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50 Unique T-Shirt Design Ideas


T-shirts are a versatile way to express yourself creatively. They offer a blank canvas for artwork in a way that other types of clothing can’t. If you’re looking to spice up and add a splash of personality to your everyday wardrobe, we’ve got you covered with 50 t-shirt design ideas to get excited about. 
If you find a design that you love, you’re in luck! You can click the link under each of the cool t-shirts design ideas below and get yours today.

Cool T-Shirt Designs

We’ve gathered some cool t-shirt design ideas across a wide range of artistic styles — from cat pun t-shirts to Halloween designs. In this first grouping, these cool t-shirt design ideas will blow you away with some intergalactic and existential dread-style t-shirts. Don’t be scared! You’ll love them. 

1. Fallen Moon Classic T-Shirt + kelvinstagram

Fallen Moon Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By kelvinstagram At Redbubble.

Travel to far-off lands with this far-out Fallen Moon t-shirt design that is gorgeous and a little magical.  The darker colors and light of the moon add edginess and creativity to the design. 

2. Night Owl T-Shirt + Eran Fowler

Night Owl T-Shirt Designed By Eran Fowler At Redbubble.

Who doesn’t love a little neon mysticism in the form of a glowing moon and an owl? Imagery lovers unite! 

3. Submerged Serenity T-Shirt + radissonclaire

Submerged Serenity Classic T-Shirt Designed By raddisonclaire At Redbubble.

Floating among massive jellyfish, or is she but a small human in the vast expanse of the ocean of the universe. Perhaps, we’ll never know.

4. Sleeper T-Shirt + fialova-art

Sleeper T-Shirt Artwork Designed By fialova-art At Redbubble.

The giant sleeper rests over the house. This mythical creature appears to be a guardian, watching over you while you rest.

5. Hypercream Graphic T-Shirt + eugenialoli

Hypercream Graphic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By eugenialoli At Redbubble.

Planet Earth rests upon your ice cream cone, melting out of the sides. The world is in your hands. It’s up to you to decide what to do with that destiny.

Retro and Vintage T-Shirt Designs

Who doesn’t love vintage t-shirt design ideas that transport you back to a time and place long gone? Depending on how old you are, you might travel back to a memory of your own. 

Let’s take a look at these retro and vintage t-shirt designs. 

6. 80s Pop Retro Pattern T-Shirt + mikath

80s Pop Retro Pattern T-Shirt Designed By mikath At Redbubble

This design looks like it jumped right out of an episode of Saved By The Bell. Please tell me you’ve seen Saved By The Bell! A blast from the past with this 80s, blending with the 90s pop t-shirt pattern. 

7. Bohemian Pink Room T-Shirt + SunLee Art

Bohemian Pink Room T-Shirt Designed By SunLee Art At Redbubble

Let’s take it back a bit further with this vintage-y yet contemporary bohemian chic design. A woman sits on a mustard yellow armchair with a playful cheetah beneath her and some sprigs of green in the back. 

8. Vintage Kitsch Blue #midcentury Triblend T-Shirt + susycosta

Vintage Kitch Blue Triblend T-Shirt Artwork Designed By susycosta At Redbubble

Nothing quite says Summer Vacation like an adorable vintage camper right out of the movies. This playful t-shirt design idea comes with plastic flamingos and surfboards to boot. 

9. Lady In A Flower Classic T-Shirt + Audrey Herbertson

Lady In A Flower Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Audrey Herbertson at Redbubble

Lady In A Flower uses more psychedelic colors that speak a bit to the beauty and weirdness of Alice In Wonderland, where nothing and everything makes sense depending on how you look at it. 

10. Cosmic Mermaid Sleeveless Top + goldendazeart

Cosmic Mermaid Sleeveless Top Artwork Designed By goldendazeart At Redbubble

Dress like a goddess in this cosmic mermaid that flashes back to a time full of love, peace signs, and skinny dipping under the stars. 

Funny T-Shirt Designs

Most people love a laugh, and if your clothing can bring a smile to someone’s face (because of the joke), you’re already winning. Check out these five funny t-shirt design ideas that will make you chuckle. 

11. Funny Lemon Pun – Squeeze The Day Classic T-Shirt + sugarhai

Funny Lemon Pun – Squeeze The Day Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By sugarhai At Redbubble

Each day is an opportunity to “squeeze the day!” with this adorable rainbow lemon t-shirt design — perfect for everyday wear. 

12. Gravity Studies Classic T-Shirt + Anna-Maria Jung

Gravity Studies Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Anna-Maria Jung At Redbubble

f you’re a cat lover, you need this shirt. Dr. Meow Institute For Gravity Research. We’ve all seen the cat videos of those little tricksters knocking things to the ground.  

H3: 13. Embrace Classic T-Shirt + j3concepts

Embrace Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By j3concepts At Redbubble

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s to “embrace the existential dread.” Who knows what our purpose here is. What we do know is that you need this funny t-shirt design idea. 

14. JGG Error Classic T-Shirt + Gamma-Ray

JGG Error Artwork Designed By Gamma-Ray At Redbubble

Who doesn’t need a little more irony in their life? Take this t-shirt, for instance. It appears there is an error, and this graphic tee image won’t load!

15. Assume The Fetal Position T-Shirt + Steven Rhodes

Assume The Fetal Position Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Steven Rhodes At Redbubble

Again, this has been a wild year for lots of people. One of our most-used coping mechanisms is definitely the fetal position. What’s yours?

Cute T-Shirt Designs

Are you looking for cute t-shirt design ideas that make you or your friends (or random strangers in the grocery store) say “awwwwww?” Well, we’ve got some t-shirt design ideas in store for you! 

16. Hey You! Nature Is Calling + dmitriylo

Hey You! Nature Is Calling Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By dmitriylo At Redbubble

Hey you! Nature is calling. Didn’t you hear? If you needed the reminder, these sweet, smiling mountains and sunshine would tell everyone that you love the great outdoors. 

17. Kawaii Pickle Classic T-Shirt + pai-thagoras

Kawaii Pickle Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By pai-thagoras At Redbubble

I’ve got a pickle. I’ve got a pickle. I’ve got a pickle to-day-hey-hey (From The Little Rascals, in case you’re too young). This cute kawaii-style pickle shirt is sure to light up your day — a fun and playful way to show up in life. 

18. Another Quiet Spot + littleclyde

Another Quiet Spot Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By littleclyde At Redbubble

This cute t-shirt design idea is on the more serious side. Seriously cute and serious about friendship and connection. Two little creatures, one definitely a bunny rabbit, are reading together under the trees. 

19. Dog And Cats Cycling T-Shirt + surfingsloth

Dog And Cats Cycling Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By surfingsloth At Redbubble

Cyclists and animal lovers will adore this dog and cats cycling t-shirt design that is cute, whimsical, and perfect for dressing up or dress down. 

20. Forever and Always (peach-faced lovebird) Classic T-Shirt +kiriska

Forever and Always (peach-faced lovebird) Classic T-Shirt Designed and sold by kiriska At Redbubble

These two lovebirds can’t resist cuddling which is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Spread a little love like these two and make the world a better place.

Music T-Shirt Designs

If you’re looking for music t-shirt designs that can represent your love for sound, we’ve got you, boo. Check out these five music-inspired t-shirt design ideas below. 

21. Bad Apple Classic T-Shirt + weoos02

Bad Apple Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By weoos02 At Redbubble

That “bad apple” sure knows how it’s done — with the swagger, the look, and the instrument to make anyone swoon. 

22. Only Music Can Save Us Classic T-Shirt + TheLoveShop

Only Music Can Save Us Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By TheLoveShop At Redbubble

Do you agree or disagree: Only Music Can Save Us? We tend to agree. Art perseveres in troubled times. 

23. Heavens Music Graphic T-Shirt + Florent Bodart

Heavens Music Graphic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Florent Bodart At Redbubble

A group of musical instrument constellations will have you looking stylish and creative all in one t-shirt. The black background makes for a subtle yet edgy visual effect. 

24. Black Metal Gnome T-Shirt + Alex Red

Black Metal Gnome T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Alex Red At Redbubble

The Black Metal Gnome is fierce and in it. This t-shirt design idea is for those hardcore music lovers who have a whimsical dark side to them. 

25. Killer Tune Classic T-Shirt + buko

Killer Tune Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By buko At Redbubble

A little bit goth, a little bit piano, a whole lot of energy. This Killer Tune t-shirt design features piano music taking the shape of a skull. How cool is that?

Anti-Sports T-Shirt Designs

Do you roll your eyes when your friends or lovers start talking about sports? Or maybe you love sports, and also like to poke fun at the things you love. We’ve got some fun anti-sports t-shirt designs that you’ll love. 

26. Super Ultra Mega March Madness Tri-blend T-Shirt + BeanePod

Super Ultra Mega March Madness Shirt, Yeah! Tri-blend T-shirt Artwork Designed By BeanePod At Redbubble

You’ll love these basketball t-shirt designs if you’re a die-hard March Madness lover. And if you’re not, you’re friends will get a chuckle out of the enthusiasm (and slight sarcasm) of this t-shirt. 

27. Exercise Your Demons Classic T-Shirt + DinoMike

Exercise Your Demons T-Shirt Artwork Designed By DinoMike At Redbubble

This Exercise Your Demons t-shirt goes out to all of those cool cats who find the metaphor in everything. If you’d rather exercise your demons than your body, you might love this one. 

28. Undead Lift Classic T-Shirt + louros

Undead Lift Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By louros At Redbubble

Gotta get those brains, I mean, gains with this undead lift classic t-shirt. Shout out to the zombie-loving humans with this exercise t-shirt design idea.

29. Wine And Yoga Classic T-Shirt + badbasilisk

Wine and Yoga Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By badbasilisk At Redbubble

Do you love your yoga, but love your wine even more? Combine the two in this funny and gorgeous yoga t-shirt design idea. 

30. Yay Sports T-Shirt + Amanda Arneill

Yay Sports T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Amanda Arneill At Redbubble.

Playfully show your support for the next sports event you attend. You can wear this “yay sports!” t-shirt design for a little dose of detached enthusiasm while also getting a laugh from your friends. 

Animal T-Shirt Designs

Are you even human if you don’t love animals? We suppose you are. For all the animal lovers out there, we’ve got the best animal t-shirt design ideas right here. 

31. Fluffin’ Meowogical T-Shirt + Hillary White

Fluffin’ Meowgical Classic T-shirt Design Artwork Designed By Hillary White At Redbubble 

Never forget you’re a fluffin’ meowgical human! This flying rainbow unikitty t-shirt design will sprinkle a little fairy dust over your day. 

32. Fat Lil Toad Wizard Classic T-Shirt + Ryann Bailey Wawro

Fat Lil Toad Wizard Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Ryann Bailey Wawro At Redbubble

The fat little toad wizard is adorable and whimsical — a playful t-shirt design idea for everyone. 

33. Seagulls On The Shore Classic T-Shirt + Gareth Lucas

Seagulls On The Shore Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Gareth Lucas At Redbubble

Seagulls on the shore are exactly as they sound. If you’ve ever watched Finding Nemo, perhaps you hear “mine” as you look into the eyes of these cute rats with wings.  

34. Not Sorry (green) Classic T-Shirt + kiriska

Not Sorry Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By kiriska At Redbubble

Are you one of those people who apologize too much? If so, “Not Sorry” is the shirt for you. This cute parrot will remind you to take up space. 

35. Oct’island Classic T-Shirt + HypathieAswang

Oct’island Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By HypathieAswang At Redbubble

This octopus island flows seamlessly with the classic Tee, offering you a playful, creative, and fantastical experience right on your shirt. 

Movie T-Shirt Designs

All the movie buffs gather ‘round. We’ve collected some of our favorite movie t-shirt design ideas — whether it’s a cinematic shot or your favorite snack at the theater. 

36. Exit #1 Premium T-Shirt + MaksymChelm

Exit #1 Premium T-Shirt Artwork Designed By MaksymChelm At Redbubble

For some reason, EXIT signs bring on a bit of nostalgia for movie theaters. Maybe that’s because the pre-credits begin with the roller coaster ride through popping popcorn and end by telling you to silence your cell phone and be aware of the EXIT signs. 

37. Fast Food Softdrink + Daniel Coulmann

Fast Food Softdrink T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Daniel Coulmann At Redbubble

A retro t-shirt design idea combines with our favorite movie theater accouterment — soda! 

38. Stack Of Old VHS Tapes + sundrystudio

Stack Of Old VHS Tapes Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By sundrystudio At Redbubble

Does anyone still have old VHS tucked away in boxes in your house? Perhaps, you plan to watch them someday or have fond memories watching them. It’s amazing how much technology has changed in so little time. 

39. Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo + MonoMagic

Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo T-Shirt Artwork Designed By MonoMagic At Redbubble

For all the Alfred Hitchcock lovers out there, we’ve got some movie t-shirt design ideas for you, like this Vertigo artwork. 

40. Neon Noir Street T-Shirt + TokyoLuv

Neon Noir Street Reflecting Premium T-Shirt Artwork Designed By TokyoLuv At Redbubble

This vibrant night scene is reminiscent of many classic movies. Set in the streets of Tokyo, you’ll look cool, edgy, and definitely artsy in this dark and moody t-shirt design. 

Gamer T-Shirt Designs

Are you looking for cool t-shirts to wear while live streaming your favorite games? We’ve found some fun, out-of-this-world, and creative gamer t-shirt design ideas for you below. 

41. Stellar Classic T-Shirt + badOdds

Stellar Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By badOdds At Redbubble

A trendy human wears some galactic headphones while looking too cool for school. 

42. Goldfish Headphones + SeerStuff

Goldfish Headphones T-Shirt Artwork Designed By SeerStuff At Redbubble

It’s too bad these headphones aren’t real. How cool would it be if the headphones contain a tiny aquarium to cover each ear? 

43. Galaxies Classic T-Shirt + Elentori 

Galaxies Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Elentori At Redbubble

Travel to far-off lands in this gamer t-shirt. Have the stars become the ocean, or has the sea floated off into the sky? You get to decide your own path. 

44. One With The Pack T-Shirt + KuuraKoskinen

One With The Pack T-Shirt Artwork Designed By KuuraKoskinen At Redbubble 

The forest appears to have become a pack of wolves that have become smoke. Fantasy ignites our imagination, and with the click of a button, we’re transported to another place. 

45. Feelings Classic T-Shirt + meandthemoon

Feelings Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By meandthemoon At Redbubble

If you’re a gamer, you likely have lots of emotions passing through your mind depending on what you’re doing. If you’re deep in your feels a lot, you’re gonna love this “ I just have a lot of feelings ok” t-shirt design that is trendy and also funny because it’s true. 

Holiday T-Shirt Designs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, these aren’t all about Christmas t-shirt designs, but you can definitely find them along with some of our favorite Halloween t-shirt designs. Check ‘em out below.

46. Witch And The Magic Foxes Classic T-Shirt + freeminds

Witch And The Magic Foxes Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By freeminds At Redbubble

You’ve got to get your hands on the most adorable witch and her magic foxes t-shirt. This would be a staple regardless of it being Halloween or not. 

47. Floral Mortis Classic T-Shirt + Lady Morgan

Floral Mortis T-Shirt Artwork Designed By LadyMorgan At Redbubble

This floral Mortis piece exudes spooky Halloween or Day Of The Dead vibes with a touch of elegance as the flowers pour out of the skull. 

48. Rude-olph The Reindeer Classic T-Shirt + DinoMike

Rude-olph The Reindeer T-Shirt Artwork Designed By DinoMike At Redbubble.

How rude, Rudolph! This playful and silly Christmas t-shirt design might get a few chuckles, depending on your audience. 

49. Merry Christmess Graphic T-Shirt + Teo Zirinis

Merry Christmess T-Shirt Artwork Designed By Teo Zirinis At Redbubble

This fun pixelated Christmas pattern is a delight to the senses (depending on who you ask). Dress it up or down for the perfect Christmas party outfit. 

50. Cute Easter Bunny Classic T-Shirt + happyfruits

Cute Easter Bunny Classic T-Shirt Artwork Designed By happyfruits At Redbubble

And after all of that holiday play and t-shirt designs galore, the Easter Bunny is ready to hop on into some more holiday clothing ideas below. Hoppy shopping! 

We hope you’ve found at least one (or 50!) t-shirt design ideas that get you excited, or at minimum, bring a smile to your face. If you need some more inspiration for ugly Christmas sweaters or perhaps some other t-shirt designs, Redbubble has you

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