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84 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Any Budget


It happens every year: Just when you think you’ve wrapped all the gifts, you realize you aren’t quite finished. You forgot something to put in everyone’s stocking! Coming up with fun stocking stuffer ideas that are both something the recipient loves and responsibly made can be a challenge.

Redbubble has everything under control for you, so there’s no need to panic this year. No matter who you’re buying for, you’ll find an artist who has the same passions and created unique artwork in a variety of styles with it in mind. Plus, every product in our marketplace is socially responsible thanks to print-on-demand. So explore our list of stocking stuffers below to find the perfect gift to slip in every stocking.

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men 

Men often seem like they have everything under control, so it can be hard to find good stocking stuffers for him. Read on to find simple ways to show the men in your life you care.

1. For the Man Who Loves a Good Pun: Mullet Over iPhone Case

Beige phone case with an illustration of a man with a beard and a mullet with the text “I need to mullet over”

Mullet Over iPhone Case designed and sold by louros

There’s a unique male sense of humor that is so common it has its own name: the dad joke. If you know a guy who can’t pass up a so-bad-it’s-good pun, this phone case will make him chuckle.

2. For the Absent-Minded Man: Key Finder

If you know a guy who is of the absent-minded professor variety, do him a favor and get him a key finder. There are lots of different Bluetooth options on the market, and they can be attached to more than just keys to keep him organized.

3. For the Sports-Avoidant Man:  Football Thoughts Cap

man wearing a navy baseball cap with an illustration of a smiling football and the text “I don’t care”

Football Thoughts Cap designed and sold by vonplatypus

Though you wouldn’t know it when the game’s on at the local bar or there’s a home game in your town, there are plenty of men out there who just aren’t that into sports. Help them blend in on game day with this football thoughts cap.

4. For the Handyman: Multi-Tool

A lot of guys love tools, especially ones that do multiple jobs. The convenience! The ingenuity! An especially good stocking stuffer for anyone who does a lot of home projects, it can cut time looking for tools in half and get the job finished faster so he can take a nap or watch the game.

5. For the Anime Loving Guy: No Anime Don’t Care Acrylic Block

a purple acrylic block with the text “If it isn’t anime, video games, or food I don’t care” on a wooden shelf

No Anime Don’t Care Acrylic Block designed and sold by machmigo

No matter what anime they’re into, all anime fans have one thing in common: they are incredibly passionate. The anime fan in your life will love displaying this acrylic block on their desk at work as a conversation starter with other anime fans.

6. For the Bearded Dude: A Beard Grooming Kit

Beards are in, so help him keep his looking good with a new beard grooming kit. Whether he’s just starting his beard journey or you’ve never seen his chin, he’ll appreciate new tools, conditioners, and oils to keep his facial hair looking its best.

7. For the Musician: Only Music Can Save Us! Coffee Mug

A white coffee mug with the text “Only music can save us”

Only Music Can Save Us! Coffee Mug designed and sold by TheLoveShop

Music unites us in a way few things can these days. Whether your guy blasts a beat in the car stereo that shakes the windows, tickles the ivories, or is utterly tone-deaf, if he’s a music fan, he’ll appreciate this coffee mug.

8. For the Guy with Smelly Feet: Sneaker Balls

He works so hard, so you don’t want to gripe when he puts his feet up at the end of a long day, but he’s got a bit of a shoe odor issue. Solve it for him with a few sneaker balls he can tuck discreetly in his shoes after work or the gym. It’s a gift not just for him, but for the entire family!

9. For the Outdoorsy Guy: Today Is a Good Day to Explore Sticker

a water bottle with a sticker that says “Today is a good day to explore”

Today Is a Good Day to Explore Sticker designed and sold by skitchism

Exploring the wilderness is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life. This sticker celebrates the joy of being outdoors with no cell service to escape into the arms of nature. 

10. For the Man Who Loves Coffee: Dead Inside But Caffeinated Coffee Mug

a coffee mug with an illustration with a skeleton drinking coffee and the text “Dead inside but caffeinated”

Dead Inside But Caffeinated Mug designed and sold by Jess Adams

Some guys like their subtle-noted artisanal coffees with fancy creamers while others prefer theirs to be just this side of diesel fuel. We won’t judge, but either way, it will taste better coming out of this coffee mug.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

Finding stocking stuffings for her isn’t always easy, especially when you ask her what she wants and she responds with this classic line: “I have you so I have everything I need in life.” Don’t fall for it — give her one of these gifts to show her how much you appreciate everything she does for you.

11. For the Wine Loving Woman: Winelates Coasters

four white coasters with an illustration of a woman on a couch pouring wine into a wine glass with her foot and the text “Winelates: my kind of workout”

Winelates Coasters (Set of 4) designed and sold by badbasilisk

Women today lead crazy lives, so why choose between working out and having a glass of wine on those tough days? This coaster lets you do both, which is why it makes a great stocking stuffer for the busy wine lover in your life.

12. For the Gal Who Needs a Spa Day: Face, Hand, or Foot Masks

Help her relax with an at-home face, hand, or foot mask — or maybe all three because life is rough! Plus, a mask gives her the perfect excuse to lock herself in the bathroom for some peace and quiet. For bonus points, add a voucher for free babysitting or chore completion so she can take the time guilt-free!

13. For the Feminist Mom: Feminist Mom Coffee Mug

A white coffee mug with flowers and a banner that says “feminist mom”

Feminist Mom Coffee Mug designed and sold by fabfeminist

Being a mom is hard work. Let her know she’s doing a great job raising kids who know the future is female with a feminist mom coffee mug. She’ll appreciate the reminder as she drinks her coffee before running everyone to school. 

14. For the Lady Who Loves Aromatherapy: Candles in Her Favorite Scents

Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while listening to some soothing music and inhaling aromatic scents. Pick up a candle for her in her favorite scent, or opt for something relaxing like lavender. 

15. For the Green Thumb: Sorry, I Have Plants Tonight Magnet

a magnet with potted plants surrounding the text “Sorry, I have plants tonight”

Sorry, I Have Plants Tonight Magnet designed and sold by kacin

There’s more than one way to be a mom. The introverted plant moms in your life will appreciate this magnet for giving her an excuse to skip out on the night out so she can water her plants.

16. For the Sentimental Woman: A Family Portrait

A family portrait makes a great stocking stuff idea, especially if the kids are older and it’s hard to get everyone together in one place. Place a homemade invitation to a portrait session with the entire family in her stocking and watch her smile when she reads it on Christmas morning.

17. For the Hiker: Runaway Pin

a navy pin with illustrations of mountains and the woods with the text “The Runaway Club: Take a hike”

Runaway Pin designed and sold by Mary Scarlett LeBerge

Sometimes you just need to escape the real world and run away to the wilderness. Help her find other hikers and leave wifi and cell phone signals behind with this runaway pin.

18. For the Busy Mom: Coffee Mug Warmer

Moms probably need coffee more than the average human to keep up with their Wonder Woman-level to-do lists. Unfortunately, that same to-do list probably means she can’t drink it all in one sitting, and there’s nothing more disappointing than cold coffee. Help her stay caffeinated all day long with a coffee mug warmer. 

19. For the Woman Who Loves to Travel: Mentally Somewhere Else Spiral Notebook

A photograph of a vintage woman sitting on the wings of an airplane reading a book while the plane is in air

Mentally Somewhere Else Spiral Notebook designed and sold by Maarten Leon

Traveling can be overwhelming, but journaling can help you remember every detail. Give the traveler in your life this beautiful journal to keep track of everything she sees, hears, smells, and tastes on her next trip.

20. For the Caffeinated Woman: First I Drink the Coffee Acrylic Block

a black acrylic block with the text “First I drink the coffee then I do the things”

FIrst I Drink the Coffee Acrylic Block designed and sold by EduEly

Women can’t be the superhumans they are without some sort of fuel. For the woman whose kids know not to say a word until she’s had a cup of coffee, this acrylic block is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids 

The key to a successful kids’ stocking is to provide a mix of the practical stuff you buy for them anyway and a few fun items. Here are some ideas to get you started.

21. For the Kind Kid: Be a Nice Human Kids T-Shirt

a white short-sleeve t-shirt with the text “be a nice human”

Be a Nice Human – in Black Kids T-Shirt designed and sold by noviajonatan

Our world needs kinder humans more than anything else. For the kid in your life who goes out of their way to be kind, tuck this shirt in their stocking this year.

22. For the Sweet Tooth: Their Favorite Candy

Continuing with the edible theme, candy is always a great stocking stuffer idea for kids, especially if your house limits access to candy. Place their favorite candy in the stocking, or purchase a special holiday-themed candy instead since, face it, we all love M&Ms, but we can agree that the classic red and green Christmas mix just hits differently every season.

23. For the Wild Child: Wild at Heart x Black and White Baby One-Piece

A black onesie with the white text that says “Wild at heart”

Wild at Heart x Black and White Baby One-Piece designed and sold by Leah Flores

Don’t think toys are the only things you can toss in a baby’s stocking! They need plenty of onesies considering how many they go through in a day. The free-spirited baby will love this wild at heart onesie, and their parents will appreciate one more outfit to last them until laundry day.

24. For the Artist: Crayons and a Coloring Book

Encourage your kids to develop their inner Van Goghs (without the ear-cutting-off part, of course) by sticking a box of crayons and a coloring book in there. Plus, you’ll have a throwback moment to when you were thrilled to get the jumbo box of crayons as a kid, and you wouldn’t want to deprive your kid of that experience.

25. For the Dino Lover: Dinos Spiral Notebook

A spiral notebook with illustrations of dinosaurs on the cover

Dinos Spiral Notebook designed and sold by Fabio Rex

Engage their imagination with this dino-inspired spiral notebook. They can write their own stories about dinosaurs or use it for their sticker collection.

26. For the Accident-Prone: Bandages with Their Favorite Characters

Bandages with your kids’ favorite characters are something you buy regularly throughout the year, so it’s a practical gift. Plus, odds are good someone’s going to need one by the end of the day, even if it’s just Mom or Dad as they try to get the toys out of the extra-secure packaging they come in these days.

27. For the Tiny Fashion Diva: Fashion Diva Cat Zipper Pouch

A purple zipper pouch with an illustration of a cat wearing oversize sunglasses and the text “It’s called fashion”

Fashion Diva Cat Zipper Pouch designed and sold by Gabi Toma

Have you tried to tell a two-year-old the outfit they picked out doesn’t match? If you have, you know there’s something about toddler fashion you don’t understand. This fashion dive zipper pouch is the perfect place to store those tiny hair accessories or costume jewelry to complete the look she creates.

28. For the Adventurous: Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are magic. Add a little water, and suddenly there’s a design on your skin. Add some more water and some time, and it washes away like magic. Order some temporary tattoos in your kid’s favorite characters and prepare to amaze them!

29. For the Dog Lover: Fairy Pug Sticker

A water bottle with a sticker of an illustration of a pug wearing a witch’s hat and a tutu and carrying a magic wand

Fairy Pug Sticker designed and sold by TaylorRoss1

This sticker combines two of children’s favorite things — cute dogs and magical fairy godmothers — in one adorable design. Makes a perfect addition to products like lunch boxes so kids can distinguish which one is theirs without using name labels.

30. For the Picky Eater: Fresh Fruit

While there’s some debate about exactly why people started hiding oranges in stockings, people have been doing it for generations. There’s no reason to stick to the traditional orange if your picky eater prefers bananas or apples. Tuck that fruit in the stocking in the hope that something nutritious makes it into their bodies on Christmas Day (and maybe display the bowl of fruit on the counter just in case). If they don’t like it, it’s a great time for a lesson in “it’s the thought that counts.”

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Tweens

Tweens are walking the line between childhood and their teenage years. More than ever, it seems they want to grow up fast while they can’t quite give up their childhood just yet. These gifts will help them keep a foot in both age groups.

31. For the Future Scientist: Science: It’s Like Magic But Real Pin

A blue button with the text “Science: It’s like magic but real” and an atom symbol

Science: It’s Like Magic But Real Pin designed and sold by BootsBoots

Have a kid who is constantly experimenting to see what happens when they combine two things? This STEM-inspired tongue-in-cheek pin is a perfect accessory for their book bag filled with library books.

32. For the Unable-to-Sit-Still: A Fidget Toy

With the rise of anxiety and attention issues in today’s kids, fidget toys are a great resource for kids to expend some extra energy without disrupting others. There are seemingly a million different types of fidgets available ranging from poppers to spinners to rings.

33. For the Dragon Fan: Devourer of the Stars Zipper Pouch

A zipper pouch with an illustration of a red, yellow, and orange dragon

Devourer of the Stars Zipper Pouch designed and sold by drachenmagier

Some kids live in fantasy worlds, and we can’t say we blame them. If your tween loves dragons and all their magic, this zipper pouch is perfect for holding all their writing utensils during school. 

34. For the Jokesters: Joke Books

We can all use an excuse to laugh these days. Get your future stand-up comedian a joke book so they can start honing their act now.

35. For the Loud Gamer: Gamer Warning iPhone Case

A black phone case with a bright yellow warning side with the text “Warning: May yell at video games”

Gamer Warning iPhone Case designed and sold by buzatron

If your tween yells a lot when they play video games, get yourself a set of noise-canceling headphones and give them this iPhone case. Then maybe the next time they’re playing a game on their phone and randomly start yelling at it, bystanders will know they aren’t yelling at nothing.

36. For the Nail Artist: Nail Polish

Celebrities like Harry Styles are proof that nail polish isn’t just for girls anymore. Its compact size and inexpensive price tag make it the perfect stocking stuffer year after year. Replace their favorite color with a new bottle, or push them outside their comfort zone with an out-of-the-box shade.H3:

37. For the Outdoor Reader: Outdoor Book Readers Club Logo Cap

A woman wearing a navy hat with a logo of a tent made from an open book and the text “Outdoor readers club”

Outdoor Book Readers Club Logo Cap designed and sold by cabinsupplyco

If you’ve ever told your tween to put down their book to go outside, only to catch them later sitting under a tree reading, this cap is just the thing for them. 

38. For the New Phone Owner: Phone Rings

These little gadgets serve a variety of purposes, but perhaps the biggest for a tween with a new phone is a more secure grip. Sure, phone cases are great at protecting the phone if it falls, but a phone ring can help your teen not drop the phone in the first place!

39. For the Breakfast Fan: To Breakfast Acrylic Block

A maroon acrylic block with an illustration of a tank made from waffles, eggs, and bacon with the text “To breakfast!”

To Breakfast Acrylic Block designed and sold by Teo Zirinis

Breakfast technically only happens in the morning, but who says you can only eat breakfast food in the morning? Anyone who loves pancakes for dinner and cereal for a late-night snack will appreciate this acrylic block.

40. For a Future Baker: This Is How I Roll Water Bottle

White metal water bottle with an illustration of a rolling pin and the text “This is how I roll” on a banner

This Is How I Roll Water Bottle designed and sold by Sam Spencer

All the cooking shows out there make it easy for our future bakers to start small. If you’ve got a young baker perfecting their bakes in your kitchen, this reusable water bottle with a baking pun is sure to help them find other fellow bakers-in-training at school and on the soccer field.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens

Teens are always grateful for gift cards (especially for food or gas), but it’s nice to get something more personal in your stocking on Christmas morning. Check out these recommendations for the teen in your life!

41. For the Trendsetter: Heart.png iPhone Case

A turquoise phone case with an illustration of a tiger, a wave, and 90s technology and the text “Look through my heart”

Heart.png iPhone Case designed and sold by rjartworks

Help your trendy teen spread love for all with this colorful iPhone case. Its unique design means they won’t get their phone mixed up with a classmate at lunch or a teammate on the field while they rock the Y2K aesthetic.

42. For the Makeup Artist: Makeup & Makeup Brushes

With the advent of the YouTube makeup tutorial, the cheap makeup and poor-quality tools we all used in middle school are no more. Most teens can contour and blend better than the average adult who’s been wearing makeup for decades. Fill their stocking with trial sizes and professional brushes to help them develop their art.

43. For the Socially Conscious: Use Your Voice Lettering with Flowers Pin

A black button with illustrated flowers and the text “Use your voice”

Use Your Voice Lettering with Flowers Pin designed and sold by juliealex

People start to become more aware of the world as teenagers, which often coincides with a new-found sense of agency and a desire to change the world for the better. Your socially conscious teen will love sporting this subtle activist pin on their tote bag at school.

44. For the Tough on Cords: Cord Cable Protector

We’ve all seen a teen pull a charger out of a device by the cord rather than the base. Save the cords from damaging tech faux pas with cord cable protectors that take the stress off the connection while looking cute.

45. For the Ally: Rainbow Heart Sticker

A gray water bottle with a sticker of a heart with a rainbow pattern

Rainbow Heart Sticker designed and sold by Varvara Gorbash

Gen Z understands the power of being an ally. Put this sticker in your teen’s stocking this year so they can show their community they are a proud ally or member of the LGBTQIA+ community. After all, love always wins.

46. For the Anxious: Aromatherapy Essential Oils

High school is stressful. They’re balancing a demanding school load, learning to drive, worrying about college applications, and getting their first job. An aromatherapy diffuser makes a great gift, and the corresponding essential oils make a great stocking stuffer, giving you two ideas in one!

47. For the Metal Head: Positive Metal Attitude Coffee Mug

A black coffee mug with a skull giving a thumbs up and the text “Positive metal attitude”

Positive Metal Attitude Coffee Mug designed and sold by Yipptee Shirts

Have a teen who is always playing their metal music at 11 while also exuding positivity (at least some of the time; they are a teenager)? This coffee mug makes the perfect morning accessory even if their coffee is mostly milk and sugar at this point.

48. For the Stranger Things Fan: Stranger Things 4 Hellfire Club Logo Essential T-shirt

A man wearing a heathered gray t-shirt with the Stranger Things Hellfire Club logo

Stranger Things 4 Hellfire Club Logo Essential T-shirt designed and sold by FifthSun

If your teen is an honorary member of the Hellfire Club, roll this t-shirt up and stuff it in their stocking this year. Perfect for the teenage fan looking for a way to support their favorite show without making it obvious. 

49. For the Teen Artist: Don’t Even Gogh There Hardcover Journal

A navy journal with an illustration of Victor Van Gogh and the text “Don’t even gogh there”

Don’t Even Gogh There Hardcover Journal designed and sold by Yipptee Shirts

Your teen may tell you you’re jokes or corny, but inwardly they’re delighted. This hardcover journal will tickle their funny bone and is just wry enough to be cool.

50. For the New Age Teen: Colour Terra-Crystals Sticker

A water bottle with a striker of an illustration of three crystals and plants

Colour Terra-Crystals Sticker designed and sold by Dollywitch

Being a teenager is confusing, overwhelming, and emotionally draining. Help your teen find balance with this New Age sticker. And maybe get one for your own stocking, too. I mean, it can’t hurt to try.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Techies 

Gifts for techies can quickly break your gifting budget, but these stocking stuffers are the perfect price. Just make sure you know what devices they have before you buy!

51. For the Old School Email Inbox Fan: “_inbox” Sticker

A gray water bottle with a sticker of an illustration of a vintage email icon

“_inbox” Sticker designed and sold by gaiabots

If you remember that obnoxious dial-up screech from childhood, chances are you probably remember the old-school email inbox graphics. Since everything 2000s is in again, this sticker makes a great gift for any Millennial wishing for the good old days before everyone was allowed on Facebook.

52. For the Cord Loser: Chargers

Everyone can always use an extra charger to hide around the house or to replace the latest one chewed up by the cat. Now might be a good time to upgrade their traditional cord chargers with wireless docking stations, too!

53. For the Computer Builder: Motherboard Phone Case

A cream-colored cell phone case with an illustration of a computer’s motherboard

Motherboard iPhone Case designed and sold by fabric8

Some people can barely figure out how to turn a computer on, let alone know what it looks like inside. Others think assembling a computer is a fun pastime. This sticker is for those nerds — er, we totally mean geniuses. Please don’t mess up our computer. 

54. For the Cord Tangler: Cord Organizer

One of the circles of hell surely consists of untangling charger or earbud cords for the rest of time. Keep your loved ones from experiencing this unique form of modern torture by tucking a cord organizer in their stocking this year. 

55. For the Coder: Code Mandala – HTML Mouse Pad

A navy mousepad with a mandala created from HTML code

Code Mandala – HTML Mouse Pad designed and sold by charline-m

If something happened to all the coders in the world, the entire world would crash and burn in less than 24 hours. Keep your coding friends focused and spiritually one with their computer with a code mandala mouse pad in their stocking.

56. For the Neat-Freak: Screen Wipes

We all know our phones are gross, but how often do we clean them? Everyone with a cell phone needs a package of these babies to disinfect their phones and work screens periodically, especially in the age of evolving COVID-19 variants.

57. For the Retro Music Fan: Shatter Me Coaster Set

Four white coasters with an illustration of a shattered multi-colored CD and the text “Shatter me”

Shatter Me Coaster (Set of 4) designed and sold by Bethany Dobson

Kids these days have it so easy, carrying around all their music on a single device. These coasters make a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list who remembers carrying around binders of CDs everywhere.

58. For the Gadget Guru: Smart Home Plugs

If your techie is into the smart home concept, consider buying some of their preferred smart home brand plugs. They’ll be able to control lights and other electronics from their phone, which means no more getting off the couch to turn on the lamp in the evening.

59. For the Retro Gadget Collector: Not Old, Retro Bucket Hat

A beige bucket hat with an illustration of a vintage TV and VCR with the text “Not old, retro”

Not Old, Retro Bucket Hat designed and sold by Porky Roebuck

Technology seems to change at the speed of light these days, and nothing identifies you as old faster than an out-of-date gadget. Anyone still rocking an iPhone 8 or a DVD player will love this bucket hat.

60. For the Always Undercharged: Portable Battery

There are few things worse than being in the middle of streaming a great show and the battery dying. Save your loved ones from dead-battery-induced cliffhangers with a portable battery or power bank. It’s the perfect size for a stocking!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Gamers

At first glance, a gamer may seem daunting to buy for, especially if you don’t play video games yourself. In reality, once you find out their favorite game, you’re more than halfway to the perfect stocking stuffer for gamers.

61. For the Dragon Whisper: The Lake Guardian Coasters

Four coasters with an illustration of a dragon in a lake looking at a woman in a boat

The Lake Guardian Coasters (Set of 4) designed and sold by radissonclaire

Dragons are majestic creatures, and they hold a lofty place in fantasy lore. This set of coasters will keep their furniture clean of those annoying water rings while they’re riding or slaying dragons.

62. For the Headache Prone: Blue-Light Glasses

Blue-light glasses exploded in popularity during the pandemic for good reason! By filtering out blue light from electronics, they protect the wearer’s eyes from strain and drying out. Give your gamer friends the gift of extended playing time with blue-light glasses to keep those headaches at bay.

63. For the Undead Battler: Enjoying the Snow Spiral Notebook

A spiral notebook with an illustration of a zombie soldier sticking his tongue out to catch snowflakes

Enjoying the Snow Spiral Notebook designed and sold by Stefan Koidi

Zombies don’t have to keep warm to stay alive, so of course they’d enjoy catching snowflakes on their tongues (or what’s left of them, anyway) mid-battle. Gamers who battle the undead will appreciate the subtle humor of this spiral notebook. 

64. For the Roleplayer: Roleplaying Dice

Every self-respecting roleplaying gamer has their own set of dice, and the more personalized it is, the better. Many are handmade, and you can purchase carrying cases or bags as well. 

65. For the Alternate Reality Fan: Reality Pin

A pin with an illustration of a woman in ragged clothes and wearing VR goggles  sitting in the corner of a dilapidated room

Reality Pin designed and sold by Eran Fowler

In an alternate reality, you can be whoever you want, wherever you want, so it’s no wonder some people would rather spend all their time in their AR rig. This pin will help AR players find other AR fans IRL.

66. For the Communicator: Gaming Headset

Yes, they can be expensive, but gaming headsets are a gamer’s best friend. They help block sounds of day-to-day life to help a gamer focus, provide immersive sound without blasting your TV and annoying everyone around them, and they allow the gamer to communicate with whoever they’re playing with. Tuck a new pair in a stocking and say your goodbyes, because you won’t see your gamer again for a while since they’ll be immersed in video game land.

67. For the Borderlands Fan: Borderlands 3 – Tentacles Vault Logo Acrylic Block

A white acrylic block with an illustration of the Vault logo from the video game Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 – Tentacles Vault Logo Acrylic Block designed and sold by AmitKilo

Sometimes the best gifts for fans aren’t the ones that scream “I’m a fan of *insert game/show/band here*.” No, the best gifts are the IYKYK kind of gifts — a symbol from a video game, a quote from a TV show, or an inside joke from a movie. This acrylic block of the Vault logo will help true fans discover each other during Zoom calls or dorm room study sessions.

68. For the Desktop Gamer: Wrist Rest

Prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome with a wrist rest for the gamer in your life. 

69. For the Midnight Gamer: Ocean Laptop Sticker

A gray water bottle with a sticker of an illustration of a laptop screen with the text “good night!”

Ocean Laptop Sticker designed and sold by freshbobatae

Living in an AR or a gaming universe immerses you to the point you forget about the real world. This sticker reminds them to close the laptop and go to bed at some point.

70. For the Cave Dweller: TV Backlight

Gamers like to play in the dark to prevent any potentially distracting glares, but that often means they’re sitting in caves. Give your gamer some ambient lighting with TV backlights they can hang on the back of their TV without fear of any glare.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10

These inexpensive stocking stuffers are perfect for all ages.

71. For the Trekkie: Team Spock Sticker

A water bottle with a sticker of a hand making the Vulcan salute

Team Spock Sticker designed and sold by Hypertwenty Designs

Spock is a Trekkie fan-favorite with his focus on logic over emotion, which leads to some pretty entertaining and famous scenes. Any Trekkie in your life will be excited to find this in their stocking so they can stick it on their laptop or water bottle to rep their fandom.

72. For the Stressed Out: Mints or Gum

There’s a lot happening in the world that can keep you up at night or cause you headaches. Help your friends out with some peppermint gum or mints, which can help fight tension and headaches. It can also stimulate the mind of someone who’s tired, so it’s the perfect inexpensive item for the stockings of parents, teachers, nurses, students, or anyone else who can’t get a decent night’s sleep.

73. For the Old Movie Buff: Alfred Hitchcock North by Northwest iPhone Case

A yellow button with an illustration of the silhouette of Alfred Hitchcok and a man running from an airplane and the text “North by Northwest”

Alfred Hitchcock North by Northwest Pin designed and sold by MonoMagic

When you think of classic movies, Alfred Hitchcock’s name is close behind. He is one of the greatest directors of his (and really any) era of film, but it’s hard to find other cinephiles to share your love of Alfred Hitchcock with. This iPhone case will do the trick!

74. For the Germaphobe: Travel-Size Hand Sanitizer

COVID-19. ’Nuff said.

75. For the PSL Addict: Pumpkin Spice Everything Magnet

A magnet with an illustration of a smiling pumpkin and the text “Pumpkin spice everything”

Pumpkin Spice Magnet designed and sold by BootsBoots

For anyone on your list who breaks out the flannel and boots on September 1st whether the weather cooperates or not, this pumpkin spice magnet makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Just make sure also to include a gift card to their favorite coffee shop so they can stay warm and caffeinated.

76. For the Note-Taker: Sticky Notes and Writing Utensils

While we may have gone digital in most areas of our lives, sticky notes will always be in style for quick notes to roommates or smiley faces in lunch boxes. Buy a multipack of sticky notes and pens, and put one of each in every stocking on your mantel. 

77. For the Workout Buff: Avocardio Sticker

A water bottle with a sticker of an illustrated avocado in workout gear jumping rope with the text “avocardio”

Avocardio Sticker designed and sold by dmitriylo

People who wake up early to go to the gym before work are a breed all their own. This sticker combines workouts with a good pun, so even the cardio-adverse will enjoy it.

78. For the Dry-Handed: Hand Lotion

Living in a pandemic means we’re washing our hands and using hand sanitizer all day long. Add in the winter chill and the skin on our hands needs some serious TLC. You can’t go wrong here: Opt for the tried-and-true brands, or pick up a special holiday scent. Either way, your gift will be used.

79. For the Cat Owner: There’s Probably Cat Hair on This Magnet

A magnet of a cat print with the text “There’s probably cat hair on this”

There’s Probably Cat Hair on This Magnet designed and sold by meandthemoon

Cat owners know that cat hair is a fact of life, but they’d appreciate you having a sense of humor about it rather than rudely pointing it out. This magnet helps them point it out first so they can make a joke out of it. 

80. For the Chapped-Lipped: Lip Balm

Everyone needs lip balm. They’re always losing theirs or running them through the dryer where they turn to gross goo. Pick up their favorite brand in line for the checkout at your local superstore, or splurge on the special-edition holiday set. Either way, they’ll be grateful.

Dog Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Don’t leave man’s best friend out of the celebration. Hang a stocking for them and leave a gift from Santa to let them know they are the best dog around.

81. For the Stylish: Let’s Have Some Fun Pet Bandana

A small dog wearing a black bandana with an abstract pattern in blue, pink, and white

Let’s Have Some Fun Pet Bandana designed and sold by Maganagoes

Your dog will love sporting this stylish pet bandana so they can stand out amongst their four-legged friends at the dog park. They’ll be super popular with all the dogs, especially if it’s nestled in the stocking next to a delicious-smelling treat for a few days.

82. For the Good Boy or Girl: Treats

No matter your dog’s favorite treat, stick a new pack in their stocking this Christmas. Pro tip: Don’t put anything in their stocking until the day of. You’ll be surprised how high they can jump when they smell treats in the toe of a stocking! 

83. For the Bone Chewer: Candy Spooky Bones Pattern on Black Pet Bandana

Two dogs wearing black bandanas with colorful dog bones printed on it

Candy Spooky Bones Pattern on Black Pet Bandana designed and sold by evannave

If you’ve got a bone chewer, think beyond the chew toys and the bones this Christmas. Get them a fun bone-patterned pet bandana so everyone who meets them knows they’d rather be chewing on something delicious.

84. For the Dog with Sensitive Paws: Paw Balm

Many dogs suffer from allergies and dry skin, even in the winter. Hydrate their paws just like you do your own skin with natural paw balms from your local pet store or online.

Every family has its own stocking stuffer traditions, but keep the budget in mind since it can be easy to overspend on inexpensive items if you aren’t paying attention. Regardless of cost, your family is sure to love opening their stockings, and don’t be surprised if you hear that Santa sleighed at gifts this year. Plus, with every purchase, you’ll be supporting independent artists around the world, making their holiday season a bit brighter, too!

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