First on the scene - Don't drive fast in wet weather!

We’ve just come to the end of a long dry period, then a cyclone hit the upper north island so everyone is having their turn at getting wet as the weather goes down the country!
Around lunch time today I was driving behind a tanker, trying not to go too fast in the rain…. so was happily cruising along behind him when he went round a corner at what seemed too sharp an angle to be following the road (ie he looked like he’d swerved off into the bushes). Next thing I know a car spins across the road and ends up facing the opposite direction from which it came, smoke all over the place. I stopped and ran over to the car – it was caved in on the drivers side and the windscreen basically didn’t exist any more… the driver was an older lady, but no passengers, thank God. She was groaning but not really conscious and very much trapped in the car, bleeding. If you’re the praying sort, lease pray for her (even if you’re not, please do it anyway) – the fire service and ambulance were still working to get her out when I left, about half an hour after they arrived. The car was pretty caved in….. and she had head injuries…
The tanker driver had a bloody nose and was a bit shaken, but ok.
The police, ambulance and fire service did an amazing job, so thankful for them and the job they do!!
So surreal to be sitting in an office just a little while later…. Poor lady, and her family…. Things will change forever for them now. One seconds inattention, bad conditions…. and that’s it.


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