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300 Things To Be Thankful For Today and Always


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We’ve moved into a season where gratitude is at the forefront of everyone’s mind while simultaneously being forgotten. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Day and other holidays are rapidly approaching and many people use this time as an opportunity to spend time together, give gifts, decorate homes, and make lots of plans. In between all of that, a person can become exhausted quite quickly, and forget about things to be thankful for that might make this busy time that much sweeter. 

In this article, you’ll find 300 things to be thankful for. Incorporating gratitude practices into your daily life will transform your life for the better. Life is hard, so finding small ways to remember what’s good in yours can make all the difference. 

Things To Be Thankful For Today

Starting out, we have 100 things to be thankful for at this very moment. For the most part, many people reading this will be able to relate to the items on this first list — some we take for granted, while others are always top of mind. We challenge you to think of just three things to be thankful for each morning, and before you go to sleep at night, and watch how it changes your outlook on life. 

  1. People who show up for you
  2. A shower 
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Food 
  5. Clean drinking water
  6. Health
  7. Freedom
  8. Friendship
  9. Books to read
  10. A place to live
  11. Feeling accepted
  12. Feeling loved 
  13. The sunrise
  14. The sunset
  15. Being able to breathe
  16. Your favorite songs
  17. A hot cup of tea
  18. A bed to sleep in 
  19. Laughter
  20. Tears
  21. Your job
  22. The internet
  23. Art
  24. Healthcare
  25. Technology
  26. “Just because” gifts
  27. Safety
  28. Free time
  29. Your mother
  30. Organizing apps
  31. A cup of coffee
  32. A soft, snuggly blanket
  33. Being able to do yoga anywhere
  34. A walk in nature
  35. Drinking enough water
  36. A comfy chair
  37. Working from home
  38. Freshly fallen snow
  39. Autumn leaves
  40. Blooming flowers of spring
  41. Warmth on your skin
  42. Dancing
  43. Singing
  44. Your best friend
  45. Your siblings
  46. Payday
  47. Creating art
  48. A scenic view
  49. Puppies
  50. Laughing until you cry
  51. A massage
  52. Bubble baths
  53. A fresh manicure
  54. A glass of wine
  55. Netflix and chill
  56. Sheet masks
  57. Snuggling with a loved one
  58. A solid night of sleep
  59. Looking through old photographs
  60. Calling up a friend
  61. A home cooked meal
  62. Therapy
  63. Meditation
  64. A road trip with friends
  65. Enjoying a body of water
  66. Your pet
  67. Smiling at a stranger
  68. Opportunities to try again
  69. Self-help books
  70. Sports
  71. Your favorite TV show
  72. Poetry
  73. Money in the bank
  74. Smartphones 
  75. The innocence of children
  76. Outer space
  77. Vacations
  78. Modern medicine
  79. Homemade gifts
  80. Live concerts
  81. Hugs
  82. Google
  83. Journaling positive affirmations
  84. Music festivals
  85. Reliable transportation
  86. Happy hour
  87. Paid bills
  88. Home decor
  89. GPS
  90. Lighting candles instead of turning on the lights 
  91. Conveniences of a city
  92. Quiet of the country
  93. Listening to the ocean waves
  94. Birds chirping in the morning
  95. New leaves on your plant
  96. Completing a project
  97. Choosing your health 
  98. Saying, “I love you”
  99. Hearing, “I love you”
  100. Honest conversations
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Funny Things To Be Thankful For

Everyone loves to laugh, and these funny things to be thankful for are sure to make you chuckle. Life’s too short to take it seriously, and we all have those silly little quirks that we may or may not hide. What are some funny things you’re thankful for? 

  1.  Good hair days
  2. Toilet paper
  3. WiFi
  4. Indoor plumbing
  5. Food delivery services
  6. Working from home
  7. Deodorant
  8. Streaming TV shows
  9. Digital books
  10.  Cat videos
  11. Chapstick
  12.  Finding money in your pockets
  13.  The snooze button
  14.  Acting like a kid
  15.  Dancing in public
  16.  Power naps
  17.  Craft beer
  18.  Instant gratification
  19.  Funny selfie captions for your social media
  20. Learning a new internet dance move
  21.  Awkward moments
  22. Tripping on your own feet
  23. Your favorite celebrity
  24. Making the first move
  25. Treating your pet like a human
  26. The Starbucks server remembering your name
  27. Taco Tuesday
  28. Spraying whipped cream into your mouth
  29. The smell of gasoline
  30. Footie pajamas
  31.  The Simpsons
  32. Being double jointed
  33. Greeting cards
  34. Inflatable bouncy houses
  35. Smelling new books
  36. Strip poker
  37. Sour Warheads
  38. Taking off your bra at the end of the day
  39. Snapchat filters
  40. Tan lines
  41.  British accents
  42. Canceled plans when you didn’t want to go
  43. Jumping in puddles
  44. Dog instagram accounts
  45. Bathrooms that don’t smell bad
  46. Happy hours
  47. Puppy breath
  48. Tiny baby fingernails
  49. Taking off high-heels after a long night
  50. Eating food messily 
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Unique Things To Be Thankful For

Sometimes unique things to be thankful for look a little weird and different for each of us. Maybe you’re thankful for travel-sized hot sauce, or perhaps carrying around a piece of your baby blanket. Celebrate these unique-to-you things because that’s what makes you special. 

  1.  Couponing
  2. Counting your steps
  3. Smiling at a stranger
  4. Paying for someone’s groceries
  5. String Theory
  6. Rainbows
  7. Getting letters in the mail
  8. Farmer’s markets
  9. Random bursts of inspiration
  10. Clean sheets 
  11.  Fuzzy jackets
  12. Spontaneous trips
  13. Cold plunges
  14. Horseback riding
  15. Camping 
  16. Snowboarding
  17. The Last Unicorn
  18. Buying the big popcorn at the theater
  19. Ride or die friendships
  20. Board games
  21.  Your favorite stuffed animal
  22. Texting your mom every other day
  23. Sending postcards to friends and family
  24. Waking up before your alarm
  25. Smelling a newborn baby’s head
  26. Only catching the green lights while driving
  27. Laying in a hammock
  28. Smelling jasmine while in bloom
  29. Finding hidden gems in new cities
  30. Ordering something new on the menu
  31.  Taking risks
  32. Signing up for a Burlesque dance class
  33. Singing karaoke
  34. Cuddling your kids to sleep
  35. Reading the Harry Potter series for the 10th time
  36. A change in seasons
  37. Reading a self-help book
  38. Crows cawing 
  39. Attending a workshop that makes you nervous
  40. Polaroid pictures
  41.   Auto-save
  42. No lines in airport security
  43. Fresh cut flowers 
  44. Shared iPhone albums
  45. Sushi
  46. Social media breaks
  47. Helpful customer service
  48. Dishwashers
  49. Body positivity
  50. Black combat boots
season of thanks

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Things To Be Thankful For Thanksgiving And Christmas

The holidays are upon us and we’ve got a list of things to be thankful for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Perhaps your list differs slightly, but we can all probably agree that there are at least a few things we can show gratitude for this year. 

  1.  The smell of a newly cut Christmas tree
  2. Festive lights
  3. Being together with family
  4. Celebrating with friends
  5. Eating delicious food
  6. A home full of love
  7. Fun family traditions
  8. Traveling 
  9. Excitement of seeing someone after a long time
  10. Time off work
  11.  Exploring new dishes
  12. Cuddling babies
  13. Road trips
  14. Reminiscing
  15. Holiday drinks
  16. Holiday music
  17. A warm house
  18. Silly sweaters
  19. Creating new memories
  20. Kneading dough
  21. Waking up to the smells of food cooking
  22. Your mom cleaning up like old times
  23. Friendsgiving
  24. Shopping for thoughtful gifts
  25. Buying second hand
  26. Opting for a nontraditional holiday
  27. Thank you notes
  28. People watching
  29. Drinking wine
  30. Driving around to see Christmas lights 
  31. Listening to the sound of voices in your home
  32. Working with your hands
  33. Pumpkin pie
  34. Introducing new partners to family
  35. Time and a half if you’re working
  36. Crisp weather
  37. Mouthwatering desserts
  38. Office Christmas parties
  39. Decorating the Christmas tree
  40. Sharing gratitude with others
  41. Taking photos
  42. Hot apple cider
  43. Spiked eggnog
  44. Extra therapy sessions
  45. Christmas cards
  46. Leftovers
  47. New foods
  48. Meeting the in-laws
  49. Dandelion coffee
  50. A comfy bed
give thanks

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Deep Things To Be Thankful For

Gratitude is more than just thanking your lucky stars that you have a soft bed to sleep in. Sometimes life is a lot more complicated than that. Here are 150 deep things to be thankful for — the life lessons that are hard to appreciate in the moment, but bring us to where we are today. 

  1. Opportunities to try again
  2. A break up
  3. Falling in love
  4. Learning to read and write
  5. Giving for the sake of giving
  6. Receiving without resistance
  7. Being kind to yourself
  8. Saying yes to the things you want
  9. Saying no to the things you don’t
  10. Pain that forces us to grow
  11. Unconditional love
  12. Running into obstacles
  13. Accomplishing hard things
  14. Setting boundaries
  15. Not apologizing so much
  16. Learning to speak up
  17. Trying new things
  18. Traveling solo
  19. Committing to goals
  20. Completing goals
  21. Grief
  22. Quitting a job
  23. Moving somewhere new
  24. Chasing your dreams
  25. Loving deeply
  26. Taking chances
  27. Positive self-talk
  28. Forgiving people who hurt you
  29. Choosing yourself
  30. Doing hard things 
  31. Investing in yourself
  32. Failing 
  33. Hurting someone and then working through it 
  34. Doing something that scares you
  35. Making new friends
  36. Getting older
  37. The ability to think our own thoughts
  38. Anger that drives you to change
  39. People who are no longer in your life but taught you things
  40. Empathy 
  41. A new day
  42. Crossing things off the to-do list
  43. The life you were given
  44. Self-preservation instincts that teach you about yourself
  45. Your memory
  46. Free will
  47. Being able to dream
  48. Finding motivation
  49. Your unique personality
  50. Being alive

We hope you have incredible holidays full of love, gratitude, good food, and good people. Not everyone is so lucky, so it’s always worth the effort to find things to be thankful for. You can show gratitude to others by sending a thank you note, even if it only says, “Thank you for being my friend.” And remember to share your Thanksgiving wishes with your loved ones!

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