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15 Twin Peaks Quotes


Twin Peaks is an American mystery/drama that follows the investigation of a murder in the fictional town of Twin Peaks, Washington. The investigation, led by FBI special agent, Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry is plagued with supernatural elements and mystery. Initially airing in the early 90’s, Showtime picked it up for a third season in 2017.

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1. “I’ve Got Compassion Running Out My Nose, Pal!” – Albert Rosenfield

Albert, ever the level-headed character is reluctant to release Laura Palmer’s body for a funeral. Upon being questioned by one of the doctors over his compassion, he immediately responds with this quip.

2. “There’s a sort of evil out there.” – Harry Truman 

Sheriff Truman, one of the only officers to keep his cool around the FBI taking over an investigation shares his insight into the supernatural evil with agent Cooper.

3. “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present ” – Dale Cooper 

Speaking of detective Cooper, he tells the Sheriff that in order to always remain optimistic, he regularly gifts himself with something small. In this instance, it’s simply a cup of coffee. Ever the optimist, he manages to find something to brighten his day no matter what the investigation circumstances.

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Dougie Jones by ValentinaHramov

4. “I feel like I’m going to dream tonight.” – Laura Palmer

Dreams and visions are at the heart of Twin Peaks, and in many ways Laura saying this refers to the heavy theme of exploring our own subconscious, and even offers insight into exploring how she was murdered.

5. “Laura has secrets built around those secrets.” – Dr. Jacoby

With Dr. Jacoby as the initial main suspect in Laura’s murder, we see just how much he knows about Laura that he’s hiding…and also how much he doesn’t know.

6. “There is a sadness in this world, for we are ignorant of many things. Yes, we are ignorant of many beautiful things — things like the truth.” – Log Lady

Well, you know what they say- ‘ignorance is bliss’ and that sentient isn’t lost on the characters in Twin Peaks.

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Twin Peaks Log Lady by sophiapetrillo

7. “Women were drawn from a different set of blueprints.” – Dale Cooper

Cooper appreciates and understands women on a different level. He respects and acknowledges both their similarities and differences.

8. “Coincidence and fate figure largely into our lives.” – Dale Cooper

Coincidence and fate are two terms that are often used in our world to try and explain the unexplainable. Here Cooper relents how much of our lives is due to both of these phenomena.

9. “I plan on writing a poem about this epic pie.” – Gordon Cole 

Cole’s admiration of Shelly is hardly a secret and he is an endless stream of smooth talk and comedic moments.

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Twin Peaks by ValentinaHramov

10. “Good for you! It is incumbent on the young to disobey” – Windom Earle

When Earle disguises himself as a professor in the library, he encourages Audrey to enjoy rebellious moments.

11. “How long have you been in love with her?” – Harry Truman

Cooper’s interest in Annie is put on the spot by Harry who doesn’t let him off the hook without a jab.

12. “A man who doesn’t love easily, loves too much.” – Dale Cooper 

After Harry’s (understandable) meltdown following Josie’s death, Cooper laments that Harry must have really loved her as he didn’t love easily.

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13. “Maybe he’ll realize I’m the woman of his dreams.” – Audrey Horne

Audrey’s infatuation with Cooper is a central theme to her character as she’s convinced Cooper will someday reciprocate her feelings.

14. “What is the greatest gift that one human being can give to another? The future.” – Benjamin Horne

Here, Benjamin expresses that the best gift you can give someone is a meaningful and brighter future. The one thing we are all running short on is time and we never know what kind of future we have.

15. “I am 100% sure that we’re not completely sure.” – Jerry Horne

Jerry’s right about one thing. You can never be truly sure of anything, and that uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain.

twin peaks audrey horne maybe someday he'll love me sticker on metal bottle

Twin Peaks Audrey…by Mark Chambers

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