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24 Halloween Party Favors To Get in the Spooky Spirit


Halloween Marshmallows Dark Designed and Sold by Paisley Hansen

We’re witching you a happy Halloween this year with these Halloween party favor ideas that are skele-fun. You can use these Halloween gifts at parties, with trick-or-treaters, and any other Halloween-themed celebrations for kids and adults — add in these humerus Halloween jokes that are sure to tickle your funny bone. 

1. Halloween Stickers

bad vibes only sticker on laptop

Bad Vibes Only Sticker Designed And Sold By deniart

These Bad Vibes Only Halloween stickers would make a funny and dark addition to any Halloween party. Encourage everyone to dress up, and you’re in for an eerie-sistible night. 

Best For: These Bad Vibes Only stickers are perfect for adult and teen Halloween parties or slipped inside a goody bag. 

2. Treat Bags Full of Candy

hanging halloween tote bag

The Full Moon Tote Bag Designed And Sold By Thiago Correa

Tote bags are useful for all kinds of things: carrying groceries, holding your lunch, or loading up with candy. Treat bags can be big or small. Make it a two-for-one by offering a treat bag with a mysterious gift inside that can also sub for a trick-or-treat bag. 

Best For: This Full Moon Halloween Tote Bag is perfect for Halloween lovers of all ages. It can be used for trick-or-treating or for carrying whatever you need when on the move. 

3. Halloween Face Masks

woman wearing a black cat mask

Black Cat Mask Artwork Designed And Sold By Holly Pierson

This Black Cat Halloween face mask is cute for adults and kids alike. Black goes with anything, and those bright yellow eyes will add to the festiveness. Whoever said black cats were bad luck didn’t know what they were talking about! 

Best For: The Black Cat Halloween face mask makes for a cute wardrobe addition for adults and children. 

4. Halloween Socks

ghost socks

Good Lil’ Ghost Gang In Gray Socks Designed And Sold By Paisley Hansen

Everyone loves a fresh pair of funky fun Halloween socks. You’ll look fab-boo-lous in these Good Lil’ Ghost Gang Socks. Add them to your favorite costume or gift them in a gift bag. 

Best For: Halloween socks are great for Halloween parties, elevating a costume, or getting festive at work. 

5. Chapstick or Lip Balm

Chapstick or lip balm are simple Halloween gifts that keep on giving. You can find some nourishing beeswax or colorful colors that the receiver will love. 

Best For: Chapstick or lip balm can help moisturize that pucker when the crisp Autumn air is blowing. Add some to a gift bag or offer them as favors at a Halloween party. 

6. Halloween Magnets

zombie magnets on refrigerator door

Brains Magnet Designed And Sold By Christina Draws

Get in the spirit of the season with spooky Halloween magnets. They make for a great party favor or to pin up your kiddo’s favorite artwork. 

Best For: Add this Brains Halloween magnet to your fridge, or use it to stick a Halloween party invite up at the office. 

7. Vampire Teeth

“I vant to suck your blood,” is how the old saying goes. And you can bring that idea to life with some creepy awesome vampire teeth. Take it to the next level and look for the vampire teeth that stick directly to your canines versus those giant plastic teeth that Millenials will know all about. 

Best For: Vampire teeth make great Halloween party favors for adults and kids because they really help a person get into character. Wear them trick-or-treating or at a party. 

8. Halloween Phone Case

water witch phone case

Water Witch iPhone Case Designed And Sold By ARiAllustr

The Water Witch Halloween phone case makes a gorgeous addition to any iPhone. Halloween party favors rise to another level when it comes to donning mystical artwork on your most prized possession. 

Best For: A new iPhone case adds to the Halloween spirit, especially when the Water Witch graces the cover of your phone. Sit back and wait for the compliments. 

9. Spider Rings

Remember those creepy plastic spider rings from childhood? They’re still around! As technology advances, you can find much nicer ones these days too. These make fun Halloween party favors for kids and adults. 

Best For: Kids and adults will love wearing creeptacular spider rings this Halloween. Add them to a trick-or-treaters candy bag or offer them up at a party. 

10. Halloween Coasters

zombie coasters

Vintage Zombie Coasters Designed And Sold By inkysunshine

These Halloween coasters have a softer color palette which will blend well with many different home decor. Add a little extra vintage brains and zombies to your next Halloween gathering. 

Best For: Holding deliciously spooky cocktails at your Halloween party. Bring them as a gift if you’ve been invited out for the night. 

11. Crafty Halloween Kit

Crafty Halloween kits make for popular Halloween party favors for kids. Add some playdoh, googly eyes, and some pipe cleaners. Little ones can put all the pieces together to make a monster. 

Best For: Crafty Halloween kits are a good Halloween gift for the kids in your life. 

12. Halloween Scarves

spirit symbols on a scarf

Spirit Symbols Scarf Artwork Designed And Sold By Carly Watts 

Halloween scarves are versatile pieces of fabric, and this Spirit Symbols scarf is both chic and playful. You can also use this scarf to decorate walls or create a gateway into a spooky house party. 

Best For: Wear these gorgeous scarves to Halloween parties or to add a little flair to your office garb. 

13. Boo-bbles

Halloween party favors for kids wouldn’t be complete without some boo-bles. Add some googly eyes to the bottle and watch the bubble fly. 

Best For: Kids will love blowing boo-bles and watching them float away into the night. 

14. Halloween Throw Blanket

blanket with vampire teeth pattern

Vampire Mouths Throw Blanket Designed And Sold By Paisley Hansen

Depending on where you live, Halloween is often sprinkled with colorful leaves and a chill breeze. A Halloween throw blanket will keep you warm and toasty in between trick-or-treating houses. 

Best For: Don’t let these Vampire Mouths chomp you while you bundle up with this playful Halloween gift. 

15. Glowsticks

A party wouldn’t be complete without glowsticks. You can find glowstick necklaces, bracelets, wands, headbands, and so much more. Glowsticks can go in goody bags or wrapped around a trick-or-treater’s body, so they’re easier to see. 

Best For: Glowsticks are best for trick-or-treaters and to take a Halloween party to another level. 

16. Halloween Travel Mug

travel mug with ghosts

Boo! Halloween Ghosts Travel Mug Designed And Sold By Paisley Hansen

Gift a bundle of Halloween travel mugs to your trick-or-treating companions. Fill each with hot apple cider or hot cocoa and enjoy the night’s festivities. 

Best For: This Boo Halloween Travel Mug is ideal for an office party or for sipping a warm drink while out trick-or-treating with the kids. 

17. Wine or Bubbly

If you want to spice up your night, you can always add a little wine or bubbly. These make tasty Halloween party favors and can be jazzed up in punch bowls to look like the blood that gets scooped out into cups — a vampire’s dream party! 

Best For: Wine is best for a lit Halloween party, 21+ up of course!

18. Halloween Zipper Pouch

halloween symbols on zipper pouch

Horrorific Zipper Pouch Designed And Sold By Versiris

Kids and adults can find uses for these Halloween zipper pouches. You can add school supplies, candy, money, makeup, and more to this Horrorific container. Your imagination is the limit. 

Best For: The Horrorific zipper pouches are favorite Halloween party favors for kids. 

19. Halloween Pencil Favors

Bling out your Halloween pencils with pencil favors. You can gift Halloween pencils that have playful patterns on them or get pencil toppers in spooky shapes. Add a skull head or wicked witch to the top of your pencil. 

Best For: Halloween pencil favors are great for Halloween party pinatas, given out at a classroom Halloween party, and stuffed into a trick-or-treater’s bag. 

20. Spiral Notebook

notebook with ghosts and trees

#SquadGhouls Spiral Notebook Designed And Sold By tylerelise

This Halloween spiral notebook is #SquadGhouls for those looking for matching Halloween party favors. This adorable notebook is decked out in sweet little ghosties, and you can fill the pages with plans for your Halloween party. 

Best For: This spiral notebook is #SquadGoals and can be gifted at a party, in the classroom, or handed out to trick-or-treaters. 

21. Spooky Snacks

When it comes to spooky Halloween snacks, the sky is the limit. Wrap hotdogs in pastries to make mummies, or tie a tissue around a sucker for a ghost. The internet will offer up all sorts of creative ideas for your next Halloween party. 

Best For: Spooky snacks are great Halloween party favors for kids. They can be served up at all ages Halloween parties and brought to the office potluck. 

22. Water bottle

water bottle with halloween candy

Cute Halloween Candy Water Bottle Designed And Sold By allisonrdesign

You have to stay hydrated after drinking all of that blood, ahem wine. This cute Halloween water bottle will keep the water flowing in the spirit of Halloween. 

Best For: A water bottle makes for practical Halloween party favors and can be slipped into a gift basket or handed out at the office party. 

23. Scary Sanitizer

Scary sanitizer isn’t so frightening. It keeps the germs away while making for a playful party favor. Purchase some spooktacular Halloween stickers, peel off the sanitizer labels, and dub them Scary Sanitizer when you hand them out. 

Best For: Scary sanitizer can be used for Halloween party favors for kids in the classroom. We live in weird times where keeping germs at bay is more prevalent in schools. 

24. Halloween Hat

vampire coffin icon on a hat

Vampire Vibes Cap Designed And Sold By allisonrdesign

Offer a Halloween themed dad hat or baseball cap to your guests as they leave so they can wear their heart on their forehead, or just hide a bad hair day.

Best For: A halloween hat as a party favor is perfect for teen get-togethers or festive fashionistas. 

For some, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year. These 25 Halloween party favors will make the holiday extra special. Trick or treat yo’self with all the Halloween artwork, and up the ante for your party with these Halloween photo booth ideas.  

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