A little bit more about The Bahamas...

The Bahamas is a small Country with more than 700 islands and keys sparsely located in a huge perimeter bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea which help local communities of each island to keep a very individual and specific heritage and way of life. People from all islands are proudly Bahamian first of course but still they’re proud of their individual island taking every opportunity to tell you “I’m an Androsian” (from Andros Island) or “I’m an Abaconian (from The Abaco)” or “I’m Grand Bahamian (from Grand Bahama) and the same goes for all the other islands. This, alone, shows the importance of local settlements and communities having their own identity, different activities, different natural resources, even sometimes different Ethnic group origins. It also shows the diversity inside a single, yet small nation. The blend of history, cultures and people makes this tiny Nation a true amazement for curious and inquiring travelers.

Sun, Sand and turquoise Sea are not all these islands have to offer, there is so many things to do, to discover and to enjoy and the discovery travel is going far behind the pristine beauty of the place. European by birth, Jeremy is already familiar with Countries having a rich historical legacy but considering the adage “Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” and also the totally different shape and amazing weather of the Caribbean area make The Bahamas a must to discover and to explore.

Photographs are silent speakers but still are the most powerful media to send you a message. Whenever a photograph is well done it reflects a dream, beauty, unknown, sadness or atrocity, the message will be clear and straight to the world. When traveling, Jeremy’s main objective is always to keep a really open mind about what he is seeing and a total respect for different people cultural customs but still he feels the need to share through his lens what he is discovering on his path. Wherever you are living on this planet, whatever your personal lifestyle is, Jeremy’s hope when showing his work is to make you discover, think, enjoy, analyze and understand how everything can be totally different from what you are used to know and sometimes even only just few hundred miles away from home. When showing his photographs of The Bahamas to local people or people who have been visiting for many years, the greatest reward for Jeremy is to see the amazement and surprised expression on their faces or to hear them say “I didn’t even know this was here in The Bahamas” or "I see that every day and never noticed how beautiful it was.” There are just so many things that surround us on a daily basis that we never notice or even see in detail.

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