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30 Skeleton Puns and Jokes That Just Might Strike Your Funny Bone


Halloween puts on a scary face, but its heart is pure fun. Think about it. Kids get to channel their favorite superhero. Grown-ups are allowed to play dress-up. Candy corn and corny jokes are the order of the day. Why not start the party with some skeleton puns? Hip, hip, hooray!

Bone Puns

Puns get a bad rap and often elicit groans. But they aren’t for numskulls! Getting a joke involves a skill called frame-shifting. You receive information in one context or frame. To get the joke, you have to be able to see the information in a different frame. That involves flexible thinking.

You’ll need something to start the pun fun. If your word-nerd friends live far away, send out some punny greeting cards. If you’re lucky enough to be hanging with your friends on Halloween, one of these spooky skeleton T-shirts should be enough to jump-start the action. Begin by boning up on these skeleton puns. And remember  —  one good pun deserves another!

  1. To someone you think is stretching the truth: “Is that a little fib-ula?”
  2. To someone studying hard: “Time to bone up for the big exam?”
  3. When you are getting ready to eat: “Bone Appetit!”
  4. When you feel like acting crazy: “Bone to be wild!”
  5. When you do something nice for someone: “That’s a bone-us.”
  6. When someone irritates you: “I have a bone to pick with you.”
  7. When you don’t want to do something: “I’m bone tired!”
  8. When you don’t feel well: “I think I have femur.”
  9. When you want company: “I’m feeling bonely.”
  10. When you have a hunch about something: “I feel it in my bones.”
  1. When someone laughs: “Did I tickle your funny bone?”
  2. When deciding what’s for dinner: “How about spare ribs?”
  3. When you almost had an accident: “That was a marrow escape!”
  4. When you catch someone watching you: “Are you spine on me?”
  5. When you don’t want to do something: “I’m dead tired!”

Skeleton Jokes

Bone jokes are even better than skeleton puns because you don’t really need an opening. Just pop one of these riddles into any lull in the conversation. Jokes are especially fun to share with kids. If the kids are very young, they may not get the joke. Often they will try to retell the joke, but they’ll get something wrong so it doesn’t make sense. Everyone will laugh anyway.

As kids get older, they will often be able to guess the answers to a riddle. They may answer yours and then ask you a better one. It’s enough to make a parent proud!  Kids will especially enjoy these little skeleton jokes.

  1. Q. Why wouldn’t the little skeleton stand up to the bully? A. He didn’t have the guts for it!
  2. Q. Why did the little skeleton pretend to be sick? A. He didn’t want to go to skull!
  3. Q. Why did the little skeleton get so cold? A. Because the wind went right through him!
  4. Q. What did the little skeleton play in band? A. The trombone!
  5. Q. Why didn’t the little skeleton go to the party? A. He had no body to go with.
  1. Q. Where do skeletons take their cars? A. To the body shop.
  2. Q. Why do skeletons like to use the doorbell? A. Because they are dead ringers.
  3. Q. Why isn’t there music at skeleton church? A. Because they have no organs.
  4. Q. Why can’t skeletons work in the mines? A. Because they only go six feet under.
  5. Q. How do skeletons celebrate special occasions? A. They eat, drink, and be scary.
  6. Q. What’s a skeleton’s coolest body part? A. The hip.
  7. Q. Why was the job not getting done? A. They were working with a skeleton crew.
  8. Q. What is a skeleton’s favorite treat? A. Bone-bones.
  9. Q. Why was the skeleton so calm? A. Nothing got under his skin.
  10. Q. What was the skeleton’s favorite line from Shakespeare? A. Tibia or not tibia.

Laughter is good for the body and the soul. It releases stress. It gives the circulatory system and the respiratory system a boost. If you need a few more laughs, check out these Halloween jokes. There are jokes for kids and adults, as well as some adult jokes. (Wink, wink.)

Skeleton puns are silly fun, but they’re more than that. When you tell a joke or process one that someone else is telling, your brain is working. So if you enjoyed these skeleton jokes and bone puns, give yourself a pat on the back. Or make that a smack on the spine!

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Hero image is Dancing Skeletons by deepfuze

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