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What Is Cottagecore? Everything You Need to Know


If you’re new to the countryside, you may have never heard the term “cottagecore” when reading about the different types of aesthetics. What is cottagecore and why has it risen in popularity as of late? 

Good questions. The ideas surrounding cottagecore started to grow around the 2010s. You saw barn weddings, vintage lace, and a rise in the spotlight on local artisans. In this article, we’ll answer everything you need to know about the cottagecore trend and offer some inspo for your next home or personal makeover. 

What Is Cottagecore Style?

Now let’s look at what the cottagecore aesthetic actually entails. Around 2017 or 2018, certain social media platforms started to label this specific style, and in 2019 it blossomed out of TikTok. Cottagecore style takes people back to the English countryside, where romanticism, nostalgia, cozy vibes, and a simpler way of life still exist. 

Perhaps you’ve participated in the cottagecore aesthetic without even knowing it. Some activities might include nursing that sourdough starter on your counter, planting a beautiful garden, or learning how to knit or make other crafts inspired by the days of yore. Of course, this is only the tip of the cottagecore iceberg. 

Below, we’ll dive into the key characteristics of cottagecore and show you how to make your cottagecore dreams come true. 

House of Trees sticker
House Of Trees Sticker designed and sold by Snailsa

Key Characteristics of Cottagecore 

Some key characteristics make cottagecore designs stand out. You’ll learn about common color palettes, key motifs, and values of those who are fans of living sustainable and simply while frolicking through the wildflowers growing behind their ivy-covered homes. 

Cottagecore Color Palette 

Some of the specific colors in this aesthetic are earthy (of course). Think greens, blues, yellows, creams, and off-whites — like your favorite dreamy watercolor landscape. 

Key Motifs in Cottagecore

Some of the key motifs in cottagecore are nature-related, like wildflowers, pies cooling on the windowsill, lace, vintage decor, gingham, and definitely quaint cottages. 

Key Values of Cottagecore

Some of the key values of this aesthetic include living sustainably, romanticism for the simpler life, slow living, gardening, and doing more with less. 

Litha Pattern Cottagecore A-line dress
Litha Pattern Dress designed and sold by Katherine Lee

Cottagecore Fashion Tips

Are you looking for some cottagecore fashion tips? Look no further. We cover the most popular clothes like handmade dresses and reusable items like tote bags to sustainably store your things. 

1. Handmade Dresses

You can dive into sewing your own dresses, shopping for second-hand, or purchasing a cottagecore-inspired dress covered in all your favorite motifs. 

2. Reusable Tote Bags

Living sustainably is at the core of this aesthetic. You can showcase your fashion sense by finding some whimsical reusable tote bags — the perfect gift for your cottagecore-loving friends. 

3. Baking Apron

Don’t worry about getting flour all over you as you roll out your sourdough bread. Just tie on a vintage, floral apron to elevate your style while you bake. 

Cottagecore Decor Tips

The cottagecore aesthetic isn’t just about fashion. It encompasses a way of life and how you live at home. Below you’ll find inspiration to bring in the asthetic room decor for your workspace and other parts of the house. 

Tips for a Cottagecore Bedroom 

Bring all the cozy into your bedroom sanctuary to feel safe and content as you drift off to sleep. Reading in a bed full of textured fabrics, beautiful tapestries, and warm, earthy tones sounds magical. 

1. Utilize Tapestries

Tapestries are a simple way to bring in a fresh look. They’re bold because of their size and can transform a space without much effort. You can find all kinds of tapestry designs for any color theme. 

2. Say Yes To All The Pillows

Pillows are so fluffy and cozy, so don’t be afraid to go all out here. You can make your own, find soft ones, fuzzy ones, big ones, and small ones. Stack them on a window seat, or line your bed with them. 

3. Go For The Textures

Textures really make a space stand out (the same holds true for fashion). Up your cottagecore game with textures that come in the form of pillows, tapestries, the type of fabric you use in your bedding, and everything else in your space. 

Flower mushroom mouse cottagecore aesthetic mug
Cute Flower Mushroom Mug designed and sold by fairydrop

Tips for a Cottagecore Kitchen

When people think of this aesthetic in the home, they usually think of the kitchen. Food is life! Cottagecore is all about gardening, eating well and sustainably, and of course, baking pies. 

1. Hang Up Dried Herbs 

There’s something magical about dried herbs hanging up in the kitchen. They give off a foraging, lived-in vibe for someone who wanders through gardens and forests looking for the healing powers of nature. If you don’t have dried herbs, you can always opt for herbs on magnets

2. Mix And Match The Ceramics

Pottery screams cottagecore, with each piece being unique in size, shape, color, and texture. Add some fun mugs, ceramic magnets, and anything else in the ceramic world. It’s ok if it doesn’t match. 

3. Plants Everywhere

Don’t forget the plants. Bringing the outside in is a quick way to drop into that English countryside, home-covered-in-ivy feel. Put plants in the windows, streaming from cabinet tops and anywhere else you want. You can even add cute mushroom or gardening stickers to the pots. 

Tips for a Cottagecore Living Room

Now it’s time to kick back and relax in your inspiring cottagecore living room. It’s easy to bring this aesthetic into living spaces — just incorporate textures, plants, and everything we’ve discussed this far. There are a few other options to add a dash of whimsy to your most-used space. 

1. Arrange Wall Art

Cottagecore wall art is the fastest way to transform a space. It draws the eyes up, expanding the room and making it feel warmer and more creative. Find inspiration from all kinds of sources and layouts for your wall art. 

2. Say Hello To Vibrant Patterns

Hello, patterns! Don’t shy away from fun and funky patterns. Gingham? Yes, please. You can add patterns in the form of throw blankets, pillows, couch fabrics, wall art, and more. Have fun with it. 

3. Use Quirky Knick Knacks

Some people like to keep things minimal, but if you’re a cottagecore fanatic, you most likely love all aspects of this aesthetic. Quirky knick-knacks like cute coasters, miniature figurines, and unique clocks might be just the touch you’re looking for. 

Cottagecore is a super fun style that you can incorporate into all aspects of your life. Don’t be afraid to play around with textures, mismatched styles, and other elements that make your space unique. Put earthy stickers on your laptop, or bake a delicious treat in your cozy kitchen. If you’re headed off to school, you can bring a bit of this romantic aesthetic into your dorm room. If you’re looking for something more current, give the Y2K aesthetic a shot.

Header Image: Cottage Core Jam Illustration designed and sold by Bianca Stancu

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