Renewal of a creation

Ok, the story I once uploaded, “The Seal of the Celestial Engine” has gone through some serious editing process, taking away a lot of stuff, removing more but also adding and correcting a lot as well. Moreover, it has changed so much compared to what I originally wrote that it looks almost like a completely different story. Hence why I shortened the title and practically tweaked a lot of the events occurring in the story.…

Now the posts will carry the F.S.M. tag. Fragment of the Shattered Mirror. This will shorten the title a lot and make it less like a tongue-twister and more like a pleasant reading.

I’m thinking about making a couple of artworks related to this but my mind feels dry and blank at the moment and I’m extremely nervous and, well, not in the mood I guess.

So, yes, so far here

Red Bubble has its own official game


It’s been ages since I posted something for the journal and it’s usually a bunch of long rants/complaints so, for a change, here is a little addicting flash game about bubblewrap.

Enjoy it =P It gets pretty addicting. Of course, nothing like the real bubblewraps to annoy the hell out of everyone around!

edit: I’m referring to the wraps you get when you purchase an item online and it’s shipped through airmail or EMS. That kind of bubble thingie. lol, this was embarrassing. Me and my english.

Back to the Stone Age: Visa Argentina says no to Paypal and other oddities (Anger Overload)

And I say we are absolutely screwed. That’s it. Officially, I can’t purchase, get paid or anything through Paypal using a Visa credit card (sadly those are the only ones we have in our family…) This also turns my paypal account into an “unverified” one (no credit card), ergo I have that lame limit for transferences.…

Not only our money isn’t worth a penny outside of the country, not only the official postal service doesn’t let you make International Postal Money Orders without using a third-party service (Western union, which many sites seem to dislike a lot), not only they won’t let you pay in dollars. WTF? You are the official postal service for god’s sake and you cannot accept dollars? HOW THE HELL DO YOU KEEP TOURISTS HAPPY? DO I NEED TO SHOW A DIFFERENT NATIONALITY (preferably europe

The roots of anger: give me back the right to be angry

Ever find yourself containing a massive amount of anger, that necessity of screaming, breaking things, tearing the entire frigging building?…

I do. Almost everyday, particularly during mornings and the night. Oh, but if you actually show you are angry then you are bipolar, mentally retarded or just insane. Fine. Nice. It’s now banned for life to be angry.

I beg to differ. Everyone gets angry. Everyone has bad days and certainly I have the f——- right of being angry when and wherever the hell I want. Don’t say “yes” when you wanted to say “no”.

It’s just I had the lamest month ever (yes, that includes Christmas and New Year) and having to stand my father ordering me around and bombarding me on how I don’t have any aims or objectives or how I don’t seem to want to grow here (here = my country

A night at the movies (pseudo review and randomizer)

nah, I don’t go to the cinema anymore. Last movie I saw was Cellular with my bro and I’ll skip any comments about it.…

Today the weird happened. I randomly tune a channel and stumble upon a movie that I know it’s going to be about opression, slavery and such. Three aborigine girls are separated from their mothers and forced to go to one of those horrible religious place along with many many other girls while a british “gentleman” (Mr. Neville the Devil, aka Mr. Blondie) is supossed to be their protector or something. More of a slave-dealer to me.

Anyway, you might already know which movie I’m talking about. It’s aussie though we only realised it was aussie when the dude opened at fullscreen a map that clearly said “WESTERN AUSTRALIA” and “MELBOURNE” near that. We first thought it was the n

Of blackouts, fury, alarms, worries and the middle age

I’m worried. But also pissed off. Supremely pissed off. Yes, I want to put a freaking planet-sized ion cannon and blast some planets away.…

Anyway, like Australia, it’s summer here too (yeah, I’m in the south as well, no “Santa”, it’s “Papá Noel”… not that I care really, I didn’t celebrate Christmas at all and I won’t enter in details of how much I dislike that date) and, yes, the temperature also reached suffocating levels, touching its peak yesterday with 43ºC. While I know Australia can get hotter (and considering the water issue there) I shouldn’t complain that much… Right? Wrong. Sadly, Buenos Aires isn’t Melbourne (despite sharing some bits bits of europeistic influences) and while some places are nice, many others are plain dumps or worse. In short, this damn concrete jungle with 3r


No. I’m not playing Tetris (actually I was last week…) but despite a recent “stroke of genius” and the fact that I managed to make some artworks… I’m absolutely blocked. Blame it to this time of the year, a sudden lack of inspiration or inability to materialize what I have in mind.…

The massive block strikes me everywhere. No matter if I sit and start modelling in MAX, the model will look like crap (let alone the textures with Photoshop) or if I fire up Word and try to write a story… Sometimes I can’t even start them. I have the idea but either a random X or Y come into the equation and mess up the entire thing.

I’m trying to do my best to overcome this crappy moment. For that purpose I have countless notebooks where I hand-write and/or sketch all sorts of weirdness. But I would love to tu

Rise, Phoenix, rise!

… and I’m not making reference to Phoenix Wright.…

Well, I needed to make a little reminder, not only to bore people but to track my progress as a so-called “artist” (right?) So, well, throughout the last two weeks I uploaded 4 works after what I felt was a loooooooooong time without doing jack sh!t (around a month were the only thing I had was either rage, urge-to-kill or just pure and plain blocks)

So, yes, I put up:

The Architect’s Shroud of Existence

Stellar Gateway

Macropteryx Giganteous

For a reason my friend always see pokémons in my creatures… Dunno if I should be alarmed. I don’t like the idea of Nintendo lawsuits on my back.

AND, the rejected and hated creature, the bastard child of the flock, the black sheep, the Slowpoke, the Ashley from RE4, the Tageri from Ikaruga…

Obelisk of

A Chronicle of Boredom (Rant Aftermath)

After all that ranting (which you can read here ) I was finally able to go to the customs and pick up the frame print. Now, what a lame thing I got the letter on saturday as that put me on anxious mood for two days and I couldn’t sleep pretty much today.…

Rest assured, I finally came back home with the framed print. Just I wish things could’ve been a bit easier. I’m not blaming bad luck or that crap, perhaps I have to blame myself and anxiety (but, come on, who the hell wouldn’t be anxious when you are expecting something? apathy is obviously not my style).

So, today we had an unusual cold… but that’s how spring works. I decided to go early (around 11am, these guys open at 10am). After a boring 1-hour bus trip to the other side of the city, I finally reached my destination. Blam. First wei

Ranting Day

Yeah, newspapers, insomnia, finals and other things turn me into a ranting mob.…

Where should I begin? Well, I already mentioned in a previous entrance the waiting matter so now let’s complain a bit about thievery and insecurity.

Today I stepped out of our apartment only to find that our neighbour’s recently bought car already had its glasses broken and the stereo gone. I reach my aunt’s house and, joy, the front door has been forced and now it takes some strength to close it properly as the lock seems to have been hit and budge a lot. Now, how dangerous is to be struggling to close a damn door in an area that IS dangerous? Not good. In movies we have Spiderman and Batman and the super heroes/heroines to save our sorry asses. In reality, we are always one step away from getting robbed, sta

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