Jascie Epinn

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JC prefers to be referred to as, “The artist formerly known as JC.” She thinks she is Australian but actually isn’t. /...

Please take the time to read some of my work. I am a kind and gentle person

I’ve got a wanderer’s soul. I don’t live anywhere, I just roam around from home to home.

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Hey guys, / I’ve been a bit absent from my art lately. I’m due to have my son this upcoming week and I’m both excited and terrified! Of course, that will require a leave of it’s own. / With hope, I’ll be able to write again (and start working on my photography) within the next two months. Until then I’ll be practicing motherhood (and not much else). / Thanks fo…
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Pregnant with a boy

Haven’t really updated my life on here in a while. / My husband now lives in Virginia. We’re separated, still trying to have a divorce finalized by the end of next year. / Meanwhile, in the last 3 months I’ve gotten back together with my quasi-boyfriend from earlier this year (I’d say we’ve known each other for something like 6 or 7 months). We’re now pregnant …
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Run into my arms

Hello all. / I know I’ve been absent for quite a while. I just didn’t have time for poetry or anything really. I started working as a waitress at a vegetarian restaurant, started working 20 hours a week – ended up working 50 hours a week; still in school mind you. / So there was that. / I also had to go through this intensive therapy three times a week for my ecstasy/cocaine add…
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Fucking freakin out

I started fucking using ecstasy again and now I can’t fucking stop. / My fiance fucking ignores me and walks out on me to get hyped up on coke and says our engagement is over. He does all that bullshit just so he can fucking get high behind my back and I won’t care. / I don’t want to go out and get fucked up on ex and start trying to fuck some random guy. I’m done doing th…
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This Imperfect Peace


Remember This Time From Before

You know this practice well as you’ve done it before / Surely enough you’ll remember this time too

Isn’t love a life on its own?

Breathing in / Breathing out / Crying out to someone / Giving in / Giving up / Giving love to someone / I try to give it away / But you won…

Up, Up and Away

Pray / Pray for a miscarriage / Pray it away / Fuck this week / Fuck this day

Someone who truly will when you truly won’t

Though you’ll keep me battered and bruised / My presence means so much to you / Your eyes give you away / I can feel your heart beati…

Comingled Recycling


It took me 4 months to write this

It was like a switch this morning / I woke up / Threw the covers off / Moved my own arms / Moved my own legs / Controlled my body, again / …

Talk About It

It’s hard to blink / Your eyes are concrete / What exactly do you see out of them? / You’re so restless, so bored / Their words…

George, The Barber

Heaven is a barber shop / on the bad side of a Greensboro, North Carolina / backstreet. / I’ve checked in at the front, my friend. / …

Lillith’s Abi

I like the smell of your / Cologne bottle smashed on the floor / I like to hear you snore / Blue boxers hangin’ from the door / I wo…

Tree House

The sun rose in the West this morning / A brand new backwards day / Different day, same shirt / Sweat stains and tomato ketchup / The smell…

3,000 Paces East

Put a picture in your wallet / And keep it near you everywhere you go / You’ll never regret / Because you will step here, step there …
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