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50 Gifts for Plant Lovers To Make Them Wet Their Plants


Everybody romaine calm. The top 50 gifts for plant lovers are finally here! There are so many benefits to gift-giving, and the plant lovers in your life will love you for giving them such practical, beautiful, and thoughtful gifts. 

Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Oh my gourd, you’re going to love these gifts (and plant puns). Get inspired with this list of the best gifts for plant lovers — perfect for gifting to coworkers or your best friend. 

1. Potted Plant 

One of the simplest gifts for a plant lover is a plant! Before buying a plant as a gift, learn about the care required to make sure it fits the gift receiver’s lifestyle. Add a sticker that makes you think of the recipient to the pot for added personalization.

2. Gardening Hat

Gardening requires a lot of time outdoors, which can be great for your mental state, but not so great on your skin. Help your plant-loving friend protect their face from the sun with a punny hat

3. Bedding

For the plant-lover with a few allergies, consider bringing nature to them in the form of bedding. A duvet cover or comforter covered with blossoms brightens up a bedroom without sneezes!

4. Wall Plant Hanger

Great for the people in your life with small spaces. Plant hangers make the perfect gift and fit almost any size pot, and they can elevate the aesthetic of the area with ease. 

5. High-Performance Gardening Gloves

Gloves with touchscreen capabilities make this a no-brainer gift for those who hate having to rip their gardening gloves off every time they want to make a phone call. Say hello to a more productive gardening and connecting-with-friends experience. 

6. Plant Journal

A plant journal is a useful resource to look back on. It can inspire creativity (draw your favorite plants), and help you with your planting season by filling the pages with bloom times, plant growth, and other growing stats. 

7. Air Plant 

An air plant is perfect for the plant lover on the go. These plants don’t require much water and photosynthesize at night, helping put out more oxygen while one sleeps.

8. Plant Mister

A plant mister is great for those plants that like a spritz every now and again but not a full-on drink—a must-have for the plant lover with a variety of plants with different needs.

9. Water Bottle

Gardening is thirsty work! A beautiful reusable water bottle will keep the gardener in your life hydrated while they water their garden.

cat hiding in a plant magnet

Black Cat In Planter Magnet designed And sold By michelledraws.

Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers 

Your friends will want to hang out every daisy after giving them the gift of life (plant life, that is). Some people don’t have expansive garden spaces and prefer to bring the outdoors in. You can find inspiring plant wall art and even indoor plants that will be well-loved. 

10. Botanical Artwork 

Botanical artwork can create a theme in a space or add a touch of nature without it being an actual plant. Inspire your surroundings with the gift of art. 

11. Leaf Print Throw Blanket

It’s amazing what kind of prints you can find on throw blankets. Both practical and stylish, a plant leaf throw will be a welcome pop of color for any plant lover. 

12. Coffee Table Book

If you love indoor plants, you’ll love decorating your space with a plant coffee table book. Look for vibrant colors, exciting facts, and a location where people will pick it up and thumb through the images. 

13. An Indoor Plant

There are many indoor plants for people who have a greenhouse for a living room and those who can’t keep a plant alive to save their lives. Find one that “speaks” to you and see how it’s received. 

14. Floral Soy Wax Candle

Made with plants and filled with flowers and herbs, these candles will surely fill a room with wonderful scents and a peaceful ambiance. Adding floral candles into a space adds warmth every time the fire burns. 

15. Plant Magnets

Plant magnets are the perfect addition to the often-visited refrigerator! These little eye-catchers keep the fridge looking its best.

16. Floral Bath Mat 

A floral bath mat will brighten up the space without any watering effort to the plant lover’s life. Find a complementary shower curtain, and your bathroom redesign is well underway. 

17. Plant Stickers

Stickers are fun accessories for most situations. Stick them to a laptop, a water bottle, and anywhere else that needs a little jazzing up. 

18. Tapestry

A tapestry makes a gorgeous piece of wall art that’s versatile while making a statement. Find a plant-inspired tapestry for your plant-loving buddies. 

19. A Plant Stand

Finding places to put plants in the house can become problematic as more and more spaces are filled with pots. You can find stylish plant stands that don’t require valuable shelf space. 

throw pillow with cacti

Cute Happy Cactus Throw Pillow designed and sold by Claire Lordon

Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers

Branch out with some playful gifts for your friends. You’ll find plenty of unique gifts for plant lovers out in the ethers (or even at your local farmer’s market). Don’t be afraid to get creative and really play to the gift receiver’s interests while weaving plants into the bigger picture. 

20. Dream Catcher Air Plant 

An easy-to-care-for plant that adds magic and style to any space. This is the perfect plant for those who want a low-maintenance piece of living art.

21. Succulent Scarf

Ward of the spring or fall chill with a succulent-patterned scarf. Perfect for those chilly spring mornings when you’re getting your garden ready for planting!

22. Succulent Puzzle

A succulent puzzle is the perfect unique gift for those who love puzzles and plants. Pair it with an actual succulent to elevate the present even more. 

23. Team Bloom Jasmine Flowering Tea Set

Jasmine is one of the more fragrant flowers. These tiny white buds go a step further in this unique and fun tea set. Just pour hot water over the buds, and the flowers bloom in your tea! Don’t forget to include a garden-themed mug as part of the gift!

24. Veggie Dress

A quirky pattern is sure to catch the eye and serve as a conversation starter. Get that print on a dress, and it’s perfect for spring day out and about.

25. My Neighbor Totoro Plant Gnomes

These little gnome-like figurines live alongside plants for a pop of cuteness and a smile. My Neighbor Totoro fanatics will love this gift. 

26. Coconut Fiber Planters 

Plant-based planters make for a unique gift for plant lovers. What’s more? You can find these planters in all kinds of designs — like uber-cute animals. 

27. Leaf-Print T-Shirts

Botanical T-shirts and clothing make for a fun take on expressing your plant love. Showcase your quirkiness and passion for plants with a leaf-printed shirt

28. Large Succulent Throw Pillows

Throw pillows in succulent form? We think yes. Big, colorful, unique throw pillows are always a welcome gift in a plant-loving home. 

journal with wildflowers

Herbal Journal Spiral Notebook designed and sold by RumpledCrow

Cool Gifts for Plant Lovers

Find an absolutely radishing gift for your buddies or coworkers. There’s no shortage of neat tech, quirky pots with painted bee puns, and other cool gifts for plant lovers.  Check out the inspo here and save it for the next time you’ve got a plant lover’s birthday coming up. 

29. Garden Gloves With Fingertip Claws 

Practical and fun — who doesn’t love to dig in the dirt with a nice pair of claws! Perfect for the plant lover who likes to keep clean fingers while getting down and dirty.

30. Fairy Garden Leggings

Can you ever have too many leggings? Clearly the answer is no. Get a friend a pair of fairy garden leggings, perfect for lounging around the house, puttering in the garden, or burning calories on the treadmill.

31. Bedside Smartphone Case

A smartphone vase holds your smartphone and plants at the same time. Your tech-loving plant friends will love this multi-purpose gift. 

32. Chia Pet

Chia Pets are a classic for millennials everywhere! Kids and adults love to watch them grow. They come in so many shapes and sizes and are super practical for nourishment, too. 

33. Duffle Bag

Never take home someone else’s luggage from the airport with a garden tool print duffle bag. You may not be able to take the garden with you, but you can make sure everyone knows you’d rather have a little dirt under your fingernails!

34. Flower Press

Flower lovers and plant lovers alike would love to have a flower press. Create unique art and memories using your very own flower press. 

35. Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees add a unique touch to any home. They’re modern, peaceful, and look like ancient trees in tiny form. 

36. Pressed Paper Flower Stationary

Pressed flower stationery is a beautiful gift for those who love writing letters and cards and incorporating nature into the message. 

37. Honeycomb Indoor Plant Trellis

An indoor plant trellis is a fantastic way to grow plants inside. It’s also a cool, sleek, and modern piece of architecture that would make a great gift. 

potted plants art print

Plants in plant hangers and pots Photographic Print designed and sold by Constanze Guhr

Plant Gifts for Plant Lovers

I beg your garden — did you say plants? Plant gifts for plant lovers are just the best. You could just offer up a zillion plants, and your friends would be happy, or you can get a little creative with different types of seed subscription boxes. 

38. Propagation Station 

Plant lovers will thoroughly enjoy the propagation station, where they can store their plant cuttings in an elegant space. For those who don’t know, this little setup allows a plant cutting to start growing roots, preparing it for planting later. 

39. Micro-Greens Growing Kit

The gift of fresh microgreens makes gardening indoors easy! It is a must-have for the health-conscious plant lover who enjoys throwing some greens on their meals. 

40. Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Keep herbs growing strong all year long with an indoor hydroponic garden. The gift receiver will love the ease of this little garden and the tasty herbs it produces. 

41. Seed Bank Box

This brand focuses on delivering 8-10 varieties of organic, heirloom, and non-GMO seeds per month for an edible garden. This is great for the plant lover who wants seeds you can’t find in stores.

42. Succulent Source Subscription

This subscription offers 5-6 different succulents per month with no repeats — the perfect gift for plant lovers on a budget! 

43. Bonsai Seed Starter Kit

Possibly one of the cutest starter kits! The Bonsai Seed starter kit grows four different types of bonsai trees right at home. 

44. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit 

This flower grow kit offers a unique way to celebrate someone’s birthday. Who would have thought that your plant-loving bestie could grow their birth flower as part of a kit? 

45. Plant Propagation Kit

A propagation kit provides everything you need to grow multiple plants from a single cutting. These kits are modern and beautifully handcrafted. 

46. Preserved Yarrow And Poppy Wreath

Natural decor will last for a long time and brighten up a space. This wreath is a beautiful addition for those who you’re familiar with their style. 

bath mat with houseplants

Home Is Where My Plants Are Bathmat designed and sold by TheLoveShop

DIY Gifts for Plant Lovers

Party your cac-tush off with these fun DIY gifts for plant lovers, like personalized mugs or unique artwork. 

47. Micro Terrarium Plant Set 

This micro-ecosystem is ideal for someone who wants a little bit of plant life to spruce up the workspace (or anywhere else in need of a lift) — perfect for a low-maintenance, DIY gift.

48. Monstera Cross-Stitch Artwork

Perfect for the beginner cross-stitcher who also happens to love plants. The satisfaction and beauty of this art will be adored for years to come.

49. Painted Rock Plant Markers

Hand-painted rocks with labels are perfect for an indoor or outdoor garden — so purposeful and artistic! You can paint some rocks yourself as part of the gift or do it together for an experience DIY gift. 

50. Egg Carton Seed Starter Kit

An egg carton seed starter kit is perfect for plant lovers who enjoy watching their seeds grow. Once they’re sprouted up and ready, they can be planted into a more permanent garden space. 

Peony for your thoughts? What do you think of this plant-lovers gift guide? There’s no shortage of ideas for plant lovers. Friends might love hats to protect their heads while out in the garden and stickers to show their love of plants to the great wide world. — how else can you find plant-loving friends? If you need more inspiration, check out these DIY herb garden ideas!

Header Image: Plant Life designed and sold by littleredcheeks

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