The Trials and Tribulations of the Modern Day Soul... 9-11, Katrina, and more.

The Trials and Tribulations of the Modern Day Soul

9-11, Katrina, Upcoming Elections, and Your Life

By Rebel Writer, Lee Travathan

A Flying Lesson on the Best Kept Secret of All

I’ve been called a lot of things over the last 30 years due to my public life… some good, some stinging… but “Rebel Writer” is the one that stuck like glue. I don’t mind. It is the truth and the truth often comes at a heavy cost in a generally conservative world, which I gladly pay. That is all right with me too, as it helps me to keep my personal inner garden free of weeds that, if left unattended can grow out of control. An untrained mind is a terrible thing to waste, I hear. I watch that inner operations board like a hawk! In my world, there is always an alarm clock going off somewhere. It is just another wakeup call on the trail of a true human being.Being the positive rebel that I am, I question the idea of “waste”. I mean, is there really any form of waste in the reality of a purposeful universe? I think not. All things have their purpose. This also makes me question the idea of loss, as we so often hear of it on a daily basis. Waste, loss, and tragedy… as human beings, we hear a lot about these. If we did not, news stations could not get advertisers to keep them online and intact. Much to the disappointment of many “light hearted” souls across the globe, the majority of our population gravitates to negative news like bees to honey. Where would we be without our drama and trauma? Well, probably stranded, emotionally and spiritually. In fact, the absence of these energies could stunt our growth a bit.Stranded, you say? What is she talking about! Is she saying that it is good to have drama and trauma? I can almost hear the chatter now. So, I may have gotten your attention. Now we can look at a big secret hidden to many.Science and religion finally agree that we will have tribulations in our lives, no matter how clean we keep our thoughts, and we will be attracted to these events in the lives of others. Trials and tribulations will come. That, you can bank on. You could drive yourself batty trying to perfect an already perfect universe by having ideal thoughts all day, but it won’t change much as far as trauma and drama are concerned in the world “out there”. Will it have an impact? You bet! It just is not the absolute answer. It sure won’t change the extraordinary being that you are deep inside that has always been perfect. You need a lot less correction and a lot more love. At the deepest level of your soul, you are pure love.Even the oldest book known to man tells us that we humans, born of spirit, will have tribulations. You get the choice to believe it or not. It also guarantees that we will overcome… as a man thinketh, so he is… if we are willing. Science now understands that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but it is impossible for us to have absolute control over that experience. I suspect that if we could, we would not need to be present in this classroom called life. It is not the experience that makes or breaks us, but as we all know, it is our reaction to the experience that causes us to crash or fly.We all have a natural curiosity about “bad news” that will drive us in that direction and make us look. We want to know how it all turns out in the end because we all have a deep inner part of our mechanical make-up that is always a bit stunned by drama on an unconscious level of human energy. Our spiritual self sees no drama… just life, but our human self is still in training. Even when we become aware of our interest in this agenda, we still tend to struggle with it as we attempt to join our spiritual and human realities. At our core, we were born to be empathetic beings. We cannot accomplish this if we live in logic and intellect without the integration of our spirits. And so, drama and trauma have their place in our lives.Many people that viewed and studied the film, “The Secret”, have yet to realize the actual impact of the information presented. Most assume that if you are thinking “right”, your life will be perfectly peaceful, secure, and profitable. To a degree, this is so… but it is not the whole story. Why? You cannot control the behavior or thoughts of another or manage their personal agendas. There is no magic bullet… but there is magic. That magic is within.It is true that we attract some things into our lives… but not all. Sometimes drama and trauma happen… period. Someone makes that choice and so it is. That is life. The best example of this is the breakup of a relationship. That hurts us the most at our core and leaves us reactive more than anything in our experience because it always has a root in betrayal of some sort, intended or unintended. The human self kicks and screams while the spiritual self says, “Now… isn’t that interesting!” as it reviews the movie we play in our heads.When someone leaves my life I tend to celebrate through my pain. It is never subtle… there is always a big bang attached that makes your jaw drop ten feet down. And I celebrate? Absolutely! If that sounds odd to you, look at it this way: This is a wise old universe. It knows more than you and I can ever conceive and we are wise to understand that it does, indeed, work in mysterious ways… with wonders to behold. It is not the universe… the very fiber of our being… that is typically flawed, it is most likely our views, our thought management, and our vision that limits us and keeps us stuck in ordinary thinking and therefore in pain.So, what does all this have to do with 9-11, Katrina, USA Elections, and your life? Probably more than you’ve had the time to think about. And that is where the Flying Lesson herein really takes flight.We felt deep and intense pain while watching the Twin Towers go down on 9/11/2001. The shock, the horror… we all remember it. Each year, on the anniversary of the event, what do we focus on? What happened or how we came through it? Most focus on the past event and relive the pain and horror.When we saw the grave conditions Katrina left behind, we wept at the level of absolute destruction. These events, for Americans, happened in our back yards to our neighbors. You know… those neighbors we rarely think about till something happens to them. Each year, we remember their suffering. That is what the news media leans toward. And they’ve made a profitable business of it. Rarely will you hear of the lessons learned or the inspirational stories of families that survived the emotional nightmares left at their doorsteps unexpectedly due to 9-11 and Katrina. Typically, you won’t hear about the wives that used the pain to grow and the real life (not the reel life) of all the people that lost loved ones. Why? The media won’t find that very interesting. You won’t hear much about the re-building of New Orleans. That’s not news. You will definitely hear next to nothing about the people rebuilding their lives.Now we have the events of the upcoming Presidential elections to view, mudslinging and all. We sit back and wonder what any of it has to do with how our country eventually is managed and some of us ask ourselves if any of the candidates are on track. On Sunday of last week, our national debt skyrocketed as our country bailed out two of the largest real estate lending intuitions we have… yet, the attention was focused on Governor Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter with little said of our phenomenal historical debt. Palin’s daughter… we can’t do much about. Our debt… we must do something about, but it is easier to dramatize a pregnancy so we don’t have to think about it. What an amazing distraction!What does all of this mean to you? This: life evolves. Bad things happen to good people. And life goes on. How it goes on is up to you. If you keep your thoughts in good order, your life will be better, to say the least, but how you deal with drama and trauma is absolutely critical to your well-being beyond anything and everything that happens in the news each day. Keep your focus on the good and be aware of events. Have empathy, but don’t dwell in the darkness of those events as it will do no one good. Look for the hidden good. Find the courage in the survivors. Find grace… if not for the grace of God, there go I.Today, on 9/11/2008, I clearly remember being awakened to a phone call early in the morning one summer morning. I heard the voice of my long time assistant and friend, Irene, as she yelled “Turn on your television now! My god, my god… oh, my god!” She wept as I sat stunned in horror, speechless.I could not believe what I was seeing and I could not casually look away or go get my usual cup of coffee. All I could think of was the lives of the people I watched falling through the air headed to their deaths and the people killed instantly upon impact that had taken a flight with no thought of trouble ahead. Did it change me? Yes. Forever, perhaps. Did I cause this to happen with my thoughts? Did they? No. Did we all find ourselves in a position to react? Yes!Do my thoughts about it leave me with pain or hope? Hope, yes… some, but more than that, I’m left with the awareness that no matter what happens in our souls or in this world “out there”… we will find a way to plunge into the pits of darkness and victimhood or we will know without a doubt that we can get through anything if we only have the inner trust offered to us by a loving Creator. On that day, the thoughts of people that did not have our best interest at heart were expressed into reality and we all felt it, saw it, knew it. We can never forget that morning.If we honor the policy of free will and know that it allows us to act like demons or angels… we will fly. We will know that no matter how many “demons” exist in the world or in our minds… no one but us owns our inner being. There is freedom within.We cannot stop bad things from happening… you and I have no power to control others, but we have the power to love and love changes people. It changes you. It is because we love so deeply that we can live in a world that often seems to be spinning out of control. Love allows us empathy. Empathy integrates our human and spiritual beings into one.And then you fly!

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The Trials and Tribulations of the Modern Day Soul... 9-11, Katrina, and more.

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