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105 Gifts for Mother’s Day To Melt Mom’s Heart


Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, so don’t forget about all the mamas in your life. Our Mother’s Day gifts list has more than 100 — for grandmothers, wives, daughters, and so much more. So get to shopping (or crafting) and celebrate Mother’s Day on time this year.

pink throw pillow with "World's best mama" and flowers

World’s Best Mama Throw Pillow designed and sold by kacien

Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

Some of the best gifts for Mother’s Day are often the most used and not always the most expensive — although they can definitely be both. Enjoy these eight unique gifts that mom will love. 

1. Mother’s Comfort Throw Pillow

Mom is always there for you, so let her know how thankful you are with this Mother’s Comfort throw pillow. The soothing tones depicting a mother’s embrace offer the perfect pop of color for Mom’s couch. 

2. I Get It From My Mama Canvas Print

Spice up Mom’s walls with a canvas art piece. This floral I Get It From My Mama canvas print grabs the eye with its bright colors and lets everyone know who you get all your best traits from.

3. Tough as a Mother Tote Bag

It’s no secret that moms have to be prepared for anything, and that means having a bottomless tote bag to carry all the essentials (and everyone else’s stuff when they get tired of carrying it). This Tough as a Mother Tote Bag is perfect for carrying diapers, toys, bottles, and whatever else life throws at Mom.

4. A Getaway

What could a mother want more than the gift of quality time in a beautiful place? Take mom on a getaway and soak up the time together. Don’t forget to pack her duffel bag for her too!

5. A Folk Art Butterfly A-Line Dress

Your mom brings joy and beauty into your life much like a butterfly does, so this folk art butterfly a-line dress is a perfect gift. Comfortable and flowy, this dress is perfect for spring and summer garden parties or watching kids play at the park.

6. A Yoga Mat

Give the gift of movement with a yoga mat. You can find quality designs in all price ranges. Of course, she’ll need some other gym essentials, too, like a water bottle, some quirky leggings, and a drawstring bag!

7. Flowers

When Mom says she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day this year, a bouquet of flowers is a great way to stick to her wishes while still getting her a little something to brighten her day. If Mom’s allergic, this simple flower bouquet sticker makes a great substitute (plus, it won’t die!)

8. Cocktail Set

Don’t be afraid to let loose and sip on some cocktails — maybe even make some together on Mother’s Day. 

Mug with a flower print on a blue background

Yellow Tree Mug designed and sold by crysanthema

Simple Mother’s Day Gifts

Sometimes the simplest gifts for Mother’s Day are the most cherished and most used. Get creative and think about what the mom’s in your life enjoy. 

9. A gift card to the local coffee shop

One of the easiest and most appreciated gifts for coffee lovers is anything related to coffee — a gift card is a simple solution!

10. A Book

If your mom’s a reader, you likely have a good idea of what she likes to read. Peruse her TBR list to find her a new book or a gift card to purchase her next favorite. 

11. Feminist Mom Zipper Pouch

Whether it’s holding makeup, pens, or her phone, this feminist mom zipper pouch is perfect for helping Mom keep all her smaller items organized. 

12. Colorful Shower Curtain

Did you know there are so many different styles of shower curtains? Find a chic and creative washroom accessory for mother’s day. While you’re at it, get a bath mat to match!

13. Hair Towel

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the ones used most often. Gift mom a hair towel designed specifically for tying wet hair up, keeping her clothes dry. 

14. Bamboo Serving Spoon

Does the mother in your life love to cook? A bamboo serving spoon is a classic and timeless tool in the kitchen. 

15. Bath Salts

Kick back and relax with some bath salts. You can’t go wrong with the gift of relaxation.

16. Be Kind Baseball Cap

This Be Kind Baseball Cap is the perfect addition to her wardrobe when she’s taking the dog for a walk, watching the kids at the playground, or tinkering in her garden.

Purple canvas print with two women in superhero capes

I Am a Strong Woman Because a Strong Woman Raised Me Canvas Print designed and sold by nynjamoves

Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

Do you have one of those mothers who always tear up during the goodbyes, the hellos, the cute baby photos (you get the idea)? Thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day are always a big hit. 

17. Bowl of Sunshine acrylic block 

A bowl of sunshine acrylic block art print makes for an eye-catching piece for mom on Mother’s Day and the cute smiling sun will bring a smile to Mom’s face. A great addition to shelves, side tables, and nightstands, it also doubles as a coaster or a bookend. 

18. Super Mama Mom and Baby Sloth iPhone Case

Phones are more than just a way to talk to friends. For moms, they’re also play date organizers, shopping lists, photo albums, and reference points for whether that cut needs stitches. Protect Mom’s phone with this adorable Super Mama Mom and Baby Sloth iPhone Case so she can keep being Super Mom.

19. Self-Care Kit

A self-care kit for mom can be whatever you make of it — nail polish, bath bombs, a good book, a fuzzy sweater, or anything else big or small. 

20. Wine Subscription

Wine-loving mothers will enjoy a high-quality wine subscription with delicious wine coming all year long. 

21. Scrapbook Photo Album

Photos are par for the course for thoughtful gifts for mom. A scrapbook photo album is fun to make and enjoyable for years to come. 

22. A manicure

Make it a date with mom by getting manicures together or offering to paint her nails yourself if it’s more meaningful for her. A zipper pouch makes a great place for her to keep all her manicure tools.

23. Tapestries

Give the mothers in your life the gift of beautiful, textured wall art in the form of tapestries. She’ll love how they warm up the space when hung correctly.

24. Small Air Fryer

An air fryer is easy to use and makes for some crispy, crunchy, healthy fried food for mom. 

pink acrylic block with a mom and baby sloth hanging in a tree

Super Mama Mom And Baby Sloth Acrylic Block designed and sold by Miri-Noristudio

Funny Gifts for Mom

The jokesters in the family will love this list of funny gifts for Mother’s Day. If you know mom appreciates a good laugh and is ok with poking at motherhood, she’s sure to love a gift with some humor behind it. 

25. Mother Ship T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a funny t-shirt that will make your mama laugh every time she puts it on. This Mother Ship t-shirt is a punny way to remind Mom how much you love her.

26. Swear Word Coloring Book

Does your mom love to cuss? A swear word coloring book is both funny and relaxing. 

27. Censored Cross-Stitch Art

Maybe all the censored art is funny because people believe that moms should be proper and clean. Hint — they’re not. 

28. Cheeky Notebook

There’s so much incredible artwork that you can print right onto a high-quality notebook. Look for cover art that will make your mother spit out her drink. 

29. Calm Down Tea

Is mom feeling a little high-strung? You can hardly blame her. Motherhood is hard work. Some calm-down tea will do the trick, especially when she drinks it from her favorite new mug or travel mug.

30. Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Photos are always a winner. Make it even more exciting by printing a funny family photo onto a jigsaw puzzle. If you’re short on photos since mom is camera shy, a regular jigsaw puzzle will do, as long as it reflects her personality.

31. Funny Greeting Card

You can’t beat a witty greeting card. Add it to a more thoughtful gift to soften the roasting mom is sure to get. 

32. Sloth Heating Pad

Ease mom’s aches and pains with an adorable and funny sloth heating pad. 

White tote bag with "Tough as a Mother" print

Tough As A Mother Tote Bag designed and sold by latheandquill

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma 

Mother’s day is an ideal time to remember those mothers whose babies have left the nest. Bring some inspiration to your grandma’s life with some nature gifts and sweet reminders that she’s loved. 

33. Cotton Tote Bag 

Your grandma will find a million uses for a beautiful cotton tote bag — storing fabric, groceries, and yarn. 

34. Family Photos

Your grandmother will probably love anything with photos on them. Gather some family photos and put them in an album for Mother’s Day. 

35. Hummingbird Feeder

Watching hummingbirds fly is a magical experience, whether you’re young or old. 

36. Unique Floor Pillow

Granny’s knees might be struggling, but a colorful oversized floor pillow will give her a cushion for playing with her grandbabies. 

37. Electric Kettle

Get grandma an electric kettle — a most helpful gift for heating water for her tea or coffee. 

38. Recipe Tin

Turn the tables and gift your grandmother a recipe tin full of all her favorite recipes, plus your favorites. 

39. Printed Coasters

No one wants water rings on the table, so a pack of beautifully printed coasters will delight. 

40. Tea Subscription Box

Does your grandma enjoy tea? Let her try some new ones each month with a tea subscription box. 

blue iPhone case with a mama turtle and baby turtles

Turtle Mama iPhone Case designed and sold by jayfleck

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Wife 

Wives and mothers sacrifice their time (and sleep) to pour love into their babies. Make her feel special with some unique and thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day. 

41. Canvas Print 

You likely know your wife’s design tastes. Invest in a gorgeous canvas print for her this year.  

42. A Day Of Relaxation

Only you know how your wife likes to relax. Set up a day full of peace and relaxation. 

43. Baby Initials Necklace

Purchase a customized necklace with your baby’s initials as a sweet tribute to your family. 

44. Personalized Photo Book

Moms are typically the ones taking all of the photos. Make her a personalized photo book, making sure photos of her are included. 

45. Comfy Pants for Lounging

Practical gifts are always well-appreciated. A nice pair of comfy joggers or leggings will make her happy on lazy Sunday when she can relax on the couch for as long as her kids will leave her alone.

46. Organic Chocolate Subscription Box

You’ll want to hide this one so the kids can’t get into it — a never-ending supply of high-quality chocolate. 

47. Gemstone Earrings

Gift your wife some gemstone earrings with stones representing the kids’ birth months. 

48. Acupressure Mat

An acupressure mat will help relieve built-up tension so she can show up more relaxed when it counts. 

teal blue a-line dress with "You are made of magic" print

You Are Made Of Magic A-Line Dress Designed and Sold by tarynstype

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mother-in-Law 

Don’t forget about your mother-in-law this Mother’s Day! Show how much she means in your life so she feels loved with one of these special gifts for Mother’s Day. 

49. A cozy throw blanket 

A throw blanket and throw pillow make for a cozy and stylish gift for your mom-in-law when she’s judging you from the couch.

50. Wine Glasses

Does your mother-in-law enjoy wine? Invest in some beautiful glass this year. 

51. Bouquet Of Flowers

A simple way to show your mother-in-law that you’re thinking of her is to gift her a bouquet of flowers. If she has allergies, some botanical wall art will do just as well (and live longer!).

52. Instant Photo Printer

Everyone loves photos, and an instant photo printer will allow your mother-in-law to print her favorites whenever she wants so she always has the latest pics of her grandbabies.

Get a little bit techy with a smart mug, keeping her drink warm for as long as possible. 

54. Aromatherapy Candle

Maybe your mother-in-law needs to unwind with an aromatherapy candle. Pick one with a scent you love and ask her to burn it when you’re visiting. Maybe it will help keep the stress to a minimum during your visit.

55. Charcuterie Board

Does your inherited mother enjoy entertaining? Find a well-oiled charcuterie board for her next party.  

56. Framed Photo

Photo prints are lovely, but a framed photo makes for a lovely packaged deal. 

Woman wearing white t-shirt with chocolate chip cookies print

Chocolate Chip Cookies Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt designed and sold by Rebecca Flaherty

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for First-Time Moms 

Being a first-time mother is such a special time. The transition can be challenging for some — so much energy is required to care for sweet little babies. Take the time to gather a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day for these first-time moms, even if they seem to have it all together. They deserve it. 

57. A luxurious new comforter 

Invest in a soft and luxurious new comforter for a first-time mom so that she can get a cozy night of sleep in style.

58. Polaroid Camera

Capture all those sweet baby smiles and family snuggles with a Polaroid camera. 

59. Birthstone Ring

Seek out the perfect ring design for a first-time mother, and incorporate the baby’s birthstone. 

60. Personalized Family Drawing

Commission someone to draw your family’s portrait up and then frame it as a gift.  

61. Lavender Bath Soak

Volunteer to watch the kids so mom can soak in a lavender-scented bath and wash her worries away for a moment. 

62. Mother & Baby Matching Outfit

Have some fun with a first-time mom’s gift by finding a matching mother-child outfit. 

63. Hired Help

Hired help is an incredible gift. Consider hiring someone to clean the house, even if it’s just once a month, or an in-home babysitter to come in one day a week so she can get caught up on things around the house without worrying about the kids.

64. Handprint Picture Frame

Most moms have a print of their baby’s first handprint. Copy this print and turn it into art. 

White floor pillow with "work hard, mom hard" print

Work Hard, Mom Hard Floor Pillow designed and sold by Amanda Arneill

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Daughters 

Just because you’re your daughter’s mother doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate her when she comes full circle, becoming a mother. These ideas for gifts for Mother’s Day are perfect for the daughters in your life. 

65. Hardcover Journal 

A hardcover journal is classy and practical, the perfect way to get thoughts on the page. The best way to help her keep all those soccer practices, dance recitals, and bake sales organized!

66. Birthstone Necklace

Gift your daughter a birthstone necklace that incorporates your birthstone, your daughter, and her child’s. 

67. Metal Print

Metal prints look modern, and the colors pop — the perfect addition to your daughter’s family room. 

68. Mother-Daughter Bracelet

A mother-daughter bracelet comes in all different styles. Seek out a design that you know she’ll love. 

69. A Massage

You can’t go wrong with a massage. Your daughter deserves a break from the demands of motherhood. 

70. A New Plant

Brighten your daughter’s space with a beautiful plant. It’ll add a breath of fresh air. 

71. Expensive Bottle Of Wine

Does your daughter have a favorite restaurant? Schedule a lunch date, order her favorite bottle of wine and share a glass on Mother’s Day. 

72. Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers come in handy for relaxation and relieve stuffy noses with the little ones whenever they inevitably arrive. 

Refrigerator with otter mother magnet

Otter Mother Magnet designed and sold by Melissa Jan

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Dog Moms 

Mothers are defined in all kinds of ways. Some mothers are dog and cat moms instead. You’ll find some fun Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms in the list below.

73. Custom Pet Portrait 

A custom pet portrait will be cherished forever, especially since our sweet pets don’t live as long as humans. 

74. Trail Dog Medical Kit

If the dog mom in your life loves to run the trails, she’ll love knowing her fur baby is safe with a trail dog medical kit. 

75. Self-Watering Dog Planter

A self-watering dog planter is adorable, with the tongue soaking up the water and recycling through the plant. 

76. Dog Drink Markers

Let a decorative dog snuggle up around the base of your wine glass — share a cup with your dog mom friends. 

77. Pup Keepsake Book

Create a keepsake book to commemorate your loved one’s relationship with their pups. 

78. Dog Mom Mug

You can’t go wrong with a dog mom mug. This gift will be well-loved, perhaps as much as the gift receiver’s dog. 

79. Matching Shirt Set

How fun would it be to match outfits with your dog? Find or make a matching shirt set this Mother’s Day. 

80. Puppy Photo Session

The perfect gift for dog moms on Mother’s Day is a puppy photo session. 

Girl Power Drawstring Bag designed and sold by Charlyclements

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Gardeners 

Sometimes gifts for Mother’s Day don’t actually need to be directly related to motherhood. Instead, focus on the passions of the mother and celebrate the things she loves — like plants

81. Wind Chime 

Wind chimes are soothing and magical and make the perfect addition to a garden. 

82. Plant Classic T-Shirt

Plant T-shirts are handy at all times, especially when she has babies wiping food on her all the time or she spends her days with her hands buried in garden soil.

83. Garden Stool and Kneeler

A garden stool and kneeler are perfect for those mothers who love to garden but need to protect their knees and backs. 

84. Face Planters

Planters with faces are so fun, especially those where you can grow plant hair out of the top. If faces aren’t her thing, consider a planter that you decorate with stickers that match her personality.

85. Herb Garden Kit

An herb garden kit is multi-purpose, nurturing a mother’s love of gardening and providing food for the family. Consider adding a mug so she can start a DIY mug herb garden.

86. Floral Scarf

Add a touch of style to the plant-loving mother with an elegant floral scarf

87. Wooden Garden Markers

Engraved garden markers help organize a garden space while adding a touch of whimsy. 

88. Veggie Garden Print

A veggie garden print will add a pop of color to a space where plants might not survive, like a dark bathroom or bedroom. 

Tote bag with mom and daughter reading together

Copycat Tote Bag designed and sold by TabithaBianca

Tech Gifts for Mom

Some mothers enjoy tech gifts for Mother’s Day more than anything else. This list of tech gifts for mom goes above and beyond the typical Mother’s Day gift and brings her something more. 

89. A Smart Coffee Maker 

Let mom sleep in a little longer and let the coffee make itself with this smart coffee maker. 

90. Wireless Charging Station

A wireless charging station comes in handy when mom runs around doing a thousand things. 

91. Light Alarm Clock

Soften wakeups with a light-up alarm clock that eliminates the harsh sound of typical alarm clocks.  

92. Laptop Skin

Mom will appreciate a new laptop skin to help her keep track of who is using her computer. Get one with a positive message or something that will make her laugh whenever she sits down to work.

93. Robotic Vacuum

Mothers shouldn’t have to spend all their time cleaning the house, so invest in a robotic vacuum. If you can, charge it before you wrap it so she can put it to work as soon as she unwraps it.

94. A New Phone Case

Help mom protect her tech with a stylish new phone case that reflects her personality. 

95. Digital Photo Frame

Get digital with photos and upload all of her favorites into a digital slideshow. 

96. A Bluetooth Tracker

While a Bluetooth tracker could be a funny gift, it’s also useful. Mom will never lose her keys again! 

Pink greeting card with "You da best" in script

You Da Best Greeting Card designed and sold by HeloBirdie

Inexpensive Gifts for Mom

Sometimes funds are tight, but you still want mom to know you’re thinking of her. These are great gifts for Mother’s Day when you’re on a budget or for younger kids to gift to their mothers. After all, gift-giving is about thoughtfulness, not cost. 

97. Travel Mug 

A travel mug is perfect for the moms on the go who like to bring their morning drink along.

98. Love Ya Lady Magnet

Magnets are always helpful for hanging up pics and schedules, and can add a pop of color and personality to a space. This Love Ya Lady Magnet is reminiscent of a Pink Ladies jacket and lets Mom know you love her and her sense of style.

99. Apron 

Get a little funky with your apron choices. It’s only worn when working in the kitchen and can afford to be a little fun. 

100. Stickers

High-quality stickers are beautiful and make an inexpensive and thoughtful gift for mothers. 

101. A Funny Pin

Like stickers, funny pins make a great gift because mom can put them anywhere.

102. A Clock

Clocks can be a statement piece, but you don’t have to settle for the same old classroom clocks of your childhood. Choose a chic clock for your mom. 

103. Handwritten Letter

You can make an impact with a gift as simple as a thoughtful handwritten letter in a beautiful greeting card.

104. A Homemade Dinner

The gift of quality time can mean more than a material object. Whip up a lovely dinner for mom on Mother’s Day. 

105. Time Off From Parenting

If the mother in your life has kids at home, find a way for them to have a day off from all responsibilities to relax. 

Greeting card with cat and kitten on bicycle

Mother’s Day Bicycle Ride Greeting Card designed and sold by kilkennycat

Mother’s Day is almost here. Are you ready to pamper all the mothers you love with something special? Write up some sweet Mother’s Day messages in a card or text, and don’t be afraid to gush about your love and appreciation for what they bring to your life. Attach the card to the perfect gift for Mother’s Day to make Mom’s day!

Header Image: Simple Flower Bouquet designed by Rafaela Perasinic

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