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38 Wall Art Ideas to Upgrade Your Space


Dear Reader,

We’re concerned.  We’ve talked to your housemates, your parents, your partner, even your gerbil, and these DIY home improvement projects, they’ve…they’ve got to stop.  It’s time to put down the duct tape.  You can’t rely on 3-D glasses to function as well as safety goggles and no, baking soda doesn’t get rid of all stains. And the employees at your local hardware store.  They’re weary. They can only custom cut so many sections of PVC pipe before they start using it as a shield against you.

But we understand.  You’re unique- you dig self-discovery, you crave ownership of your space, and you want your pad to scream “ME!”  So might we suggest these easy DIY wall art ideas to upgrade your space instead? No knowledge of electrical circuitry necessary, minimal assembly required.  Win for you, win for your walls, win for all your loved ones.

Sincerely, your Mom, friend, coworker, neighbor, partner, gerbil, and that guy at the hardware store

Living Room Wall Art Ideas

Remember when you tried unsuccessfully to build bookshelves out of those crumbling antique wooden pallets you found at the antique fair?  And when you tried to color match your own paint with beet juice? Maybe it’s time to take a look at some creative and unique living room wall art ideas that are easy and 1000% mess-free.

1. Colorful Tapestries

Tapestries- an inexpensive way to add a lot of color to your living room.  And to cover those holes in your walls…so long, spackle.

2. Exhibit Your Equipment

Walls aren’t only for pictures- store your stuff vertically and never lose your headphones again.

3. Framed Prints

Not everything requires nails and a level- prop framed art on coffee tables to add unexpected pops of color.

4. Hang In There

Who needs hooks when you can bribe someone to hold your pictures up for you? Forever.

5. Go Wild.

Turn your living room into a tribute to your pets- past, present and future.  Models not included.

6. Fold Your Clothes,

hang your pictures.  Yeah, that old line.

7. Nature Prints

Tapestries can also serve as a window.  To your soul. Or to your dog’s soul.

8. Ahoy There

Life’s a beach when you bring the ocean indoors.  But skip the sand because nobody likes to find that in their pants three days later.

9. Graphic Messages

Wait, is that another tapestry? Go on, lean in…can you read it? Sim- whats it say? Simplify! Simplify reader, throw aside your hammer and nails, seize the day.

space hands shelf

10. Planet Paint

What’s the best way to spruce up your walls? A little black, white and a hint of disembodied hand.

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Leave the leaky pipes to a plumber please.  Here are some whiz-bang wall art ideas for where you do your uh, business.

11. Typography Rules

Your walls can wear your values, just pick your favorite font.

12. Message in a Bottle

Yes, this is where some of us go to daydream.  Why not let everybody know?

13. Stripes

What’s black, white and sleek all over? Your bathroom after you decide to keep it classy and simple.

14. No Bad Vibes

…when you have someone else install these rustic shelves for you.

15. Vibrant Metal Prints

Beauty is in the eye of the bee-hiver.

16. So This Isn’t Wall Art

But sometimes bathrooms need all the help they can get.

17. Picture This.

Every picture tells a story. Which comes in handy when you’ve read every magazine in the bathroom.  Twice. But we’re not implying anything.

18. Tropicalia.

We do not support the acquisition and domestication of exotic pets. But the rare Forearm Flamingo flourishes in the moist, temperate climate of well-decorated bathrooms. We’re just saying.

19. Rolling Deep

Invite the muses to preside over your morning routine.  They’ll have nothing but the best things to say about you. In fact, they probably won’t say anything at all.  And sometimes silence is golden.

Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Your bedroom should be a serene retreat away from the table saw and hot glue gun. So here’s some inspiration for your hideaway.

20. Under the Sea

Keep the blah’s at bay.  Mix and match funky ocean tones and prints.

21. Creature Comforts

No animals were harmed in the making of this trophy wall.

22. Out-of-This-World Wall Art

Posters can be like a window to another universe.  Collect one for each of your favorite dreams.

23. Retro Curtains

Challenge: Stand on one leg and try not to ruffle your feathers while hanging these colorful 1970’s themed drapes.

24. Collect All The Things

Sometimes clutter is a good thing- if you have cool, vintage clutter straight outta disco inferno.

25. Meow-za.

Replace family portraits with larger than life action shots. You can’t change the family you’re born into but you sure can replace Aunt Harriet with a mutant cat that shoots rainbow lazers out of its eyes.

26. Pretty Prints

Arranging posters in a grid pattern can add much needed structure and organization to your space.  Even if you didn’t have time to make your bed or throw away your pizza box.

27. Botanical Bedroom

Always keep a glass of water next to your bed to accidentally dump on your thirsty florals.

28. Run For Your Life

Surround yourself with reminders of places you’d rather be.

nature tapestry

29. Naturally Complimentary

Bring the outdoors in.  Flora, fauna and fantastical prints are a perfect compliment to an otherwise neutral pallet.

30. Woah, Edgy.

This is a caption about guns and skulls and rebellion and how that somehow relates to home decor.

Some More Wall Art Ideas That Are So Cool We Didn’t Want To Pigeonhole them Into One Category

Inspiration here. For those lesser used corners of your house…remember the laundry room? We know you haven’t visited it in a while. Or the parlor? Or that medieval watchtower you tried to install as the first line of defense against those pesky utility bill deliveries? It’s walls are looking bare and so…feudal.

31. Dolla Dolla Bill

Postcards.  At a dollar a pop, they’re much cheaper than framed prints and are easy to switch out depending on your mood, the time of day, or what you ate for lunch on Tuesday.

32. Geometric Greatness

Few things are more basic than circles and squares. But few things look as polished and stylishly minimal.  So despite popular opinion, sometimes basic can be ok and have nothing to do with stretchy pants.

33. Not This Guy Again…

Another bribe-worthy friend who may need to be reminded that pictures are for holding, not eating.

34. Binder Clips Blah Blah binder Clips

We know you’ve done it before, stolen office supplies from work.  That’s what they’re there for.  Yes, we’re giving you permission.

flowers gallery wall

35. Work(s) in Progress

Display your paintings gallery style and experiment with different hanging methods (painters tape or clipboards anyone?) for that DIY look.

postcard gallery wall

36. Save Money on Postage

With this stockpile of snazzy postcards, your friends will be wondering why you don’t write them anymore- all the more reason for them to come over to your smartly decorated casa.

37. Took a Wrong Turn?

Travel posters can be inspiring reminders of trips of the past.  Or make you totally confused if you woke from a 2,000 year nap and think King Tut is still pharaoh-ing around.

38. SciFi Corner Office

Office space doesn’t have to be all work and no play.  Even aliens have due dates but they manage to go for spaceship joy rides every now and then.

An Important Postscript:

This intervention has officially ended.  Here’s hoping you understand that we all only want what’s best for you and your walls.   And those tireless hardware employees who just want a home-cooked dinner with their families? They applaud your efforts.  We’ll smile when we see that tool kit put back in the basement, those 3-D glasses returned to the movie theater, and that baking soda put back in the fridge.  It’s time to go find yourself in some art- you deserve it.

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