No. I’m not playing Tetris (actually I was last week…) but despite a recent “stroke of genius” and the fact that I managed to make some artworks… I’m absolutely blocked. Blame it to this time of the year, a sudden lack of inspiration or inability to materialize what I have in mind.…

The massive block strikes me everywhere. No matter if I sit and start modelling in MAX, the model will look like crap (let alone the textures with Photoshop) or if I fire up Word and try to write a story… Sometimes I can’t even start them. I have the idea but either a random X or Y come into the equation and mess up the entire thing.

I’m trying to do my best to overcome this crappy moment. For that purpose I have countless notebooks where I hand-write and/or sketch all sorts of weirdness. But I would love to tu

Rise, Phoenix, rise!

… and I’m not making reference to Phoenix Wright.…

Well, I needed to make a little reminder, not only to bore people but to track my progress as a so-called “artist” (right?) So, well, throughout the last two weeks I uploaded 4 works after what I felt was a loooooooooong time without doing jack sh!t (around a month were the only thing I had was either rage, urge-to-kill or just pure and plain blocks)

So, yes, I put up:

The Architect’s Shroud of Existence

Stellar Gateway

Macropteryx Giganteous

For a reason my friend always see pokémons in my creatures… Dunno if I should be alarmed. I don’t like the idea of Nintendo lawsuits on my back.

AND, the rejected and hated creature, the bastard child of the flock, the black sheep, the Slowpoke, the Ashley from RE4, the Tageri from Ikaruga…

Obelisk of

A Chronicle of Boredom (Rant Aftermath)

After all that ranting (which you can read here ) I was finally able to go to the customs and pick up the frame print. Now, what a lame thing I got the letter on saturday as that put me on anxious mood for two days and I couldn’t sleep pretty much today.…

Rest assured, I finally came back home with the framed print. Just I wish things could’ve been a bit easier. I’m not blaming bad luck or that crap, perhaps I have to blame myself and anxiety (but, come on, who the hell wouldn’t be anxious when you are expecting something? apathy is obviously not my style).

So, today we had an unusual cold… but that’s how spring works. I decided to go early (around 11am, these guys open at 10am). After a boring 1-hour bus trip to the other side of the city, I finally reached my destination. Blam. First wei

Ranting Day

Yeah, newspapers, insomnia, finals and other things turn me into a ranting mob.…

Where should I begin? Well, I already mentioned in a previous entrance the waiting matter so now let’s complain a bit about thievery and insecurity.

Today I stepped out of our apartment only to find that our neighbour’s recently bought car already had its glasses broken and the stereo gone. I reach my aunt’s house and, joy, the front door has been forced and now it takes some strength to close it properly as the lock seems to have been hit and budge a lot. Now, how dangerous is to be struggling to close a damn door in an area that IS dangerous? Not good. In movies we have Spiderman and Batman and the super heroes/heroines to save our sorry asses. In reality, we are always one step away from getting robbed, sta

After the waiting... more waiting!

Well, yeah, sounds weird but it’s that way. I woke up 10 mins ago thanks to the insistent ringing of the post office guy, who was ifnally bringing a letter telling me I have to go to the customs to retire the RB framed print I ordered like 10 days ago. Now, I don’t know how it works in other countries but here whatever is over 500g and isn’t a superspecialcertified-bring-it-to-my-door thing I have to go to the customs every time I get a package.…

Problem is, the customs open from Monday to Friday (and only from 10am to 5pm) so I have to wait two extra days in order to get the framed print. Oh, but I forgot to add that once I’m at the central post office I also have to wait between two to three hours till they freaking call me. Once I get called I have to stand an officer and an employee o

HOLY!!!!! Featured in the front page!

“Lyke, wow, you know, you know, lyke, wow…!” Nah, kidding. I can’t believe it!

Oh, and I might make another freaky picture soon. I had one (a camera emulation) but I wasn’t happy with it so I took it out along with a bunch of stuff.

Yay! Thanks RB. I feel like I hit the Hall of Fame XD Still struck in awe. Crap, I’m going totally hyper…

Scanning Portfolio

Scanning Portfolio…

After the massive cleaning and re-arrangement of my portfolio, a titanic bad mood (and I’m still angry), stress and other things, I’m bringing to the surface some old and new works that were either ignored or just didn’t recieve much attention. So, this week’s featured works are (click on the image to view them separately):

Mother of the Stars

Embryonic Planet

The Diamond Engine Experiment (Stable)

I absolutely love the first as it took me a lot of tweaking to get the “shape” and it has a mystic aura on it.

The second is, of course, a pretty obvious symbolism. The stars background looks a bit prettier in this one and the lighting is more exaggerated but the idea is to remark the planet.

About the third, one of the most recent but absolutely skipped (come on, it has e

Clean & Repairs Co.

After reading this interesting journal entrance (yeah, give me back my journal! hehehe):

Interesting Journal Entrance / Click Me!

I decided it was time to arrange and put some order in my portfolio. I deleted a lot of test renders and stuff that wasn’t that good. Now I feel it is acquiring a more “professional” aspect, though I’m not done with it. I’m still leaving some minor tests and pictures that I thought were crucial to understand the origins of some pictures (and because maybe one day some may find it interesting) and I’m way too lazy to make heaps of journal entrances.

I might re-render some works too at an even higher resolution as soon as I get a new computer (which I hope will be by Christmas… I HOPE)

Seems like today it was the “Clean Up” day! Everyone pick the vacuum cleaners!

Dream of the Techno Tree

Well, I started a series of digital renders that revolve around a huge biomechanical tree that has several strange floating creatures orbiting it. Of course, there is a short story about it too, although that needs a looooooot of tunning.…

Here are the two “scenes” so far:

Close up of the Servants of the Techno Tree

Branches of the Techno Tree

I might add a third to make a trilogy (you just can’t have a series of pics without a trilogy ;D)

As a final note, I reuploaded the “Branches…” one as I noticed I screwed it up with the sun flare and the axis of the horizonal blue line was totally bad when I zoomed in. The sky clouds looked pretty awful as well (too white and “plain”). I also added the rebuilt flying creatures, which look way better than the originals. The use of raytraced shadows fo

Oh... my... GOD! First Sale!

I… It is hard to believe someone actually bought one of my insanities that’s so… Great! DAMN! I can’t believe it…

I’m still trying to find a way to check who actually bought it but, anyway, I’m deeply grateful and thanks for picking it! I do hope the picture (whose link will be added at the end of this flagrant advertisment/joy/cheerful message) looks well on paper!

Final Contact, blessed and shiny: click here

We go tech!

Ok, I think I’ve been listen to too much traditional ’80s heavy metal like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Grave Digger and others… So I felt like making a quick poem/insult/tribute to the masters of those old awesome songs:…

We go tech!

Jump, jump
Solve, solve
It’s 105

Uh oh, this is the dominion,
Of the arithmetical beast,
Better get out of here,
Before it shows its fist.

Told you to move, mate,
This isn’t the right place,
X, Y and Z, what a mistake,
Zero is your bet!

Pure mathematical corruption?
Are these numbers real?

I will tell you something,
Get away! Get away!
Kick the numerical madness…

Before it gets too late!

Uhhhhhhhhhhh (here goes the solo =P)

(more solo)

The numerical madness!
The infamous beast!
The pythagorical lands!
The geometrical sickness!

Into this wic

YAY! Madness for sale!

Yeah, now that teh almighty Bubble allows people outside from Oz to sell art… I promptly check what things in my ‘catalogue’ (or mere list of mental distorsions and anomalies) can be placed for sale, in addition to my first T-shirt design. Now you can wear or hang on a wall a compendium of sick and insane imagery that has been twisted, altered and gently edited many many times on photoshop till it finally achieved its completely surreal shape! =P…

Now, the candidates I selected were the following (all in ‘small’ size… I forgot to render them at the SUPPA-HIGH-POWA resolution, nor I think I will or my computer dies in the process!):

The Ethereal Monk stares at the Portal Click Here

Embryonic Planet Click Here

Mother of the Stars Click Here

Spectral Faunae Click Here

T-shirt, “Speech of the

On discussions...

Recently, I noticed that people crash each other in discussions like they are fighting to get the golden crown of ultimate illumination. This is not only noticeable in forums and the likes but also in real life moments as in conferences, classes, work and even in the core of the family (or whatever is left of it in these days…)…

There is no longer that thing of allowing others to state his/her point without ending up insulting/swearing or worse. Or just not reading and say: “No, I don’t agree. Why? Because.”

As I say, nobody bears the ultimate truth. I’m not saying the last divine message, I can be wrong, everyone can so, why getting pissed if someone attempts to counter what others are saying? That person could simply not listen to such arguments but then comes the infamous ‘claiming for


Random rambling. I’m amazed my works are getting marked for the front page. That’s really nice and encourges me to keep learning and improve further! Thanks to the Red Bubble! And thanks to everyone else who commented on my stuff, passed by or just thought: “Man, that’s weird!”

Las Lanzas (Delas Inis)

So, yup, the three new images I posted share something in common: they are a set of alien/surreal ships which I might soon put in a scene, firing and all that neat stuff. I strated brainstorming them in spanish so that’s the reason of all that scary spanish you see in the titles and this entry.…

I have been heavily inspired and stroked by old games and readings, plus I checked some old astronomy books I have (my old passion killed by economical crisis/society/problems/reality/whatever, still thrives in my writings, although more focused on the fantasy side) and decided to make more of this weird stuff.

To begin with, I named the whole pack as “Las Lanzas” (The Spears/Lances, I prefer the word ‘Lances’). There isn’t many reasons behind this except that I thought it was interesting and with

"To cause an effect"

As the title implies… I think I ended up causing something on people. Usually I get this effect when I write so I wasn’t sure I would be able to do the same with images. Don’t know if be surprised or frightened.…

I had a bad nightmare that I decided to twist and modify so I could turn it into something useful (in this case: art) and promptly fired up 3dsMAX and began modelling. After several hours of trial and error with the lights I got a nice setup and finally decided to render, then proceed to Photoshop for the “final” composition. Now, when I showed the finished image to friends and relatives most semeed either creeped out or disturbed by the… umm, ‘thing’ I modelled. Guess we all have a primal fear with doors and the mysteries they might hide behind!

Today I decided to do a second sh

An amazing flight in space

Well, in my quests for inspiration I decided to risk myself at the night and step to the garden (even though mosquitos stalk like a mad swarm and the urban lights block most of the view…) and looked up. I was surprised to realise how much time passed since the last time I gazed at the stars for so long. There I got hit but the inspiration I needed. Orion and the Southern Cross were visible and clear. And, after a while I got lost in the immensity. Takes time to realise the HUGE (all in capitals) scale of a planet. I can only dream to imagine the gigantic proportions of a galaxy……

Bad days and weeks have been annoying me and this eased things a bit.

I also found several music albums that focus on the space or the science fiction. Focused in the tradition of the “symphonic/progressive” metal

Thinking process...

At last and after a short hiatus I uploaded another two “works” or “pieces”. More of my 3d journey with these intricate tools.

I may also upload another short story (last of the pack) soon. I’ve been browsing through the many many works available and, damn, they quality keeps increasing. If something has been unleashed, that is creativity!

The hellish jumps

This was the title of an old letter I got published in a gaming magazine, regarding the annoyance of being forced to swtich components like we get rid of toilet paper. This was back in 2000 and it didn’t get any better now.…

Now we are in 2007 and things are still the same. The inefficiency in production (which of course focuses on profit and not into quality or anything related to “What is my business?” as Peter Drucker used to said) is reaching unknown levels. I mean, did you estimate how long a cellphone, a new TV, a new mp3 player last? Not much to tell the truth. In fact, an I-pod shuffle (and this was real-life tested) may be cheap but is also a candidate for the trash bin as once the battery runs out (and it can run out in a matter of months), you need to almost re-pay it to get it

Pan's Labyrinth

After I posted my little piece of “poetry” (which hopefully had a positive effect I think!), it’s time for something philosophic and movie related.…

If you checked the title, yes, I saw this movie today. My brother hated it, got bored but liked how the infamous military people are portrayed (and reminds us of the tragic memories of our country, which jumped from military regime to democracy like a mad rabbit thanks to obscure background plans, cold wars, the US need of preventing the “latins” to become a united threat to them, etc, etc, etc, long short story…).

I loved this movies, the mix of dark fantasy with the crude reality and the intriguing rhythm (along with the amazing Faun and the Pale Man) literally made me want it last longer. Weird as it is, you could even tell these guys could

Flower of forgiveness

I am not an expert at poetry (in fact, I’m not even sure that what I’m writing is properly done…) but I’ve been through a series of horrible days and I feel an urge of exorcizing this damn melancholy and sadness with a quick and probably quite (if not very) cheesy poem:…

Flower of forgiveness

Ten thousand golden glories

Obscured by one black mark

One hundred victories

Made unworthy by a single fall

All the flowers in that field,

Budding like unstoppable words

They block the breath with their pollen

To protect one jewel hidden well

Oh, take the ships,

Scan the land,

For my dreams

Oh, field of flowers…

Is the land of the souls?

Is a place full of love?

It’s a site of feelings

One flower, destiny

In this realm of small mirrors,

Where each leaf is a reflex

A soul bounced,

Came back harmed.


First Post

Well here I am, finally created an account and testing the post function here… I also need to think something nice to put as a portrait…

I’ve been browsing many many profiles and I’m surprised at the amazing quality of many of the pictures and stuff posted around.

Now, time to go back to the works. Hello everyone!

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait