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20 Thoughtful Gifts to Show You Care


Are you someone who loves to spend time shopping for the perfect gifts for the people in your life? If so, you’ll want to stick around for this list of 20 thoughtful gifts. Redbubble creates an environment of self-expression for both artists and gift-givers so you can always find the most personal and unique gifts. 

The Redbubble marketplace economically empowers and showcases artists doing what they love… creating art and inspiring gift industry trends. So if you’re looking for those unique gifts that allow the special people in your life to feel seen, you’ve come to the right place. 

Thoughtful gifts for men

Check out this list of thoughtful gifts for dad for Father’s Day, Christmas, or his birthday. (Be warned: some gifts include some dad jokes!) You’ll also find some thoughtful gifts for boyfriends, brothers, and friends below!

1. For the OG gamer: “Not Old, Retro” Classic T-shirt 

Not Old Retro T-shirt with illustrated TV set

Not Old, Retro Classic T-Shirt designed and sold by Porky Roebuck

You all know those old-time gamers love to talk about their love of video games. Spyro, anyone? This T-shirt is perfect for those who aren’t diving into the newest VR games and instead like to play the classics. 

2. For the artistically inspired: Chasing The Light iPhone Case 

iPhone case with surreal art of man floating over the moon with an umbrella

Chasing The Light iPhone case designed and sold by buko

iPhone is man’s best friend these days and the perfect way to showcase someone’s love of art, anime, or even beer. This beautiful case serves the dual purpose of protecting your person’s phone and their appreciation for beautiful artwork. 

3. For the jokester: The Mountains Are Old Like You Greeting Card

Greeting card with a mountain saying “the mountains are old like you”

The Mountains Are Old Like You Greeting Card designed and sold by Tegan Phillips

Some people love to joke about their age, and this gift for dad, or even for your boyfriend, allows you to write a sweet message inside while teasing them on the outside. 

4. For the breakfast fan: Bacon Pattern Coffee Mug

Coffee mug with a pattern of bacon slices on a blue background

Bacon Pattern Coffee Mug designed and sold by Kelly Gilleran

What’s better than coffee and bacon? How about a bacon-patterned coffee mug? This is one of those funny gifts that actually gets used every day — and likely gets the most compliments.  

5. For the punky skater: Hand Drawn Checkerboard Laptop Sleeve

Black and white checkerboard pattern laptop sleeve

Hand Drawn Checkerboard Pattern Laptop Sleeve designed and sold by designminds

Protect one’s laptop with a sleeve representing the skater mentality of freedom and expression. The checkerboard design is reminiscent of your favorite pair of skate shoes. 

6. For the animal lover: Suspicious Cats Pet Bowl

Suspicious-looking black cat illustrations on a pet bowl

Suspicious Cats Pet Bowl designed and sold by littleclyde

Dogs are called Man’s Best Friend for a reason. If you’ve got an animal lover in your life who treats their pet like their child, gifting them a cute pet bowl is sure to land well.  

H2: Thoughtful gifts for her

Mothers are notorious for loving any gift with intention behind it. No coffee gift card for them (unless you stick it inside a personalized mug). These thoughtful gifts for mom are perfect for any holiday. If you’re purchasing gifts for Mother’s Day, you can include these Mother’s Day messages inside too. Check out this list of thoughtful gifts for girlfriends, mothers, sisters, and friends. 

7. For the adventure lovers: Adventure Begins Photographic Print

Photographic print with pink smoke and arms appearing on a desert landscape

Adventure Begins Photographic Print designed and sold by kikicollagist

Inspire the woman in your life to go on their next big adventure with this beautiful and surreal photographic print. Every time they look at it, they’ll feel that urge to dream big and live their best life. 

8. For the self-advocate: Speak Your Truth Magnet

An illustration of a woman saying “speak your truth.”

Speak Your Truth Magnet designed and sold by 4ur3lia

We live in a time where self-care and personal work are celebrated, and thank goodness for that! This “speak your truth” magnet is for those gals doing the work to feel good in both body and mind and to encourage them to always speak their truth. 

9. For the color enthusiast: Rainbow Leopard Throw Pillow

A rainbow leopard patterned throw pillow

Rainbow Leopard by Elebea Throw Pillow designed and sold by Sabrina Bruggman

Encourage self-expression through bright, bold colors and exciting patterns with this vibrant throw pillow. We’ve all got those loud and proud friends who love a pop of color to go along with their personality. 

10. For the fantasy lover: Fairy Garden Throw Blanket

A throw blanket with mushrooms and bees and cottage windows

Fairy Garden Throw Blanket designed and sold by Camille Chew

Some women want a cottage in the forest surrounded by books, moss, and a babbling brook, where they can write and escape the chaos of the city. This fairy garden blanket is a cozy reminder to prioritize self-care. 

11. For the whimsical nature lover: Herbal Journal Spiral Notebook

Spiral notebook with drawings of herbs on the cover

Herbal Journal Spiral Notebook designed and sold by RumpledCrow

Connecting with nature is some powerful magic. Inspire your gift-receiver to write out their favorite herbal remedies or sketch the world around them as they see it with this herbal journal. 

12. For the jet setter: Shinjuku Nostalgia Shower Curtain

a purple, pink, and turquoise skyline of Shinjuku, Tokyo on a shower curtain

Shinjuku Nostalgia Shower Curtain designed and sold by EloraPautrat

Unwind in a hot shower or bath surrounded by the twinkling lights and energy of a sunset over one of Tokyo’s most popular neighborhoods. This shower curtain is the perfect gift for those Tokyo dreamers who love the vibrance of Tokyo and the playfulness of the Japanese art scene. 

Small thoughtful gifts

Sometimes you don’t want to drop a ton of money on a gift, either because you’re saving money, you have to buy gifts for a lot of people, or you really love the idea of finding thoughtful gifts that mean something versus more expensive gifts without any heart behind them. 

Explore this list of small, thoughtful gifts to bring a smile to all the cool people in your life. 

13. For the veggie lover: “Heart Beet” Photographic Print

An image of a heart and a beet combined in a photographic print

Heart Beet Photographic Print designed and sold by Fay Helfer

Heart connects all of us, and this photographic print of a beet combined with an anatomical heart could have so many meanings. Give the gift of veggie love in this gorgeous illustration. 

14. For traditional artists: Sparrow Sticker

Teal and orange tattoo sparrow sticker

Sparrow Sticker designed and sold by MeredithAurelia

Tattoos are so popular that entire conventions are held across the world where people can meet their favorite artists. If you have American Traditional art lovers, they’ll enjoy this sparrow sticker to put on their water bottle or laptop. 

15. For the visionary: The Equality Poster

A tarot card style poster with a pastel pink unicorn and the phrase “The Equality”

The Equality Poster designed and sold by Thiago Correa

There’s magic in the tarot for those who love the affirmations and deciphering the meanings. This “the equality” unicorn poster is beautiful, playful, and open to interpretation. 

16. For the knitter: Dude Knits Tote Bag

An illustration of a strong tattooed man sitting on a stool knitting

Dude Knits Tote Bag designed and sold by Karl James Mountford

Everyone is free to pursue their passions, and that includes knitting. No longer a grandmother’s pastime, knitting and other textile crafts have grown in popularity over the past few years. This dude knits tote bag is both adorable and practical. 

17. For kawaii fans: Cat Ramen Postcard 

postcard with an illustration of a cat eating ramen

Cat Ramen Postcard designed and sold by jessthechen

Different strokes for different folks, and you might not realize how many ramen-eating cat fanatics there are out there. Maybe you’re one of them? This Cat Ramen postcard is both adorable and perfect for writing out a sweet, handwritten note. 

18. For the peace activists: Make Coffee Not War Travel Mug

Illustrated text saying make coffee not war

Make Coffee Not War Travel Coffee Mug designed and sold by skitchism

Support your friends’ values for more coffee and less fighting with a “make coffee, not war” travel coffee mug. You can gift the mug on its own or throw in that coffee gift card or their favorite java beans. 

19. For the oversleeper: Burrito Cat Cap

A cute baseball cap with a picture of a cat in a burrito

Burrito Cat! Cap designed and sold by Karolina Buczek

Some days, you just don’t have time to wash your hair. Having an adorable hat to throw on makes the difference between canceling plans and going out looking cute. Adding a cat in a burrito to the mix is surefire cuteness. 

20. For the spontaneous traveler: Cloudy Sky Backpack

A backpack with cute clouds and lightning illustrations

Cloudy Sky Backpack designed and sold by Salty Siren Studios

Sleepovers and spontaneous adventures are great fun, especially when you have the gear you need to bring along your favorite things in a time crunch. This cloudy sky backpack is adorable — bring some clothes to your partner’s house or carry it on to a plane for a weekend away. 

You can find so many thoughtful gifts for friends with just a little bit of searching. At Redbubble, you can easily find artists and products for pretty much every interest. You can even send along a Redbubble gift card if you aren’t sure what to get, but know your gift-buddy loves unique art.  The best part? Your gift supports the economic empowerment of incredible artists. 

You can help with gift ideas by using this Secret Santa questionnaire. Once you’ve picked out gifts for family, it’s time to find thoughtful gifts for coworkers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find something personal. 

Featured Image: Abstract Diamond Terrazzo Pattern designed and sold by Kova Rose

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