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Printable Halloween Photo Booth Props + Zoom Backgrounds


As the air gets crisp and the leaves change colors, we start thinking about the upcoming fall festivities. The main celebration on everyone’s mind is Halloween. Whether you’ve been training to survive a zombie apocalypse or would rather celebrate with some lighthearted Halloween jokes, this holiday has something for everyone. 

For those gearing up to throw a small gathering, a Halloween photo booth is a great way to supplement your Halloween decor and keep guests entertained for hours. Simply set up a festive backdrop and a camera. Include photo props that people can use to create a festive memory. 

If you’re taking your Halloween celebration virtual this year, you can still dress for the occasion. Wear a fun Halloween t-shirt, keep some props handy, and change your Zoom background to impress (and possibly spook) the other guests.  

No matter what your Halloween party looks like this year, we have inspiration to guide you. Create a DIY Halloween photo booth theme to use for small get-togethers. For virtual events, download a spooky Zoom background. Print out our Halloween photo booth props to use during either type of party. 

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Halloween Photo Booth Themes

Every good party has a theme. Choose from one of these creepy ideas or create your own that matches this year’s costume.

Skeleton Closet

Hang skeletons from your closet and have guests peer through for a spooky photo. If attending a virtual Halloween party, use the skeleton Zoom background. Get in the spirit by putting on some skeleton face paint to blend in with your background. Bonus points if you’re wearing a skeleton t-shirt to match!

screenshot of person with skeleton zoom background
download button

Dead to Me

There’s nothing spookier than a graveyard. Create a DIY Halloween photo booth by cutting out cardboard in the shape of tombstones. Paint them gray and write your guest’s names on them. If you’re celebrating virtually, use this tombstone Zoom background for a similarly scary effect.

screenshot of person with a tombstone zoom background
download button that says dead to me

Most Wanted

Halloween is a holiday for the rebels. Set up a frontier town saloon backdrop with a few hay bales to pose in front of. For virtual parties, use our Wild West most wanted poster background. Throw on a hat, a Wild West t-shirt, and a flannel and you’ll be ready to ride.

screenshot of person with most wanted zoom background
download button for most wanted zoom background

Haunted Portraits

Create a Halloween photo booth backdrop by framing spooky family portraits and hanging them on the wall. Celebrating online? Download this haunting family portrait that positions you in the middle of this spooky group. You’ll give the other guests on Zoom a scare when your face pops up on their screen. 

screenshot of person with creepy family portrait halloween zoom background
download button for haunted portrait zoom background

Friendly Ghosts

Halloween doesn’t have to be all scary monsters and creepy crawlies. Make a cute Halloween backdrop by cutting out ghosts, drawing faces on them, and taping them to the wall. For a cute Zoom Halloween party addition, try out this friendly ghost background.

screenshot of kids dressed up with a ghost zoom backdrop
download button for the friendly ghost zoom background

Halloween Photo BOOth Props

What’s a photo booth without the props? Round up any fun hats or quirky clothes you have lying around the house. Then print out these photo booth props and tape them to a craft stick or straw. 

These props are also great for virtual Halloween parties. Be sure to take a screenshot of everyone posing with their favorite accessory. 

photo of printable halloween photo booth props
download button for halloween photo booth props

How to Upload a Zoom Background

If you want to join your Zoom Halloween party with one of these custom backgrounds, here are the steps to uploading them. 

Step 1: Download your favorite background.

Step 2: Open your Zoom app

Step 3: Click on your profile in the top right corner. 

Step 4: Choose “Settings”. 

Step 5: Click on “Virtual Background”.

Step 6: Navigate to the + button and upload the background. 

Step 7: Check the “Mirror my video” box at the bottom of the page. 

Step 8: Join your Zoom Halloween party in style!

Spooky season is upon us. Be sure you’re ready to celebrate with these Halloween party ideas, but don’t forget to thank your guests for coming with a Halloween-themed party favor. If you need a last-minute outfit, a Redbubble Halloween costume t-shirt is an easy fix that will make your friends smile, and continue the Halloween fun with these skeleton puns and a spooky season phone background.

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