If you were with me now we would have the time of our lives. We would sit in my garden with the moon light shinning on us, drinking on bleu alize, playing and touching each other in the right spots, we would have usher playing in the background as we both added baby oil to each others bodies.

Then I would make you sit on my lap, pour some of the bleu alize over you size DD breast, with the soft breeze hardening your nipples, I would then suck on one as if you only had one, then suck on the other one till your nipples had been sucked dry and alize free as I did that I would rub your clit very slowly, making your wetness turn to cream, then enter two fingers into your wet and creamy pussy as my thumb is rubbing over your clit.
I would then till you to stand up so I could get up, but you back to sit down, then let you pour the bleu alize over my hard dick and balls and than feed it to you, telling you I want to fuck your mouth. I would place the head on of dick on your bottom lips, take my right hand and pull your head closer to me so that I could get the hold of my hard dick into you awaiting wet mouth, you would then place you hands on both of my batty cheeks so that you could push me further and deeper into your mouth. I would then pull you head back so that you could deep-throat me at the same time you tighten your cheek muscles and pull me in and out your mouth, with my balls slamming against you chin as I face fuck you.
You will be moaning and may gag by the force of power I push my dick into your mouth with but you still suck away knowing that my hot seamen would be rolling down your throat any time soon.

We would get into the 69, with you on top, as you lower you wet and now very creamy pussy towards my mouth you run your tongue all the way down my dick and around my balls, as you did that I would suck the juice out of your pussy. You would take a tighter hold on to my batty cheek and suck my dick with even more suck power deeper and deeper, pulling me out only to tell me that you love my taste and that you want me to fuck you face harder, I would open your legs and push my tongue so far up your pussy that your legs are at there widest and holding up themselves. You would feel my thick tongue hitting both sides of your pussy walls as you sucked on my long thick dick.
I would then blow at your batty hole, just to see how dirty you were feeling, and wait for you to open up your cheeks and push your batty towards my pussy wet mouth, then I would lick just below your batty hole all the way back to your pussy and back again.

We would lie on the garden chair just eating away at each other. The only sounds you can hear are the ones of usher’s music and us sucking back on each others juice.

I would then have you pussy calling my name, I would have got deeper and deeper with every movement of my head, and you would have my balls banging into your face as I fed you more and more of my dick. I then start to finger as well as eat your pussy and reach done with my other hand and pull at your harden nipples. You would suck me even harder with more skill as you feel my warm cum roll down you waiting throat, which will lay deep into your belly.

My cum would be in your mouth, on your cheeks and running down your neck. The warm feeling would make you get up lick your lisp, look me dead in the eyes and ask me to take you right now. I would not even think about it, I would stand up turn you around with your hands up against the wall. I would go to my knees, blow into you batty once more, so that you push it out to me, and lick your pussy for another 5min, with my hands on your hips and your legs starting to weaken I stop, place my hard dick between you batty cheeks, and move all you hair to the left hand side of your body, and kiss the right hand side of your neck and licking it, that feeling alone would make you tip-toe so I push my dick up against you now you hole body is up against the wall but your breast are safely in my hands and I hold them ever so tightly. All now you have my dick in you right hand and my balls in you left hand and your no playing about, you take hold of my balls and pull on them as you rub the head of my dick with you thumb, you tell me that you want it up your ass, and I step back letting go of your DD breast move my hands down to your hips, pull your batty out and you pushed it out even more, I would tell you to take hold of my dick once more, you do , as you pull my did closer to your batty you start to moan before you get it in cause you know the over welling feeling you are about to undertake might be to much to take standing up, but you continue to push it in, you batty is very tight, but you get the head of my dick in, put you hands back on to the wall, and say “take it, take it now” with every push I give your words get clearer “ummmmm, ummm, oh, oh ye, oh yeah, yes, yes , yes, yes right there” by the time we get to “yes” we both know that I am in so deep, and going any deeper might just kill you. Your batty hole now at its limit, you bend over and hold your feet, I would ride you like I was trying to get back home and you feel me pushing harder and faster, begging me to stop, knowing that you would hate me if I did.
You feel my dick harden in your batty, I pull you hair back, and make you lick the pussy juice I have on my fingers, you do with delight, you suck on my fingers and then push it between your legs and lick them again and again, as if you’re sucking on my dick

My legs start to get weak, the warm feeling is running all over my body, you can feel that I am about to bust all in you batty, you widen your legs, as I widen you batty cheeks apart I fuck you batty hard and deep, I pushed and pushed and pushed I would cum all in you batty.

Pull out, stand back, and let you get my dick hard once more, you would turn around from the wall, with a its pussy time look on your face, sit back o the garden chair and start sucking on my hood again, don’t take long to harden up the way you suck my wood, you stood up and sat me in the chair, putting your back to me and lowering your pussy on to my hard dick, without even going al the way down on me, you ride the head of my dick, with your hand on your knees you pick up a nice speed, up an down, with you pussy juice just running down my dick, round my ball and on to the chair, as you riding my head, you to the top of it, as you go up, I take hold of you by the hips. You know what im about to do, you take in a whole lot of air, and I slam you down on to my dick, with that feeling just hitting you I turn you around with some quick moves.
You then put your legs round me and continue to ride away, I start to suck on your breasts I do this your remove your legs form around me and they are now to the side of the chair, your pussy walls are very much open. You began to squeeze my dick with your pussy wall muscles and dug your fingernails into my back. We would both be moaning to loudly, you would tighten you hold around me I would hold you tight and holla “faster baby, fasters it’s your” you would lean back abit with a shook look on your face saying” im gana cum, im gana cum”

We would cum together, fall asleep together.
Dream together knowing when we wake up its time for us to get down and dirty again.
That’s what would happening if you were with me now


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