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26 Trendy Gifts for Your Trendsetting Friends


It happens every year at least once: you think someone will be super easy to buy for so you procrastinate on getting them a gift only to find out you actually have no idea what to get them. Our trendy gift guide is here to rescue you from that exact situation so you can avoid roaming the mall (or the internet) for hours and coming up empty.

For this season’s trendy gifts, everything Y2K is new again. If it was in during the late 90s or early 2000s, it’s back: bucket hats, flip phones, and scrunchies are everywhere. Anything referencing social justice and mental health are also in with the trendy crowd. 

Redbubble knows the best gifts are the ones that allow the recipient to express themselves, and each gift should be as unique as they are. We’ve assembled a list of trendy gift ideas for everyone on your list this year.

Best Gift Ideas Under $50

If you’ve got a little extra cash to spend and you’re looking to spoil a friend, these gifts are all under $50.

1. Happy Flower by Suzie London Throw Pillow

Orange throw pillow featuring a smiling daisy

Happy Flower by Suzie London Throw Pillow designed and sold by SuzieLondon

Help your pal brighten up their home while expressing their inner flower child. You can’t be sad when looking at this brightly colored throw pillow with a smiling flower.

2. Japanese Greatest Hits Lightweight Hoodie

Man wearing a heathered grey lightweight hoodie featuring an illustration of a CD and a jewel case and the text "greatest hits 2000 $9.99"

Japanese Greatest Hits Lightweight Hoodie designed and sold by Ilustrata Design

The latest trends revolve around 90s culture, so for your friend obsessed with throwback music, this hoodie celebrating the CD-ROM in all its glory makes a perfect gift.

3. Warm Heart Phone Case

Cell phone case with a pink heart in the center and rays of warm colors shooting out from it

Warm Heart iPhone Case designed and sold by Gigi Rosado

The world needs more love these days, and some people are just better at expressing it than others. If you’ve got a friend who has a warm heart, help them spread the love with this iPhone case.

4. Smiley Yin Yang Checkered Print Desk Mat

Desk mat printed with a yin yang checkered repeating pattern

Smiley Yin Yang Checkered Print Desk Mat designed and sold by doodlebymeg

If a friend has everything in their life in perfect yin and yang balance (or is at least trying to), this desk mat can help them keep it up, even when work gets stressful.

5. Space Angel Laptop Skin

Laptop with a skin featuring an illustration of an angel in space

Space Angel Laptop Skin designed and sold by Nana Naexii

Vintage anime fans will love personalizing their laptop with this unique space angel laptop skin. This gift will be a conversation starter, helping vintage anime fans to find each other in a crowded coffee shop.

6. Wild Poster

Poster featuring a jungle scene and the text "wild" in pink lettering hanging above a desk

Wild Poster designed and sold by JonasLoose

Help a friend express their trendy wild side with this poster that also adds a natural vibe to any room it hangs in. Consider tucking in the necessary hanging supplies in the gift bag as well so they can hang it in their favorite space right away.

7. Pool Party Photographic Print

Photographic print of a skeleton in an inflatable inner tube in a lake

Pool Party Photographic Print designed and sold by latifundija

In every friend group, there’s that one person who wishes spooky season lasted all year. Help them keep the spooky season going with this photographic print of a skeleton floating in an inner tube. 

8. My Imaginary Friends Think I’m Cool Lightweight Sweatshirt

Man wearing a dark grey lightweight sweatshirt featuring illustrations of imaginary characters and the text "my imaginary friends think I'm cool"

My Imaginary Friends Think I’m Cool Lightweight Sweatshirt designed and sold by Steven Rhodes

There’s nothing wrong with living in an imaginary world. For the friend who loves to spend time with fictional characters from video games, books, or television shows, this lightweight sweatshirt lets everyone around them know they don’t care what they think.

Best Gift Ideas Under $25

Just because you don’t have a lot to spend doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect gift. Whether you’re looking for gifts for friends or family, this list has you covered without breaking the bank.

9. Good Vibes Rainbow Colors Essential T-Shirt

Man wearing a red short-sleeved t-shirt with the text "good vibes" in retro letters

Good Vibes Rainbow Colors Essential T-Shirt designed and sold by souloff

Some friends roll with the flow and don’t let anyone get them down. Help them let everyone else know they aren’t here for their bad vibes with this Good Vibes Rainbow colors t-shirt. 

10. Resist Floral Lettering Cap

Woman wearing a tan baseball cap with the word "resist" in purple letters surrounded by floral vines

Resist Floral Lettering Cap designed and sold by Kit Cronk

It’s no secret that there’s a lot that needs to change in our world if we want it to be a better place for all. Your socially conscious, social justice warrior pals will love sporting this hat, whether it’s a baseball cap, bucket hat, or a dad hat.

11. Don’t Believe Everything You Think Cotton Tote Bag

Person carrying a beige cotton tote with the lettering "Don't believe everything you think" in a typewriter font

Don’t Believe Everything You Think Cotton Tote Bag designed and sold by Rob Price

Our brains can hold some pretty crazy ideas, and it’s good at convincing us it’s right. The free thinkers and those who challenge the status quo in your life will love sharing the sentiment of this tote bag with everyone that sees them at the grocery store or on the way to the library.

12. DANCE | Hand-Lettered Text Mouse Pad

Green mousepad with the word "Dance" in an abstract pink design

DANCE | Hand-Lettered Text Mouse Pad designed and sold by KooKooRuz

If your friend is always starting spontaneous dance parties, this is the perfect mousepad to capture their spontaneous vibe. Plus it serves as a nice reminder to take a break and dance while writing that essay for class.

13. Creator. Spiral Notebook

Black spiral notebook with the text "CREATOR." repeating

Creator. Spiral Notebook designed and sold by hopealittle

Creators are the fastest-growing sector of small business, and with more than 50 million of them, you’re bound to know at least one. Give them a place to brainstorm their next big idea while expressing their status as a creator with this unique spiral notebook.

14. Okayish Vibes Pencil Pouch

Pale blue zipper pouch with the text "okay-ish vibes" and an okay-face heart emoji

Okayish Vibes Zipper Pouch designed and sold by Awesomesauce-ST

Bad vibes and good vibes can be toxic without their in-the-middle counterpart, okay-ish vibes, to balance things out. The realists in your life will love to spread the word that it’s okay to be just okay with this zipper pouch.

15. Hard Feelings Hardcover Journal

Pink hardcover journal with the text "Hard feelings" in green text

Hard Feelings Hardcover Journal designed and sold by RebekahLynne

Expressing your feelings can be difficult, especially when you’re a natural introvert. This hardcover notebook gives them a unique place to channel their inner thoughts and emotions, even the hard ones.

16. The Kawaii Claw Machine With Purple Background Water Bottle

White metal water bottle with a pastel kawaii-inspired illustration of a claw machine

The Kawaii Claw Machine With Purple Background Water Bottle designed and sold by AnGoArt

Eco-friendly retro trendsetters will love expressing their love of the 90s, kawaii art, and the planet with this reusable metal water bottle and other eco-friendly gifts.

17. Become Anew Throw Pillow

Pink throw pillow with an illustration of a snake eating its tail and the text "She Your Old Self" repeating in a circle around the snake

Become Anew Throw Pillow designed and sold by deltaouji

Everyone should be on a continuous self-improvement journey, which this throw pillow expresses beautifully. Support a trendy friend on their quest to shed their old self.

Unique Accessory Gifts

The unique accessories make great stocking stuffers or gifts for a gift exchange at your holiday office party.

18. Under Pressure Sticker

Grey water bottle with a sticker of a sweating smiley face and the text "Under pressure send help"

Under Pressure Sticker designed and sold by sobsannix

It’s no secret that in our modern world, we’re all just bundles of anxiety and stress. In fact, you probably know more people who can relate to this sticker than not. Your overworked stressed-out friends will put this sticker on their laptop or water bottle with pride.

19. Might Delete Sticker

Grey water bottle with a sticker that looks like an old Windows popup window and the text "Are you sure you want to delete the folder ''?"

Might Delete Sticker designed and sold by gaiabots

Got a friend obsessed with retro 90s computers who also hates feelings? Give them this unique sticker that combines both sentiments, and they’ll put it anywhere they want to add a little personalization.

20. Y2K Angel Sticker

Grey water bottle with a sticker of blue and white text "Angel" and a gold halo over it

Y2K Angel Sticker designed and sold by disco dottie ✿

We all have that one friend who follows all the rules and serves as the group’s collective conscious. And that other friend who pushes everyone out of their comfort zone and into a little bit of trouble. Either way, they’ll both appreciate this Y2K angel sticker whether they display it honestly or sarcastically.

21. Yikes! Pin

Pink button with the text "Yikes" in bright colors

Yikes! Pin designed and sold by TheGoodOx

For the friend who gives serious 90s vibes, this pin makes a great accessory they can use to add flair to tote bags, backpacks, jean jackets, and more. 

Gift Ideas for the Home

People appreciate gifts with a purpose, so getting them something for their home is always a great bet. Plus, most people may want these items but can’t justify spending the money on them.

22. I Changed the Channel and Everything Went Gay Art Print

Art print of a retro television with the colorful no signal test pattern. The art print is leaning against a flower pot on a desk.

I Changed the Channel and Everything Went Gay Art Print designed and sold by Amanda Iglesias

For the trendsetter in your life, this art print combines gay pride with the history of television. Talk about a unique, niche gift!

23. Duality Moths – Rainbow Framed Art Print

Framed art print of two colorful rainbow moths

Duality Moths – Rainbow Framed Art Print designed and sold by Mary “Moth Monarch” Capaldi

Know someone who loves bugs and is also into the spiritual or philosophical concept of duality? This unique art print will help them express both passions at once while also bringing a little balance to their home.

24. Be Kind to Your Beautiful Mind Tapestry

Cream-colored tapestry with the text "Be kind to your beautiful mind" in colorful lettering

Be Kind to Your Beautiful Mind Tapestry designed and sold by TheLoveShop

Spread awareness of mental health while brightening up their wall with this colorful tapestry. It’s not just a beautiful piece of unique art; it’s also a great way to show support for a friend who is struggling with mental health without being too preachy. 

25. LOAF Floor Pillow

Pale pink floor pillow with an orange cat curled up in the bread loaf position

LOAF Floor Pillow designed and sold by obinsun

Share the love of cats with this floor pillow celebrating the classic cat pose, the loaf! Perfect for college students away from home missing their cat.

H3: 26. Frog Cherries with Attitude Blue Comforter

Bed with a black comforter featuring two frog cherries in blue

Frog Cherries With Attitude Blue Comforter designed and sold by Texdoodles

Display your trendy pal’s bold personality with this adorable frogs with attitudes design. We can’t promise the cute comforter will make them more likely to make the bed every day, but we do think they’ll have the most unique comforter.

No matter your budget or who you’re buying for, these trendy gifts are sure to be a hit. Add some easy yet cute gift wrapping and a personalized Christmas card for an added wow factor.

Looking for more gift ideas? Redbubble has the perfect gift for anime lovers, gamers, and book lovers, or you can give the gift of self-expression with a Redbubble gift card.

Featured Image: Stay Cthool designed and sold by DinoMike

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