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How To Address a Postcard in 7 Easy Steps


In this day and age, knowing how to address a postcard is kind of a lost art. With instant messaging and social media, it’s become super easy to update your friends and family on your travel adventures with just a tap of a screen. However, nothing beats the classic charm and sincerity of sharing your travel experiences by postcard.

Now that summer 2021 is in full swing and traveling is back on, send a postcard to show off your post-pandemic trips or store it as a keepsake to cherish later in life. Keep reading to learn how to address a postcard in seven easy steps so that you can ensure your recipients receive their message and can gawk at how awesome your hot girl summer is.

how to address a postcard

Step 1: Write Everything on the Back of the Postcard

First and foremost, everything you write on a postcard always goes on the back. Since the front usually has a photo or art style, flip your card over to address the postcard so that the image on the front can stand out. 

Step 2: Write Recipient’s Address on the Right-Hand Side

tropical beach postcard

Artwork Aerial Tropical Beach designed and sold by The-Drone-Man

On the back of the postcard, you’ll see that it’s split into two sections. Write the recipient’s address on the right-hand side of the postcard. Most postcards will have three lines for you to write:

  • Recipient’s full name
  • Street address
  • Area code
  • State
  • Country

If the postcard doesn’t have lines, you can just draw them in manually.

Step 3: Write the Date and Your Location on the Top Left-Hand Side

Next, write the date on the top left-hand corner of the postcard. This is a great way to let your recipient know when their letter was written so they can reminisce later in life when they revisit your postcard. If you are sending a postcard from a destination, you can also write the city or location you are visiting under the date. 

Step 4: Greet the Recipient Under the Date and Location

Northern lights postcard

Artwork aurora borealis on jokulsarlon – iceland designed and sold by franckreporter

Under the date and location on the left-hand side, make the postcard personal by throwing in a greeting. Standard greetings are short and include a name such as: 

  • Dear (name)
  • Hello (name)

Although standard greetings get the job done, don’t be afraid to make your greeting more fun and personal by using their nickname or including a short inside joke that they’ll understand. Make sure you leave room under the greeting for your message and don’t cross over to the right side of the postcard.

Step 5: Create Your Handwritten Message

Under your greeting on the left-hand side, you can write your handwritten message. The unique thing about postcards is that you have a limited amount of space to write a heartfelt or entertaining message, so you have to be short and sweet. Be sure to plan out your message before writing so don’t run out of room mid-thought.

Step 6: Add a Closing and Signature

Paris postcard

Artwork Paris France Travel designed and sold by Corvin Travel Posters

Once you’ve finished up your message, add a closing followed by your signature. Similar to greetings, a closing is short and can be fun or personal statements such as:

  • See you soon!
  • Wish you were here

If you are sending to someone who’s got a good sense of humor, try writing a funny closing statement like, “Smell ya later,” or “I didn’t mean anything I just wrote,” to give them more of your personality.

Step 7: Add a Stamp

Before you send your postcard off, don’t forget to add a stamp. The stamp goes in the upper right-hand corner of the postcard above the recipient’s address. Sometimes postcards will have a little box indicating exactly where to put the stamp. If you are sending your postcard internationally, be sure to add the right amount of postage so it’ll arrive without any mishaps.

10 Things to Write in a Postcard

USA roadtrip postcard

Artwork Road Trip USA designed and sold by cabinsupplyco

Now that you know how to address a postcard, the next step is crafting a message to write about. Because postcards are small, you have to keep your message short and sweet so you don’t run out of space. If you need some inspiration, we’ve gathered a list of ideas that’ll make your postcard fun and interesting.

  1. Share a favorite memory of your trip or what you are most excited about.
  2. Send a touching love note to someone you miss.
  3. Mention local traditions or cultures you find interesting.
  4. Come up with a funny joke or pun related to your trip.
  5. Write a fun fact about the place you’re visiting.
  6. Share a local recipe that you’ve recently tried.
  7. Explain the story behind your postcard’s photo or design.
  8. Share holiday greetings if you’re traveling during the holiday season.
  9. Draw a picture or doodle of the place you are visiting.
  10. Express positive affirmations and future travel plans.

Whether you are traveling abroad or just want to let someone know you are thinking about them, postcards are a classic way to get in touch. Knowing how to address a postcard is important to ensure that your card is delivered without any mishaps, so keep these tips in mind when formatting your card. If you are wanting to stock up on unique and original postcards for your next trip, check out our extensive postcard collection created by independent artists so you can find something that feels like you.

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