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85 Potato Puns That Are Sure To Sprout a Smile


Best Spuddies designed and sold by Sophie Corrigan

We’ll stop tater-taunting you with these potato puns and get right to them. Potato puns are funny and great to display on a T-shirt, or you can add them to the decor for any type of friendsgiving feast that you might have throughout the year. Let’s hot potato right to it with these funny potato puns. 

Potato Puns

Check out these spud-tacular potato puns that will have you taterly cracking up. Laughter is the best medicine, and we hope you get a chuckle out of these potato jokes. 

  1. Can you peel the burn? 
  2. He was deep in tot.  
  3. Feeling salty. 
  4. Keep your eyes peeled. 
  5. What are your tots on the matter? 
  6. You’re a real spud. 
  7. Taters gonna tate. 
  8. It’s time tuber-n the boats!  
  9. You’re in for a root awakening. 
  10. Bless your lucky starch.

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  1. Tuber or not tuber. That is the question. 
  2. Thanks spud.  
  3. Peel it in your bones. 
  4. We’re bake in business. 
  5. I’m rooting for you!  
  6. You’re a peeler of strength. 
  7. It’s the tot that counts. 
  8. Fry and stop me.  
  9. It’s time for a fresh starch. 
  10. Don’t be a couch potato. 

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Sweet Potato Puns

You’ll love these yam-azing sweet potato puns and jokes full of the sweetest filling. But who says you can’t get a little bit salty and savory with your sweet potatoes? 

  1. I think, therefore I yam. 
  2. I’ll butter you up.  
  3. This is so yammy. 
  4. I yam what I eat. 
  5. I yam in love with you.  
  6. It’s crunch time. 
  7. I’ll see you tater. 
  8.  It’s been a long day. I yam fried.  
  9. You look baked. 
  10. You’re one hot potato. 

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Potato Chip Puns

Starch right here for some potato chip puns that are very a-peeling. These could make a funny addition to a sticker collection or other small gifts for the food connoisseurs in your life. 

  1. You’re a chip off the old block. 
  2. That chip has sailed.  
  3. Chip chip hooray! 
  4.  Friend chip goals. 
  5. You’re such a chip skate.  
  6. All that and a bag of chips. 
  7. We’ve found the mother chip. 
  8. Trying to get my chip together.  
  9. You’re a chip off the ol’ block. 
  10. Did you know that loose lips sink chips?

Fries Before Guys Cap designed and sold by evannave

Mashed Potato Puns

These mashed potato puns are no mash for all the potato lovers out there. Butter up your friends next time you’re in the kitchen whipping up a batch of mashed potatoes. 

  1. You’re a mash made in heaven. 
  2. I’m boiling hot for you.  
  3. I’ve met my mash. 
  4. You’re always at the bake of my mind. 
  5. What hash come over you?  
  6.  I like you a latke. 
  7. Yukon do it. 
  8. Let’s get smashed.  
  9. I’m not taking sides. 
  10. Let’s do the mashed potato.

Jacket Pugtato Zipped Hoodie designed and sold by Sophie Corrigan

H2: Potato Jokes and One Liners

  1. Q: What do you call a potato watching a game? A: A spec-tater.
  2. Q: What do you call a young potato?  A: A tater tot. 
  3. Q: What do you call a cautious potato?  A: A hesi-tater. 
  4. Q: How did the potato die?  A: It was decapi-tatoed. 
  5. Q: What do you call the littlest potato?  A: A small fry. 
  6. Q: What do you call protesting potatoes?  A: Agi-taters. 
  7. Q: What’s the best potato horror movie?  A: Silence of the Yams. 
  8. Q: What do you call a poser potato?  A: An imi-tater. 
  9. Q: What’s a sweet potatoes favorite sports team?  A: The New York Yamkees.
  10. Q: What do you call a calm potato?  A: A medi-tater. 
  11. Q: Why aren’t the potatoes friends?  A: They got off to a bad starch. 
  12. Q: Why did the potato chip’s skin hurt?   A: It was burnt to a crisp. 
  13. Q: What’s a potatoes favorite show?  A: Starch Trek.
  14. Q: Why couldn’t the chip think?  A: Its brain was fried. 
  15. Q: How does a potato get a ride?  A: He called a tUber. 
  16.  Q: Why is the potato tired?  A: Because it’s 4 a yam. 
  17. Q: What name do you give a thinly sliced potato?   A: Chip. 
  18. Q: What is the potato’s favorite story?  A: Green Eggs And Yam. 
  19. Q: Why can’t you stay mad at a yam?  A: Because they’re sweet potatoes. 
  20.  Q: What do potatoes eat for breakfast?  A: Pota-toast and jelly. 
  21. Q:  What award did the potato pop star win? A: A Yammy. 
  22. Q: What do you get when it rains potatoes?  A: Spuddles. 
  23. Q: Why did the sweet potato wear socks?   A: To keep his potatoes warm. 
  24. Q: Why did the cop pull over the potato?  A: He was peeling out. 
  25. Q: What potatoes are in the best shape?  A: Hashbrowns. They’re shredded. 

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We hope you enjoyed these yamtastic potato puns for all occasions. Take it a step further by adding your favorite bread puns to different accessories. And don’t go to your family’s Thanksgiving gathering armed with some turkey-themed puns to diffuse the tension when your uncle brings up politics!

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