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How To Clean a Shower Curtain and Liner


Do you love your current shower curtain but feel more like you’ve got to shower again after you’ve touched it? Is the discoloration and mold around the bottom giving your shower curtain a whole new aesthetic? Never fear — you don’t have to throw it away. With this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll know how to clean a shower curtain like a pro. It’ll be good as new in no time.

How To Clean a Fabric Shower Curtain

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Shower curtains come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and even materials. If you’ve got a fabric shower curtain on your hands, it’s pretty simple and straightforward to wash it. Just follow the tips below. 

Step 1: Remove the curtain from the shower rings. You don’t want those things tumbling around in your washing machine. Then toss it into the washing machine. You can also add a couple of white towels with it for some extra washing support. 

Step 2: Set your washing machine to cold on the largest load setting. The cold will protect the colors from bleeding (ideally) and prevent the shower curtain from shrinking. Some curtains may have washing instructions on them to help guide you. 

Step 3: Add detergent as you normally would, and then wash. Once you get to the rinse cycle, add  ½ cup to 1 cup of white vinegar to help remove any bacteria. The vinegar also acts as a fabric softener. Don’t mix the detergent and vinegar together. 

Step 4: Wash on a gentle setting. You don’t want to beat your fabric shower curtain up to get it clean. 

Step 5: Once it’s clean, hang it up to air dry. This should be pretty simple, especially if you’ll be putting it right back up in the bathroom. Just hook the rings back on it, and you’re good to go.

Follow these 5 steps, and you’ll have an almost-like-new shower curtain on your hands. If the stains and discoloration are intense, you might have to opt for other strategies to get it clean.

How To Clean a Plastic Shower Curtain

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Can you wash a plastic shower curtain? Yes, you can! In fact, it doesn’t take any more effort than washing a fabric shower curtain. It only requires slightly different steps to get it looking good as new and have it matching the rest of your home decor

Step 1: Remove your plastic shower curtain from the rings, of course. Then toss it into the washing machine. 

Step 2: Set the washing machine to warm to help remove the debris and mold from the plastic curtain. 

Step 3: First, add the regular amount of detergent to the wash. Once the washing machine makes it to the rinse cycle, you can add ½ cup to 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to help remove bacteria and the yuck you’re trying to get rid of. 

Step 4: Add in a couple of bath towels to help prevent your plastic shower curtain from crinkling. 

Step 5: Once it finishes washing, hang it to drip dry. You never want to put your plastic shower curtain in the dryer. 

No longer do you have to throw out your old, dirty plastic shower curtain — unless you want to. With these simple steps, you’ll know how to clean a plastic shower curtain in no time.

How To Clean a Plastic Shower Curtain Without a Washing Machine

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What if you don’t have a washing machine? Is it still possible to wash your plastic shower curtain? Yes, it is. Follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Dampen a microfiber cloth or rag with water and sprinkle it with baking soda. This is going to be your scrubbing solution.  

Step 2: It’s time to scrub that shower curtain. You’ll want to wash the entire curtain, especially in spots where you can see visible soap scum, mold, or staining. 

Step 3: Once you’ve scrubbed the entire shower curtain, rinse the whole thing with warm water. 

Step 4: Once you’ve rinsed the curtain, you’ll be able to take inventory of any spots of stubborn grime that you might have missed. Repeat the previous steps until you’re happy with how it looks. 

Step 5: Rinse again with warm water. Then hang it back up to drip dry. 

If you don’t have a washing machine, you can still clean your dirty shower curtain by following the steps above. 

How To Clean a Shower Curtain Liner

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So you’ve mastered cleaning the shower curtain, and now it’s that dirty, old liner’s turn. Some shower curtain liners are the same material as a plastic shower curtain or a fabric shower curtain. Check the care instructions on yours if it has any. For most shower curtain liners, follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Always remove the shower curtain liner from the rings, especially if it’s going into the washing machine. 

Step 2: Set the washing machine settings to warm. 

Step 3: Add the usual amount of detergent to the wash. Once it reaches the rinse cycle, you can add ½ cup to 1 cup distilled white vinegar to help sanitize and clean the curtain liner further. 

Step 4: Run the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Add in a couple of bath towels to help keep it wrinkle-free and assist with the washing. 

Step 5: For a plastic liner, remove it before the spin cycle and hang it up to dry. Are you wondering how to clean a fabric shower curtain liner? The same way as cleaning a plastic liner, except it can go through the spin cycle before hanging it up to dry. 

Now you’ve mastered cleaning your shower curtain and the shower curtain liner. If you like to rotate your curtains out, wash the old one and swap it with a new one, just as you would the other linens. 

How To Clean a Shower Curtain Without Taking It Down

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If you’re in a rush or just feeling a bit lazy (we’ve all been there), there’s a way to clean your shower curtain without taking it down. It might not be as effective as the other methods outlined above, but it’ll work in the interim.

Step 1: Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle — vinegar is a powerhouse cleaner you can use throughout the house. 

Step 2: With the shower curtain hanging up, spray the entire thing with your vinegar/water solution. 

Step 3: Once you’ve sprayed it down, scrub the bottom where the most grime tends to collect using a brush or a sponge as needed. 

Step 4: Once you’re satisfied with your efforts, rinse the entire curtain with warm water. 

Step 5: Leave the shower curtain hanging up and fully extended to allow it to dry thoroughly. 

While this method won’t be quite as thorough as running it through the washing machine, it can target the worst spots of grime and clean it up a bit. 

Now you have no excuse not to have a beautiful, clean, unique shower curtain hanging up because you now know how to clean a shower curtain. If you’re looking to add even more style to your bathroom, try including a stylish bath mat. If you’re ready to toss that old curtain and start anew, we’ve got all the shower curtains you could ever want.

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