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Spook-Tacular Halloween Backgrounds For Your Phone


It’s the most fang-tastic time of year — pumpkin patches, haunted houses, scary movies, and a whole lot of candy! Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays as there are so many ways to get in the holiday spirit. 

As the leaves start to fall and Halloween approaches, there’s nothing like changing your phone’s wallpaper to help kick start the spooky season. If you’re in need of some fun Halloween backgrounds to help accompany your ghoulish phone case, we’ve got you covered. Check out these Halloween backgrounds to make the most out of your fear-inspiring holiday.

Halloween Phone Background Themes

Whether you are all about the dark Halloween design aesthetics or like the more light-hearted elements of Halloween, you’ll find a Halloween phone background perfect for you.


halloweencore phone background

If you are all about the aesthetics, this Halloweencore phone background is perfect for you. Halloweencore is an aesthetic based around Halloween and it evokes imagery that you’d typically associate with the holiday including ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, black cats, witches and so on.

There are many variations of Halloweencore that can either play on the dark or vintage and light-hearted side of Halloween. 

No Tricks Just Treats

dog trick or treating phone background

If you are looking for something more light-hearted, this cute pup is all about leaving the tricks behind and begging for treats instead. I mean, how could you say no to that face? 

Whether you’re a dog-lover or are in search of a Halloween background that’ll put a smile on your face everything you open your phone, this ones for you! 

Hey Boo

ghost positive affirmation phone background

Halloween may be a fright-filled holiday, but that doesn’t mean you have to let fear take control at any time of the year. This friendly ghost is here to remind you that you shouldn’t let fear get in the way of your success. 

Use this Halloween background on your phone to remind yourself everyday to be fearless, confident and courageous — the perfect spooky-themed, positive affirmation.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

pumpkin spice phone background

October marks the beginning of pumpkin season, including all of the delicious desserts and lattes this amazing fruit gives us — yes, pumpkins are fruits! If you’re a lover of all things pumpkin spice, download this phone background to embrace the entire fall season!

I Put a Spell on You

i put a spell on you phone background

From crystals to tarot cards, witches are not only an iconic Halloween staple, but an elusive figure of power and mystery. The modern witch is entrenched in empowerment and has magic that’s most effective when deeply personal. 

Whether you’re a modern witch or just love the witchy elements of Halloween, use this bewitching Halloween background to get in the spirit.

Let’s Have Some Skele-Fun

dancing skeletons phone background

There’s nothing more fun than a skeleton pun! Except maybe this lively party these bare bones are at. Join the fun by downloading this Halloween background to welcome the spooky season and celebrate Halloween.

Other Halloween Accessories For Your Phone

We have your phone’s wallpaper covered with our Halloween backgrounds, but now you need some accessories to decorate it’s exterior. Lucky for you, we got you covered! Check out these Halloween phone cases and stickers to decorate your phone and complete your spooky aesthetic.

Scream Queen

scream queen phone case

Scream Queen designed and sold by Nemons

Grab this simple and cute scream queen phone case to complete your Halloween aesthetic with it’s dark simplicity and Halloween elements.

Water Witch

water witch phone case

Water witch designed and sold by ARiAillustr

Water witchcraft is a ‘genre’ of witchcraft that honors and derives its power from the water. If you’re a witch that loves the water, this phone case of a beautiful water witch is perfect for you.

Spooky Girls

spooky girls pink phone case

Spooky Girls designed and sold by Bonnabell

If you love Halloween but like to keep things sleek and contemporary, use this pink Spooky Girls phone case to embrace the spooky season with a modern twist.

Make Today Magical

make today magical sticker

Make Today Magical designed and sold by Bonnabell

Add this magical sticker to your phone case or laptop cover to enchant your accessories with witchy elements like potions, spell books and cauldrons. 

Haunted Halloween Friends

halloween stickers

Haunted Halloween Friends designed and sold by obisun

For some light-hearted Halloween elements, use these Haunted Halloween Friends stickers to decorate your phone case with cats, zombies, ghosts and more.

Crystal Bat

crystal bat sticker

Crystal Bat designed and sold by Camille Chew

If you love ‘freakin bats’ and crystals, this crystal bat sticker is perfect to add to the back of your phone case or to another tech accessory.

Whether you go trick or treating in a fun costume or decide to have a Halloween Zoom party at home, these Halloween backgrounds are sure to help you get in the spooky spirit! Don’t forget to browse through our accessories like Halloween tote bags to complete your look. And maybe clean your phone case while you’re at it, so no one’s grossed out while your showing off your new spook-tacular background.

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