The Movie Of your Life…

I started this about a month ago I guess… and this is what it lead to.. It is long but I’ve been told it is a good read.. This is…. MY LIFE…………..

Opening Credits:
Created by: Rusty and Gena Hutchings
Directed by: Me
Screwed up by: me
Brought to you by Technicolor

Waking Up Scene:
The room is empty and somewhat quiet.. There is a slight light trickling in under the blinds that don’t completely reach the bottom of the windows.. We pan down to see someone sleeping in their bed, but cannot make out who it is… due to the fact that their body is fully covered by a comforter.. Suddenly without warning the blanket is pulled away from his face… He is giggling and coughing just a little when he chuckles to himself “Good Lord, nothing like a good Dutch Oven to get you going in the morning”…..

Car Driving Scene:
The sky is a fading pink that has begun to blend with the night.. There is a gentle breeze ever so lightly covering up the remains of the day… the kind of breeze that makes us realize why we love the beginning of fall so much.. The faint sound of slapping, with a quick and deliberate hesitation echoes as water from a ceased rainfall separates underneath the tires… The serene breeze has made its way through the t-tops and circulates inside the car and exits without notice, so that another wind can take its place.. There is a man steering the wheel with one arm, his right arm.. His left arm is partially hanging out the drivers side window.. He is laid back in the seat, a seat that could hardly be anymore reclined.. His dark green Nike wind breaker slaps slowly and steadily as the night wind compassionately wraps itself around him… He has a solemn yet relaxed allurement about him as he concentrates on the road ahead.. There is a rhythmic and comforting thump coming from the rear of the car.. A soothing and amiable beat is flowing from the 6×9′s placed in the back window… as the lyrics start to flow….
“Cuz I’ve been holding back what I feel, Love’s so real.. But I can’t wait another minute”………………………..

High School Flashback Scene:
As he steps out of the car he does not bother to turn off the ignition… His favorite song is playing and he wants to continue listening to it.. He walks to the back of the car and pops open the trunk… reaching in and pulling out two large objects… They appear to be protected individually by large black leather
covers… He removes one of the objects from its protective sleeve when it comes apparent that it is a giant piece of glass.. There is a decent size strip of chrome that wraps completely around it.. as to protect the pitch black pane of glass.. He walks back to the drivers side door, and it then comes clear what these two large objects are… He cautiously slides the glass
back to which it came… retrieves to grab the other one and repeats this process on the passenger side of the car… When he is done, he reaches in turns of the ignition and locks his doors… T-tops restored, he starts to walk away… but only makes it like twelve paces when he suddenly turns back to the 1979 Trans-AM and gives off a childlike grin… as he thinks to himself “I can’t believe that’s my car”……………..

Nostalgic Scene:
He can never escape it… imagine if you will.. The dark grey sky, with charcoal clouds elegantly pacing them-self across the mid-evening sky… The sun has been gone for a while but leaves a reminder of itself along the horizon.. There is a faint smell of burning leaves that has worked its way across the countryside just to find itself sending chills down your spine.. your feet slightly chilled from the water that has parted from the grass and seeped into your shoes…. There is a humming in the background.. it is a mixture of people screaming, the slightest hint of instruments and the even fainter sound of encouragement from a small group of girls… All of which is being heavily drowned out by the sound of your own breathing… Breathing that has significantly increased within the matter of seconds.. Each breath, each step getting you that much closer…. and closer… Your heart is now racing trying to catch up with your feet and your lungs… There is nothing ahead of you… You can see it… They tried to keep you from it but have failed..
At this moment you are invincible… You take a quick glance back just to confirm what you already know… They can’t stop you… Breathing harder and harder… Body consumed with adrenaline… Suddenly you slow to a light jog and cruise to a stop….. The crowd is now very apparent, as a roar echoes through your soul and you are greeted with hugs and high-fives from all your friends… He can never escape it… The feeling of scoring a touchdown….

Bitter, Angry Scene:
Eleven years… Some kids think they know what they want to do when they grow up.. Others absolutely know what it is they are supposed to do when they grow up.. How many kids follow through with childhood fantasies? How many adults can actually remember childhood fantasies? Since he was seven years old he knew exactly what he was going to do when he grew up.. and too be perfectly honest.. He had a few believers… Now he stands in front of two men that will ultimately decide his future.. He pleads his case.. He knows inside his heart that it is a week case, but is just praying for some compassion and a second chance… He is seventeen years old… just a young dumb kid… When the two men look at him and tell him that they are sorry they just can not do it.. He knows that he screwed up, but he also knows he wasn’t much worse than others who did not have to face this situation.. It all seems surreal… He can’t fathom what is happening to him.. Being the young dumb kid he is… He does not hesitate to throw a spew of cuss words at the two men.. He stands there looking at them as his eyes begin to swell when he realizes he has lost… The young man makes his way home… where he finds his mother.. She looks at him with a genuine concern.. She could always tell when something was wrong.. The boy erupts into a fury throwing a recliner across the room… The anger inside just way too much to bear.. He shouts and throws empty punches into the air while telling his mother what had happened… The boy then falls to his knees in a heap, the tears have released and are freely flowing down his face… his mother kneels down beside the boy to hold him and tell him everything will be ok…. Eleven years… He had played football, but the words to his mother were… " I failed… I can never play again"

Break-up Scene:
Even though he had attempted a few relationships at his high school, they were all pretty much minuscule… It wasn’t until his senior year that he actually developed something with substance…He had met a girl that went to another school.. She was a cute little blond, and by all rights was way out of his league… First of all she was an honor student and probably way more mature than him… Yet she seemed to like him.. and he her.. They spent a fair amount of time together and twice that talking on the telephone.. The only thing was… she had to leave for a lengthy period of time to go over seas.. She was headed to China for a school program.. and was going to be away for a month… They had talked about it several times, and knew that keeping in touch for that month would be impossible… He missed the girl and wanted to talk with her every day.. She had told him when she was going to be back home.. but he could not remember the exact date.. As the return date neared he was excited… but by now his mind had been twisting and turning.. He had started to convince himself that she was too good for him.. He just worried that eventually she would realize that he was a screw-up and would want nothing more to do with him.. Not to mention she came from money and he was most definitely not.. So, the return date came and went… He knows it has passed, even though he was not sure when she was supposed to exactly return because it is now weeks later… Even though he wanted so badly to call her and welcome her back.. He just couldn’t… Months later the two of them randomly bumped into each other on the sidewalk.. It was late at night and the street-lights were illuminating in her green eyes… He just looked at her… when she reached out.. they hugged and held each other for a split second when she stepped back and said.. you never called me.. All the boy could muster up was… I know…. The girl tells the boy it was nice to see him and he watches her walk away… knowing that he let one of the best just vanish into the night…

Regret Scene:
A cool breeze softly grazes his face.. The black sky is just a mere backdrop to the bright lights shining high above.. He walks slowly with his head slightly lowered.. so he can avoid the glances directed his way.. When a familiar face approaches him.. He can feel her warmth run through his body as they hug.. He needs this hug more than anybody could even realize.. It wasn’t even meant to be for comfort.. It was a, I haven’t seen you in so long hug… But he didn’t care… It soothed him anyway.. She was a couple years older than him and they had been friends once upon a time… He had always thought highly of her.. She was sweet and considerate… with an unmistakable naivety… He had not seen her in over a year, yet he instantly remembered why they had been friends.. He wants desperately to just stand there for hours talking with her.. Recapturing all that was good with them.. But he is hurting inside and is fighting off this cloud of despair… He tries to give her all the attention she deserves.. But he knows that he simply is not.. Finally she tells him that she has joined the Air force and was leaving in a week.. He is kind of shocked, but is happy for her at the same time… She reaches in her purse and gives him her number and tells him she would like to see him before she leaves.. He returns the favor and they embrace one more time and walk there separate ways.. His lowered head has slightly raised and he feels a little better as he turns from her to walk away when the bright lights that have been hiding the night once again come into focus.. and he looks off into the distance to see a mob of faces that just seem to be one giant blur… His head lowers again and he makes his way through the excitement and chaos to find his seat.. He looks up hesitantly and looks out over all the enthusiastic people in front of him to see the large field.. A field that does not even know that the sun has been gone for hours now.. The lights engulf it and the band serenes it… The crowd cheers.. the whistles blow… and the game continues on.. as if it didn’t even know he was gone.. He would eventually let the game go… But he always regretted the fact that he never saw her again….

Nightclub/Bar Scene:
He closes his eyes and sits back in the seat.. takes a swig from his beer and takes a puff of his cigar.. Only eighteen and doing things he knows he shouldn’t.. But the thrill of it all is just consuming him.. They are in a half empty parking lot… all the way to the back next to a row of bushes that are doing their best to hide the light post that is directly behind them.. Still it is the darkest spot in the parking lot, and there is a safe quality to their location.. as they listen to the music and drink their beer.. They had never been in a bar before and were overcome with enthusiasm.. The best part about the whole thing was.. “she” was going to be there… and he had been thinking about her all day… She had paged him right before they left.. and when he called her back she confirmed that she would be there..they were not a couple.. but it was implied that this is where it was headed… The fellas finish their drinks, throw the evidence behind the bushes and light up their smokes for the walk to the door… There is a pretty common practice when it comes to the bar scene.. You must be 21 to enter.. They were far from 21 but rumor had it this place hardly ever carded people.. and they look much older than they actually are.. the only thing to do now.. is walk up with confidence and act like they have been there before.. There is a short line and it takes but a minute for them to greet the large guy wearing a black T.. He is scruffy and a bit intimidating.. but lucky for them.. not very good at his job.. he takes there two bucks and just lets them walk in.. They immediately make a V-line for the restroom.. Some young bucks standing in a bathroom slightly larger than a jail cell.. and it is debatable which would smell better.. They had pulled it off.. and had their moment in the toilet to collect their emotions… now it was time to go get some drinks, dance and shoot some pool… just be kids in a grown up place… even though they were too young to be in there… they appreciated the place for what it was.. a place to get drunk and have fun with friends.. It was not a place to sulk, or hide from your problems.. Well most of them anyway.. It all started out that way for him… but as the night went on and the alcohol affected his common sense.. he started to let his drunken emotions take over his sense of reality.. and he was realizing that “she” was still not there… So he separated from the pack and made his way to the pay phone next to the indoor outhouse… and dialed her number… No answer.. He returns to the pack and they resume their childish indiscretions… The night continues on and he finally gets hold of her and she has just another lame excuse.. The continuance of many excuses that he had already heard before… So he says fuck it, and decides to not let this ruin his night.. He gets drunker than he had ever imagined he could… and spends most of his time on the dance floor where he sparks the interest of another girl.. they spend the rest of the night dancing and talking… and when it is time to exit the play land.. he does not enter the same car that he came in.. He is in the vehicle of a girl he barely knows.. headed for a place that he absolutely doesn’t know.. a strangers apartment.. If “SHE” would have only ran out of excuses…………

Fight/Action Scene:
The leaves are in the midst of turning for the fall… The night has a very damp feel to it, yet there is no real threat of rain.. He can smell the smoke as he steps out of the car… There is a flickering of orange and grey just over the rooftop of some strangers house.. He walks to the back of the house where he finds a bonfire and forty to fifty people that he pretty much doesn’t know.. He has arrived to this party with some girls he had met at the bar earlier that night… And to be perfectly honest is pretty much in a stammer.. He walks towards the fire and he notices there are bails of hay set up around it for seating purposes.. He proceeds to take a seat next to one of the girls he has come with… they spend a little while sitting there talking before she gets up and goes off to explore the night… He sits there for a while, not really certain how long because he has lost the capability to define time.. When he hears recognizable voices from behind.. It is his cousin and one of his friends… He is somewhat relieved to see them but at this point he can’t really converse well.. Some of the night is completely cloudy and he is not quite sure how it comes to this point.. but all of a sudden he is standing over the fire holding one of the bails of hay over his head while some guy is screaming in his ear.. you better not throw that fucking thing..Good thing he is a decent guy and listens to the man yelling in his ear.. unfortunately he does not hear him… and he lets the bail of hay fly.. it is greeted with a slight thump and a flash of sparks… as it hits and proceeds to ricochet of the fire… He then turns and sits back down, when he hears the familiar sound off someone nagging in his ear.. it is the same guy but now he is furious.. he looks up at the guy and tells him he is sorry.. and says it didn’t even barely hit the fire.. Like mentioned before hand some of the night is not completely clear to him, so what transpired immediately after that sentence.. he is not sure… all he knows is within a matter of minutes he feels something hit him in the side of the head and sees a small flash.. He does not budge, nor does he seem fazed buy the fist that had just connected with the side of his head.. He just sits there looking forward with a deep look of consideration on his face… when he feels yet another blow to the head… this time he looks up at the guy and tells him.. I said I was sorry.. and that is all… he turns his attention back to the fire contemplating life and who knows what else.. when he feels a much much stronger blow to his head, and then he can hear the cries coming from behind him… His friends are pleading with him to do something… after all the guy just ran and kicked him in the head… but still he does not budge.. the guy then goes into a flurry of shots across the side of his head.. while the pleading continues from behind..the guy stops swinging and then.. Finally he stands up looks at the guy and without skipping a beat asks the guy.. OK, are you done? the guy looks at him with a complete look of puzzlement and answers yes… Then you hear… OK.. this is going to hurt… and he pulls back and drills the guy with a right hook across the cheek… the sound indescribable… it was as if someone had just ran over a case of beer with their car.. a horrifying crack… and then he feels a warm wet splash across his face and looks down to see that he is covered in blood… but it was not that of his own… He had given the guy every chance to just walk away… but instead the guy got to experience what it feels like to have his face explode…

Sad, breakdown scene:
He had been with her for three years… He loved her more than words could ever describe… but he had not been able to see her for like the past three months… She was living in a different city with her mother… but they talked pretty much everyday for hours on end… it had been like this from the very beginning… That is how they met in the first place.. He was given her number by one of his best friends girlfriend… So he called her and they hit it off immediately and it blossomed into an eventual proposal a couple years later.. in which she did say yes by the way… But this day something just seemed different.. that sparkle in her voice was not there… She had a solemn tone with a painful quietness to her… He could sense something was really bothering her.. So he asked her what was wrong… and then there was a silence… a silence that seemed to linger on forever… until she whispered with a cry… I am pregnant…. His heart just fell.. he could feel an uncomfortable warmth consume his body.. It was not a warmth that he had ever felt before… and by no means was it a good thing.. He wanted to breathe but… the air escaped him… He had not been with his girl in months, and the pregnancy brought him no joy… just the opposite… he was devastated.. he had never been so disappointed in anyone in his life.. All of a sudden there is a loud smack followed by a deep and mournful grown… he had punched the dresser sitting right in front of him, and the force had split one of the drawers in two separate pieces… He speaks softly in to the phone and tells her he can not talk right now… he walks upstairs and finds his mother with a worried look on her face because she had heard the loud noise come bellowing up the stairs… He just looks at his mother, and then completely loses himself… Without hesitation she hops out of her recliner and runs over to hold her fallen boy….

Death Scene:
Who could ever imagine it? Death quite often just sneaks up and you never see it coming…. As he lay there on his large wrap around couch covered by his brand new comforter… he sleeps… He had been out earlier that day running errands, and had returned home to an empty house.. He is not necessarily sleeping due to tiredness.. but more to the fact of boredom, and the new blanket which is covering him and part of the floor all at the same time.. The warmth of the blanket and the comfort of the couch had just eased him to sleep… He does not have a clue how long he lay there in tranquility… When he hears the door open and sees his friend standing over the top of him… He is trying to drive the sleep out of his body and mind.. as he hears his friend say… You missed a crazy day… Al is in jail and Ricky is dead…. Still half asleep, and confused by this statement… He asks his friend.. What? Ricky who?…….. Just praying to himself that the answer would not be the one he was expecting… RICKY… the boy repeats… as if to confirm something that he knew was trying to be danced around… Ricky is dead, he was shot and killed in Kalamazoo today… Tears steadily streaming down his face he all of a sudden realizes that he is just walking down the middle of the street… Not sure how he got there, and not sure what he is supposed to do now… He finds the nearest phone booth and frantically tries to call his friends… He can not get hold of anybody… So he just walks.. He eventually finds himself a couple miles away at his ex-girlfriends house.. She is the only person that is around.. and she greets him at the door with a sorrowful hug.. She was already aware of the news… He spends a little while there trying to reach his roommate at the time to tell him what had happened.. They were all best friends… And he needed to be with the ones he loved… But he couldn’t reach anybody… Sadness and despair is running through the young mans body as he all of a sudden feels all alone in the world… He continues this process until the day has almost come to an end.. When he finally gets hold of another friend.. and is told that they are all headed over to his roommates girls house… He quickly makes his way home to get his car and heads over there… He is with some of his friends now… but it is just a house full of disbelief… The mourning process was not even a afterthought.. They were just trying to come to terms… and possibly get a solid and concrete explanation…. He had not wanted to do this all day… but by now he saw no other option… He knew where his roommate was, but they were not answering the phone all day.. So… He just simply leaves a message on the machine… Steve….. Ricky is dead…. Within a matter of seconds his roommate calls him back.. and he has to explain what has happened… Ricky had got a rental car earlier that day and had come by their complex to get them… But they were not there.. So he took a couple of guys that were there with him instead.. They went to the mall in Kalamazoo… and when they left… A kid in the back seat was playing with a gun when it went off.. The bullet shot through Ricky’s seat and into his back.. He stopped the car and tried to run… but he fell and screamed for help… The guys in the car all ran… and left him there to die all alone in the street….. You hardly ever see death coming.. and are often left with what ifs.. He was left with… Why wasn’t I home that day?

Funeral Scene:
Red… Red was Ricky’s favorite color… So they went out and purchased new suits… and red ties to match them… They were extremely broke and knew that they would have to return the clothing after the funeral.. But they were to be pallbearers, and wanted to pay respect to their friend.. He had never been to a funeral… well a funeral that was for someone that he loved… He went to a cousins funeral when he was just a young kid, but didn’t even know them… Now he was a pallbearer in one of his best friends.. He was surrounded by friends and family of the deceased… Many of which he had got to know throughout the years.. There was a constant silence all around that was making him slightly uneasy… He was not sure if it was silent or if he had just tuned everybody out… All he knew was… he was not suppose to be here… His friend was suppose to be with him.. making fun of him.. laughing and just being the silly guy he was.. How could he stand here and look people in the eye when he felt he was partially responsible for his friends death… If he had only been home that fateful day.. They would not be there at this moment… they would be out somewhere playing basketball.. and he would be laughing at his friend trying to dunk the ball.. Just being kids… He is consumed by the fact that just a few days earlier he sat all alone with his friend as they talked about the child he was about to have.. The excitement he saw in his friends face.. the love he had for the woman having his child.. His friend lit up and asked him to take a hit for his unborn child.. He politely turned him down… saying you know I don’t smoke that shit… It was just one hit… he could have taken just one hit… So many things running through his head at this moment… The funeral pushes on and eventually they lay his fallen comrade to rest… He is by himself walking across the graveyard… watching his feet as he walks, feeling the tears dripping off his nose… when he is tapped on the shoulder from behind… He turns to see one of the guys that was in the car with Ricky that day.. The guy has a few tears running down his face, and a sense of abandonment to him.. the guy looks him in the eyes and says… I did not run.. they are saying I ran… I swear I stayed there… he looks at the guy, nods compassionately, then reaches out and holds him… and quietly says.. I believe you.. I did not think that you could run… You are a good guy… and I am here for you if you ever need me………

Mellow/Pot-smoking Scene:
He was hanging out with a couple of his best friends.. They were never the most ambitious bunch… So let’s just say they should have been at school, instead they were at a friends house just doing nothing.. She was just some random girl that they had met somewhere along the line.. And they affectionately called her T.FO…. Which will not be disclosed at this time.. They actually met her through another girl they went to school with.. Who also had a nickname… Muffler Butt… Who the hell knows… but that is what they called her.. of course she had no idea.. The reason they were hanging out there was mainly due to the fact that he had something going on with muffler butt… But this day neither of the girls were there.. They were pretty much just loitering in someones house while she was off working.. Well as the day pushed on boredom set in.. So these wise fellas thought it would be a good idea to snoop through her shit… They did not find too much stuff of interest… Until one of them yells.. Hey check this shit out.. He was in the kitchen holding a plastic baggy… A wonderful baggy with a shredded green substance inside of it.. So now they have found something to keep themselves occupied… There is only one problem.. This green stuff they found they wanted to roll up and smoke… but they had no rolling papers… so again, they go scavenging through this poor girls apartment looking for papers.. Unfortunately there were none to be found.. But being the inventive guys they were… they figured that one of her books they had stumbled across had more pages than it needed… So the proceed to tear out a couple of pages and manage to roll the substance up.. They sit back for a while listening to music… and enjoying the contents of that baggy… One of his friends starts acting goofy talking about how buzzed he was.. But to the rest of their dismay…. they had received no enjoyment from the baggy.. Somewhat disappointed they just continue their day of lounging and waisting yet another day of learning… When finally T.F.O shows up to her apartment.. They share a few casual moments with the girl before he holds up the bag and says… You were holding out on us.. She looks at him with the oddest look and says… something along the lines of… “So”…. He then tells her they rolled some up and smoked it… But it was pretty weak shit.. nobody really got a buzz except for the one guy..She looks at him with a grin that just can’t contain itself.. the grin gives in to a bellowing laugh…as she says.. You Jack-Asses… that’s cat-nip……………..

Dreaming About Someone Scene:
Summer was pretty much coming to an end… He sits all alone as the midnight sky looks down upon him.. She was beautiful, and down to earth… He had been trying to get with her for over a year now… She was a few years younger than him… He had started to fall for her his senior year in high school.. By this point he has graduated and semi-sorta started his life into adult-hood… He has never been great with revealing his true feelings for someone… due to a rather large fear of rejection.. But they had been talking for a while now and was pretty certain she knew how he felt… Yet he could also sense there was a lingering need for confirmation. He wanted nothing more than to confess and say be with me… But the words always escaped him… There is a sound easily echoing through the air.. It has a very smooth and comforting flow to it.. With an occasional metallic ricket that just lightly catches his attention.. he can feel a very understated breeze ever so often as he gently swings his legs back and forth… He watches the night continue on as the traffic comes and goes.. It is not a very busy street but there is just enough to divert his eyes for a split second as he watches the tail lights fade off in the distance.. Yet the faint movement that is occurring around him really does not distract him from the thoughts that are running through his head.. He has a sad yet optimistic feel to him… He can hear music and laughter coming out on to the porch…. It has leaked its way out from inside the house.. His friends are all in there participating in a party of sorts… It was not a large crowd… just a small group of close friends.. Yet he did not feel the urge to separate from his thoughts and join them.. He just simply wants to be my himself contemplating his next move.. and anticipating the things that could happen down the road.. He ventures off into a daydream of happiness and what ifs… He plays in his mind all the things he would say to her.. How she would hold him.. How they would laugh and enjoy each other.. He ponders situations that may arise where he would have to come to her rescue.. He is just lost in an imaginary relationship that is running through his mind.. He wants nothing more in the world than to just be with her at this very moment.. He lights up a black and mild… takes a couple of long drags.. holds them in for a couple of seconds…. bows his head and releases the smoke from his mouth slowly… all the time inhaling slightly… so that the smoke may exit his mouth and enter back into his body through his nose… as he again leans back in the porch swing… looks off into the distance and sighs…. All the imaginary relationships in the world mean nothing… if you never have the courage to reveal yourself….

Sex Scene: Panama -

He closes his eyes as he kisses her neck… He pauses slightly to take in the moment and to feel the warmth of her body.. It’s late… They had just spent a beautiful evening together… and had now found themselves laying on a merry-go-round… They had stopped at a playground in the middle of nowhere so he could push her on the swings… He pushed her on the swing for a little while and they just talked.. it was romantic.. but not over the top.. they were just consumed with each others presence.. They had been together for a couple of years and he could not imagine life without her.. She was absolutely gorgeous… caramel complexion with long black hair… she was about 5’7 and pretty much all legs.. with dark brown eyes that just swallowed him in… They had wandered from the swings and stumbled upon the merry-go-round.. He sat down and rocked slowly from side to side as she stood directly in front of him.. He was holding her.. as if to never let her go.. as he rest his head firmly on her stomach.. He gently let loose of the hug so that he could caress her back… as he leaned back and looked up at her in amazement.. He had always held on to that.. I can’t believe she is with me.. feeling………She smiles at him.. and says .. Do you know how much I love you… The whole world does not exist at this moment.. it has all faded into the night.. All he can see is her… all he can hear is her… She leans down and kisses him… as he once again wraps his arms strongly around her… and all in one motion guides her in as she kneels upon him… He is still gently rocking the merry-go-round from side to side.. as he reaches up and places his hand on the back of her neck.. and begins to slowly rub as he pulls her to him… They kiss as if it were the first time all over again… as he brings his arm back down from her neck… and then reaches both arms back around her.. his elbows are gently resting against her ribs as he reaches up her back and massages her shoulder blades.. he falls back easily with her still in his arms…. laying now flat against the chilled metal…He closes his eyes as he kisses her neck… He pauses slightly to take in the moment and to feel the warmth of her body…then whispers softly in her ear… …I want to love you for the rest of my life….

Contemplation Scene:

He is drunk enough to know he’s fucked up… yet he is sober enough to know, this is not where he wants to be.. as he lay on his friends couch listening to him in the other room with a girl from the bar.. So he decides it’s time to make his way home.. there is only one problem.. his car is not there and he lives all the way on the other side of town.. Not too mention it’s like thirty degrees outside and he had decided earlier that night that wearing a coat to the club would just be an inconvenience.. But again.. his bed is calling him, and drunken depression had set in… So he quietly makes his way out of his buddy’s house.. not to disturb him.. and begins a cold journey home… He is at a point in his life where he knows shit should be better.. and that he is going to start fresh.. He is going to better himself… all of which are surely drunken thoughts to never be acted upon… He walks slowly and solemnly through the empty frozen streets of Battle Creek… Ever so often catching the strange glances of people driving by in their heated automobiles.. he does not care he just pushes on… as anger builds up inside him.. Ok… so the girl from the bar… he had a thing for her… and just a little bit ago he was laying on a couch listening to her with his best friend.. This is where the anger is coming from.. mind you, he is not angry at his friend.. not even a little bit.. He is angry at himself.. he knows he is just simply not living up to his potential.. He is in a dead end job and living paycheck to paycheck.. with a car that is dying more every passing day.. He just wants to make something out of himself… The cold night air does not even seem to be affecting him as he sluggishly walks on.. he is just walking along at a normal pace.. no expeditiousness in his steps.. He is just lost somewhere deep in his mind when he hears a sound… he realizes he is now on a large bridge in the center of the city.. The sound is coming from below… It is the rapid and steady sound of metal screeching… and vibrant continuous pulsating.. He looks over the side of the bridge to see a train passing underneath… he is wrapped up in the beauty of the sound as the cars pass under him one by one… That is what I should be doing.. he tells himself.. He watches enthusiatically as all the cars pass… and as the tail car with a little blinking red light on it makes it’s way towards the dark horizon.. the train gone… he turns back towards home… with no clue that just a couple months later….. That is exactly what he would be doing….

Chase Scene:

Cue the music… His friend swears the theme to Benny Hill was blaring through his head as he runs up to him and says.. look I have a beer, with a childish grin on his face.. They had been to a wedding earlier that day.. where he was the best man.. and of course the reception afterward.. where the alcohol was free and frequent.. It was a very nice night, but it was coming to and end. Yet the night was still young.. so they began to coerce people into going to the bar with them after the reception.. Unfortunately there weren’t that many takers.. Still they didn’t care.. They eventually talked the grooms sister and her friend in to going with them.. Nobody knows how.. but they ended up at Planet Rock.. a place that they hardly ever frequented.. Hell he had only been there once before a few years earlier.. Amongst the drunkenness he realizes he does not have his I.D…. But soberness had left them hours before and they figured they would try anyway.. To their surprise the doorman let them in.. except he had to wear a giant X on his hand.. but he had an even bigger thirst.. So, he tries to convince the barender to serve him to no avail.. when he hears someone call his name.. He turns to see a guy smiling at him.. The face is recognizable but he is not sure.. He casually caries on a conversation with the fella until the guy says.. Ben is on his way up here…Light-bulb flashes.. and he realizes he has been standing there talking to his cousin and didn’t even know it.. To his credit he had not seen him in years and he was all grown up now.. He tells his cousin what is going on and his cousin buys him a beer.. Ahhh the sweet relief.. The thirst quenched, and buzz restored.. When he suddenly feels a tap on his shoulder and hears.. I’m sorry you can’t have that.. referring to his beer.. He looks at the lady and says.. Look.. I’m thirty years old.. I just forgot my I.D.. tryg to sway her.. I’m sorry you just can’t have it she replies… So without hesitation he says.. I’m sorry you can’t have it either.. and walks away.. He disappears into the crowd and finishes his beer.. He eventually makes it back to his cousins table and by this time his other cousin is there also.. He talks to them for a second when the lady returns and says.. Sir you are going to have to leave now.. Which is greeted with a laughter as he looks at her and says.. I’m not leaving.. She then threatens to call the police.. He tells the lady arrogantly.. That’s fine call the damn police.. it will take them an hour to get here and by then this place will be closing anyway.. He smiles at her with a cockiness and once again disappears into the crowd.. This time though he has followers.. The bouncers were looking for him.. to help him leave.. He soon finds himself up by the stage befriending the band and explaining to them what is going on.. when he sees approaching black shirts from his peripheral.. He ducks out and makes a v-line back towards the front of the bar… He passes his cousins table not slowing down.. as if he were in the beer olympics he reaches out and grabs a beer baton.. and continues on.. He reaches his friend and says.. look I have a beer… and dashes the theme music from Benny Hill blares through his friends head… Eventually they gave up the chase.. Sometimes stubborn drunken persistence pays off…

Happy Love Scene:

He holds her tightly… Kisses her on the forehead and tells her he adores her.. and walks out the door… Wait… You have to know how we got to this point.. She was his girlfriend of a couple years… and his friend for years before that.. She attended the University Of Michigan.. and he didn’t even hold that against her.. Ann Arbor was not that short of a drive from Battle Creek but he always made it there several times a week to spend the night with her.. only to wake up extra early to head home for work… Well this time his friend Rawlings and he were taking one of their girlfriends up there in the middle of the day.. she was also a student there and was returning back.. she had no ride so they had volunteered.. He contemplated on the way there weather or not to surprise his girlfriend.. Actually it wasn’t much of a contemplation.. he knew he was going to.. They arrive on campus and coincidentally she lived just a few blocks from his girlfriend.. they help her carry in some of her things say their goodbyes and part ways.. They get back in the car and he turns to his friend ad says I need to stop and see my girl for a second.. Rawlings looks at him and says… hell no.. Come on man I just need to see her for a quick second.. he replies…after a short debate.. he convinces his friend to stop by her dorm.. They arrive to the dorm and he gets ready to exit the car when his friend looks at him and says.. You better not take all day DICK…He reconfirms with his buddy.. It is just going to take a second..He waits by her entrance for someone to either enter or leave so he could sneak in.. It does not take long until he has access to the dorm.. He makes his way up to her floor and knocks on her door.. Not even sure if she is there.. He holds his finger over the peak-hole and waits for her to come to the door.. Luckily she was there… opens the door and smiles enormously.. What are you doing here she asks? He explains to her why he is up there as he makes his way into her room… They hug deeply and go sit on her bed.. They enjoy each others company for a little bit… Without going in to too much detail.. and then it is time to leave.. he explains that his buddy is out in the car waiting for him… He holds her tightly… Kisses her on the forehead and tells her he adores her.. and walks out the door… He hurries down to the car and gets in… his friend glares at him with a distinct look of disgust.. What? He asks… You DICK.. You were in there for over two hours…. Sorry Rick….

Happy Friend Scene:

He had made these plans a month earlier.. He had received tickets to Cedar Point and was to take the girl he was dating.. So he asks his Father and Step-Mom if they would like to go along.. They say yeah.. that sounds great.. when are you thinking.. He is standing next to a calendar and just looks for a Saturday after pay day… He doesn’t even realize it when he says Saturday July 21st.. Which happens to be the anniversary of his Mothers death.. They make the plans but unfortunately before the time comes the girl he has been dating dumps him.. and he now is not sure if he even wants to go.. But he overcomes that quickly and decides to ask one of his best friends Jenny if she wants to go.. Which she says yes.. They also decide to invite his sister because she should not have been alone on that day.. She did not want to go.. but they were not going to accept no for an answer.. So, there they all are… Cedar Point.. It is a magnificent day.. sunny and mid 70’s.. You could not ask for a better day.. It has been his favorite place in the world since he was old enough to walk.. and hadn’t been there with his father since he was a teenager.. It was all so exciting.. They spend the day enjoying the rides, losing money at the games.. and just being lost in the wonder that is Cedar Point… His sister who had not wanted to go in the first place was having one of her best vacations ever.. and he was so happy for this.. He was worried she would have a miserable time.. but it was just the opposite.. Although she happens to be one of the worlds biggest chickens.. the rides did not mean much to her.. She would have been happy riding the tea-cups all day.. To be perfectly honest Jenny was no thrill seeker herself.. He had to convince her to ride some of the rides by reassuring her.. this ride is easy.. I am sure it won’t scare you at all.. Even though they all did… Now everyone knows the cable ride.. It is the air lift that takes you from one side of Cedar Point to the other… Yes they can be a little unnearving… but by no means are they horrifying… Or so you would think.. Until you have been able to witness his sister and Jenny react to this simple ride… All he can see is Jenny with her eyes closed holding on to the metal pole in the middle of the car… She is pleading.. don’t laugh at me.. is this thing safe? as the tone in her voice raises with every syllable… Are we going higher?.. No I don’t think so he replies… as she slightly opens one eye to reveal his blatant lie.. OOOH, OOOH… yes we are.. she screams gripping firmly to the pole.. He can’t help but laugh.. It is just way too funny.. all of a sudden she cries out… that door isn’t going to open is it? What the hell..
he thinks to himself as he cracks up.. as if they were in a 747 miles above the earth and the suction would just pull her out if the door were to open.. or maybe she has an unshakable urge to just leap out open doors.. No matter.. even if the door were to open this would cause no harm to her.. Just ahead of them his family is in a separate car.. which he has no idea the hilarious terror that is raging through his sister… He would see later that night in the hotel room all the events that would occur in that little metal box a hundred feet in the air.. Imagine if you will… a 4 year old little girl who has never been so scared in her life.. Her face a mixture of brilliant red… and a slight undertone of violet do to the extremely tight tension in her face.. Eyes closed but barely to be seen.. her face is scrunched up in complete and total fear… as she cries out… “But Dad… I’m Reeeeaalllly scared” … now pull back from the 4 year old girl and focus on the 26 year old girl that is actually doing this… There are no words to describe the complete hilarity of it all… The day was full of fear, excitement, happiness and bonding… It was truly a spectacular day… a day that would later find him drunk in a hotel parking lot pissing in front of a cop.. but that is for another time.. Always enjoy the company of the ones you love as much as you possibly can.. For all great memories in life will usually involve them…

Closing Credits:

These are all true stories of my life.. I would like to thank all of you who have been following along.. And hope that you have enjoyed some of it..

I would also like to thank—
Pontiac— for supplying the Trans-AM
Alcohol— for supplying the drunken tales
All the people in my life— for supplying me with my life story


Brad Hutchings

Sturgis, United States

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Ok… So this is what inspired my Memoirs… It is a hefty little read but I have been told it is worth it… I am not sure of all the rules about posting stuff on here.. I believe that there are a few cuss words in this… But to the major extent I kept my writings pretty clean… I started from a point in highschool and just sorta moved on as the years passed… They are just some of my life experiences… I really hope you enjoy them… and please feel free to give me any criticism.. I am new at writing… and I know that these probably wouldn’t get high marks in a lterature class :) but anywho… here is MY LIFE….

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