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5 Winter Aesthetics to Beat the Winter Blues


Ask anyone their favorite season, and the least popular answer is probably going to be winter. For many, it’s too cold, too wet, and too dark. But it doesn’t have to be if you have the right winter aesthetic to turn the season of cold into the season of cozy.

Redbubble artists know how to make winter a little less bleak: designs that perfectly express your personality. We’ve assembled some of our favorites into five different aesthetics to help you find your perfect style no matter your aesthetic.

winter cabin aesthetic mood board

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H2: Winter cabin aesthetic

The winter cabin aesthetic is all about getting away from the world. A breakoff of cabincore, this aesthetic prioritizes keeping warm while enjoying the quiet beauty of winter. It’s vintage and rustic, warm and relaxing, with a focus on function and nature.

Fashion must-haves: beanies, scarves, chunky sweaters, flannels, thick coats, jeans, leggings

Decor faves: wood paneling, cozy throw blankets, overstuffed furniture, artwork depicting the outdoors, warm lighting, fairy lights, worn-in leather furniture, floor pillows, natural light

Activities: drinking hot beverages, reading by the fire, winter sports like skiing or snowboarding

Main color palette: dark reds and oranges, deep greens

blue winter aesthetic mood board

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Blue winter aesthetic

When the sun is shining during the day, snow usually appears white. However, for a few hours around dawn and sunset, the snow can take on a beautiful blue cast, which is the inspiration for the blue winter aesthetic. 

Fashion must-haves: wool coats, woolen mittens, boots, turtleneck sweaters

Decor faves: coffee mugs with latte art, twinkle lights, candles 

Activities: ice skating, watching the snow fall, making snow angels, drawing on frosted window panes, drinking hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows

Main color palette: cool blues and silvers, occasional pale purples and pinks, white

snow aesthetic mood board

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Snow aesthetic

Maybe it’s the joy associated with unexpected snow days or its association with the holidays, but that first snowfall always holds a special kind of magic. This aesthetic is a mix of snow and snowflakes and the activities you do inside to warm up, like eating grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches after a snowball fight.

Fashion must-haves: snow boots, warm socks, snowsuits, woolen hats and gloves, acid-washed jeans, fair isle knits 

Decor faves: twinkle lights, paper snowflakes, snow globes, decor with forest animals

Activities: building a snowman, sledding, starting a snowball fight, shoveling driveways, playing hockey

Main color palette: white, pale blues, vivid reds

Hygge aesthetic mood board

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Hygge aesthetic

Hygge aesthetic prioritizes comfort, coziness, and well-being. It’s informal and perfect for those of us who just want to hibernate all winter. Textures, warm lighting, minimalism, and luxurious finishes are popular, but it’s more about what brings you peace than anything else.

Fashion must-haves: leggings, fleece pullovers, layers, cardigans, oversized scarves, hoodies, minimalist patterns, loungewear

Decor faves: pillows, comforters, twinkle lights, candles, live plants, books, soft lighting, area rugs, throw blankets

Activities: journaling, reading, game night with friends, crafting

Main color palette: white, soft grays, creams, and faded pastels

holiday aesthetic mood board

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Holiday aesthetic

Lots of holidays happen in the winter: Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day, just to name a few. 

Regardless of which winter holidays you celebrate, there’s an aesthetic for it. The most common holiday aesthetic in America, though, is Christmas, and it’s usually up in retail stores from November 1st to New Year’s. 

Fashion must-haves: Ugly Christmas sweaters, reindeer antler headbands, Santa hats, red dresses, plaid, sparkles

Decor faves: Christmas trees, garland, Christmas lights, stockings, wreaths

Activities: baking Christmas cookies, assembling gingerbread houses, chopping down a Christmas tree, watching Christmas movies, wrapping gifts

Main color palette: reds and greens, metallic silvers and golds

Don’t let the winter blues get you down this winter! Look for the joy and beauty around you, whether it’s the simple peace of a snowfall or the gorgeous latte art in your daily coffee. 

If all else fails, try switching up your winter aesthetic for something more colorful and bright, like the Y2K aesthetic. Or spread some joy with a gift card for a friend so they can pick the perfect thing to cheer them up.

Featured image: Realistic Hand-Drawn Pine Cones Seamless Pattern designed and sold by Anniomoro

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