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44 Gifts for Wine Lovers that Aren’t Wine


Sure, you can get your wine-loving bestie a bottle of wine as a gift and they’ll probably be grateful. But step it up a notch for the next birthday or holiday with our list of 44 gifts for wine lovers ranging from funny to practical and luxurious to inexpensive. They’re more personal, so they’ll mean more!

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a casual drinker or a sommelier, Redbubble’s got you covered.

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers 

These gifts represent the best of the best and are sure to make any wine-lover happy.

Blue floor pillow with a cat wearing a tuxedo and a red a bow tie

Cheers! Gentleman Cat Floor Pillow designed and sold by squirrell

1. Cheers! Gentleman Cat Floor Pillow

Any wine lover would appreciate the comfort of this floor pillow during movie nights with friends. The gentleman cat adds an element of sophistication to an otherwise casual sprawl on the floor.

2. Wine Glass Sets

A person can never have too many wine glasses. There are white wine glasses, red wine glasses, champagne glasses, stemless glasses… the list goes on. Make sure your friend is prepared with the perfect set for every occasion.

turquoise spiral notebook with a cartoon image of a man driving bottles of wine with the title "Vins de France" at the bottom in purple letters

Vins de France Spiral Notebook designed and sold by Gary Godel

3. Vins de France Spiral Notebook

Ernest Hemingway once said to write drunk and edit sober. This fun notebook makes a great place for your friend to record all their thoughts and feelings while imbibing or to make lists of all their favorite wines when it’s time to restock.

4. Snack Pairings

Every glass of wine benefits from snacks! Put together a gift basket of your friend’s favorite wine pairings, from cheese to crackers to meats to even popcorn.

White water bottle with the phrase "At Least I Have Wine" written in bold black text overlaid with pink script of the same text

At Least I have Wine Water Bottle designed and sold by AnnoyedByGinger

5. At Least I Have Wine Water Bottle

Help your oenophile friends stay hydrated with a metal water bottle while reminding them that no matter how bad their day is, there’s one bright spot in their world: wine.

6. Taper Candles

Wine elevates any meal, and so do candles. Wine lovers can use old wine bottles as candlestick holders for taper candles, so gift a few with a bottle of wine. Just be sure to explain that taper candles are for after the drinking is done.

7. Cooling Cups

There are few things sadder in life than lukewarm wine. Make sure that never happens for your wine-loving friend with a cooling cup to keep their wine at the perfect temperature no matter how long it takes them to sip it.

Luxury Gifts for Wine Lovers

For many people, wine is part of their relaxation and self-care routines. Help them kick back with these luxury gifts for wine lovers.

White throw pillow with black cursive text that reads "Coffee keeps me going until it's time for wine"

Coffee & Wine Black Ink Throw Pillow designed and sold by Cat Coquillette

8. Coffee & Wine Black Ink Throw Pillow

The world is a crazy place, which means a lot of us rely on some extra help to get through our day. If your friend is a coffee lover and a wine lover, this is the pillow for them! It’s perfect for lounging on the couch, whatever they’re drinking. 

9. Glass Decanter

There’s nothing wrong with drinking wine straight out of the bottle if that’s your jam, but serious oenophiles know that decanting has serious benefits. Not only does wine taste better when it’s been allowed to breathe in a decanter, but the decanter also separates the sediment from the wine.

Bed covered with a blue comforter with a wine glass, banana, avocado, and grape pattern

Nature’s Bounty Comforter designed and sold by Lynn Salac-Gamit

10. Nature’s Bounty Comforter

For the wine lover who also enjoys bold, colorful patterns, this nature’s bounty comforter brings the perfect level of design and comfort to the bedroom — great for nights in with a glass of wine and a good book.

11. Wine Fridge

Casual wine drinkers may be fine keeping their wine bottles in their fridge with their leftovers, but a good wine fridge is set to the perfect temperature for wine to preserve taste.

Brown couch with a tan throw blanket with a wine glass pattern

Cheers | A Friendship Pattern Throw Blanket designed and sold by Marina Fujimori

12. Cheers A Friendship Pattern Throw Blanket

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than pouring yourself a glass of your favorite vintage and wrapping yourself in a throw blanket while binge-watching your favorite show. Any wine lover is sure to love this subtle cheers pattern.

13. Wine Carrying Case

Can you pack a bottle or two of wine in a tote bag when traveling? Yes, but it might not end well. If your friend travels a lot, a wine carrying case is perfect to ensure the wine arrives at the destination safely.

Woman holding light pink scarf with a pattern of wine glasses and cats

Vino di Gatto Scarf designed and sold by robinskarbek

14. Vino di Gatto Scarf

Does your wine lover also love cats? If so, this scarf is for them! This pattern is filled with cute illustrations of a cat interacting with a wine glass, knocking it over, or sticking its face in it.

15. Wine Bottle Coaster

If you’ve ever pulled a bottle of wine out of the fridge, you know it can sweat, leaving an ugly ring on your table or countertop. A wine bottle coaster has a protective lip to ensure your bottle sits firmly so there’s no risk of tipping over while trapping all the condensation. For wine glasses, keep regular coasters with a fun win theme handy as well!

When you need the perfect small gift to brighten up their day or stick in a Christmas stocking, these inexpensive gifts are perfect for wine lovers.

Inexpensive Gifts for Wine Lovers

Pale pink coasters with olives, almongs, bread, cheery tomatos, cheese, apples, and pickles as a charcuterie board

Charcuterie Nights Coasters (Set of 4) designed and sold by theseakiwi

16. Charcuterie Nights Coasters (Set of 4)

Wine pairs perfectly with a nice charcuterie spread, so this charcuterie nights coaster set is the perfect way to protect their tabletops at their next gathering.

17. Bottle Stoppers

Sometimes you just can’t get the cork back in the bottle, so every wine lover needs a few bottle stoppers on hand when they can’t finish off a bottle.

Fridge door with a magnet that says "In vino veritas" surrounded by flowers

In Wine, There Is Truth Red Magnet designed and sold by Cat Coquillette

18. In Wine, There Is Truth Magnet

If your wine-loving friend has ever found themselves making a profound personal discovery while enjoying a bottle, this magnet is a nice reminder. It’s also a nice reminder that a bottle of wine never lets them down.

19. Wine Cork Holder

Whether it’s in a box or a bowl, a wine cork collection makes a great piece of art in any home. Give a large decorative glass bowl or a wooden box with a bottle of wine so they can get started on their collection right away.

Silver water bottle with a tarot card-inspired Ace of Wine sticker

Ace of Wine Sticker designed and sold by Thiago Corrêa

20. Ace of Wine Sticker

Everything’s coming up aces, especially with this ace of wine sticker! It’s perfect for adding a touch of the vino vibe to laptops and water bottles.

21. Wine Rack

Whether it’s wall-mounted or on the countertop, a wine rack is a stylish yet practical gift for any wine drinker. Opt for rustic, sophisticated, or quirky based on the recipient’s style.

Pink button with "I'll be ready in a prosecco" spelled out in bead letters

I’ll Be Ready Pin designed and sold by squaresayings

22. I’ll Be Ready Button

Who doesn’t love a good pun? This fun pin makes a subtle nod to everyone’s favorite sparkling white wine.

23. Wine Guide

The more you know about wine, the more you appreciate it. Help your friend learn the finer points of wine with a wine guide so they can move from casual drinker to sommelier.

Funny Gifts for Wine Lovers

Most wines pair best with a sense of humor, so you can’t go wrong with a funny gift for the wine lovers in your life.

Two turquoise coffee mugs with an image of a wine glass hanging by the stem with the text "Hung Over?"

Hung Over Mug designed and sold by Teo Zirinis

24. Hung Over Mug

It’s happened to the best of us: You’re enjoying dinner and drinks with friends and before you know it, you’ve killed a few too many bottles of wine. Make the obligatory hangover coffee more enjoyable with this funny coffee mug.

25. Funny Glass

There are plenty of funny wine glasses out there. Whether it’s big enough to fit an entire bottle of wine or has levels to indicate what type of day it’s been, there’s the perfect funny glass for everyone on your list.

African-American woman wearing a wine-colored dress with a woman pouring wine over her shoulder into a glass resting on her foot

Wine & Yoga Graphic T-Shirt Dress designed and sold by badbasilisk

26. Wine & Yoga Graphic T-Shirt Dress

Wine and yoga are two great ways to unwind, and while we generally don’t recommend doing them both at the same time — wine is no friend to balance! — this graphic T-shirt dress does it in style.

27. Bath Wine Glass Holder

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a nice glass of wine while relaxing in a bubble bath… at least until you knock your wine glass over. Keep the wine safe and close at hand with a bath wine glass holder suction cup.

A white apron with a wine glass walking away from two wine glasses, squinting and saying "I can't find my wine glasses!"

Lost Glasses Apron designed and sold by Teo Zirinis

28. Lost Glasses Apron

If you’ve had a glass or two, you know wine can make you a bit forgetful at times. Any wine-loving friend will appreciate this punny apron with a wine bottle looking for its glasses. For extra giggles, be sure to give this gift after the recipient has already had a glass.

29. Wine Bag or Bra

Take wine with you wherever you go with a wine bag or wine bra. A wine bag looks like a typical beach tote but keeps the wine in an insulated pouch, and a wine bra hides your stash under your shirt.

White wall with clock that says "wine not?" in pink cursive writing

Wine Not? Clock designed and sold by Nastia Ku

30. Wine Not? Clock

Your wine-imbibing friends will appreciate the “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” vibe of this clock. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s ever asked, “Is it time to switch from coffee to wine yet?”

A vintage cartoon of a woman wearing two wine bottles for glasses saying she prefers the world through rose colored glasses on an acrylic block on a wooden shelf

Rosé-Colored Lenses Acrylic Block designed and sold by Hillary White

31. Rosé-Colored Lenses Acrylic Block

This vintage-inspired comic art highlights the fact that sometimes it takes a glass of wine to see the world clearly.

Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

If you know they’re a wine lover, chances are everyone else does too. Prevent duplicate gifts with these unique gifts for wine lovers.

Grey tote bag with two jockeys riding the side of a wine bottle as it blasts off

We Ride Until Dawn Tote Bag designed and sold by Maarten Leon

32. We Ride Until Dawn Tote Bag

Tote bags are perfect for carrying wine home from the grocery store, when you’re headed to the beach with the girls, or a romantic picnic with your significant other. This tote bag is no exception, and it’s sure to make your wine-loving friend laugh with its vintage quirkiness.

33. Outdoor Glass Covers

Drinking poolside or on the patio is a staple of summer, but there’s nothing worse than a bug taking a swim in your glass. Drink toppers keep the wine bug-free!

Woman wearing a black sweatshirt that says "I don't complain. I wine" in white text

I Don’t Complain. I Wine Lightweight Sweatshirt designed and sold by chestify

34. I Don’t Complain. I Wine Lightweight Sweatshirt

Perfect for lazy days or when life is just too hard, this lightweight sweatshirt is sure to get a laugh or an amen from anyone who sees it.

35. Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

Keep a few old bottles and use them to create a unique set of wind chimes. Bottles of different sizes and glass thicknesses will make different sounds.

A print of three men diving off a diving board into a glass of red wine

Your Best Friends Forget You Get Old Photographic Print designed and sold by Maarten Leon

36. Your Best Friends Forget You Get Old Photographic Print

This quirky artwork reminds every wine lover not to take themselves too seriously and dive into a bottle (or two) with their friends. After all, friends are good for keeping you young and watching over you when you’ve had a few.

37. Wine-Infused Coffee

If coffee beans are aged in old wine barrels, they can take on some of the flavors of the wine, combining two popular flavors in one beverage.

A canvas print of a still life of a table with two wine glasses, a purple vase, and a bunch of grapes on a table

Come Sit a While Canvas Mounted Print designed and sold by Lisafrancisjudd

38. Come Sit a While Canvas Mounted Print

This bold mounted print is the perfect decor for the kitchen or dining room of anyone who loves a good glass of red wine.

39. Wine Barrel Jewelry

Don’t let old wine barrels go to waste! Many artists online use them to create all different types of jewelry, so you’ll definitely find the perfect piece for your wine-loving friend.

Tech Gifts for Wine Lovers

Whether they are a tech geek or just want to use tech to improve their wine experience, these tech gifts for wine lovers are practical and fun.

A phone case with a vintage comic of a smiling woman holding a wine glass saying "Don't try to make everybody happy. You aren't wine."

Wine iPhone Case designed and sold by Douglasstencil

40. Wine iPhone Case

Sometimes we need a reminder that we aren’t miracle workers. Remind your friend to relax and stop trying to impress everyone since that’s just not possible with this funny vintage phone case.

41. Electric Wine Opener

An electric wine opener is perfect for anyone who finds operating a corkscrew impossible after a few drinks or who doesn’t have a Swiss Army knife handy in the kitchen.

Black laptop case with the earth and the moon wearing party hats. The earth tells the moon, who is holding a champagne bottle, "Careful with that! Last time you wiped out my dinosaurs!"

Careful Laptop Sleeve designed and sold by Teo Zirinis

42. Careful Laptop Sleeve

This laptop sleeve shows the real story of what happened to the dinosaurs: The moon shot a wayward champagne cork to Earth during a party. This is perfect for any wine lover with a sense of humor.

43. Wine Saver System

Sometimes all you want is one glass of wine at a time, but making sure the rest of the bottle stays preserved can be a challenge for slow wine drinkers. A wine saver system solves that problem by keeping the cork in the bottle and preventing air from getting in.

Mouse pad with colorful wine bottle illustrations

In Vino Veritas Mouse Pad designed and sold by johnandwendy

44. In Vino Veritas Mouse Pad

Bring wine to the office without getting in trouble with this in vino veritas mouse pad. The bright colors are sure to brighten up any bland office space.

Add a gift tag with a funny wine quote and you have yourself the perfect gift for any wine lover you know. Check out our gift list for wine lovers and celebrate responsibly.

Featured Image: Frencheese designed by Teo Zirinis

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