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60 Workout Puns That Never Skip Leg Day


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After all is said and run, you’ll be glad you stuck around for these 60 workout puns. Who knows? Maybe they’ll provide some inspiration and humor as you crush your New Year resolutions or start working off your Thanksgiving meal . At any route, here are puns for every workout occasion. 

Funny Gym Puns 

Some people genuinely love going to the gym. Maybe it’s a public gym, or you’ve transformed your office into a workout room. Whatever the case, don’t be a dumbbell and skip leg day. Pull your gear out of your duffle bag and hop to it.  

  1. Exercise? I thought I  heard “extra fries!”
  2. Demons go to the gym regularly to exorsize.
  3. The fisherman went to the gym to find some muscles.
  4. Let’s break tread together. 
  5. My workout today was heavy. 
  6. I received hate mile at the gym today.
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Fitness Puns 

Fits always sunny in Philadelphia! Or at least it can be in your imagination. Focusing on fitness and well-being is empowering and worth the effort. 

  1. Working on my abs is such a waist of time.
  2. Lunges keep people fit — that’s one big step forward.
  3. May the fitness be with you.
  4. I’m just along for the road.
  5. Fits not rocket science.
  6. At any heart rate, let’s get started. 

Exercise Puns

Get your body moving and start repeating positive mantras to yourself so you can hit the ground running — like, literally. 

  1. A pirate’s favorite workout is the plank, of course.
  2. I’m not a fan of jumping rope, so I tend to skip it.
  3. Archers stay in shape by doing arrow-bics.
  4. I lost a situp contest to the Abdominal Snowman.
  5. Treadmills get you nowhere.
  6. Hairdressers go to the gym to do curls.
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Weightlifting Puns 

Chest day? I thought you said rest day. You can’t lift weights without a hilarious tank top to show off your guns and lifting puns. 

  1. Necromancers love a good deadlift.
  2. Odin’s son stopped working out because he was Thor.
  3. Ghosts go to the gym to get their spirits lifted.
  4. The weightlifters on Wall Street were hoping to get some capital gains.
  5. “No whey!” You like weightlifting too?
  6. You’ve set the bar high. 

Muscle Puns 

It’s a big flex to show up at the gym and crush your workout. These muscle puns are sure to pump you up. 

  1. Lifting dictionaries helps to add definition to your muscles.
  2. The pig’s strongest muscle is the hamstring.
  3. Getting there is calf the fun!
  4. She wasn’t a happy cramper after leg day.
  5. His pants were ripped post-workout.
  6. Let’s muscle up something to eat.

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Yoga Puns 

What’s up-dog? Yoga is one of the more accessible fitness practices, yet it seems unattainable when people fold themselves into pretzels. Anyone can do yoga, so throw on some funky leggings and move yo’ body. 

  1. The Jedi workout of choice is Hot Yoda.
  2. I like working out, but yoga is a stretch for me.
  3. Hot yoga — Ready, sweat, GO!
  4. She bent over backward trying to get to yoga class.
  5. Will you namaste with me?
  6. There Hatha be a way out of this mess.

Running Puns

Runners who love to run aren’t just running their mouths. If you’ve forgotten how much you enjoy running, allow us to jog your memory. 

  1. If you run in front of a car, you’ll get tired. 
  2. I train to get first pace.
  3. My trainer was just along for the stride.
  4. I run to keep my brain sharp as a track.
  5. We’re soul blisters.
  6. The shoes looked at each other and said, “We’re going laces.”
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Cardio Puns 

Put on your rose-sprinted glasses when talking about cardio. Grab your water bottle, throw on your running shoes, and hit the road with these cardio workout puns.  

  1. The video does time-lapse to get in some cardio.
  2. You’re off the trails. 
  3. Cardio is heart work. 
  4. You aorta know how good cardio is for you.
  5. Look who’s walking now. 
  6. You’re in sprint condition. 

Funny Gym Jokes

Going to the gym isn’t all fun and games… Oh, who are we kidding? Of course, it is! Enjoy these funny gym jokes that’ll have you in stitches. 

  1. Q: What did the cheese say to his friends? A: Let’s get shredded!
  2. Q: Why doesn’t the personal trainer pay his rent? A: Because he is a squatter.
  3. Q: Why did the chicken go to the gym? A: To work out his pecks.
  4. Q: Why do Uber drivers go on runs? A: Because they don’t need a Lyft.
  5. Q: What is a banana’s favorite gymnastic move? A: The splits!
  6. Q: What did one walker say to the other? A: Let’s go the whole jog. 
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Funny Treadmill Jokes 

Laugh your way to the treadmill with these funny treadmill jokes. May the pace be with you. 

  1. Q: Why is there stiff competition in treadmill sales? A: They give you a run for your money.
  2. Q: What makes people run but not out of fear? A: A treadmill.
  3. Q: What do you call Cardi-B on the treadmill? A: Cardio-B.
  4. Q: Why did the woman stop running on her treadmill? A: Because she wasn’t going anywhere. 
  5. Q: How did you get motivated to run on your treadmill? A: I took it one step at a time. 
  6. Q: How did the treadmill woo the runner? A: By sweeping them off their feet.

Small habits make a big difference. Find ways to stick to your goals by showing up and starting small — like grabbing your toiletry bag and heading to the gym. It’s not a race to the finish. It’s about having fun with a few workout puns and choosing who you want to be each day. And maybe sneaking in a cheat day here and there, if only for the potato puns or bread puns you say while you chow down on some fries or pasta.

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