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70 Unique Places to Put Stickers


Wondering where to put stickers that you’ve had hanging out in your drawer for a while? Hiding them away in a sticker book or scrapbook just not your style? That’s okay- you should display them proudly.

Stickers are a fun way to add personality to your life and spread joy to others. If you are trying to decide what to put stickers on, here are 70 unique sticker ideas.

Photo of a Sticker on personal items

Personal Items

Personal items- those you carry with you everywhere or look at every day- are some of the best things to put stickers on. You can use them as a way to influence your mood throughout the day with stickers that make you laugh or smile. Every time you feel negative emotions, you can look at your stickers for an instant mood boost. You can also add stickers with positive affirmations to improve your self-confidence.

  1. Purse and wallet
  2. Storage containers
  3. Phone case
  4. Car bumper and windows
  5. Helmet
  6. Makeup case
  7. Bedroom wall and windows
  8. Jewelry box
  9. Locker
  10. Eyeglass case

Photo of stickers on stationaryImage by @hannahmaylou


Putting stickers on your stationery items gives you an outlet for creativity and helps you stay organized. Using different stickers on each item, you can more easily spot a book you are looking for in your organized locker or on a cluttered desk. You can use them to point out important things, like due dates or birthdays. Stickers give you a way to show your individuality at school or in the office. They are also a great way to match your friends, show membership in a group, and even personalize items you send to others.

  1. Planner
  2. Journal
  3. Clipboard
  4. Calendar
  5. Posterboard collage
  6. Binders
  7. Sketch pad
  8. File folders
  9. Cards, letters, and gift wrap

photo of stickers on a laptopImage by @hayaisreading


In addition to personalizing your electronics, you can use stickers on electronics to raise awareness for a cause, to advertise or support an artist or business you admire, or just to give someone a reason to smile. They might also build new friendships as they can attract like-minded people. Even those on the electronics you leave at home can customize your property. Also, putting stickers on laptop covers and other electronics might deter potential thieves. Keep in mind while deciding where to put stickers on your electronics to avoid any areas that might interfere with the device’s capabilities. For example, do not put them on your laptop trackpad or on your touch screens.

  1. Video game consoles
  2. Back of laptop
  3. Either side of a laptop trackpad
  4. iPod or MP3 player
  5. Back of tablet and case
  6. Guitar and amp
  7. Piano keys
  8. Headphones
  9. Printer
  10. DVD or Blu Ray Player

Photo of Stickers on furniture


Stickers are an easy way to turn plain, outdated furniture into something fun, fresh, and unique- no sanding, staining, or painting necessary. Use them to show your personality in any room, create a focal point, or just refresh the look. You can add color to white furniture or lighten darker pieces with stickers. And you can easily change them out should trend or your interests change.

  1. Desk and desk lamp
  2. Mirror
  3. Bookshelves
  4. Picture frame
  5. Dresser and nightstands
  6. Light and plug covers
  7. Coffee table
  8. End tables
  9. Ceiling fan blades
  10. Mailbox

Photo of Stickers on water bottles

Sporting Goods

Adding stickers to your sporting goods helps you tell your stuff apart from others at the gym, on the field, or on the trail. Using stickers with motivational quotes can give you that extra push when you feel like giving up. It can also provide you with something fun to look at when you’re trying not to feel the burn of that last set. If you notice that your stickers aren’t fulfilling their purposes- or you can’t decide what team to root for- you can swap them out.

  1. Water bottle
  2. Bicycle
  3. Exercise bike
  4. Kids’ wagon
  5. Bottom of skateboard
  6. Scooter and skates
  7. Surfboard
  8. Swingset or porch swing
  9. Basketball goal
  10. Weights

A photo of Stickers on a suitcase

Travel Gear

Whether you are traveling to the local park for a picnic or to the other side of the world, adding stickers to your travel gear can make the trip a little smoother. They can help you more quickly identify your items in a busy airport or even at the bottom of your packed trunk. Being able to recognize your belongings at a glance ensures you find the right gear and get to it more quickly.

  1. Travel mug
  2. Cooler
  3. Instrument cases
  4. Luggage
  5. Laptop case
  6. Passport cover
  7. Luggage tag
  8. Backpack
  9. Camera Case
  10. Lunch box

Photo of a monkey sticker in the kitchen


Using stickers in your kitchen is a great way to breathe life and personality into the space. Stickers are an easy way to change the look without breaking the bank. You can also use them to try out several different looks, colors, and patterns before investing in a full kitchen makeover.

  1. Microwave
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Coffee machine
  4. Deep freezer
  5. Table
  6. Pantry and cabinet doors
  7. Cookie jars
  8. Plastic cereal containers
  9. Stand mixer
  10. Rangehood

Deciding What to Do With Stickers

When it comes to deciding where to put stickers, the possibilities are endless. Choosing what to put stickers on depends on your personality, purpose, and message you hope to convey to yourself or others. If you’re looking to refresh your collection, take a look at the Redbubble shop to find the perfect sticker for every item you want to decorate.


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