee- Thank you Mystery Buyer

Poe Tee- Thank you


I’m such a dafty. I am supposed to be doing other stuff and I made the mistake of looking on the Bubble doh !!!…

Well I just realised that I have several group challenges finishing at once and a few others bits n bobs that will be niggling my brain if I ignore them soooooooooooo here I am waiting for the group challenges to end to I can do the announcements etc and I’m picking up mail, uploading art and generally getting involved lol :))))) So I’m being constructive and writing a journal whilst I mosey around scuffing my shoes and waiting for my online break to begin for real :)))))) I’d love to say I’m not ignoring you all but I am hehehe and its hard, but will chat soon :)))))

Does anyone else do daft things like this and does it help to have someone kidnap your computer for a week ? I s


Happy Holiday Season Bubble Friends- We seem to be well into the Festive Fun :)

Being incredibly unorganised this year and still having intermittent health probs I need to take a wee break to do other things- So thank you so much for all your comments in the meantime they are much appreciated and I will reply to all at some point.

A big thank you for some sales this week :)))
My very talented friend Lynnette Shelley got a card of Wistful
I would like to draw attention to Lynnette’s FaceBook Prize Draw at the moment and FB is a great way to keep up to date with your favourite artists activities-
If you think you never win anything- well just read on- you got to be in it to win it I think someone famous once said lol :))

Wistful Card

…..And p


Wow- Just heading off to bed and got notification that I’m on the HomePage :))))
Beautiful Pea Green Boat Tee on the Homepage 27th Nov 2010

Would like to say a big thank you to Mieke Boynton who curated this selection :)) Made my evening hon xxx


I have to submit photographs of 5 pieces of work to try and secure a place in a show next summer. I want to choose 5 works which best represent my overall gallery & style as well as showing my best skills.

I keep going round in circles with this and now it has to be posted off in the next couple of days.

If you can spare 10 mins to have a quick browse and give me some pointers to what you would choose it would be ever so helpful to my final selections

Anita xxx


Many thanks to the buyer of my Sugar & Spice Tee today :)))) xxx

Dont forget that all Redbubble Tees & Hoodies are discounted by 15 % during Black Friday (26th) Sat & Sun and Cyber Monday (29th). Catch a bargain whilst you can.
The discount also applies to Canvas Prints and Framed Prints Yaaaaaay

Have a lovely weekend from a very very snowy Scotland xxx


Read about Redbubbles Sale Here and Snap Up a Bargain this weekend :)))


15% OFF on Tees & Hoodies

15% OFF all Canvas & Framed Prints

And dont forget you can still get a Massive 25% OFF Tees and Hoodies if you choose them on White (this offer extends to the 25th of December). I dont wear white tees myself but I just bagged a real cutie by my friend for my son’s Xmas stocking …….. Check it out……..
Little Monsters by Octavio

Have a lovely weekend all and a very happy Thanksgiving to bubblers in the US


Thank you so much to the buyers of……….

Owl & the Pussycat Card

Beautiful Pea Green Boat Card

They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon.
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand.
They danced by the light of the moon, the moon, the moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.

Anita xxxx


Celebrating today :))) I managed to get over a pesky “artist block” which had been hanging about all week (trouble is I’ve got too many ideas now and just want to draw 24/7 lol, suppose I better eat and vacuum the house at some point).

Thank you all for your lovely comments and group features- promise I’ll catch up soon.

Thanks too to the lovely person who bought a matted print of The Elf & the Dormouse today. My first sale of this work (which was done over 20 years ago). I’m sooooo happy- Thank youuuuuuuuuuu xxx

Also a big thank you to my dear mum, who bought Rabbit on a Mouse Mat over at zazzle, for her very first laptop. I think she goes online this week (waves) xxxxx


Hi Bub Friends
Sorry I’ve not been around too much- Seem to be busy of late and not artistically (which has been bothersome). Away to dust off the cobwebs and get drawing again, I am working on a couple of interesting commissions and then I’m excited to be entering a small piece into Vestques new “Days of Christmas” project as well as a piece in one of Barbara Glatzeders Artist Collaborations at the beginning of December.

Look forward to catching up with your art soon- In the meantime,happy creating & hugs xxx

I’d like to thank the people who bought some of my designs this week.Much appreciated xxx
Dragon Puff Children’s Tee

Stickers of the following designs- Kiki Monique, Blood Red Alice & Aphrodite

A Couple of things on Zazzle too…..
Three Blind Mice Mousepad and Alice in Wonderland Mug


OK I know this isn’t Redbubble news, but I was just soooooooo over the moon to sell a pair of shoes on Zazzle, I just had to share. Thanks to the lovely London buyer……

Beautiful Pea Green Boat- Keds at Zazzle

Meanwhile on the Bubble- there is 2 more Days to Go to bag a really cool 15% OFF all my cards, art works, Tshirts, stickers n everything – YAY :))

Just add this promotional code at the checkout…….


Cheshire Says Thank You xx

Thank you to the buyer of my Cheshire Cat Card- Big Cheshire Smiles xx

Thanks also to the buyer of a Kiki Monique Card over at zazzle today. The card has Front Back and Inside Printing- The message reads “Happy Birthday, Have a Bodice Busting Time”
Kiki at Zazzle

Sales from my Art Group Show this weekend included…

Framed Original of Sail Away

A Calendar of my Whimsical Inks Collection

The Owl & The Pussycat- Sale Thank You xxx

Thank you to the Mystery Buyer of my Owl & the Pussycat card today…….

Also a big thank you to Andy who bought a Kiki Monique (Burlesque Version) Art Print over on Zazzle…..

Kiki is available in 2 versions here on Redbubble…..
Kiki Monique T-Shirt

Kiki Monique (Silver Moon Addition)




A great offer for Family & Friends….
An additional 15 % OFF my already competative prices until November 14th- Yipee !!

Just use this unique code at the checkout …..

Here are some gift ideas from My Redbubble Gallery

Choice of 10 Calendar Supersize Collections

Choice of 51 T-Shirt and Sticker Designs Choose your own colour and style on all :) You will find great clothing options for Cat Lovers, Bunny Huggers, Lively Lolitas, Gothic Divas, Hendrix Fans, Elephant admirers, amongst others………
Including Cuties for Kids

….Beautiful for Babes…..

….. Dark & Delicious for those with Gothic leanings….

136 choices of original atrworks in various print formats

Homepage Wheeeeee :)) & Happy Halloween :)) xx

Many thanks to Redbubble for featuring my Cheshire on the Homepage 30/10/10 as part of the “Smiling Animals” layout- Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)))))))

Delighted to make a couple of sales today over at my zazzle store……
2 x The Elf & the Dormouse Postcards….

Kiki Monique Art Poster with Burlesque Text…..

Thanks also to my dear Sis n Law Missy who bought a mounted ACEO from my Group Exhibition with the Forecourt Artists, as a pressie for my neices teacher- awwww
Kitty Jumper

Stickers Sales & A Whole New World :))

Welcome to the Brave New World of OMG CHANGED Red Bubble !!
I just figured out where my journal post button was HURRAH !!
Well I’m still getting used to it and knowing me that will take a while. Even I can see there’s some sparkling gems in this format, but there are a few things I’m not getting at all (i.e. I thought they worked, certainly looked, better before). Great for buyers I think, tentatively.…

I’ve decided to give it a go before getting too heat up (now I’ve calmed down- springing major change near my bedtime is never going to go down well), after all I remember being thrown last time there was change- but I grew to LOVE it all the same.
I did give my constructive thoughts through the official Feedback Page, which I felt was the right thing to do and I must admit Mr Baxters “reply”

Anita Inverarity - Winter Exhibition Newsletter

Anita Inverarity- Winter Exhibition Newsletter

I am exhibiting in 2 group shows during November. If you are local to the Aberdeen area I hope you will manage to pop by.

Forecourt Art Group- Annual Winter Exhibition
The Heritage Hall, Station Road East, Peterculter, Aberdeen
Open Evening Preview with Refreshments- Sat 30th Oct 7pm-9pm
Sat 6th & Sun 7th Oct- Open 11am- 6pm
Sat and Sundays 2pm-4pm thereafter until the 27th November

16 Local Artists displaying a variety of original framed artworks for sale in a variety of mediums- Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Ink etc. Cards & Prints will also be available.
Teas and Homebaking are served between 2pm-4pm in this picturesque setting which has ample parking. Why not visit the Musuem Centre and Riverside Walks whilst you are there.

I will be debuting some of

Sales Thank Yous :)) xx

Thank you so much to the talented artist/illustrator Rosalie Street who bought a card of my newest work. Rosalie is quite new to Redbubble and her work is pure magic- Please check out her wonderful gallery.
Playful Card

Thank you too to the Mystery Buyer who bought a Tee of …
Kiki Monique on Dark Grey

And to the Mystery Buyer who got a …
Medium Poster of Kate Bush
I’m so delighted that they liked my rendition of one of my all time icons.

A lovely start to the weekend- Much appreciated xxxx

Newsy Bits :))

Hi There
Just a wee update to let you know what I’m up to-…

I’m just about finished my new work “Playful”. Its a bigger piece than usual for my show coming up. I hand it in on Monday, so race against the clock now to finish & frame. Look out for it soon :))

EDIT: Here she is…………………

I have 2 commissions on the go after this and only one more commission slot free in the run up to Christmas, so if you would like something special, nows the time to book. Heres some info…….
Read About My Commission Prices & Details in this Journal

I have had some lovely sales over the last few days, so a huge thanks to the buyers-

The lovely & talented Barbara Cannon bought the following cards-
Kiki Monique (Silver Moon Edition)

Bull (Taurus)

Woodland Daydream

A Mystery Buyer bought my
Sugar & Spice Tee

Thank you ve

Musical Interlude & Thank yous :)))

Just recovering from a fantastic gig on Friday night. Mudhoney played a small venue here in Aberdeen and totally ripped it up. Very sore having made it down the front for the duration lol- Hobbling about like an old lady today (oh yes, maybe thats because I am hee hee). My physiotherapist will not be amused.

Anyway here’s a blast………

Meanwhile it was really really nice to have some sales. Thank you :))) xxx

A Mystery Buyer got See Emily Play- Laminated Print

Bluemedea got a Tee of Blood Red Alice

Monsterkidd got a sticker of Poe

Very much appreciated. Hugs xxxxxxxx



Red Bubble have a fantastic offer on calendars over the next week. Read about it here……

I’m happy to make up a calendar of your favourite works from my gallery at no extra cost. It just takes a jiffy

You can mix n match calendars from round the bubble, a great time to snap up your favs, or if your buying just one they are pretty good value anyway and a great way to get a set of prints from your favourite artists (they can be framed after the year too, brilliant !!!)

Here are my Newest Ready Made Calendars for 2011…….

Intricate Tales Some of my Stories, Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends :))

Reds A collection of my Red Girls with a little Red Dragon sneaked in for good luck :))

The Colour Collection A Collection of my coloured works old & new

Whimsical Inks Another


Wow its been a great day for The Owl & the Pussycat

Thank you to the mystery buyer who bought 2 of my Beautiful Pea Green Boat Cards

A very special thank you to Maureen Robins who bought 3 Owl & the Pussycat Cards and The Owl & the Pussycat on a Mounted print for her sons wedding gift- They recited the poem at the wedding and thought it would make a lovely memento of the day.

Kurt Cobain

Hi Peeps

Just a quick message to let you know that older pieces in my gallery will now be available in all Print & Poster formats as well as Cards. I’m doing a tidy up.

Kurt Cobain


A Big Big Thank you to the person who bought 3 of my stickers today :)))…

I love that our T-shirt Designs are now available on high quality vinyl stickers. Apart from having a few stuck on the side of my microwave I had to think what else you could use the stickers for. Since they are so durable a few things sprung to mind-

Decorating a guitar or its case (my son is playing loudly in the next room)

Alternative to Fridge Magnets (collect your fav art for a mini gallery on your fridge)

Jazzing up your lunchbox or flask

Putting your personal stamp on your bike, car etc (apparently they endure this quite well, although after a few years they might disintegrate)

My personal favourite- Making a matching gift tag for your T-Shirt purchases- I will be doing this at Christmas to make my gifts look


Wassup ?

I’m still drawing for my exhibition at the end of the month and big thank you’s to those who popped by Facebook to give inspirations.
Good news too- I’m revamping my gallery pages and I’m managing to catch up on your lovely comments as I go- Thank you so much.

I love when all the new calendar collections come out. I’m planning to have a couple of new ones this year but in the meantime have revamped my best selling collections- Do take a look……..
Kitty Lovers

Devious Dollies & Lively Lolitas

Beautiful Asia

I’m also delighted to make you a custom calendar from any works in my gallery- Just bmail me your favourites and it just takes a jiffy :))

Thank you to all the groups who featured my works this week.
I was also delighted to have my Miss Muffet Tee featured on the Redb


Hi There…

Just a wee update and continued apologies for my lack of replies & comments right now. Please bear with me and know I appreciate every single one.

I have a few show oppertunities which have came all at once and I really dont want to miss out- so I’m taking a wee break to do more drawing just now.

I have a new selection of works to hang at my artist in resident spot at the beginning of October and need to attend to some more advertising for that.

I will be exibiting with my art group during November.

I also have a solo slot at the local cafe during November (Dates TBC)

Most excitingly I have been accepted for The Deeside Artists Show which (as a one off) is exhibiting at one of the best Galleries around here. I plan to work on 2 larger more


The Superheroes Children’s Alphabet Project 2010

Once upon a time during 2010 a merry bunch of artists gathered from around the globe.
They found a happy place to stay where artists could play, this place was at the headquarters
of The International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration & World Domination

The merry band of artists wanted to spread the word and a little love and happiness in the only way they knew how- by drawing. They wanted to encourage more people to draw and they wanted them to start young. Soon a great mission quest was born…….

To create an Alphabet which could be enjoyed by Children and the Young at Heart.

Please enjoy our Superheroes Alphabet- 26 Letters & 12 Numbers- created by 38 Artists

Now the quest is complete, the artists will be sharpening pencils and waiting fo


I was delighted to have my Tabbies Dream featured on the Homepage of Redbubble yesterday :))) Thank you so much to Matt Mawson who chose the
homepage selection…

A big thank you to my talented friend Michael J Armijo who bought a card of
Snow White


Anita Inverarity- Commission Details

Artists Statement
Anita Inverarity is a fine art illustrator from Scotland UK specialising in intricate pen and ink creations often with a sense of fantasy and whimsy. Influences include patterns in nature, pop surrealism and victorian classics from artists such as Beardsley, Clarke and Rackham.
Anita has an HND in Graphic Design, is a self taught, self representing artist and is also a trained Silk Screen Printer.

Anita has been an exhibiting artist for 25 years and has taken on commission works both locally and for clients around the world.

Commission Details and Example Ideas
I am happy to undertake any kind of commission and work closely with my client to make sure their ideas are brought alive on paper.
I only usually open 12 commission slots per year

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Thank you to all the peeps who have purchased Mad Hatters Tea Party- My best selling design here on redbubble and over at zazzle too.

This week it reached a little milestone over at zazzle- 3 more postcards sales has taken it to its 200th sale :D :D I’m so made up !!!
Here is my Zazzle Store which offers different versions of my designs and other products, such as mugs, mousepads, shoes and stuffs……..

Anita’s Zazzle Store

Big Thank You to Stamptout who got herself a card of Mad Hatters this week. Stamptout has been delighting me with her gorgeous art since she joined redbubbble. Absolutely darling designs for children and the young at heart- Do check out her gallery if you havent discovered her already :))

A Road Trip, Axl Rose & Some Sales :))

I’m back :))))
Just had a mad 3 days away from the computer which I thought I might document as it all seems a bit surreal now hehe…

Part One
My brother has a spare ticket to see Guns n Roses in Dublin, Ireland.
I’m supposed to be on bed rest and gradual excercise programme, but in typical
impulsive fashion I agree to go with him (keeping fingers crossed I will manage and my GP wont find out)
My passpost has just expired, so we dont have luxury of flying and plan elaborate road trip to Stranear to get the ferry to Belfast and drive down through the open border to Dublin.

Part Two
The sat nav goes mental and sends us 2 hours off course on some coastal route. We realise we will miss the ferry at 12pm and phone to book on the next ferry at 4.30pm. Thinking we have plenty time we stop for coffee and

Sleeping Cats & Interstellar Elephants

I’d like to thank the Mystery Buyer who got an Interstellar Elephant today. This little fellow seems quite popular, thanks for the great response to him. I’m planning some more Space Age Critters soon :))…

I also wound up a two day group exhibition today. Met some really nice people and some decidedly elitist artists (you can just tell lol). All in all it was a great show and I hope to do it next year again.

Sold out on my cards- which I think is a great testimony to the quality of the new Redbubble Cards and pricing structure (I like that they come in individual wraps).
These were the 3 designs I submitted-

Owl & the Pussycat

Mad Hatters Tea Party


Also sold my Original Framed Work of
Tabbies Dream

I was delighted to meet the buyer and found out she was a principle art teacher who hap


Happy Friday 13th

Well every time I think I’m getting caught up with Redbubble something else pops up
I’m really happy to be doing a one day art show on the 21st
Alford Arts & Crafts Exhibition- 21st August 2010
I dont know what to expect but it should be a good day out- There’s a ceiligh afterwards, rally racing and pop star Sandi Thom is performing (sounds like a right mixed bag). I’m running low on smaller framed works, so over the next week expect me to be frantically drawing and uploading “wee ones”

I’ll catch up sometime I’m sure :))))

I want to extend a warm thank you to the Mystery Buyer today who got
The Lion & The Lamb Tee (Girly Fitted on Red

and to Susie Raine bought some of my cards to sell in her store. I’m very honoured :))
Beautiful Pea Green Boat

As many of you know I host

Sales and New Exhibition Dates

Many Thanks to the recent Mystery Buyers who purchased….…

Owl & the Pussycat Mounted Print

Beautiful Pea Green Boat Card

Interstellar Elephant Tee

Thank you to the talented Genevieve M who bought at a card of

It is always a great honour when an artist you admire enjoys your work. If you
havent discovered Gen’s gallery, please visit (you wont be disappointed)

Today was the final day of my Summer Exhibition with the Forecourt Art Group. I was delighted at the end of the day to discover 5 more originals had sold.

Totsi- Original in Black Matt

Cute Dress, Crazy Hair- Original in Black Matt

My Giraffe is for Real- Original in Black Matt

Fox & Bird 1- Original in Carved Frame

Fox & Bird 2- Original in Carved Frame

My next show is coming round fast and I’ll be spending the weekend framing and

Sales Thank yous :)) xx

Thank you to the Mystery Buyer who got a card of…
Beautiful Pea Green Boat

Thank you to Vortexvisuals got a sticker of…
Interstellar Elephant

Also Many Thanx to the peeps who bought 3 of my original works at the
Forecourt Art Group Annual Summer Exhibition….
Cheshire- Framed Original

Miss Muffet- Matted Original

Butterfly Girl- Matted Original

Sales Thank Yous :))))

I dont know who bought these Tees but the Mystery Persons made me real happy-
Thank you kindly :))) xoxox

New Model Army- On Dark Blue V-Neck with Back Print

Bunny Dreams- On Purple

Pusskins Flutterby- On Pink

Thanks to for all the lovely comments, feedback and features on my work recently.I’m slowly getting through my replies and feel very encouraged by your thoughts and kindness- Hugs xxxx

Thanks so much for the Sales

A Big Big Thank You to the Mystery Buyers who bought….



The Original of POWDER PUFF BLUE in a vintage Blue and Gilt Frame
This was sold at the Annual Summer Exhibition of the Forecourt Art Group

I am over the moon :)))) xoxox

Sales Thank Yous :)))

Still drawing like mad but I started catching up a little on my replys today- Thanks for the wonderful feedback.
I’d like to say a special thanks to everyone who has bought art from me recently..
The talented Sandy DeLuca bought
Cheshire Cat

The Mystery Buyer who bought
The Emperor

The Mystery Buyer who bought 2 Tees in Black and Blue of
See Emily Play

amiewhitlock for buying cards of
Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar and White Rabbit from my Autumn Alice Series
The Mystery Buyers who bagged Interstellar Elephant in Ladies Fitted Purple Tee and a Kids Tee on Green

FeeBeeDee who bought a card of
The Owl and the Pussycat

Jamie McC bought Rawr (Leo) in Red and Talulah’s Tea & Sympathy on Blue- Hope Ceit and Beth enjoy wearing them

The Mystery Buyer who just bought 5 Lion and The Lamb cards this very day

Big Tha

Quick Hello and Many Thanks

Thank you all for all the lovely comments and favs on my new works. I promise I will reply to each one when I have more time. I’m drawing for an exhibition I have mid August at the moment and need to get a few more pieces done for peace of mind . Then I’m looking forward to getting back to my Toxic Zodiac and other projects.

So just a flying visit to say I’m not ignoring you and I’m also very grateful for these recent sales, which made my week very happy- Thank youuuuu

Thank you Dimitris for your purchase of White Elephant Tee- I think it looks pretty cool on green

Thank you Raz for getting my scary Octovamp Tee I’m really pleased you like her

Thanks too, to the sweet Mystery Buyer who bought 3 of my Cards…


Little Blue Leveret

Big Thank You for the Sales :))))) xx

WOW- I just had to pop on to say how totally delighted I am to sell my first Framed Print here on Redbubble. Thank you a million times to the Mystery Buyer, you really made my day :))))) xxx

The Emperor

Also huge thank yous to Schatje bought a card of my brand new design
The Ministers Cat was a Sleeping Snoring Snuggling Cat

and alsoa card of my most popular work
Mad Hatters Tea Party

Over at Zazzle- I also sold 2 Postcards of Mad Hatter Tea Party, 5 Greeting Cards of Hookah Smoking Caterpillar and 25 Rack Cards with my VoodDoo Doll Design.

All in All a VERY good day- I will be happy dancing for a long time xoxox


Some jolly smiley stuff happened today (or in the last 48 hrs at least)…

Firstly my Emperor Artwork was featured on the RB Art homepage

I also finally put the card version together for The Red Bubble Tarot, I’m really pleased about that and cant wait to start another tarot card :))

I also was DELIGHTED to win a challenge in the excellent Much More Mucha Group
Nectar in a Gentle Breeze Challenge

Finally a sold a random bunch of stickers YAY :)))
Poe, Sushi Bear and Incubus

Oh and Finally Finally- I was preparing for my Summer Art Group Show when my local hall offered me a sort of artist in residence show space all year round, when there are no other exhibitions on (pretty much all year), I’m going to share the space with my dad and just realised I need much more work to commit to all my show


LOL !!!
Thought I’d keep the Journal Junkies Group Happy and its been a while since I wrote with what I’ve been up to :))…

A few of your know my health has not been great of late and I think there may be some big life changes coming for me. I stand on the edge right now, terrified to leap but also feeling more possitive about the new possibilities that may come. I have a lot to sort out in my life due to this, so may not be around so much- but redubble is my constant, so I’m sure I’ll be here more often than not (I’m trying hard to limit myself to a couple of days a week tho hehe)


Thank you to everyone who has faved my work and left lovely comments over the last few weeks- I will get round to replying to them all and appreciate it so much.

Big Thank yous to al


Many Thanks to the buyer of my Hendrix Tee

Just finishing my drawing day entry :))) Lovely to see such wonderful works pouring in from you all. Its not too late to pick up that pencil.



Hi Folks

I’m just back from a lovely break in Fife, Scotland- Taking in the galleries and beautiful quaint fishing villages on the East Neuk.
Then I came back to a gig by lengendary punk band The Damned, which was joly great fun !!!

Suitably refreshed and looking forward to catching up with you all and sorry if I have missed so much in the meantime.

Exciting News on my return………
I have been asked to host Alice in Wonderland
A huge passion of mine and I look forward to bringing new life to the group with lots of fun forums and challenges. I do hope you’ll join me on the other side of the looking glass……….


We have a brand new challenge to kick things off, for our new avatar- which you can find here………


Many Hugs
Anita xxx

Sales Thank Yous

Thank you to the buyer of my New Model Army Tee on pink :)))
You made my holiday a happy one xxx

Thank you too, to the peeps who bought 2 of my orginal works at our village gala art exhibition yesterday…

Lost in the Woods

Powder Puff Red

Holidays and Catching My Tail

Dearest Bubbler Friends…

Gee I feel so neglectful of late, I’m up to my eyes with deadlines at work and know I’m woefully behind on my comments and replies and stuffs. Good news is that I’m on holiday next week- Hurrah !!! Now I do intend to avoid the computer and enjoy the sun, so further more apologies.

I’ve decided on my return, just to pick up on a fresh start, if I try to catch up, I’ll be crazzzzzzy demented lol.

So Huge Thank Yous for all the Wonderful Comments

Mega Big Thanks for the Features

And Special Lovely Thank Yous for the wee spate of Card Sales I’ve had over the last few days…………


Kate Bush

Three Blind Mice

Faster Pussycat


Powder Puff Red

Wee Moosie

STOP PRESS ADDITION: My dearest fairy friend Lynsye Medalia just bought a sticker of Mad Hatters Tea Party- My first sti


WOW- Thank you to the buyer of Kiki Monique on a grey tee. I think that now makes Kiki my second most popular tee design, and one of the first I created here on RB. Sooo happy :)))

Some features and challenge success today too- many many thanks….

Mad Hatters Tea Party came 2nd in the Alice Challenge over at Lolita at Play

Bubbles came Top Ten in Something Floral in the Finks if Ink Challenge and was also featured in Real Men Wear Tights

Stagger Lee was featured in Imaginative Skulls

My Beautiful Pea Green Boat Commission was featured in Fine Arts Influenced by Literature


Thank you to all the groups who have featured my work recently- I’m always delighted and honoured to have my work picked out by you guys. I’m so behind on my thanks- so just know I appreciate it soooooooo much

A Huge Big Thank You to the Painted Ladies Group who chose me for their “featured artist” this week and showcased my art on their homepage.
I’m over the moon- one of my fav groups here on bubble


I won a challenge this week Wheeeeeeeee. I’m just made up to win the
Pop Surrealism Avatar Challenge. So many great works !! So thank you to everyone who voted for my newest teeny tiny POWDER PUFF RED

Hugs and Thanks also to Ruth Doblo purchased a Hoodie today- My first Hoodie Sale- You just made me a very happy bunny :))))) xoxox
It was also wonderful to discover Ruth’s

Our Kids Too- Art Auction

I just attented my first Art Auction today for the Our Kids Too Charity. It was exciting stuff, wonderful to see the big names go for big prices and such a good turn out.

I was lucky enough to sell all my submissions bar one in the silent auction. There was even a bidding war between 2 people for my Alice prints, it was so funny seeing them going back and forth trying to outbid each other (such a boost too).

Big thanks to Beverly Stewart and Debbie O’Neill for organising the event, which provides play/ leisure equipment and space for children with additional support needs.


White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat- Pair of Framed Signed Limited Edition Prints

Fairy King- Unframed Signed Limited Edition Print

Loli Loves Kitty and Loli Loves Froggie- Original ACEOS


My original of Blood Red Alice sold today- Thank you very much James :)))

I was also lucky enough to sell my Cheshire Cat- Signed Limited Print at our local exhibition too- So its been a great week for Alice all round. YAY !!

I have framed prints of Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit going into a charity auction on Sunday- So keeping my fingers crossed that Alice will still be on a roll :D :D

Stop Press:
Mau had a last minute sale too- of my framed original- Wheeee


Thank you to the lovery person from the Buyers Club who just bought my
Blood Red Alice Tee on girly pink YAY. You know who you are- Big Hugs xxx

Just by coincidence I got an email from someone looking to buy this original yesterday-
keeping my fingers crossed :)))


Really excited to sell 2 of my original works at a charity exhibition for a local children’s hospice today :)) One of my newest and one of my older works….
(The Orginal was framed in Gold Frame with Cream Mount and has a gold painted background)

(The Original was framed in Black with a Black Mount and Silver insert)

Wheeeee So Chuffed :))))


Hehehe- This evening I reached a milestone in that I have favourited 1000 pages of work on RB- Yip thats how much I love you- thats 18,000 artworks !!!
I never noticed this craziness but my dear and talented friend Nick Ford pointed out my obsessive ways LOL

Soooooooo Here was the FAV which took me to 1000 pages………..
Hugs by Vian

and here’s the next one which tipped me over the edge………….
Zombie Tea Party by Matt Mawson

Yip my taste is great OBVIOUSLY and varied too hehe

Now Nick reckons I must have the most favs on RB- but if you can beat that I’d love to here from you :))))


Many Many Thanks to the Groups who have featured my work over the last 2 weeks- I appreciate every single one :))))

A big thank you to the wonderful and talented Micklyn for purchasing a card of my new work
Snow White

Many thanks to Salthegal for buying cards of Blossom and Mad Hatters Tea Party and to Colleen 12 who also bought cards of Blossom and Jimi

Thank you kindly to Anthea FreshWater for buying a Blood Red Alice Tee

Yesterday I was lucky enough to sell the orginal of Watching The Winter Solstice at my local art show and also Signed Limited Prints of Beautiful Pea Green Boat & Woodland Nymph

Over a Zazzle I was delighted to sell 2 Mad Hatters Tea Party Mugs Hmm I think someones planning tea for two :))

Thank you all most kindly and have a lovely weekend xxx


Hi folks just popping on to tell you about the great Commercial Artist we’ve got lined up for an interview over at ISODAI.
We need your questions, so please pop across if you have a mo. Here the link to Damien’s journal which will show you how……….

Thanks and See you soon xx


Thank you to Redbubble for putting Goldilocks and the other winners from the Solo Juried exhibition on the HOMEPAGE this week :)))

A big congratulations to the awesome Pink Panther Group on their second issue of the PINK PANTHER MAGAZINE Hoping to go to wider publication soon. A big thank you for featuring Motherhood.

Many Thanks to Alexandra Felgate for purchasing my Bastet design on a postcard xxx

and over at Zazzle I was delighted to sell another bulk order of Mad Hatters Tea Party postcards and a Magnet :))))

as well as a poster print of Time for Tea -Victorianna


Hi Bubbler Buddies
Still running about like a mad person at the mo- So soz for all the sporadic comments, missing stuff, non replies and general disorganisation. Seems to be my theme for this year lol.…

Was soooooo excited about a couple of things or three, I just had to share …..

Firstly I got a Thank You from Redbubble in Nat’s Community News Page. Completely stoked !! and honoured, humbled etc. I love this site, so anything I get involved in, is just a bonus. I must thank all my co-hosts- I could never co-host so many groups, if it wasnt for them- their support and experience (generally I’m just along for the ride).


I also Won an Award in Solo’s First Juried Exhibition. I would like to thank all the hosts and especially F.A. Moore for her amazing efforts in orga


We have just launched a fun project over at International Superheroes of Drawing & Illustration and World Domination.
We hope to create a collaborated Illustrated Alphabet and need 26 artists to sign up to do a letter each.
We are considering a showcase idea for the final works and so far, we are going with a Children’s Illustrated theme
Hope you will consider joining us…. Here is the link…..

Anita xx

Sales :D :D x

Thank you so much to Erica Rosario for buying a postcard of my painting

What an awesome surprise :))))

I sold a Alice Mousepad over on Zazzle today too……… Wheeeeee ………


Two amazing surprises today :))
I sold a calendar of BEAUTIFUL ASIA , a collection of my Contemporary Asian Inspired works. I am soooo surprised that someone would want to buy a Calendar at the end of March, but I must admit I have used 2 of my calendars to split down and frame up as prints (the RB quality is so good)- So I guess its a lovely (and inexpensive way) to get a little collection of good sized prints.
Thank you so much Mystery Buyer

I just sold a Tee of my APHRODITE design too
Thank you Mystery Buyer- for a Happy Dancing Day xx

Thank you to the Groups who have featured my work this week also. I’m a little short on time these today, but will thank you all personally soon.

Love n Hugs xx

Thank you very much :)))

Thank you for featuring my work…..
Best Friends in International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration & World Domination

Hendrix Tee in Wear Your Art

Goldilocks in Inspired Art, Real Men Wear Tights & Journal Junkies

This work also won the Bubblers Portraits Challenge- Christianna Berg
Thank you to everyone who voted and to Christianna for allowing me to use such a great photo for inspiration xx

Thank you to the Mystery Buyer who purchased 4 Red Bubble Greeting Cards of
Mad Hatters Tea Party

I also sold a Poster of "Mad Hatters Tea Party on Zazzle- Wheeee

Redbubbles Inspirational Interview

:Here’s my contribution….…

What’s your favourite artistic tool or piece of equipment (past, present or dream)?

I LOVE my fineliner ink pens most of all.

Which work are you most proud of and why?

I was always most proud of “Mad Hatters Tea Party”. It was never perfect, but it felt like a big accomplishment. It hung around my house for abut 10 years, never attracting much attention- until I loaded it here- and now its my most popular work. The original was purchased and went on its way to a new home. It was a little magic moment which boosted my confidence after many years in the drawing wilderness.

Which artwork by a fellow RB artist do you secretly wish you’d created and why?

Geeeee Are you kidding- so many masterpieces to choose from. The portrait for me is

Thank You & Updates

Hi Bubblicious Peeps
I’ve been a little quiet lately. The good news is I’m working on a bigger, detailed piece which I should have finished in a few days. Its actually for the Bubblers Portrait Challenge. Totally immersed in that and really happy to be back to my details.…

I am terribly behind in my comments and activity feed. So thank you for your comments and well wishes. I look forward to a free day when I can really catch up some.

2 Significant events for me this week- My wee boy turned 18 and I discovered I need reading glasses (or rather my first pair of varifocals OMG)- I have do idea if this will affect my art, but I’m sure it will only be clearer, when I get said glasses.
So in a day of feeling remarkably old (er), I oddly feel so young still- cant be bad :))

Had an amazing amount o

Thank you very much x

Thank you Vestque for your purchase of my KIKI MONIQUE CARD

Thank you Fixtape for your purchase of my WEE FOXIE CARD

I do hope the new format comes out well :) xx

So Happy to have ALONE featured in GOTHIC SKULL FIRE- Thank you so much xx


Thank you so much to the person who decided to pick my FAUNA TEE for the Homepage today- DELIGHTED !!

Thanks also for all the wonderful comments and feedback on this design. I’m a little behind in my replies, but I appreciate every single one and will reply soon.
Lots of Hugs xx


Many Many Thanks for the Sales this week.
I’m still on a wee break, but hope to be back in full swing soon.
Lots of Hugs xx

LET THEM EAT BRAINS CARD Thank you Erica xxx

JIMI TEE ON AQUA Thank you Mystery Buyer xxx

NEW MODEL ARMY TEE ON RASPBERRY Thank you Mystery Buyer xxx

MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY CARD Thank you Mystery Buyer xxx

and over at zazzle….

A Wee Break and A Lot of Thanks :))))

I’m going to be taking a bubble break over the next week or so, to clear the cobwebs and attend to various bits and bobs I’ve neglected whilst doing the 100 Girls. I’ll be checking my groups but will have a good catchy up on actvity when I’m refreshed again. And maybe finally get round to my Buyers Booth Backlog !!
Wishing you all lots of Happy Creating and sending Big Hugs xoxox…

Also many many thank yous for the following sales and features this last week

APHRODITE TEE IN PINK Thank you dearest Moonspiral xoxox


Please check out Michael’s group BUYERS CLUB- Its a wonderful way to support your fellow artists by committing to buy a work- The selection is great, and obligation is small. Hope you’ll consider joining us.

1000 Girls in 100 Days (My One Hundred)


No need to comment etc. I’m just making a journal record for fun of my 100 girls, so I can look back and think phew, I finished. I did pretty much 100 in 100 days, I posted a handful of old ones, when the going got too much (it was supposed to be fun after all) and my last few free topics are crops, colours and general jiggery pokery (bit of a cheat but also preserving my sanity). A few were too of the wall for my gallery here, but I hope to eventually post the thumbnails of all here, with any disclosures :)) on said jiggery pokery too.


The first 49
Girl 39- Butterfly Magic- An Exquisite Corpse Collab with Barbara Glatzeder- Thanks for sharing the work on that one hon xoxox
Girl 44- Christmas in Disguis

The Finish Line is in Sight :))))

Thank you to all my dear bubbler friends for keeping me motivated during the 1000 Girls in 100 Days Project. We finish on the 4th of February (just 4 short days) and I’m on drawing number 80, so will be going like mad to complete the last 20 in my evenings But I actually think I can DO IT :D
What have I learnt ??
Hmmm LOTS- Self Disipline, The joy of First Impressions (when they work), Stress Management lol, Trying new Ideas and New Styles on occasion, The happiness of drawing for drawing’s sake, That I miss doing detail, That I miss doing Bigger works, Hopefully to become a more fully rounded artist and continue to challenge myself.
Thank you to all of the artists involved- Particulary Heriart and Erica Rosario- for a wonderful oppertunity.
Would I do it again ?? Most probably not. Once is …


Still on a bit of a break. Wishing you all a lovely weekend and hope to be more active soon :))
Exciting News Today- I just sold my first Kiki Monique Mousepad on Zazzle…

Thank you to the groups on bubble, who have featured my work, this last week..
Watching The Winter Soltice in ALT

Dita Does Cupcakes (under duress) Tee in REAL MEN WEAR TIGHTS

New Model Army Tee in REAL MEN WEAR TIGHTS

Snail Trail in ACEOS

Let Them Eat Brains in PAINTED LADIES


I do hope you’ll check out these groups, all wonderful :))

Have a good one xoxoxox

New Model Army hits the RB Homepage :)))

I’ve been so busy you guys, really sorry for all I’m missing, just a quick minute here and there for now. Hope you are all fine.

I was sooooo happy a few days ago to notice my New Model Army Tee was featured on the Tee Homepage- Big Thanks to whoever picked it YAY :))))

My Poe Tee was featured in HORRORAMA, thank you so much to the hosts.

I also just won a Challenge in Finks of Inks with The Lion & The Lamb. Slightly embarrassing to win in one of my groups, but non the less I’m delighted people voted :D

Thanks bubble peeps for all these honours, even when I’m not around. Hope to catch up soon xoxox Lotsa Love


I was inspired by Nats Community Post to dig out some of my designs, which might be cool for valentines. Not the most romantic person on earth and being in a 20 year relationship, you tend to forget these things lol. Me and my dearest will no doubt be sharing a bottle and watching some wonderfully romantic film (such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre lol).…

Anyway hows about this lot and maybe you have valentines designs you want to promote too (I guess nows the time).

Also on Prints and Tees


I also have this in a red frame (matted) ACEO Size Drawing for a reasonable £20 + P&P The frame has plexiglass, so suitable for international post too.

Bringing out that old chestnut “Make Love Not War” in a cutsie packag

Is it me or is there a glitchy bug ??

I know bubble is going down for the move, but my activity is stuck at 11 hours ago and has been for yonks. I can still bmail, leave messages but only if I refresh my page. I cant access my groups tho.
Just wondered if its a glitch affecting UK or something’s happened after the move.
Let me know if you can.
Mwah xx


Thank you so much for the features Yaaaaaaaaaaaay




Big Thank you to the Buyer on Zazzle who bought 40 Mad Hatters Tea Party Postcards
I swear they’re stocking shops in the USA (falls off chair !!!)

Have a nice weekend all- I hope to catch up soon- but for now, off to bed (nursing the dreaded flu) xx


The Amazing Talent of Kseniya Simonova, 24

Please take time to watch this video of the winner of Ukraine’s You’ve Got Talent
The Artist is creating a sand painting on an illuminated light box depicting the effects of the war on ordinary people.
It moved the audience to tears and is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve seen.



Big Thank You’s to the following groups for Featuring my Art. Heart felt appreciations and Big Hugs to you all xoxox







Also Thank You and Hugs to the following lovely peeps, who purchased my calendars in the last few days.

A special request from the talented artist/poet/writer wildwomenlove

For my talented bubble friend SigneNordin

Have a lovely Sunday all.
We have the most beautiful snow here in Scotland, but my pipes froze over on Friday- Oh My how we take running water forgranted !! and Oh My how much we waste !! I’m trying to take valuable lessons from this inconvenience and just hop

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