I am so pleased today to find that I have sold 2 cards
to the most wonderful RUST- One of my fave galleries
on RB (with great art by Rouble and Zombie).

I am so delighted that my designs will be winging
their way to Greece to live with my dear friends.

Got a hangover from hell today after my works night
out (Hmmmm beer, wine and Morgans Spiced dont
really mix- havent drunk in months, so easily you forget
LOVE YA xoxox



Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2009

I’m going to be winding down for the hols now (or rather up) so may not be around much on the bubble.
I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a great holiday period, however you choose to celebrate and most importantly that your New Year is showered with Good Blessings and Happiness.

Some people have not had such a good year, so my thoughts are with you guys especially for a better 2009. Having had a few health issues myself, please know that RB and all the wonderful people here have helped me through in ways you’ll never know.
Look forward to being inspired and awed by all your beautiful work again soon.
Have a Good One- Love and Huge Cyber Hugs xxxxxxxxx

Thank You x

To the person who bought a Pigs will Fly T-shirt today.
I am very happy. This T has had 4 sales to date-

2x Girly Fitted in Baby Blue
1x Girly Fitted in Cranberry
1x Small in Baby Blue

Over the Moon :))))))))))) xx


Leena has been updating us on Minnies progress and tonight
Minnies wounded leg has taken a turn for the worse meaning
more complex treatment will be needed.
Leena has had some very kind donations but we need to try and
raise this a bit more for Minnie’s vet bills to be covered.
Please remember Minnie is an abandoned cat which Leena has
taken in after she had suffered some dreadful ordeals and if
Leena cannot pay for treatment on this terrible injury Minnie may not
make it.…

If you cannot donate directly you want to consider forwarding any
proceeds from sales- of a work dedicated to Minnie.

I am going to dedicate the following works to Minnie and any sales made
on these up until the end of January will go forward as a donation.
If you like any of these kitty’s- now is the time to buy.

Thank you x




To Koop27 for winning the Best Female Star Portrait Challenge with
this stunning work xx

I was also very delighted that my Kate Bush drawing came Top Ten, so
a big thanks to everyone who voted xx


I would like to thank the lovely Genevieve M for buying 2 of my cards today
Mad Hatters Tea Party and Motherhood.
I am so happy as Gen is one of my favourite artists here on bubble- completely

Some very sweet person also bought my Pigs will Fly T-Shirt
(this is the second sale after going up a couple of days go, so
I am stoked!!!).

Many Many Thanks to you both xxxxxxxxx

Visit Gen’s Gallery Here


Mad Hatters Tea Party

Pigs will Fly


Our dear bubbler friend Leena Hedman needs help
The abondoned cat she is trying to look after and protect
has been badly injured and there is a real worry about
vet bills.
This cat has already been through some awful abuse and
If you have not donated to charity this year, PLEASE consider
making a donation to make sure this poor kitty makes it safe
through the winter.

Please find link for Appeal and Leena below- No need to reply here.
Thank You xxx

Minnie the Cat Needs Our Help

Please Help If You Can


The Burlesque Girls have just taken over the home page !!!!

Kiki Monique is joined by Burlesque Beauties by

Lynette K

GIRLS WE ROCK !!!!!!! WHOO HOO xxxxxxx

Alice Sale on Zazzle

I am so excited that Alison from Brookyn NY liked my Alice T enough to buy it over on my Zazzle site. Someone will be wearing my design in the Big Apple Woop Woop ! xxx

Also available on other products such as Mouse Mats and Shoes too


Koop 27

Please drop by and check out this AMAZING artist who
creates some of the best portraits I’ve seen on Redbubble
or indeed anywhere !!

They have just reached 1000 views and I think that way
more people need to see this fantastic folio.

ENJOY xxxxxxx


I am honoured and humbled to be chosen by this group to be
featured and interviewed by the lovely Ruby Shoes.

I have been interviewed many times in my “real” job but NEVER
anything to do with my art. I found it strangley daunting but also
very exciting too. Glad to report it was relatively painless in the

I think its being posted sometime Sunday, so I’ll put up a link.

STREWTH (my best aussie accent)- I’m still in disbelief xxxxxx

Thank You Nick !!

A huge thank you to Nick Ford for buying a card of Love Cats
for his wifes birthday.
Nick is a very special artist- If you have not seen his work, please
head off to his gallery this instance ! I promise you will not be disappointed !

Nick Ford

Love Cats

Exhibition Journal- Forecourt Art Group Winter Exhibition 2008

I while back I promised a few interested bubblers, that I would let them know how our exhibition went. I thought I would also give a potted history of the group to paint the picture- No need to read on if this is of no interest to you xxxxxx…

The Forecourt Art Group is the longest running Art Group in Aberdeen famed for exhibiting outdoors at the Langstane Kirk “Forecourt” for the last 50 years (Hence the name).
Artists are selected to join but thereafter work is not veted, your are just given the amount of pictures needed and off you go (it is very unpretentious). Gifted amateurs and Proffessiional Artists exhibit alongside each other.
We are a hardy bunch- I remember the days of Langstane Kirk (Summer Exhibitions)when we had to take all the paintings in if it rained and dry them and put t

Zazzle Sales

Thank you to my good friend Bridget who asked me to purchase the following items on her behalf-

Jimi Hendrix Mousemat (this is from my private products) and
Dragon Sleep Mousemat for her brother Malc (who works at London Zoo,
she thought it looked quite Celtic and would remind im of his Scottish roots).

Thanks Darling B xxxxxxxx

Oh and I forgot my dear mum Ann bought a small Daisy Spiral Kitty print for her kitchen (if ones mum counts as an actual sale hee hee)

Love Ya

Little Red Feature

Thank you to the group “I Recommend” for featuring
Little Red 1. Big Hugs to Fixtape and Udonchow !!

If you have a favourite art work on RB please comment
on it by means of a recommendation (include the words
“I recommend”) and then ask the artist to submit it to this
wonderful group xxxxx

10, 000 Views on Art !

I am so excited that today I broke the 10,000 views mark
on my art folio (10,027 to be precise).
I never dreamed in a million years that Redbubble would
allow my art to be seen by so many people.

Thanks a million to everyone who has viewed, commented,
faved and bought my art. I appreciate that so much !

Hope you all have a fantastic festive season with much love
Anita xxxxxxx

In Utero in Black

In Utero

My first T-Shirt Design on Bubble did not give all the colour options (I was just a beginner)
It now comes in black ! I’m really pleased with it- so I just wanted to share :D


Lovers of Beautiful and Earie and Enchanting and Cool Awesome Work

Please check out the RUST Partnership (ROUBLE and ZOMBIE) here



I have been experimenting with new designs over at zazzle
I have included Art Prints which are inscribed with poster
style graphics or the Title of Work and Artists Name, which
makes a nice twist on my drawings and I can add a bit of
colour too.

I intend to try a couple of these at an exhibition I have planned
next year- see what folks think xxxxxx

Top Ten for Woodland Nymph

So happy that Woodland Nymph made it into the
top ten of the lady luck challenge in the love of
eerie and enchanting group.

Big congrats to the winner/s, there were some really
beautiful entries, which makes it even more special.


I went over to Zazzle today and was surprised
and delighted to find that I had made 2 sales !

I am over the moon delighted Wheeeeeeeeee !

I sold a Terrapins T Shirt
(funnily enough I was trying to upload one here today but had
some probs with the back ground colour)

and a

Little Red Series 2 T Shirt

I hope to get more designs on Bubble too xx

Homepage Feature !!

OK Its the Buyers Booth Again (Hee Hee)

The Laminated Print of Green Cat by Louise Parton
I bought is up there- Woo Hoo

Well Done to Louise and thanks for creating such a cutie xxxxxxx


Is anyone else having probs with their buying carts ??
I have added stuff to my cart twice now, only to have half
of it disappear and I have to search for it again.

This time most worryingly I found I couldnt get a card I want
to add to my cart ar all (so until I can I cant buy it).

Tiz weird- dont know if its an RB blip- Can anyone shed light xxxxxxxx

Hey Guys n Gals

Ive been away for a couple of days and my RB went haywire in the meantime
So just aplogies if I haven’t commented on everything or missed something
important. I’ve had a quick squint through, but too time consuming to look at
everything- Will get caught up soon.

Huggies to you all xxxxxxxx

Homepage Feature !!

OK Its just the buyers booth bit- but homepage is homepage :) :)

My photo of Karin Taylors gorgeous cards- Miss Bling and Little Bear are up.

When I went to check it out I discovered that 2 of the other features, featured my
work as wel-
Karin Taylor has posted a photo containing Mad Hatters Tea Party and SigneNortin’s photo of Puffin Play is there too- wheeeeeeeeeeee so exciting.

Such a nice surprise before I go off to Edinburgh this morning.
I’ll be off Bubble for a couple of days- See you all soon xxxxxxxx

Darcy Feature

Thank you so much to the “Real” Life Art Group for
featuring my Mr.Darcy (Colin Firth) portrait- I am truly
tickled pink.
and thank you to dear Ems for asking me to draw this
for her sister, he has had quite a lot of attention here
(mostly female attention tee hee).

Embryonic Journey Feature

Woow- Thanks to the Alphabet Soup Group for this feature for letter E.
I just joined- so really really thrilled. I dont see it on the feature wall yet
but presume it will be soon.
Hurrah !!

Selkie Sale

Thank you so much to GORGIDAS for purchasing a matted print of SELKIE today.
It was such a wonderful surprise to come home to.

It means so much because I admire this artist so much- really astounding work !!


Well just when I thought I’d had the best day ever and nothing could go better, I was wrong.
Darling TCUPS just bought 2 of my cards-
I am most overwhelmed and grateful to everyone who made this day so special for me (6 sales is just unbelievable)


Night Night- The excitement has made me tired out (in a good way)

Beautiful Pea Green Boat Feature

Thank you to Amy-lee Foley and Teegs for featuring
Beautiful Pea Green Boat in their new OWL ARTWORK group
I see I am in very good company- All the other features are
just BRILLIANT !!!!!

If you like OWLS (and how could you not) please check out
the group xoxoxox Twooooooooo


I cannot believe the day I’m having- Not only did lovely Em purchase
2 Darcy’s and a Dragon Moon card but I just sold my HENDRIX TEE
to a MYSTERY BUYER omg xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Whoever you are you just made me one happy lady- Its my birthday next
week but I think it just came early today !!!!



THANK YOU SO MUCH to EMILY aka RIVEROTTER for purchasing 3 of my works this morning.
DARCY was done as a present for her darling sister Julie and I am so honoured by Julie’s lovely response to this work. EM’s bought a Matted Print, what a great sister she is !!
Emily totally bowled me over by purchasing a DARCY card and also a card of
DRAGON MOON for herself.
THANK YOU SWEETIE xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please check out Emily’s beautiful photography and work at riverotter here on bubble- You wont be disappointed !!!!!!!!


I love looking at all the great works here on Redbubble and have squillions (well not quite) of favs. I was just thinking how great it is when you are clicking away at favs and then go to view them and find that you hav a whole page suddenly that complimnt each other quite by accident- I often find on a particular day I must be drawn to a certain style or colour without realising.

Just sharing my thought, as I love it when that happens- anyone else experience this ? x

Little Red Series- 2

Thank you so much to the WOLVES IN ART group for
featuring Little Red and her buddy the wolf- I just joined
this group and the standard is so great (I am very humbled)

Ow owwwwwwwwwwwww

Mad Hatters Tea Party Sale !

OMG- I just finished journalling about a card sale of Jimi and along comes another a few minutes later- What a great day this is turning out to be :) :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the mystery buyer of Mad Hatters Tea Party (you just made me do a little happy dance) xxxxxxxx

…………….. I just found out my mystery buyer was the gorgeous Karin Taylor, who I admire so much, so that has made me dance some more THANK YOU THANK YOU GORGEOUS SWEETIE HUNY PIE xxxxxxx

Jimi Sale !

A Huge Thank you to Amy-Lee Foley for purchasing a Jimi Card today
I’m just over the moon :) :) :)
Its specially lovely as I am such a fan of Amy’s work, which always makes
me smile xx

If you haven’y discovered Amy yet please check out her gorgeous folio and also
her group Just Rainbows (I guarantee it will brighten your day) :) :)

Polly Featured

Thank you to Marie and the wonderful Tabby Time group for
featuring “Polly”- What a lovely surprise to wake up to this
morning- Meow xxxxxxxx


My good bubble friend dnlddean would like some feedback on 2
covers for his new CD which will be available to download soon
Please pop over and give him your thought, he will really appreciate
your input xxxx Thanks

Fairy Temptations Feature

Thank you so much to the Mums 4 Art Group
for featuring Fairy Temptations. I am so happy.
Big up all the mums !!!
If you’re a full time working mom who does a
bit of doodling on the side- JOIN NOW !!!!! xxxxx


My art group- The Forecourt Art Group- are exhibiting in the local Heritage Hall in my village- I organised the event so I was v. nervous about it. After a so, so opening night with 3 sales and hundreds of people, we are still selling each day
3 on Friday, 1 on Saturday and 3 today- Not bad for 6 hours opening to the public I guess, so I can breathe a sigh of relief for now. (My dad sold 3 so far- so I am over the moon for him).
We are on for 2 more weeks- I’ll keep yas posted- It may be interesting in these times of recession xxxxxxxxx

Polly Sale !!

Thank you so much to Lynette K. who just purchased a
laminated print of my cat drawing “Polly”
I am gobsmacked and very very happy :) :) :) :) :) :)

Please check out Lynette’s fabulous Victorian Industrial style
art and the new group of that name too- it’s off the hook and
you may just have an inkling to join xxxxxxxxxx

Jamie Featured

My boy Jamie has just been featured on the Buyers Booth home page
wearing his favourite T Shirt by schytsoframe.
Schytsoframe has already featured him in supersize format on his
profile page, so he’s becoming more famous by the minute.

I’m a proud Mummy heehee
BTW- Jamie has just signed up here with the intention of designing
some T-shirts- I’ll keep yous posted

Thank You Red Bubble

I just had to write a few words for the new Thank You Red Bubble group…

When I joined RB, I wasnt expecting too much, but it has been a revelation
and a life line in many ways.
I have ME/CFS and although I manage my illness well I have had several
really bad relapses this year and some of these collapses have resulted
from a high pressured, demanding job, where I deal with a lot of negativity

Due to illness I cannot socialise as much and find it ard to keep up with
people in the physical day to day REDBUBBLE HAS ALLOWED ME TO MEET
friends, even though we all live far apart)

I cannot get to the galleries and shows as much as I would like REDBUBBLE HAS

Mad Hatters Tea Party Sale

Thank you so much to Natalie Perkins for purchasing a Mad Hatters Tea Party Card
I am beside myself with gleeeeee.
Please check out Natalies beautiful art, full of wonderous paisley prettiness xxxxxxxx

Puffin Sale !

Thank you so much to the anon buyer who
purchased a card of Puffin Play today !!!!!!!!
My first Bubble Sale- I’m sooooo happy and
I hope you enjoy your purchase- Love Anita xx

Double Dragon Feature

Thank you so much to Patricia Ann McCarty and the DRAGON’s FIRE group
for featuring my Friendly Dragon drawing and my Dragon Moon T Shirt

I am a very happy bunny this morning. Wheeeeeeeeeee xx

Cheshire Cat Feature !!

Wow what a brilliant surprise to find my Cheshire Cat featured
in the exciting new group- Alice in Wonderland- when I woke up
this morning. Thank you so much to the moderators.

I am really pleased there is a new group just for the Adventures
of Alice, she’s a big inspiration for lots of artists and illustrators.
Go check out the group folks xxxxxxxxxx


I am supposed to be reviewing a fraud policy and doing business planning
for work today, what a bore. Keep getting distracted by bubble, but I better be off
now. Got a lot on this week, so if I’m not around much, you’ll know why.

Thanks for the lovely distractions :) :)

Kate Featured

My Kate Bush T-Shirt was just featured by the fab group FAN FRENZY
I am so delighted, thank you so much to the moderators.
Wheeeeeeee- Brightened up a dreary, windy Sunday x

Send Some Love for Sassy

Please send love and best wishes to my good friend Don
His dog Sassy has just came through a major operation
and is in recovery. Our beautiful animal friends mean so
much to us and are part of our family.
Don has uploaded a beautiful painting of Sassy when she
was a pup for us to enjoy.

Wishing Sassy a speedy recovery x

Featured ???

Whoooooo The Featured Group just added my calendar “More Anita’s Art”
and said it will be up on the Art Homepage. It’s not there yet, but I’m excited
that this may happen. Woot Woot.

Double Whammy !!

I was so surprised and chuffed to wake up this morning and
find that BOTH my Jimi T-Shirts were featured in the
RETRO T’s- WE GOT THE FUNK group- The Black and White
version and the coloured one.



On the RB clothing home page- I am sooooooooooo excited.
Thank you RB- I cannot believe the positive feedback this work
has had (very humbled) xxxxxxxxxxx

Twirly Angel

I just found an artist called Twirly Angel
I’m very excited by her whimsical, colourful
illustrations- Please go check her out xxxx

Jimi Hendrix on Zazzle

My Jimi Portrait can now be found on Zazzle as a T-shirt and
Customised Mug Design. Search AnitaInverarity to look.
I’m just figuring it all out at the moment so bear with me for
more stuff later (this is fun) xxxxxxxx

Zazzle Woe- Can you help me ??

I am loving the Zazzle site and the range of products offered there
was checking it out for Christmas stuff and I cant even get past
signing up. Probs with my user name, I think I’m following instructions
correctly but may be really daft- Tried Anita Inverarity 166 but no joy- am
I getting right combi of letters and numbers.

Pleeeeeeese help if you can, there’s some stuff I want- Boohoo x
Also I take it UK peeps have to use Paypal or something as its all
in dollars ?

Wheres my computer savvie Phil when you need him ?

Lovvies xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jimi Featured

My Jimi Hendrix Portrait was just featured in the fab group Let There Be Rock
He’s had 2 features now and I didnt really rate him that much- go figure


Over 2,000 hits

Thanks to everyone who has visited my page- I am constantly amazed by the encouragement and support on RB.

Love and Hugs to you all xxxxxxxx


I have pictures tied up in a new tearoom in Fyvie and a care home in Milltimber and I have 2 exhibitiions coming up in November at the Culter Heritage Hall and a solo one
at Kelly’s in Culter.

I really need a fair bit more to fill these up. So better get my finger out. If I’m not on RB so much, you’ll know why.

Love to you all xxxx

Support Redbubble Artists this Christmas

Hello Bubblers. This year I have decided to support the Redbubble Community who have brought great joy to me by purchasing most of my Christmas Pressies from the Site. I am going to make up little Laminated Cards to pop in with them telling people about the site and the artist who made their gift.

Thought others may like this idea too- There is certainly soething for everyone here.
I have already teamed up some Redbubble T-shirts with Jama Bottoms to make the perfect snuggly bed time gifts and the calendars are a must of course.
Links to Zazzle have the Kids sorted, and Teens have the funkiest choice of T’s.

Hope this inspires you to do the same xxxxxxxxx

Clean Up

So some of my scans were not great quality and Selkie I’m sorry to say was skew wiff to say the least.
They are now clean and more like the originals- Selkie is even on the front of my calendar and some are for sale which weren’t good enough before- Hurrah !!


I’m so addicted to fiddling with Redbubble and looking at everyones art, I dont have time to draw. Hmmmmmmm- Need to re-time manage because I have 3 exhibitions coming up and nuthin new in the bag.

Still- I can think of worse ways to spend my time. Love n Hugs xxx


Hurrah- Just managed to get some of my images a bit bigger so you folks can actually see them without getting eyestrain.
Now I’ve just got to figure out my size adaptations for my calendar and get working on some Tshirt edits.
This is addictive but its pickling my brain- IT stuff is not my thing :L

Happy Days

I just passed the 1000 views mark on redbubble Woo Hoo
Thank you to everyone whos had a look. It means soooooo much.
Its probably the most exposure my work has had- excited (lots)

Love and Hugs
Anita xxxx


2 sleeps till I’m on Holiday Hurrah- Need to catch up on my studies I know- but also cant wait to lounge in my jams and draw all day (so many ideas- so hope it goes to plan)
Hydro Connect Festival at the end of next week (Im not a happy camper but worth it for the line up). I think the only inspiration I’ll get there is in the bottom of a glass tho.

Looking forward to exploring redbubble more too- So much talent on here (I just love it)

Puffin Play

I am really enjoying wildlife inspired drawings at the moment and Puffin Play is almost done- With visions of Seal Splash next. So much Ideas- cant get them out of my head quick enough at the moment- Hope I am on a roll.
I often find things dry up for months at a time- so this is great.

Went to see a nice local exhibition today. Some really nice stuff, in a nice country setting
Babbling Brooks n Strong Coffee. Bought a wee landscape in mixed media for my bathroom (really bright zingy colours)- was an unframed bargain.

Just got one eye on Hellboy at the moment and half a brain thinking about doing some real work (for tommorrow).
Donchta just love Sundays.

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait