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Kawaii Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults


Looking to add a little cute to your life? You may just want to dive into the “cult of cute” that is kawaii culture. Kawaii is all things adorable and loveable, evolving from squiggly handwriting dotted with hearts to produce some of the most recognizable pop culture characters in Japan. 

You may hear “kawaii” and think of large eyes, pastel colors, and your favorite shōjo anime. You’d definitely be correct, but kawaii is a whole subculture of fashion, art, music, and more that anyone of any age can enjoy. 

So, if you’re looking for a cute afternoon activity for yourself or your kids, we’ve created these kawaii coloring pages including everything from smiling sweets to friendly monsters. If you’re more interested in the perfect kawaii gift, check out these artists and their absolutely adorable art.

Kawaii Food Coloring Page

What’s cuter than smiling food? From fun donut keychains to those squishy food toys every middle-schooler collects,  everyone loves kawaii food. Here are a couple of our favorite food illustrations and a kawaii food coloring page for you to enjoy. 

Photo of a kawaii food coloring sheet
button for kawaii food coloring page download
Kawaii sushi art graphic

Kawaii Sushi by Gaia Marfurt

Kawaii Animals Coloring Page

While many animals are perfectly-cute in real life, real cats don’t blush and stack like they do in our kawaii cats coloring page. Every animal can be extra kawaii in art — including this adorably-pink waterbear and the ghost sharks below. Send a print as a gift and find the perfect animal pun to match.

photo of a kawaii cat coloring page on a table
button to download a kawaii cat coloring page
graphic of kawaii chimaera artwork

Chimaera (Ghost sharks) by pikaole

Kawaii Anime Coloring Page

Of course, we couldn’t talk kawaii without mentioning anime. Many of us have magic memories of watching a fave aesthetic anime as a child. The relatable characters, 90’s fashion, and dreamy color palettes have influenced fashion, media, and pop culture for decades. 

Kawaii characters are hugely popular in anime and manga, so enjoy creating your own character with this kawaii anime coloring page, then browse the kawaii characters, aesthetic, and designs Redbubble artists are sharing. 

Image of an anime coloring page
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kawaii ramen village artwork

Ramen Village Illustration by Ronald Kuang

Kawaii Monsters Coloring Page

We know that monsters can be friends, too. It’s one of the many valuable lessons we learned from beloved cartoons and storybooks as children that evolved into our love for classic cryptids. Our kawaii monster coloring page lets you design your own monster BFF, or even a whole pack of monsters to have a tea party with! We won’t judge how you spend your afternoons. 

photo of a build your own monster coloring page
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kawaii another quiet spot artwork

Another Quiet Spot Illustration by littleclyde

Kawaii Flowers and Plants

Plant-parents are really having a moment right now, which is extra sad for those of us with brown thumbs. If your garden-apartment dreams are well out of reach, you can always decorate with kawaii flowers and plants instead! Color several of these kawaii plant coloring pages and make a collage, or order adorable, smiling plant prints for your home instead. 

photo of a kawaii plant coloring page
button to download kawaii plant coloring page
kawaii what's up buttercup artwork

What’s Up, Buttercup? By Buttercup Studios

Once you’re done coloring and framing all of your new kawaii coloring pages, sit back and enjoy the pastel-dream-wonderland you’ve created! After all, there’s no age or gender for rainbows, plushies, and all things cute. 

Kawaii style is also perfect for your stationery and accessories! Decorate your folders, phone, and more with adorable stickers, or find a super cute journal for school, work, and fun. No matter what you want to decorate, Redbubble has unique kawaii art designed by artists that you can print on over 70 high-quality products that make the perfect gift for the anime lovers in your life.

Hero image: Flower Tiger by TaylorRoss1

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