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20 Tapestry Ideas to Decorate Your Space


If you’re wondering what to do with a tapestry, we’ve got some ideas for you — 20, in fact! A tapestry is a piece of textile fabric that is sometimes thick and handwoven and sometimes thinner, and screen printed. So there are plenty of tapestry ideas that you can start doing today.

 1. Make a Statement Wall

girl standing in front of tapestry

Tapestry designed and sold by BravuraMedia

Hang a tapestry from one wall in the room to make a statement. Statement walls are intended to draw the eye while making the design of the room pop. You can break up white walls or make a statement, even in a rental or dorm room, using tapestries. Learn how to hang a tapestry here

2. Hang From the Ceiling

Add movement and dimension to your space by hanging a tapestry from the ceiling — an area often neglected in a room. You can customize the look here by pulling the tapestry tight or allowing it to billow and drape from the ceiling. If you’re looking for more hanging tapestry ideas, keep reading. 

3. Use as a Picnic Blanket

girl waving at friend while having a picnic

Tapestry designed and sold by TheRedFinch

Are you dying to have a photogenic picnic that inspires you while keeping your food and clothes clean? Use a tapestry! While it won’t be waterproof (check the ground before laying it down), it’ll offer a beautiful backdrop for a picnic with the people you love. 

H2: 4. Cover a Couch

There are plenty of reasons to cover up a couch — you know, a cat might have attacked it, kids spilled food on it, or you’re just tired of looking at the same old print. You can find larger tapestries that cover a couch well. Tuck it in around the edges, and you’ve got a brand new couch on your hands. 

5. Use as Curtains

woman playing with baby on a couch

Tapestry designed and sold by Skaska

If you’re tired of the same ol’ curtain options, spice things up with some beautiful tapestries. You can use just one or multiple tapestries, depending on the style you’re after. You can even hang them on a curtain rod to keep things looking fancy. 

6. Bring to the Beach

If you want a quick and easy way to stretch out in the sand without piles of sand ending up in cracks that you didn’t agree to, bring along a tapestry! Many of them fold up teeny tiny and are lightweight, making the perfect addition to the beach festivities. 

7. Decorate for an Event

man standing in front of tapestry while holding books

Tapestry designed and sold by CatyArte

To add some pizzazz to your party or event, decorate with a big tapestry. You could use it as a backdrop for party pictures, a tablecloth or as another decorative element to take up a big and bland wall. Decorating with tapestries is a unique way to bring energy to an event.

8. Create a Seat Cover

Whether you want to revitalize that old, awesome Papasan chair or you’re looking to create some new meditation cushions that people can sit on, a tapestry gives you plenty of options in design and fabric to recreate the chair and seating options of your dreams.

9. Use as a Bedspread

tapestry used as a bedspread

Tapestry designed and sold by Mandala of Life

If you don’t want to invest in a new comforter or quilt for your bed, you can change up the look of your bed (and bedroom) with the simple practice of using a tapestry as a bedspread. You can change things up just as often as you change your sheets to keep things fun, stylish, and always refreshing. There are so many bedroom tapestry ideas out there! 

10. Create a Fort

Who doesn’t love a fort? Perhaps you haven’t been in one since you were a child. Now is the time to reimagine the fort for adults. Create a fort with a tapestry by hanging it from the ceiling above a bed like a tent, using chairs like when you were a child or other materials that can prop up the fabric. Then crawl inside with a lantern, your favorite book, and a moment to unwind.

11. Create a Headboard

girl laying on bed reading a book

Tapestry designed and sold by monooprints

Headboards can be expensive and heavy. Maybe you don’t want all of that bulk on the wall. Well, now you don’t have to. Instead, hang up a gorgeous tapestry behind your bed so that it can sub as a headboard. If you like the sturdiness of a headboard but love the design of a tapestry, you can wrap the tapestry and staple it to the headboard to create a one-of-a-kind creation. 

12. Use as a Meditation Mat

Meditation is a powerful way to reconnect with yourself and find some peace in a sometimes chaotic world. Tapestries make the perfect addition to your meditation practice. You can use them as a meditation mat — a designated place to sit. You can also use a tapestry to create a meditation pillow in the style of your choosing.

13. Transform Into Decorative Pillows

tapestry artwork on throw pillow

Artwork designed and sold by wackadesigns

Add a pop of playfulness or warmth to your space by creating decorative throw pillows out of your favorite tapestry. There are plenty of tutorials online that show you different ways to sew with and without a sewing machine. So get your tools out and let your creativity flow. 

14. Make into a Tablecloth

Spruce things up come dinner time with a tapestry tablecloth. Just drape your favorite one over the table for an instantly elevated dining experience. A tapestry tablecloth is perfect for special occasions where you want a little extra something for decoration.

15. Create Gift-Wrap That Keeps On Giving

girl holding tapestry

Artwork designed and sold by Frank Moth

16. Make Into A Makeshift Door

Sometimes doors can make a space feel too closed off, but taking off the door can leave a room feeling exposed. Find the best of both worlds by hanging a tapestry over a doorway to separate a room from a closet or even as curtains for your pantry. They’ll dress up your space while allowing airflow and movement to pass through.

17. Use As a Photo Backdrop

girl posing in front of tapestry

Tapestry designed and sold by stacyanne324

Photo backdrops come in handy for a variety of different occasions. For example, use your tapestry as a photo backdrop at events like weddings, create a studio environment for portraits, or even as a backdrop to liven up your background when on Zoom calls. 

18. Create a Sunlight Diffuser

A tapestry adds texture and a design element to a room, and it can also bring in diffused and colorful light. When draping a more translucent tapestry over a window, watch as the sun’s rays filter through it in vibrant and colorful ways.

19. Hang As A Canopy

tapestry hanging in bedroom

Tapestry designed and sold by MicaelaDawn

A canopy creates the perfect cocoon-like space where you can unwind. They also add a touch of romance and whimsy for those looking to add texture and beauty to any space. You can create a canopy with a tapestry over your bed, over a couch, or anywhere else where you can beautifully drape fabric.

20. Shade From The Sun While Camping

Tapestry travels easily and makes the perfect camping companion. Not only can you use them as a picnic blanket, but you can also drape them over your tent or spaces to create more shade from the sun. You can even throw it right over your tent if you like to soften the brightness of the sun come morning. 

We hope you leave this space feeling inspired by these 20 tapestry ideas for pretty much any occasion. If you’re looking for inspiration for other types of wall art, check out these wall art ideas. You can find your very own wall art right here at Redbubble.  

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