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The Ultimate Throw Blanket Size and Style Guide


Whether you’re cozied up on the couch binging your favorite TV show or curled up in bed for some evening journaling, a throw blanket is probably within your reach. Throw blankets are some of the most versatile room accessories out there as they can be used to bundle up while adding a pop of color and personality to your room’s aesthetic. 

However, there are tons of options to choose from, and it can be hard to know which size, design and material will work best for your space – and budget. To help you choose the perfect throw for you, we’ve put together a complete guide to throw blanket size and style. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about throw blankets. And discover our favorite ideas for how to use them. 

photo of person snuggling with a colorful throw blanket
Throw blanket designed and sold by caligrafica

What is a Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is exactly like a regular blanket – just smaller. Throw blankets come in a variety of fabrics and colors, and they are typically used to decorate bedding or furniture. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also be practical. 

Throw blankets are incredibly versatile, and they are perfect for staying warm when you don’t want to drag a full-sized blanket all over the house. While they’re usually too small to use as regular bedding, throw blankets are great for curling up on the couch for movie night or keeping out the chill during a night of stargazing. 

Throw Blanket Dimensions

If you’ve ever unrolled a brand new blanket only to find that it was way smaller than you expected, you’re not alone – it happens to the best of us. Fortunately, you can avoid that mistake in the future by checking a blanket’s dimensions ahead of time. 

Throw blankets are typically 50 inches wide by 60 inches long, but there are other size options too. They can be larger or smaller, and some are even square-shaped. No matter what shape or style you chose, just be sure to compare the dimensions to your height or your furniture. You don’t want to end up with a blanket that’s way too big or too small. 

If you’re looking for a Redbubble throw blanket, check out the chart below to get an idea of what each size will look like once it’s unfolded. 

graphic that compares common throw blanket sizes

Blanket vs. Throw vs. Afghan

While most blankets serve a similar purpose, they aren’t all created equal. Blankets, throw blankets and afghans can vary in size and shape, and their differences – while subtle – are important to know before you hit the store

The biggest difference between throw blankets and regular blankets is in the way they’re sized. While throw blankets typically come in standard sizes measured in inches, regular blankets use mattress sizes. For example, a tag on a throw blanket might say “50 x 60,” while a tag on a blanket might say “twin” or “queen.” This doesn’t mean that a throw blanket can’t go on your bed – it just might not cover your entire mattress. 

Afghans, on the other hand, can come in various sizes and are hand-woven from yarn. Their unique construction makes them a decorative piece, and you can easily make them yourself if you know how to knit or crochet. However, they typically aren’t as warm as their fleece throw counterpart.

photo of girl laying on the ground with a throw blanket
Throw blanket designed and sold by sheena lange

Throw Blanket Materials

Blankets come in a wide variety of materials. We know it can be tempting to pick a blanket with your favorite art, but taking some time to consider which material is best for you could save you from future disappointment – and the cold. To give you an idea of what to look for when shopping for a new throw, we’ve provided a short list of the most common materials you’re likely to encounter. 

Fleece is the way to go if you’re looking for a throw blanket that is warm, soft and inexpensive. Fleece throws are great for staying warm while you study or watch a movie, and the countless design options make them both comfortable and stylish. And the best part? Fleece is machine washable, so you can simply toss it in the wash whenever it falls victim to food crumbs or coffee spills. 

Cotton is lightweight and breathable, making it a great choice for warmer climates. Cotton throw blankets typically come in solid colors and may have more limited design options, but that could work in your favor if you’re looking to add a light, classic feel to your space. 

Wool is a good choice if you live somewhere really cold – or have a roommate who likes to keep the AC cranked up to arctic-tundra temperatures. It’s one of the warmest materials out there since it’s made from sheep hair, and a wool throw can last a lifetime if you care for it properly. However, wool can be a bit scratchy, and it tends to cost more than cotton and synthetic materials

6 Ways to Use Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are super versatile and can be used almost anywhere. If you’re in the market for a new throw, the following ideas can help you find the perfect place for it. 

photo of a bed with a throw blanket on it
Throw blanket designed and sold by OHH Baby

1. Bedding Accent

If your bedding is looking a little bland, try tossing a tasteful throw on top to spice things up. Make your bedding pop with a bold, colorful throw, or try adding a solid color for a more minimalist approach. 

Adding an extra blanket to your bed is also a great choice if you’re going for a hygge-inspired look. No matter what design you choose, you’ll be happy to have an extra blanket the next time you wake up to a freezing cold room in the middle of the night.

photo of a throw blanket with clouds on a couch
Blanket designed and sold by cafelab

2. Drape on Furniture

Throw blankets are great for draping on chairs, couches and any other type of furniture you choose. A perfectly-placed throw can serve as a stylish design element for your space, and it’s always good to have extra blankets lying around if you get cold easily. There is no reason your furniture can’t be comfy, warm and fashionable all at the same time. 

photo of a tropical blanket on a wire frame bed
Throw blanket designed and sold by littleclyde

3. Dress Up a Dorm Room

It’s no secret that dorm rooms can be drab. Luckily, adding a simple throw blanket to your bed or futon can instantly make your dorm room feel more like home. If you have a roommate, try coordinating with them to create a unified aesthetic. Or do your own thing and give your half of the room a personal touch. You can even match your blanket with a couple of throw pillows to make your twin XL feel more like your bed from home. 

4. Pile in Basket by Fireplace

Throw blankets don’t have to be draped or spread out to be stylish. If you have a fireplace, try piling a throw blanket or two in a basket next to it to keep them warm. This will instantly give your space a warm, cozy feel. You’ll always have a toasty blanket on hand for extra chilly nights.

 5. Use at a Picnic

When the weather is warm enough, try taking your throw blanket along for a picnic in the park. You can use it as a picnic blanket or wrap yourself up in it to keep out the cold on crisp spring days. If you’re feeling adventurous, try taking it along on a hiking trip and set up a picnic along the trail. That way, you’ll have somewhere to put your food and a place to sit away from the dirt.  You can’t get a more Insta-worthy shot of your picnic set up without a trendy throw blanket and gorgeous view.

photo of a person with a throw blanket cuddling with a dog
Throw blanket designed and sold by daisy-beatrice

6. Use as a Pet Bed 

Pets love throw blankets too! Try adding one to your furry friend’s bed or crate to give them a softer place to sleep. Or lay one out on furniture to protect it from pet hair. Just be sure to pick a material that is pet-friendly and machine washable. 

Choosing the right throw blanket size, style and material is a fun way to show your personality. Once you have mastered the art of decorating with throw blankets, try pairing them with tapestries, wall art or other decorations to take your space to the next level. With a little creativity, you will achieve the perfect aesthetic in no time. 

Header image throw blanket is Indigo Blue Sea designed and sold by PrintsProject.

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