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66 Horse Puns and Jokes That Are Haylarious


These funny horse puns are going to be the mane-stays in your joke bucket. Whether you’re horsing around on a riding adventure or gifting something to your horse-loving friends, these funny horse puns, names, and jokes will have everyone braying with laughter. 

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Horse Puns 

Cud it get any better than a list of hilarious horse puns? These barnburners are sure to make you chuckle or perhaps just cringe. Either way, you’ll enjoy these puns pure bread for a reaction. 

  1. You sure like to stirrup trouble. 
  2. It’s pasture bedtime.  
  3. Stop horsing around. 
  4. Cud you go on a date with me? 
  5. Don’t be afraid to make a foal of yourself.  
  6. Get off your high horse. 
  7. I herd you wanted my number. 
  8. You’re my better hoof.  
  9. Why the long face? 
  10. It’s time for the mane event. 
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  1. Watch me whip…
  2. Watch me neigh, neigh.  
  3. You’re my mane man. 
  4. I can’t help being a spur of the moment type of person. 
  5. I’m so glad you’re my neigh-bor.  
  6. Hold your horses, why don’t you. 
  7. Meet me at the hair saloon. 
  8. You’re such a stud.  
  9. You’re haylarious. 
  10. You’re always the centaur of attention. 
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Funny Horse Names 

Get playful with these funny horse pun names that are a mixture of a play on words and a play on pop culture names — they’re sure to stirrup some fun! 

  1. Talk Derby To Me
  2. Pony Tail
  3. Reya Sunshine
  4. Colt Forty-Five
  5. Pony Soprano 
  6. David Hasselhoof
  7. Maple Stirrup
  8. Nightmare 
  9. John Bon Pony
  10. Tater Trot
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  1. Forrest Jump
  2. Thanorse 
  3. Houdini
  4. Hermioneigh Granger
  5. Fleabag 
  6. Harry Trotter
  7. Hay Girl
  8. NeighSayer 
  9. My Little Pony
  10. Biscotti The Hotty
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Horse Jokes

  1. Q: How does the upbeat horse look at life? A: As a glass hoof full. 
  2. Q: What did the horse say to end the argument? A: Neigh, I disagree.
  3. Q: What did the horse say to his date? A: You make me whinny. 
  4. Q: Why did the horse have a cough drop? A: He sounded a little hoarse. 
  5. Q: What did the horse ask his owner? A: Did you ask me equestrian?
  6. Q: Why did the horse cover his body? A: It was neigh-kid.
  7. Q: What’s a horse’s favorite condiment? A: Mayo-neighs.
  8. Q: Why did the horse wake up panicked? A: He was having a night-mare. 
  9. Q: What medicine does the sick horse need? A: Cough stirrup. 
  10. Q: What’s a horse’s favorite wine? A: Chardonhay. 
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  1. Q: Why did the horse cancel last minute?  A: It got colt feet. 
  2. Q: Where do horses sleep on their wedding night?  A: In the bridle suite.
  3. Q: How can I help my possessed horse? A: With an ex-horse-ist. 
  4. Q: What’s a horse’s favorite shop? A: Old Neigh-vy
  5. Q: How do you send a horse mail? A: Through the Pony Express
  6. Q: What do you call a mentally balanced horse? A: Stable. 
  7. Q: What did the mother horse say to her foals? A: Don’t forget to clear the stable! 
  8. Q: What computers do horses like? A: Macintosh.
  9. Q: What’s a horse that loves to travel? A: A globe trotter. 
  10. Q: Why did the foal eat with its mouth open? A: It didn’t have stable manners.
  11. Q: What do you say to a horse after you win a bet? A: Pony up!
  12. Q: What did the fallen horse say? A: I’ve fallen and can’t giddy-up. 
  13. Q: What does a racehorse like to eat? A: Fast food. 
  14. Q: What’s black and white and eats like a horse? A: A zebra. 
  15. Q: What’s a horse’s favorite bread? A: Thoroughbred.
  16. Q: Where do horses live? A: Neighbraska.

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And if you prefer your horses to be of the mythical variety, check out these The Last Unicorn quotes.

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