As much as we all hope to get people viewing our work and getting feedback on what we put our blood, sweat and tears into, it dosn’t always happen. I have a great concept that would share the love around.

If everytime someone logs onto Red Bubble and visits a minimum of three people and leaves some constructive and insightful comment, it would leave everyone feeling good about their work and having some frame of reference to improve or enhance the way we market ourselves.

So if you guys want to start a sought of pay it forward concept I think it would be great.
So the concept is.

- if you get a comment on your work, go and view 3 other artists work and leave a comment with each of them.

- if you have the time so we get the ball rolling, start leaving three messages everytime you log onto Red Bubble with or without recieving any messages/comments.

- When you leave a comment you could suggest to have that person also view one of your images also in that comment.

I’d love to know what you guys think of this idea so please leave some feedback for me to go on?
Anyway I shall go and start the avalanche with a pebble or the ripple in the pond.
Thanks all you bubblers out there for taking the time to read this.
Good luck to all and keep spreading the love.
All for one and one for all !!!

Christian Vetter

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