Fan Art Artist

Create and sell officially licensed fan art designs for your favourite brands.

What's the deal?

The Partner Program connects you (awesome independent artists) with popular brands so you can share your inspired (officially licensed) fan art with the world.

Who's it for?

Superfans. Artists. Superfan artists. Pretty much any creative person who wants to connect with a very engaged fanbase.
Make fan art for popular brands
Get officially licensed
Reach a whole new audience
Show off your fan art badge
Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for each brand.
Stick to the rules and the chances of your work being approved are much better.
Dune™ Guidelines
Borderlands™ Guidelines
Kiss™ Guidelines
01. Learn
We’ve partnered with a bunch of amazing brands so far. And we’re always adding more. So be sure to check in from time to time.It’s super important to remember to respect the rules established by each rights holder. They’re the ones behind all the brands you (and your fans) are into, after all.
Become an expert
02. Become an expert
Each brand has its own set of guidelines.Make sure you’re familiar with them before starting work on your art. Follow closely to make sure your works have the best chances of being accepted into the program.
Tag your work
03. Upload
Once your design is ready, upload it to Redbubble and tag it properly. This helps our partners review and license your design. You can find the correct tags in each brand’s guidelines.Once the review is complete, we’ll send an email to let you know if your design has been approved.
Frequently Asked Questions
One more thing
We worked our socks off to make sure our partnerships equally benefit both the artists on the Redbubble marketplace and the rights holders. And we’re making an effort to only work with brands who truly support this approach. We’ve got your best interests at heart. Now, to find our socks.