Question to readers

i just joined this site and i really like it. I was wondering how the selling part of it works. I have several poems that i would like to get out there. However I am holding back several of my personal favorites. I don’t want some of them published however if anyone would be interested in sending me a bubblemail and telling me exactly how that part would work for a broke beginner poet with little starting out funds. Please understand that some of it is personal to me and Im willing to work out many possibilties. My goal is to find someone to help me publish a book of some of my best poetry and to get me started in pursuing an art and poetry career. I know I ain’t no english major but I’m willing to work. I’ve grown to appreciate this site more and more in the few days i’ve been on here but I cannot put too much into it without feeling that im selling myself short. Thank you for reading and I hope to gain more people on my watchlist. :)

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