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100 Plant Puns and Jokes That’ll Plant a Smile On Your Face


We’ve done some digging to bring you over 100 unbeleafable plant puns. We get right to the point with a combination of cactus puns, herb puns, and so much more. Don’t kale our vibe. We think these plant jokes are berry fun and make great gifts when printed on t-shirts and mugs for the plant lovers in your life.

Plant Puns

These funny plant puns will grow on you the more you dig into them. Spring has sprung in the land of puns! 

  1. Thistle be a night to remember. 
  2. I haven’t botany plants today. 
  3. You’re unbeleafable. 
  4. Everybody romaine calm. 
  5. She didn’t miss a beet.  
  6. You grow girl. 
  7. He was arrested for disturbing the peas. 
  8. Oh my gourd, you’re ridiculous.  
  9. Time to turnip the volume. 
  10. I’m so excited that I wet my plants. 

sorry, I have plants tonight

Artwork Sorry, I have plants tonight designed and sold by kacien

  1. If you can’t beet ‘em, join ‘em. 
  2. Kale yeah! 
  3. Let’s celery-brate a new beginning. 
  4. Uno moss. 
  5. Are you chili?  
  6. Excuse me, I’ll be right bok. 
  7. I’ll see you the day after tom-yarrow. 
  8. She took stalk of her life.  
  9. Can you move any aster? 
  10. Orange you glad we made this list of plant puns?

Be leaf in yourself

Artwork Be Leaf In Yourself designed and sold by Yipptee Shirts

Flower Puns

These flower puns will have you laughing all daisy! Don’t just believe us — have a look for yourself and then share with your buds. 

  1. That’s a thorny issue. 
  2.  I love you a lily more every day. 
  3. Don’t be ranunculus. 
  4. Let’s hang out every daisy. 
  5. Once and floral  
  6. What in carnation? 
  7. Could I have a peony for your thoughts? 
  8. I’m just pollen your leg.  
  9. She rose to the occasion. 
  10. We’re best buds forever.

you grow girl

Artwork You Grow Girl designed and sold by pamcrafted

  1. Talk dirty to me. 
  2. Are you feeling bouquet?  
  3. Did you see that dog peony on the tree? 
  4. Put the petal to the metal. 
  5. It’s just one of rose things.  
  6. I lilac you. 
  7. She can be a bit violet when she’s mad. 
  8. Begonia! I’m tired of looking at you.  
  9. What would you do with a trillium dollars? 
  10. Lilac the ability to control myself.

climate change succs

Artwork Climate Change Succs designed and sold by Gudland

Cactus Puns

Are you a succa for a good cactus pun? We don’t blame you. Let’s see if we can prickle your funny bone with these cactus puns. 

  1. Aloe you vera much. 
  2. Look sharp, Tom. 
  3. Don’t stick your neck out. 
  4. What up, succa. 
  5. Your outfit is on point.  
  6. You’re stuck with me now. 
  7. What did I do to desert you? 
  8. She prickles my fancy.  
  9. Aloe there. 
  10. I’m a succa for a good cactus pun.

you succ

Artwork you succ! designed and sold by SwitchWich

  1. You’re so prickly when you wake up. 
  2. Can’t touch this, da na na na.  
  3. You’re pretty fly for a cacti. 
  4. Party your cact-tush off! 
  5. You make my spines tingle.  
  6. I hope you have a fancactus day. 
  7. Prick me!
  8. She’s untouchable.  
  9. I’m in quite a prickle. 
  10. He’s pricking up the pieces of his broken heart.

cactus cats

Artwork Cactus Cats designed and sold by dcrownfield

Tree Puns

You wood not beleaf how silly these tree puns are. We’ve got a little something for everyone in the world of plants, and this one is for all the tree lovers out there. 

  1. Don’t leaf me. 
  2. Wood you be my Valentine? 
  3. I’m branching out. 
  4. I feel hollow inside. 
  5. Take it or leaf it.  
  6. He stopped in the forest for rest. 
  7. You’re an in-tree-guing person.
  8. That was a treemendous accomplishment.  
  9. Be-leaf me when I say this. 
  10. I can’t tree-fuse your offer.

grow with the flow

Artwork Grow With The Flow designed and sold by Salty North

Gardening Puns

Have you botany plants lately? We sure have. Plants bring clean air, beauty, dinner, and a surprising amount of silliness to the table. 

  1. I’m rooting for you!
  2. The plot thickens.  
  3. I’m sexy and I grow it. 
  4. She soiled herself. 
  5. Seed between the lines, won’t ya?  
  6. Don’t moss with me. 
  7. That’s a bit mulch, don’t you think? 
  8. You look absolutely radishing today.  
  9. It takes a little trowel and error. 
  10. I beg your garden? 

I am never aloe-ne in my garden

Artwork I am never aloe ne in my garden designed and sold by PunnyGarden

Herb Puns

Let the good thymes roll with these succulent herb puns. You’ll be writing up your next greeting card with these funny herb puns full of sage advice. 

  1. Long thyme, no see. 
  2. Good chives only. 
  3. You’re kind of a big dill. 
  4. Fennel you be in town next? 
  5. You and I are mint to be. 
  6. Hey bay, did you leaf already? 
  7. Say aloe to my little friend. 
  8. It’s thyme to party!
  9. Let’s sage against the machine. 
  10. You need to herb your enthusiasm.

ain't nobody got thyme for that

Artwork Ain’t Nobody Got Thyme for That designed and sold by Sam Spencer

Plant Jokes

It’s hard to tree-sist a good plant joke. Next time you find yourself at an awkward office party, throw one of these plant jokes at your coworkers to take the awkwardness up a level. 

  1. Q: What did the farmer say to the crushed grapes? A: Stop wining. 
  2. Q: How did the tree make so many friends? A: It branched out. 
  3. Q: Why is everyone dancing? A: Because the farmer dropped a beet.
  4. Q: How do you identify a dogwood tree? A: By its bark. 
  5. Q: What dating app does a tree use?  A: Timber
  6. Q: What tree will fit in your hand? A: A palm tree.
  7. Q: Can I sleep over at your house? A: I don’t need mushroom. 
  8. Q: What do you say to the cacti storyteller?  A: I’m on pins and needles.
  9. Q: Question A: Answer
  10. Q: What did the Canadian tree say to the American? A: I’m from Montreeal.

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Featured Image garden etiquette designed and sold by Milkyprint

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