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Trending on Redbubble: 2020 Election Art


The work on Redbubble reflects what artists and customers are most passionate about. Artists come to Redbubble to share their unique designs that feature the things that matter to them and the result is a seemingly endless gallery of work that allows customers to find art on awesome products that perfectly captures what they want to say. 

As a result, Redbubble holds a lot of interesting information about people’s perspectives, interests, and values. What they care about, and what defines them. Some of this stuff might seem silly (like whether waffles are more popular than pancakes) but some of it relates to more serious issues: like politics.

As the U.S. 2020 election gets closer, people are more and more focused on finding ways to unite and connect through their beliefs, and uploads and sales on Redbubble reflect this trend. Since there’s so much interest in candidates participating in the primaries*, we decided to measure the uploads and sales of works tagged with Democratic candidate names to see what we could learn. 

Here’s what the data tells us about interest in the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates…

Amount each candidate was searched for on Redbubble:

Number of searches for each candidate

  • After Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg have very similar performances on Redbubble (which is surprising since Pete leads in polls). 
  • Candidates who are still in the running but don’t appear in these graphs have little to no search volume or artist uploads on Redbubble.


Number of artworks created by Redbubble artists about each candidate:

Number of artist works created

  • Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg saw a bump in artworks created since the Iowa Caucus on Feb. 4, 2020.


Types of products purchased on Redbubble for each candidate:

Types of products purchased for each candidate

  • While the percentage of wall art sold relative to other products is roughly equal across all the Democratic candidates, that doesn’t mean the same amount of wall art  was purchased. Since more Bernie products were sold overall, almost 3x more people bought wall art featuring Bernie Sanders than all of the other candidates combined.

To find original art featuring the 2020 Democratic candidates, check out artist-made designs on Redbubble:


*That’s not to say that people aren’t also interested in Republican candidates on Redbubble, we’re just focusing on the Democratic candidates during primary season. We will likely trace interest in the Republican candidate as the general election gets closer.

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