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The 21 Best Pieces of Rick and Morty Fan Art in the Multiverse


“Rick and Morty” fans aren’t like other fans. They speak their own Rick-diculous language. They have a high threshold for soul-crushing existential questioning and for barf jokes. They like their genius Ricks and their not-so-genius Mortys. No other show quite achieves the same delicate balance of drool and deep philosophical exploration, and luckily for us, artists have created some pretty squanchy “Rick and Morty” fan art commemorating its brilliance (and you can get on stuff like tees and stickers, yippee). Here are some of our favorites.

1. Rick Polarity

Rick and morty in space with pyramids, moons, stars eyes and triangles
by Kevin Keller

Space. Bodily fluids. Darkness. Morty full of crippling anxiety. It’s beautiful.

2. Rick and Morty

Cromulon, fart, squanchy, plumbus, snuffles, mr. poopy butthole, tinkles, pickle rick, Szechuan sauce, summer, bird person, summer, mr meeseeks, rick and morty characters coming out of a portal
By dannychama

This Rick and Morty fan art includes all of our favorite characters from across the multiverse. Snowball + Mr. Meeseeks FOREVER.

3. Rick and Morty Neon

wubba lubba dub dub in 80s neon miami tone with rick wearing shades
By Carl Huber

“Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” translates to, “I am in great pain, please help me.” Just think about that as you look at this art in all its cheerful neon glory.

4. Rick and Morty Pastel Dimension

rick and morty in pastel twisting through space
By nykiway

Trippy AF (and not just because of the fractal dust).

5. Existence is Pain

Mr. Meeseeks looking with blue and purple background saying existence is pain
By dilehk

We know, Mr. Meeseeks. We know.

6. DJ Rick Sanchez

DJ Rick with toothpick, sunglasses and headphones with blue/purple neon color scheme
By horusthechorus

Not sure if this is the Rickest Rick in the Multiverse, but he’s definitely the coolest Rick.

7. Rick and Morty Doodle

snuffles, scary terry, unity, fart, jerry, plumbus, rick, morty, birdperson, beth, squanchy, mr poopybutthole, mr meeseeks, tinkles, zeep xanflorp, sun, and cromulon, gromflomite agent
By fernandonunes

Delightfully creepy and colorful.

8. Space 80s

purple neon morty in front of triangle with black background with stars in eyes as pupils
By buttmst3k

A hyper-colored Morty masterpiece.

9. Melty Rick

blue face green hair rick with a melting face
By Spiderboom

There are pros and cons to every timeline. Having melty Rick fan art is a definite pro in this one.

10. 100 Years Rick and Morty

rick outside riding spaceship confidently while morty is inside looking worried
By Groovy-Bastard

Dark, twisted, and crazy. Yes please.

11. Rick and Morty Stylised

black and white rick holding a bottle of XXX alcohol with nervous morty
By Queen-Aquene

Sketchy Rick and Morty fan art. V sketchy.

12. Out of this world

rick, morty, summer, beth, jerry, birdperson, squanchy, mr meeseeks, poopy butthole, jessica and dumb rick coming out of a portal while they are holding each other
By immaplatypus

Aaw, the whole fam. Being sucked into an interdimensional portal. How sweet.

13. Rick and Morty

fart, rick and morty floating with blobs around them while rick is holding a controller
By plasticpiranha

Not sure what Rick is going to do with that goo blob, but we don’t trust him.

14. Zombie Rick

black and white skeleton or zombie rick with face melting
By doodleducky

AKA, Rick-or mortis Rick.

15. Rick and Morty Simple Design

rick and morty silhouette in black and white
By cuse

Simple, elegant, and restrained. Just like the show. *Burp.*

16. The Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Dude

Self Portrait of Rick in teal blue shirt and white lab coat
By docteurdocteur

Rick says that, “love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed.” And we love this portrait. Let’s not analyze that too deeply.

17. Tiny Rick

Tiny rick drinking from a flask looking drunk with one hand in lab coat
by AnaPijamas

Aaaaaaw, what a kewt widdle dwunken Wick.

18. Rick and Morty Goodbye Moonmen

Morty with rainbow spilling from mouth referencing goodbye moonman that fart sang to him
By starkey starkey

8 bit rainbow barfing Morty. We didn’t know we needed this, but we did.

19. 3D Morty

Black background with white grid with Neon purple and blue lines making a morty
By Aiden Bell

Oh geez. 3D Morty fan art? Oh geez.

20. Phoenix Person Totem

Meeseeks, morty, rick and phoenix person stacked like a totem poll in front of a geometric green arrowhead
By skitetsu

A Rick and Morty totem pole with a holographic neon background. What a time to be alive.

21. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

wubba lubba dub dub with ricks side profile face in center amongst 4 circles with pyramids and triangles in them
By chazzforte

Because sometimes art is more science than art.

In conclusion, reality is poison. Rick and Morty fan art is awesome. Get it on stickers, tees, and posters because existence is pain and you deserve something nice.

Stay schwifty.

(Header Image by julijakrizaj)

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