Compassion, Courage & Friendship (A Review)

Ok so I have a book, A very good book
I have been chosen by Redbubble to Review the latest publication Compassion, Courage & Friendship.
The Book has a beautiful layout, a great dust cover for protection with a fantastic design by Paul Vanzella Showing lovely tones and a well thought out concept.
My favourite image in the book has got to be Brothers

By Katrina Lenarczyk

There are many fantastic images and writing some of which I have chosen to share though I am sorry they are all beautiful works but I cannot show them all. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good read , a publication to be treasured forever.

By Paul Tupman

No Title 25

By Headcrime

Compassion for The Selfish

By Christopher Bryan

Rest, My love

By Melissa Kosswig

Its a fantastic layout , with plenty of space on each page showcasing each and every entry.

The pages in this publication are extremely thick and are of great quality

I would give this book 10 out of 10 as Redbubble is only coming into the book making world and it is a fantastic collaboration by all. * I recommend getting your copy TODAY.* I LOVE IT

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