Play Nice Policy

Redbubble is a respectful, supportive and encouraging community of people who are passionate about art and creativity. Redbubble welcomes artists of all experience levels and from all walks of life. You probably won’t agree with everyone all the time, but we ask that you are mature, respectful and considerate in your interactions with others. If you disagree with something you see on Redbubble, please be mindful that it’s not ok to target other artists, write personal or hurtful comments about them or use them as negative examples. Such actions are considered a breach of our community guidelines on acceptable behavior and can result in account closure.

We ask that you respect the rights of others to have different points of view, different artistic tastes and different standards. We encourage artists not to seek out or engage with content you don’t agree with and we expect artists to take steps to avoid conflict. If you see behaviour or content which is in breach of our community guidelines or user agreement, you can flag this with us by using the reporting functions around the site.

Above all, we urge you to make the most of your time here by taking part in activities that energise and inspire you. And offer support and encouragement to other artists. It will help them grow, inspire them to learn new things and create more art. Contribute positively to the community and you’ll find Redbubble is a place where you can make connections, collaborate, learn, share and immerse yourself in the things you’re passionate about.

For more details, see the Community Guidelines.