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64 Gifts for Gamers That Aren’t Games


Are you looking for the best gifts for gamers that aren’t video games? You’ll find this article packed with 65 different gifts that are sure to earn you some extra XP with your friends (that’s experience points for the uninitiated). There are so many benefits of giving, and finding some rad stuff for your gamer friends will mean a lot. 

At Redbubble, you’ll find awesome fan art for all your favorite video games, sci-fi, anime and so much more printed on all kinds of gear, making the personal even more so. This list covers all the bases, from casual to hardcore gamers. 

Best Gifts for Gamers

We know purchasing gifts that are personalized to someone’s hobbies is a great gifting strategy, but video games can be difficult since the best gifts for gamers are not actually games. You never know what games someone has already played, so it’s tricky buying games without giving away what you’re purchasing. Our suggestion? Find out what games they like, and then buy something related to the game, like apparel or gaming accessories.

Guy wearing a graphic tee depicting Rhys' armor from Borderlands

Rhys Graphic Tee designed and sold by 416Lottie

1. Rhys Graphic T-shirt

Borderlands fans will love this Rhys graphic tee that looks like it could be part costume, part awesome shirt. A graphic T-shirt, it’s great for any gender! 

2. Video Gaming Chair

You’ll find video gaming chairs in all kinds of price ranges. Of course, the more you spend, the more gadgets that typically come with it. Look for good reviews, ultimate comfort, and maybe even wireless Bluetooth surround sound. 

Poster of an anime arcade depicting a girl playing an old-school arcade game

Arcade Anime Poster designed and sold by herssians

3. Arcade Anime Poster

Gamers love decorating their walls with posters from their favorite gaming universes. This arcade anime poster adds a touch of nostalgia to a space with its old-school arcade games. The hot pinks and sharp contrast would look great behind a computer monitor, or anywhere else, for that matter. 

4. Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming, especially PC gaming, there are a whole slew of accessories to make gameplay more enjoyable. A gaming mouse comes in a range of prices. Why a mouse? It offers precision movement, which could be the difference between virtual life and death. Many are programmable too, so the gamer can set up the controls how they like. 

A throw blanket with an illustration of maneki plants

Maneki Plants Throw Blanket designed and sold by theeighth

5. Maneki Plants Throw Blanket

If you want to feel like you’ve stepped into your favorite Ghibli movie or video game, the Maneki Plants throw blanket will help you get there. Throw blankets like this one make a great gamer gift that isn’t a game. Add some plants, and you’ll have a full-blown jungle. 

6. Headphones with Microphone

Non-gamers are often surprised by the unique ways gamers stay connected with the community. A pair of headphones with a microphone is a must for most types of gamers (specifically in the realm of PC, XBOX, and Playstation). If you go this route, pay attention to reviews and find high-quality audio for a better experience. 

An illustration of an anime girl wearing VR goggles on a floor pillow

Goggles Girl Throw Pillow designed and sold by wacca

7. Goggles Girl Floor Pillow

The Goggle Girl floor pillow is a unique take on virtual reality. Any gamer would love this pop of color, and just a downright beautiful drawing that takes them back to their favorite anime games and movies. Plus, floor pillows are great for gamers who want to stretch out on the floor for a bit.

8. Gaming Console

Consoles can get pricey, so you better love the person you’re buying it for! Check to make sure they don’t have the console and surprise them with something new. Gamers typically have a favorite gaming console, so chances are you can find one they don’t have. 

An acrlyic block featuring art of a modern male witch in his home office

Modern Male Witch: Home Office Acrylic Block designed and sold by Brenna-Ivy

9. Modern Male Witch Acrylic Block

We don’t get to see a lot of the modern male witch, so it’s fun to celebrate these heathens in their natural habitat — playing games on their many computer screens. You’ll see the rainbow keyboard, headphones, and everything else a gamer loves in a color-popping piece of art. Plus acrylic blocks have a lot of uses, like paperweight, coaster, bookend, or art piece!

10. Webcam

If you know gamers, you know they love watching other gamers, and often, sharing their own gameplay. A webcam makes for a great gift. They can record and upload Youtube videos if they so desire, or they can just chat with their virtual friends while they play. 

A clock featuring an illustration of an anime girl sleeping in the sky

On Cloud Nine Clock designed and sold by nakanoart

11. On Cloud Nine Clock

You’ll find plenty of fun gifts for anime fans like this On Cloud Nine clock. Gamers are known to while away hours playing their favorite games. A clock can keep one foot in reality some of the time by checking the time and making sure they haven’t missed something important. 

12. Keyboard

Let’s be honest, gamers can get pretty intense! Regular ol’ keyboards will get destroyed quickly from wear and tear — definitely not from being thrown at the wall in frustration. There are, however, keyboards made specifically for gamers. You can find them for most budgets.

Man wearing a black hoodie with an illustration of floating jellyfish underwater

Submerged Serenity Pullover Hoodie designed and sold by radissonclaire

13. Submerged Serenity Pullover Hoodie

Lots of gamers love gaming because it takes them to other worlds and realities. This Submerged Serenity hoodie is both magical and haunting at the same time, and a gamer can never have too many hoodies.

Unique Gifts for Gamers  

Are you looking for unique gifts for gamers in your life? Unique can mean all kinds of things, and, in this case, it means you’re going to have a hard time choosing which gift you want to buy! They’re all pretty awesome.

A woman wearing an A-line dress featuring an illustration of a woman astrally projecting, apparent by the star in her eye

Astral A-Line Dress designed and sold by radissonclaire

14. Astral A-Line Dress

If you didn’t know it already, there are so many gamer girls out there, even though they get forgotten at times. This Astral A-line dress makes the perfect gamer girl gift because it features a powerful woman and lovely lines in the artwork. Plus, A-line dresses are notoriously comfortable for long gameplay.

15. Replica of Favorite Character

We know, the tech is really awesome, but at their core, gamers are big nerds. Finding a replica of their favorite character, prop, or landscape will be a treasured gift. Prices can climb for this gift, but you can also find replica pieces pre-loved or smaller replicas at a lower cost. 

A woman wearing teal leggings with a repeating pattern of star-shaped cookies

Star Shaped Cookie Leggings designed and sold by freeminds

16. Star-Shaped Cookie Leggings 

If there were an official gaming uniform, you’d best believe leggings would be an option, especially these fun printed leggings with star-shaped cookies on them. They make a useful gift for gamers because they can wear them when they’re lounging around playing. 

17. A Vintage Gaming System

Oh, the nostalgia, at least if you predate the 2000s. Original gaming systems are considered classic collectibles and make great gifts for die-hard gamers. Some gamers like to play the original games in all their pixelated glory for fun, even though they might still prefer the high-end graphics and speed of today’s 3D animation. 

A man wearing a dark grey sweatshirt wit the Vault symbol from Borderlands

Vault Symbol Borderlands Sweatshirt designed and sold by Doomgriever

18. Vault Symbol Borderlands Sweatshirt

Symbols are a great way to attract other diehard fans because, often, they are the only other people who know what it is. Otherwise, it just looks like a cool design. This is a great lightweight sweatshirt for Borderlands lovers

19. Gaming Birthday Cake

If it’s your favorite gamer’s birthday, you can’t forget a cake. A fun and unique way to celebrate your friendship and their love of gaming is a gaming-inspired birthday cake. Don’t forget a birthday card!

A tapestry in pinks, oranges, and blues of spring in Koyoto

Spring in Kyoto Tapestry designed and sold by damare

20. Spring In Kyoto Tapestry

This beautiful tapestry would look gorgeous behind a screen setup or as a focal piece of any room. Gamers will love the sweetness of this chibi-style art. Make sure you include a note about the best way to hang it, since the recipient may only be familiar with hanging posters.

21. Gaming Pillow 

A gaming pillow is a pillow that goes under your arms while you’re sitting in a chair or on a surface and holding a controller. Gee, do those arms get tired! Now your gaming buddy can rest their arms and play in comfort. 

An assembled jigsaw puzzle of an anime character with orange fishing swimming around them

Orange Fishes Jigsaw Puzzle designed and sold by freeminds

22. Orange Fishes Jigsaw Puzzle

Gamers know what it’s like to play something that’s really hard. Like so hard, they die over and over. But you know what? They don’t give up, which is the same mindset you need to finish putting together a jigsaw puzzle. This Orange Fishes jigsaw puzzle is a funny gift that reminds them to keep going since so many pieces are the same color. 

23. Laptop Backpack 

A laptop bag is a perfect gift for the gamer on the go. You can find different high-quality bags fit for all sorts of budgets. Find one that fits their laptop, plus some extra gear they might need next time they’re traveling. You can also buy a traditional backpack, most of which come with a laptop pouch, but you’ll want to include a laptop sleeve for additional protection.

A metal print of a pair of headphones with goldfish in the ear pieces

Goldfish Headphones Metal Print designed and sold by SeerStuff

24. Goldfish Headphones Metal Print

Pop on the headphones and your gamer friends are ready to disappear from humanity for the next 15 hours. This bright and colorful metal art print makes for an eye-catching and whimsical gift that’s different from the usual canvas prints.

A laptop sleeve with a pale turquoise background and two anime girls

Sorry I’m Not Made Of Sugar Laptop Sleeve designed and sold by Bianca Loren

25. Sorry I’m Not Made Of Sugar Laptop Sleeve

Many gamers spend countless hours on their laptops. A gift that keeps on giving is one that keeps their gear safe, like a laptop sleeve. This gorgeous illustration protects their laptop while representing their love of gaming. 

Cool Gifts for Gamers

If the gifts above haven’t given you ideas, these cool gifts for gamers are sure to inspire you. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box when choosing a gift for your favorite gaming friends. That’s what gaming is all about — being transported to other worlds. 

A throw pillow with a girl looking up at the night sky, with a window to the daytime sky

Window To The Heart Throw Pillow designed and sold by SeerStuff

26. Window To The Heart Throw Pillow

This Window To The Heart throw pillow makes the perfect gamer gift because it’s surreal, creative, and also comfortable. They can lean against the throw pillow or sit on it while playing their favorite games, especially if they don’t have a gaming chair.

27. Gaming Headphones Stand 

Some people have multiple pairs of gaming headphones. A gaming headphones stand allows the user to hang up the headphones, keeping them in better condition longer.

A shower curtain depicting an anime woman looking into the sky

Galaxies Shower Curtain designed and sold by Elentori

28. Galaxies Shower Curtain

A gamer’s love of games doesn’t have to end at the door to their room; it can also extend into the bathroom with a fun shower curtain. The Galaxies shower curtain will transport your gaming friends into another dimension of the ocean and the sky colliding. Why not add some thoughtfulness to the showering experience? It’s where many of us have some of our deepest insights. 

29. Neck Massage Pillow

Let’s be real. Staring at a screen for hours and hours and hours can get trying on the neck and back (and eyes). A neck massage pillow, or heck, even a full massage chair, would be well-loved and used.

A duvet cover with an illustration of a bird at a bus stop with a gray wolf from Early Hours

Early Hours Duvet Cover designed and sold by freeminds

30. Early Hours Duvet Cover

A cool gift for gaming fanatics, and art lovers in general, is this Early Hours duvet cover featuring a magical scene at a bus stop in the forest. Your gift recipient will feel like they’ve stepped into a magic portal every time they lay down to sleep. Plus, duvet covers are easier to wash than comforters in case they spill any of their gaming snacks during a difficult boss battle.

31. Bean Bag Chair

Who doesn’t love a bean bag chair? Not only do they remind you of your childhood, they’re super comfortable for gaming. You can even find them in adorable character shapes from your favorite cartoon or video game to make them more unique than the plain vinyl bean bag chair from your childhood bedroom.

A framed art print of giant worm-like creature in an aquarium.

Hello. Framed Art Print designed and sold by zarydoesart

32. Hello. Framed Art Print

This spooky blue and black art print would add a creative touch to a gamer’s paradise (ahem, their room). Those who love games also typically live the weird and curious, and there are so many fun ways to arrange their artwork

33. Refurbished Arcade Game 

Go big with a refurbished arcade game. You can find them online or at specialty shops. Not all gamers love online video games. Some love a classic. 

A hardcover journal with an image of a potted plant next to window with a pink sky

Last Room On Earth Hardcover Journal designed and sold by herssians

34. Last Room On Earth Hardcover Journal

Journaling is a great way to jot down ideas and clear your mind. This Last Room On Earth journal would make a cool gift for the gamer in your life who needs to get some thoughts out of their head. 

35. Tickets To Comic Con

Another wild and incredible gift would be tickets to Comic Con, a gamer’s dream. They’ll likely get to meet a lot of their favorite gamers, artists, and even actors of their favorite games and shows. 

A mouse pad with retro tech like a VCR and VHS tapes

Retro Future Mouse Pad designed and sold by wacca

36. Retro Future Mouse Pad

Step into the 90s with these retro-future colors of pink and turquoise. Gamers will love the bright and colorful vibes, alongside the nod towards the classic computer while protecting their desktop with a mouse pad or desk mat.

37. Character Models

Models never get old, especially when they’re a kit that your favorite gamer can put together themselves and display for all to see.

An art board print of a potion bottle with the character Gaige from Borderlands inside

Gaige Potion Bottle Artboard Print designed and sold by heysoleilart

38. Gaige Potion Bottle Artboard Print

Gamers likely have trouble choosing which art they like considering the gaming community creates some pretty amazing stuff. This Gaige Potion Bottle art print would make a lovely addition to any gaming room. Art board prints are firm and textured, so they can be displayed without hanging them on the wall for added versatility.

Inexpensive Gifts for Gamers

It’s possible to find inexpensive gifts for gamers. You just have to get creative, hunt down that item that you know they’ll love, and go for it. 

A spiral notebook with an illustration of a silhouette flying above the trees with colorful waves

The Dreamer Spiral Notebook designed and sold by JMFenner

39. The Dreamer Spiral Notebook

This stunning spiral notebook really showcases what it feels like to be in love with gaming. It takes you to another reality where you can role-play, connect with friends, and dream up anything you want. A spiral notebook is perfect for game notes or for taking notes in class. Get them one for every situation!

40. Adult Onesie

An inexpensive and fun gift for gamers is an adult onesie. You heard that right. You can find blanket onesies, cosplay onesies, and furry onesies. Something big, fluffy, and cozy is great for those long nights in front of the screen. 

A mousepad with an illustration of an anime witch sitting at her laptop drinking coffee with her ghost cats

Morning Coffee Mouse Pad designed and sold by SimzArt

41. Morning Coffee Mouse Pad

Some of the best anime originals come from SimzArt on Redbubble. Any gamer would love having this mouse pad featuring a cute little witch sipping her coffee and playing on her own computer. 

42. Controller-Shaped Neon Wall Sign

Neon lights add a spark to most spaces, especially those already lit by the blue glowing lights of computer and television screens. You can find gamer-themed lights that are so fun and funky. 

A white water bottle with an anime charcter asleep on a couch with a large eyeball watching her from the window

I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Water Bottle designed and sold by Andrea Ochaita

43. I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Water Bottle

The name of this water bottle could be a subliminal message to its recipient. Lots of gamers love anime, and they definitely need to keep hydrated — with water, not energy drinks. A fun water bottle can make drinking water more appealing.

44. Behind The Scenes Gaming Books

Gaming books are an easy and inexpensive gift that most gamers actually adore. It’s art in its own way, learning about the craft and behind-the-scenes for their favorite games. 

4 coasters with an illustration of a magical girl from another galaxy with wings and a cat

Magic Girl From Another Galaxy Coasters designed and sold by Andrea Ochaita

45. Magic Girl From Another Galaxy Coasters

Inexpensive and useful gifts are these stunning coasters. Keep the water rings off the desk and save your gamers the hassle of cleaning up after themselves (as much). 

46. Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Blue light has been shown to interfere with a person’s natural circadian rhythm. With some blue light-blocking gaming glasses, you can support your pal’s gaming habits and the quality of their sleep. This trendy gift is really quite practical and the gamer’s eyeballs will thank you.

A woman holding a sheer square scarf with the image of a girl floating over a humpback whale

Venus Scarf designed and sold by yurishwedoff

47. Venus Scarf

Get sultry and stylish with this gloriously moody Venus scarf. Gamers have a tendency to lean toward the dark side, so a scarf will add some cool vibes to their wardrobe. As an added bonus, it’s sure to be a conversation starter with a fellow game fan.

48. Collector’s Lamp

Light fixtures, lamps, and other sources of light can get really neat really fast. Look for some collector’s lamps based on your gamer’s favorite game. 

A tote bag with surrealist  artwork of multiple faces

Identity. Tote Bag designed and sold by zarydoesart

49. Identity. Tote Bag

Tote bags are useful for all sorts of things. Add in the surrealist element of this Identity bag, and you’ve got a conversation starter as a gift. Fill it with your gamer buddy’s favorite action figures, gift cards, or even a house plant. 

50. Energy Drinks

You know it, gamers love energy drinks. They love drinking them. They love sharing them. They love being sponsored by them on their gaming channels. Buy all the energy drinks. 

A zipper pouch with an illustration of a woman with googles on sitting in a corner of a room that's falling apart

Reality Zipper Pouch designed and sold by Eran Fowler

51. Reality Zipper Pouch

This is the gift for that gaming friend who loves to go deep. They might be someone who experiences a few bouts of existential dread, and they see the world from many perspectives. They can use a zipper pouch like this one to keep cords and other accessories organized.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Gamers

Need a small stocking stuffer idea for the gamer in your life, or a small gift for an office gift exchange? We’ve got you covered! All of these gifts fit in a stocking and are relatively inexpensive.

A grey water bottle with a sticker of a kawaii spider in pink

Kawaii Spider Sticker designed and sold by MadamoiselleZim

52. Kawaii Spider Sticker

Gamers tend to live on the fringe of what people like. In this case, you can fan the flames of most peoples’ fears with an adorable Kawaii spider sticker, a lovely addition to a water bottle, or anywhere else you can put a sticker.

53. Favorite Gaming Plushie

You can find plushies (stuffed animals for the 90s crowd) in just about any character from any game out there. And if you can’t find it, there are companies who will make plushies based on a design you provide.

A button with an illustration of an anime girl sleeping on a mattress at the bottom of the ocean with sharks swimming around her

Restless Pin designed and sold by radissonclaire

54. Restless Pin

The gaming community loves a good button to pin on their bags, clothes, and hats. This restless pin perfectly describes how many people feel today — restless. 

55. Gaming Keychain

You can find cool techy keychains with USBs on them or just simple, fun keychains that feature the original game cartridges as the artistic element on the keychain. 

An iPhone case with an illustration of an anime character wearing a hat and a face mask with bared teeth

Teeth #1 iPhone Case designed and sold by KuuraKoskinen

56. Teeth iPhone Case

For those edgy, anime gamers, this Teeth iPhone case will elevate their phone status immediately. The artwork is simple, sharp, and eye-catching, perfect for protecting an expensive smartphone without sacrificing aesthetics. It comes in multiple iPhone and Samsung models, so you have the perfect phone case for any device.

57. Video Game Figurine

Video game and board game figurines are fun to find. You can look online, in gaming stores, and even retro, vintage-type shops. Figure out what their favorite game is and start the search there.

A coffee mug with an illustration of a tiger and an anime character

Tangled Tiger Coffee Mug designed and sold by nakanoart

58. Tangled Tiger Coffee Mug

Gotta keep drinking the coffee to stay awake for all the gameplay. Or rather, to stay awake at work after a late night playing. If they don’t like coffee, the options for a coffee mug are endless, including a pencil holder or an herb garden.

59. Trading Cards 

Trading cards are a fond past-time for many of us, especially Pokemon cards. So many games have different types of trading cards these days. Find ones that resonate with your gaming friend’s preferences and add it to a gift bag.

A magnet with an anime girl in front of a kawaii-styled vending machine

Lost In Japan Peach Girl Magnet designed and sold by ViWitchedArt

60. Lost In Japan Peach Girl Magnet

Anime magnets are such a fun way to decorate the fridge (or anywhere that’s metal). This Lost in Japan magnet shows a vending machine and so many playful colors to brighten a space. 

61. Chocolate Gaming Controller

When in doubt, buy chocolate. Can you believe that you can find chocolate gaming controllers? You can probably find chocolate anything these days.

An iPad skin with an illustration of a ghost wolf  at night

Ether iPad Skin designed and sold by clockbirds

62. Ether iPad Skin

In the name of protecting those holy devices, an iPad skin adds protection without hindering the screen for any mobile gameplay. This beautiful design can showcase a gamer’s love for all things art — which is what gaming is all about. 

63. Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are a great stocking stuffer for those who have invested quite a few dineros into their gaming devices. It’s a simple, clear strip that can save the life of a screen if it hits the ground.

A dog wearing a black bandanna with a repeating pattern of cats with suspicious eyes

Suspicious Cats Pet Bandana designed and sold by littleclyde

64. Suspicious Cats Pet Bandana

Gamers love irony, and putting these suspicious cats on their sweet pup is sure to bring a smile to their gaming communities’ faces. 

If your gamer friends are inspired by fantasy, mythology, and sci-fi games, you can find all sorts of gifts for them. If you didn’t see the perfect gift on this list, check out our gifts for anime lovers and gifts for book lovers for more ideas. Really, the only limit is outer space when it comes to the gaming world. 

Featured image: PC designed and sold by HN Lee

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