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12 Romance Aesthetics You’ll Fall in Love With


Romance is all about expressing love and devotion in a way that is deliberate, blatant, and deeply affectionate. Many people crave romance in their life because of the intense passion, love, and thrill that goes along with it.

With all the different types of aesthetics out there, we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 romance aesthetics so you can incorporate a little romance into your everyday life. Whether you choose the ideal romantic dress or design a dreamy retreat in your home, these romance aesthetics will help you to express your true romantic personality.

1. Romantic academia

The romantic academia aesthetic is similar to the light academia aesthetic, both visually and philosophically, featuring imagery of literature, compassion, and optimism. The romantic academic style, however, features more themes of romanticism, such as emotion and celebration of beauty and nature.

It’s the perfect romance aesthetic for book lovers, as it references a lot of romantic and poetic themes from famous Shakespeare and Jane Austen literature and their movie adaptations. 

Common Visuals: Roses, teacups, old books, and gold mirrors.

Main Fashion Items: Cashmere sweaters, plaid skirts, knee socks, Mary Janes, and headbands.

Color Palette: Neutral tones, soft pink, and gold.

Activities: Reading, journaling, and loves making coffee designs.

Personality Traits: Mature, emotional, compassionate, and curious.

Bouquet of pink roses next to a stack of old books.

Pink Roses and Old Books designed and sold by Elena Schweitzer

2. Romantic goth

The romantic goth aesthetic is a combination of romanticism and modern gothic styles. It’s a dark romance aesthetic that is usually associated with amorous elements of Halloween like vampires, black roses, witches, and moonlit graveyards. 

This style is influenced by the Victorian era and puts an emphasis on romance and artistic expression. Many of those who embrace the romantic goth aesthetic are creative, passionate, and have no trouble finding beauty in the darkness. 

Common Visuals: Red wine, moonlight, vampires, cemeteries, black roses, and thorns.

Main Fashion Items: Black dresses, long cloaks, velvet textures, dark makeup, and lace chokers.

Color Palette: Black, white, and jewel tones (ruby red and emerald green).

Activities: Loves to cosplay, reads romantic fantasy novels, deep thinker, plays with tarot cards, and creates vent art.

Personality Traits: Introvert, creative, and passionate.

Romantic goth moodboard.

Images featured in this moodboard:


Princesscore is an aesthetic that’s inspired by a princess’s way of life — including the style, appearance, and behavior of a princess ready to one day rule her kingdom. Because princesses aren’t in a position to make decisions yet, the princesscore aesthetic reflects a young, hardworking individual who is gaining all the abilities to become a great leader. 

Those who love this romance aesthetic tend to embrace certain traits such as elegance, gracefulness, and intelligence and are natural-born leaders. 

Common Visuals: Tiaras, castles, ballrooms, chandeliers, thrones, jewelry, carriages, and white horses.

Main Fashion Items: Floor-length dresses, puffy or off-the-shoulder sleeves, expensive fabrics and jewelry, pearls, and heels.

Color Palette: Gold, silver, white, pink, and light blue.

Activities: Engaging in meaningful conversations, painting, reading, and learning about new things.

Personality Traits: Feminine, youthful, kind, elegant, intelligent, graceful, and optimistic.

Hanging crystal chandelier.

Chandelier designed and sold by etoile

4. Regencycore 

Regency refers to a time period in British history (think the early 1800s), but it’s also commonly applied to the same time period in other countries such as France, Russia, and the United States. The regencycore aesthetic is centered on the lives of the nobility of the era, which included complex courtship rituals, fashionable apparel, and networks of social ties centered on wealth and power.

The aesthetic originally gained its popularity thanks to famous romance novels by Jane Austen but has recently regained popularity from Netflix shows such as Bridgerton and Emma. 

Common Visuals: Teacups, ballrooms, feathers, gardens, letters, carriages, and flowers.

Main Fashion Items: Empire silhouette dresses, gloves, top hats, necklaces, shawls, fans, and high collar shirts.

Color Palette: Pastels such as lavender, mint green, pale pink, and light blue.

Activities: Walks in the garden, drinking tea, painting, handwriting letters or postcards, playing the piano, reading, and shopping.

Personality Traits: Charming, poised, classy, organized, and influential.

Regencycore moodboard

Images used in this moodboard:

5. Coquette aesthetic

Coquette is a broad term for aesthetics that incorporate elements of youth and femininity. It romanticizes the idea of being young and free and has a focus on things like fashion and makeup.

The coquette aesthetic has various aesthetics that could fall under the category, including Y2K, nymphet, and VSCO girl. Members of Gen Z, who nicely capture the youthful and free spirit, are the ones that favor the look the most.

Common Visuals: Florals, makeup, the color pink, hair brushes, and lollipops. 

Main Fashion Items: Sundresses, rompers, crop tops, bralettes, tennis skirts, high-waisted shorts, and lace.

Color Palette: All shades of pink, white, cream, and pastel blue and purple.


Personality Traits: Youthful, flirtatious, adventurous, and hyperfeminine.

Coquette aesthetic moodboard.

Images used in this moodboard:

6. Hopeless romantic aesthetic

Everyone is familiar with the hopeless romantic—someone who, despite difficulties they may have faced in the past, still believes in love. They tend to focus on relationships’ positive aspects rather than their shortcomings because they firmly believe that love can overcome any obstacles.

The hopeless romantic aesthetic refers to themes of perseverance in the name of love and continuously hoping for a special valentine that will last forever. 

Common Visuals: Red roses, holding hands, kissing, love letters, and poems.

Main Fashion Items: Dresses, skirts, cropped blouses, puffy sleeves, jean shorts, and T-shirts 

Color Palette: Red, pink, black, and white.

Activities: Sending flowers, writing poems, gift giving, daydreaming, reading romance novels, watching romantic movies, and bonding over fictional characters.

Personality Traits: Dedicated, loyal, hopeful, loving, positive, and stubborn.

Girl laying on pillow thinking about girls.

Busy Thinking About Girls designed and sold by Jenifer Prince

7. Angelcore

Angelcore is an aesthetic that is influenced by images and portrayals of angels from the European Renaissance era. The aesthetic aims to imitate the ethereal beauty of angels found in many religious representations with a mix of romantic mythological references such as cupid and Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love). 

Because angels represent peace, purity, and love, the angelcore aesthetic emphasizes the idea of loving oneself and discovering your own inner beauty. 

Common Visuals: Angels, cherubs, wings, harps, doves, halos, fluffy clouds, and golden light.

Main Fashion Items: Fluffy tulle dresses, silk, lace, floral patterns, flower crowns, and gold jewelry.

Color Palette: White, gold, and light blue, pink, and yellow

Activities: Watching the sunset, playing an instrument, reciting positive affirmations, journaling, and reading both fiction and nonfiction books. 

Personality Traits: Graceful, powerful, confident, independent, feminine, wise, and loving. 

snowy mountain landscape with pink eclipse.

Candied Ice designed and sold by leafandpetal

8. Rococo aesthetic

The rococo aesthetic was formed in Paris in the early 1800s and is based on a movement in fine art and design. The aesthetic is characterized by its use of pastel colors, curved lines, and asymmetry, as well as the recurrent usage of nature symbols like foliage, shells, and birds.

The rococo movement in arts and design gave rise to a new wave of romanticism: the idea of finding your soulmate—someone you love—instead of the traditional arranged marriages of the time. People that adhere to this aesthetic behave similarly, defying the norm to pursue their values.

Common Visuals: Foliage, sea shells, curved lines, birds, flowers, fruits, angels, grand stairways, and musical instruments.

Main Fashion Items: Gowns, heels, hand fans, lace chokers, pearls, and gloves.

Color Palette: Pastel colors

Activities: Spending time outside, studying fine arts and architecture, 

Personality Traits: Progressive, artistic, nature-lover, elegant, and theatrical.

Rococo design pattern in blue.

Rococo Inspired Pattern designed and sold by Gaia Marfurt

9. Pastel aesthetic

Pastel colors are essentially any color that is mixed with a lot of white, making it a softer version of it. The pastel aesthetic refers to a style that emphasizes the softness of pastel colors to provide a serene, dreamlike appearance.

This aesthetic is typically connected to springtime, which conjures up ideas of rebirth, fresh starts, and a more positive vibe. It’s also commonly associated with Kawaii and cute culture, especially when used with pastel purple colors. 

Common Visuals: Blooming flowers, baby animals, pale colors.

Main Fashion Items: Sundresses, soft knits, handbags, phone cases, and jackets.

Color Palette: Pastels like lavender, mint green, and light yellows, pinks, and blues.

Activities: Creating dreamy mood boards, posting inspiring quotes on social media, stopping to smell the roses.

Personality Traits: Positive, youthful, and kind.

Purple flowers blooming on a tree.

She Was an Introvert With a Beautiful Universe Within designed and sold by OLIVIA STCLAIRE

10. Cottagecore

Cottagecore is a very popular aesthetic that is all about romanticizing the slower, more natural way of life with a shabby chic style. This aesthetic takes people back to the English countryside, where romanticism, nostalgia, cozy vibes, and a simpler way of life still exist. 

The cottagecore aesthetic romanticizes self-sufficiency and environmental responsibility by focusing on concepts of simple living and harmony with nature, such as growing your own garden and managing a small farm.

Common Visuals: Cottages, farm animals, gardens, pies, wildflowers, teacups, mushrooms, and strawberries.

Main Fashion Items: Flowy dresses, gingham aprons, overalls, embroidered flowers, puffy sleeves, and button blouses.

Color Palette: Nature-inspired colors like browns, greens, faded florals, dusty rose.

Activities: Frolicking through the flowers, baking bread, knitting sweaters, planting a garden, caring for animals, slow living.

Personality Traits: Caring, self-sufficient, introverted, and loving.

Cottagecore moodboard.

Images used in this moodboard:

11. Coastal grandmother aesthetic

The coastal grandmother aesthetic is all about romanticizing the life of someone living their golden years in a quaint coastal town. This aesthetic is associated with things like long walks on the beach, a love of wine, and an interest in book clubs and home-cooked meals. 

This coastal grandmother aesthetic represents someone who is relaxed, carefree, and loves the simple pleasures life has to offer. 

Common Visuals: Ocean, coastal towns, golf carts, swimming pools, wine glasses, and white linens.

Main Fashion Items: Loose breathable fabrics, large sun hats or bucket hats, white button-down shirt, sandals, and sunglasses.

Color Palette: White, cream, beige, navy, sky blue, and gray.

Activities: Attends book clubs, enjoys a glass of wine (or two), loves long walks on the beach, and relaxing.

Personality Traits: Mature, carefree, independent, and fun-loving.

Cottage surrounded by flowers by the seashore.

Beach View Cottages designed and sold by Jo Grundy

12. Lovecore

Lovecore is visually based on the romance aesthetics of Valentine’s Day — think red hearts, cupid, bouquets of flowers, chocolate assortments, stuffed animals, and Valentine’s cards. The aesthetic primarily concentrates on deeply infatuated, outwardly affectionate, and sappy types of love.

Similar to hopeless romantics, people who embrace the lovecore aesthetic adore romantic stories and are yearning for their true love.

Common Visuals: Heart shapes, cupids, flower bouquets, chocolates, stuffed animals, lollipops, blushing anime characters, and paper Valentine’s Day cards.

Main Fashion Items: Crop tops with puffed sleeves, dresses, skirts, and heart-patterned accessories.

Color Palette: Red, pink, white, and hot pink.

Activities: Watching romantic movies, reading romance novels, using pick-up lines, obsessing over fictional characters or celebrities, writing love letters, and daydreaming.

Personality Traits: Dedicated, loyal, affectionate, sappy, and sentimental.

Neon red love heart sign.

Love Heart Neon Sign designed and sold by Voysla

Romance aesthetics are based on more than just mushy-gushy love stories. They are about expressing and loving yourself, romanticizing a life of your dreams, spreading love and kindness, and defying the norm to stand up for what you love. 

Whether you apply these aesthetics to your wardrobe, social media presence, or interior design style, you’ll be able to channel romance each and every day.

Featured Image: Love of Ancient Flowers designed and sold by Tuky Waingan

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