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54 Mouthwatering Gifts for Foodies


It’s thyme to celebrate the people in your life who love food. You’ll find 54 gifts for foodies that are practically pear-fect for any occasion. You’ll find a little something for everyone — from funny food aprons to fancy wine gift boxes for the sommelier. 

Best Gifts for Foodies

It’s amazing how many gifts exist out there, like adorable bird-shaped potato peelers that are sure to sprout a smile. Here you’ll find the best all-around gifts for foodies. 

1. Recipe notebook

Every chef needs a place to keep their favorite recipes, works in progress, and grocery lists. A good spiral notebook with a cooking pun makes a great gift for chefs of all levels.

2. Tote bag

For those weekend trips to the local farmer’s market, your foodie pal is sure to get good use out of a food-themed tote bag. Plus, maybe they’ll use it to bring you some homemade goodies!

3. Pizza stone

For the chef who loves homemade pizza, a pizza stone is a game-changer. Pizza stones ensure a crisp crust and an evenly cooked pie every time. As an added bonus, throw in a pizza button to help them rep their love of pizza 24/7.

4. Floor pillow

After a day in the kitchen, sprawling on the floor to catch up on the latest cooking shows is a must. This bacon floor pillow is perfect for getting off your feet, but you’ll have to add the bacon smell on your own.

5. Clock

Trying to check the time on your phone when your hands are covered in flour or stickiness isn’t easy, and it’s actually a recipe for a technological disaster. Help the dirty-handed cook stay on schedule with a fun kitchen clock.

mushroom phone case

Dark Dream Forest iPhone Case Designed and Sold By smalldrawing

Best Gifts for Foodies and Cooks

Do you know someone who loves to cook? You know, the ones always hosting Thanksgiving so that they can make it gourmet. Here you’ll find the best gifts for foodies and cooks in your life. 

6. Kitchen scale 

If your chef frequently cooks using recipes involving the metric system, a kitchen scale makes conversions easier to ensure the perfect bake. They’re also helpful for measuring portions accurately, so you know each delicious homemade burger patty weighs the same.

7. Bamboo spatulas

With the growing consciousness of plastic and how it harms the environment, bamboo cooking utensils are taking center stage. Light and durable, a bamboo spatula is also perfect for every kind of cookware, so you don’t need to worry about scratching surfaces. Plus, they just look better!

8. Citrus juicer

Citrus juice is a common ingredient, but few things are more irritating than trying to eke out every drop of juice from a stubborn lemon. Make the process easier with a handy citrus juicer.

9. Cast iron skillet 

Cast iron skillets are the ultimate kitchen multitasker, appropriate for stovetop and oven use. They also aren’t coated in toxic chemicals like a lot of current cookware, so you know your food is safe to eat. 

10. Food-inspired wall art

Foodies who aren’t great chefs themselves will appreciate some kitchen wall art to brighten up their space and add visual interest.

11. Mandoline slicer

Yes, your chef can cut everything with a knife or a pair of kitchen shears, but whenever you need precision or need to slice in a hurry, there’s no better tool than a mandoline slicer. Just watch your fingers!

pomegranate poster

Pomegranate Fruit Food Illustration Poster Designed and Sold By Essie Kimpimaki

Luxury Gifts for Foodies

Up the ante with some luxury gifts for foodies. You can get fancy with the cheeses or invest in some expensive — and rad — kitchen tech. 

12. High-powered blender 

If your foodie is into shakes and smoothies, a high-powered blender is a perfect gift. These blenders can take the toughest foods from solid to smooth liquid in record time, allowing you to add more fiber or protein to your favorite smoothie. Don’t forget a reusable water bottle so they can enjoy their power smoothie on the way to the gym.

13. Marble rolling pin 

Every baker needs a marble rolling pin, especially if they’re making flaky, laminated pastries. Unlike its wooden counterpart, the marble rolling pin can be refrigerated to prevent the butter from melting before the dough is in the oven. In addition, the added weight of the marble makes rolling out dough less arduous.

14. Ice cream maker

Homemade ice cream is delicious but a pain to make. Speed up the process and get to the smooth finished product faster on those hot summer days. Who knows? Maybe if you include a nice message on an ice cream greeting card with the ice cream maker they’ll invite you over for some fresh frozen joy.

15. Sous vide precision cooker

A sous vide precision cooker is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life who maybe isn’t always the most reliable chef. Plus, the cooking process is hands-off once you turn it on, making home-cooked meals easier on the busiest nights.

16. Air fryer

We all want to be healthier, but fried foods are just too delicious to give up altogether. With an air fryer, you don’t have to! The food is cooked without soaking it in oil, and it makes even frozen food taste like it’s from a restaurant.

17. Food processor

Is your foodie scared of knives? Do they do a lot of meal prep on weekends and spend hours standing and chopping the week’s vegetables? If so, a food processor safely and efficiently chops, shreds, and slices.

throw pillow with ice cream cones

Ice Cream Cones by Andrea Lauren Throw Pillow Designed and Sold By Andrea Lauren

Food Gifts for Foodies

It’s pretty incredible how many food-based subscription boxes and food-related gifts exist in the world. You’ll have no shortage of options for food gifts for foodies. 

18. Spice subscription

We tend to stick with things we know, and spices are no different. Punch up your favorite foodie’s meals with a spice subscription, which will come with a new spice and recipe card.

19. Popcorn subscription 

Popcorn is the ultimate salty snack, but who says you have to stick to the movie theater butter variety? Expand your popcorn palette with a popcorn subscription to see all the adventurous varieties that exist.

20. Wine of the month

The only thing better than having a bottle of wine available is knowing that one will be delivered to your house every month! Sign your wine-loving foodie up for a wine of the month subscription, but be sure to check their address first. Some states don’t allow alcohol to be sent through the mail.

21. Cookie subscription 

For the sweet tooth in your life, brighten their day with a cookie subscription box. They’ll get to try delicious new varieties without making a mess in their kitchen or having to eat an entire batch themselves (although that doesn’t really sound like a drawback to us, now that we think about it).

22. Carry-on cocktail kit

We know flying isn’t for everyone, and sometimes you need to take the edge off. Maybe you just want your mixologist to start their vacation a little earlier. Either way, a carry-on cocktail kit makes a great gift, especially when paired with this tank top.

23. Cheese of the month

Is there anything in life that isn’t made better with a sprinkle of cheese on top? If so, we haven’t found it yet. In the meantime, sign your turophile up for a cheese of the month subscription so they can try new varieties ranging from stinky to mild.

tote bag with a slice of pizza that looks like a pineapple

Pineapple Pizza Coat Of Arms Tote Bag Designed and Sold By sombrasblancas

H2: Cool Gifts for Foodies

If you love tech gifts and just cool gifts for foodies, this list is for you. You’ll find new takes on the classics and perhaps some tech gadgets you’ve never heard of. 

24. Indoor s’mores fire pit

Keep the campfire favorite happening all year long with an indoor s’mores fire pit. A must-have for any outdoor foodie who doesn’t have a wood-burning fireplace.

25. Smart toaster

Toast gets a bad rap as a bland breakfast staple, but you can kick up a gear with a smart toaster. Meant for bread, bagels, and even muffins, you’ll get a perfect toast every time. Add an adorable punny bread sticker to add a bit of whimsy to a kitchen staple.

26. Smart pasta maker

There’s no replacement for homemade pasta, but the time and effort it takes often prevents people from attempting it. A smart pasta maker kneads the dough the perfect amount before sending it out the spout. If your pasta lover doesn’t want to make their own, help them share their pasta love with this iPhone case.

27. Butter churner

If you love butter but are looking for a healthier alternative, homemade butter might be your answer. Fortunately, modern butter churners are a lot easier to use than they used to be, making homemade butter a reality, especially if your butter fan likes to infuse their butter with additional flavors like garlic or honey almond.

28. Portable smoke infuser

A portable smoke infuser allows you to add the taste of smoke to your food without the time-consuming process of using an outdoor smoker. If your foodie is a carnivore, they’ll make good use of this gift!

29. Automatic pan stirrer

Sauces can be needy sometimes, and if you don’t have a sous chef handy to keep it happy by stirring it constantly, you may end up with a burned sauce. An automatic pan stirrer can free up the chef in your life to focus on the main part of the dish.

art board print with summer-themed desserts

Summer Dreams Artboard Print Designed and Sold By SunLee Art

Gifts for Healthy Foodies

Staying healthy means putting good things into your body. If you’ve got friends trying to make good decisions, hook them up with a water bottle (because we all need more water) and one of these gifts for healthy foodies. 

30. Juicer

Not everyone can afford to stop for a fresh-pressed juice on their way to work. A juicer makes it easier for everyone to get all their servings of fruit and veggies in each day, making it a great gift for someone trying to make healthy choices.

31. Water bottle

Some people just don’t like water, especially since it lacks the flavor of the sugary drinks you may be trying to replace. Utilizing a reusable water bottle makes staying hydrated less of a chore, especially when you toss in a few slices of lemon to and cucumber to elevate your water.

32. Pickling fermentation kit

If your foodie also has a green thumb, there’s a good chance they have excess food they can’t eat. They may can a lot of it, but veggies, like cucumbers, taste better pickled. A pickling fermentation kit can make that process easier.

33. Bread-making kit

Baking your own bread is so satisfying — the mouth-watering aroma fills your entire house, and let’s face it, it just tastes better when it’s hot and fluffy from the oven. If your foodie is just dipping their toe into bread-making, a bread-making kit is a great gift to get them started. They can document their progress in a spiral notebook.

34. Gift card to a health food store

Sometimes, you may not know what to get, especially if the foodie in question is on a special diet. In that case, a gift card to their favorite health food store is the best bet. 

35. Gluten-free sourdough bread starter

During the pandemic shutdown, it seemed like everyone had their own sourdough starter that they tended religiously. For your gluten-free friends who may have missed out on this experience, a gluten-free sourdough bread starter is the gift that keeps on giving (as long as they keep feeding it).

pink apron with hot sauce bottle on it

Hot Stuff Sauce Pattern in Peachy Pink Apron Designed and Sold By evannave

Gifts for Organic Foodies

We’ve all got those friends who are into everything organic — hey, you may even be one of them! 

36. Reusable grocery bags

Save the earth with style with reusable grocery bags. These are washable, so no worries if anything spills on the journey home.

37. Bamboo cutting board

Durable yet pretty, a bamboo cutting board is perfect for your eco-conscious foodie. Plus, you know there are no harmful chemicals leaching out of the cutting board into your food.

38. Loose leaf tea set

Teetotalers can be pretty picky about the leaves they choose to steep, so a loose leaf tea set is a great opportunity for them to brew their tea just the way they like it. Pick their favorite flavor, or help them branch out with an exciting new flavor. And don’t forget a new mug to drink it in!

39. Celery juicer

Celery juice has powerful inflammation-relieving properties, but those fibers can wreak havoc on a traditional juicer. A celery juicer can easily wring every nutritious drop out of the vegetable by running slower than a conventional juicer.

40. Organic herb growing kit

Every chef needs an herb garden, so an organic herb growing kit makes a gift they’ll constantly use (provided they don’t have a black thumb, of course). If you don’t want to buy an entire kit, pick up some seeds for the herb they use the most and give them in a mug for a DIY herb garden.

41. In-season organic fruit basket

Fruit baskets make great gifts. They look great with some truly amazing designs, and they smell great with the sweet scents of fruit. Plus, they taste great! They’re basically edible art.

magnet with a pizza and rainbow design

Pizza Is Magic Magnet Designed and Sold By siolin

Funny Gifts for Foodies

Whether you’re looking for a silly fried chicken necklace or some other funny gifts for foodies — we’ve got you covered. 

42. Bicycle-shaped pizza cutter

The next time the pizza shop does a terrible job cutting your pizza, a bicycle-shaped pizza cutter can come to the rescue! This pizza cutter is a great way to get a laugh or highlight a friend’s cycling obsession.

43. Funny food aprons 

“Kiss the Cook” is overdone, so check out these funny food aprons. Find the perfect funny saying or reference to the cook’s favorite fandom.

44. Pizza throw blanket

This pizza throw blanket is so realistic you’ll be licking your lips and looking for your cell phone to place a delivery order. Perfect for the dad in your life who enjoys “resting his eyeballs” while watching the game.

45. Novelty oven mitts

Oven mitts are a staple in any kitchen, but they don’t have to be boring! Get festive options for holidays or novelty designs that showcase the cook’s favorite animal or cartoon character. 

46. Pizza shirt

Help your favorite pizza lover show off their obsession with the college staple with a hilarious pizza t-shirt that everyone is sure to comment on.

47. Dill pickle lip balm

The world has strong opinions on pickles: you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Give a dill pickle lip balm to the brave hero in your life who nobly eats the pickles from your burger when the fast-food restaurant messed up your order.

toddler pullover with a cat eating ramen

Cat Ramen Toddler Pullover Hoodie Designed and Sold By jessthechen

Inexpensive Gifts for Foodies

Don’t break the bank with this list of inexpensive gifts for foodies under $25. You have no excuse not to get your food-loving friends a little somethin’ now. 

48. Honey sticks gift box

Honey sticks, also called honey straws, can be eaten as a snack or put into hot beverages to dissolve without the sticky mess of a bottle of honey. 

49. Galactic pizza magnet

Provide some easy, inexpensive kitchen decor with a galactic pizza magnet. After all, a person can never have too many magnets.

50. Favorite food on a t-shirt

Unlike what your parents may have told you, if you eat too much of something, you won’t turn into it (otherwise I’d be pasta right now). You can, however, get it on a T-shirt so you are never without it! For your pint-sized foodies, a onesie is also a great gift (since they already wear their food anyway).

51. Food-related coasters

Bring the kitchen into the rest of the house with food-related coasters, and protect the furniture from water rings at the same time. These are especially great gifts for foodies who are also neat freaks.

52. Cherry pitter

Anyone who makes a cherry pie knows that pitting them can take ages. A cherry pitter is a great tool for any baker who prefers fresh fruit to the canned variety.

53. Chip clips

Chip clips are like parking spots when you’re running late: you can never find one when you need one. Make sure your foodie always has one on hand by giving them a novelty chip clip they’ll never misplace.

54. Food Pun Stickers

Everybody loves a good pun, so get them a food pun sticker (or a baker’s dozen!) to decorate their favorite electronics.

throw blanket with tacos on it

It’s Taco Time Throw Blanket Designed and Sold By evannave

Don’t be afraid to get fancy with the spices, bougie with the bread, and load up on the funniest mugs for your food-loving friends. You can’t go wrong with this list of the best gifts for foodies. After all, gift-giving is all about thoughtfulness, not the amount of money you spend. 

Don’t forget a greeting card with a personal message for the recipient. Add a bread pun or a potato pun to make them laugh.

Header Image: Classy Trashy Doughnut Damask Artwork Designed and Sold by Perrin Le Feuvre

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