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80 Gifts for Dog Lovers to Drool Over


Finding the perfect gift for a dog lover doesn’t have to be an ordeal. You want something unique and fun, or maybe something sweet and cute that makes them say awww. That can’t be too hard to find, can it?

With thousands of products featuring our canine pals and new pet products for dogs, Redbubble can help you find the perfect dog-themed gifts for everyone on your list.

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift? Go no further — we’ve got the best gifts for dog lovers right here.

Girl with long dark hair wearing a beige bucket hat with an illustration of two chihuahuas kissing

Chihuahua Kisses Bucket Hat designed and sold by Huebucket

1. Chihuahua Kisses Bucket Hat

Who doesn’t love a good bucket hat? These classic 90s-style hats are back in full force thanks to celebrities like Justin Bieber and Cara Delevigne. Get one with a fun dog pattern on the front so your dog lover can walk their pup in style.

2. Subscription Service

If a dog could tell you what it meant to be pampered, it would say new toys and treats delivered right to their door. Do their owner a favor and sign them up for a Fido-friendly subscription service, and you’ll be their dog’s new best friend, and it’ll save your friend from running to the pet store every time they run out of food. Subscription services are one of many trendy gifts you can give this year, but it’ll definitely be appreciated!

Purple iPhone case with an illustration of a girl with blue hair hugging her gray dog

Girl and Her Dog iPhone Case designed and sold by DoodlesAndStuff

3. Girl and Her Dog iPhone Case

Cell phones (and their cases!) are just as necessary on a dog walk as a leash! How else will they get caught up on their favorite true crime podcast as they take their furry friend for a quick tour of the neighborhood? 

4. Hiking or Park Pass

Humans (and dogs) get bored walking the same route every day, so get a pup parent a pass to a park with dog-friendly trails. They’ll love all the new smells, and your human friend will love the new scenery.

A beige button with the text "Life is better with dogs" surrounded by dog-related doodles

Life Is Better with Dogs // Puppy, Kawaii, Canines Pin designed and sold by Geekydog

5. Life Is Better with Dogs

Buttons and pins are perfect for anyone who wants to subtly let others know their passions without shouting them from the rooftops. This adorable pin is lowkey enough to put anywhere, from jackets to backpacks.

6. Reflective Attire

Keep your friend safe with reflective clothing for those early-morning/late-night walk sessions. While they may not be the most fashionable choice, reflective attire makes it much easier for drivers to notice them, especially when it’s foggy or getting dark.

Brown couch with a folded throw blanket draped on the back. The blanket has illustrations of dachshunds in sweaters and fall leaves.

Dachshunds in Sweaters Pattern Throw Blanket designed and sold by Bex Morely

7. Dachshunds in Sweaters Pattern Throw Blanket

What’s more adorable than a tiny dog? A tiny dog in a sweater, obviously. Put them on a throw blanket and it’s the cutest way to get cozy. Before you order, check out our guide to throw blanket sizes so you get the perfect size for every situation.

8. Dog Talkers

We’ve all seen adorable videos on social media of dogs finally communicating with their owners using colorful buttons programmed to say different things. Get the dog lover in your life started with a starter set. 

Grey apron with origami dogs printed on it

Origami Doggie Friends // Grey Linen Texture Background Apron designed and sold by SelmaCardoso

9. Origami Doggie Friends // Grey Linen Texture Background Apron

This apron makes the perfect gift for the dog lover who also loves to cook. The pattern includes dogs of all sizes in adorable origami shapes, and they won’t have to worry about any of them stealing bites of their food.

10. Custom Pet Portrait

Find an artist online and send them a snap of your friend’s dog. The pup parent will be shocked when they see their furbaby immortalized forever by a talented artist. 

Turquoise floor pillow with an illustration of a smiling Corgi with its tongue out

Happy Corgi Floor Pillow designed and sold by casandrang

11. Happy Corgi Floor Pillow

There’s a reason so many social media accounts are pets: just seeing their happy faces is a serotonin boost. The same is true of the Corgi on this floor pillow; you can’t help but smile back!

12. Plush Pup

For the pet owner who has to travel and leave their beloved pet home, a plush pup version of their furbaby will be much appreciated! Plus, it makes a fun decoration, couch accessory, or even a dog toy.

A beige-colored hardcover journal with an illustration of a beagle with a stomach that looks like a bagel

Beagle Bagel Hardcover Journal designed and sold by Sophie Corrigan

13. Beagle Bagel Hardcover Journal

Every dog owner needs a place to record all their dog’s cute actions or keep track of medications and eating schedules. A hardcover journal is a perfect place for it!

14. Doggy DNA Test

Unless they got their dog directly from a breeder, it can be impossible to know what breed they are and what potential health issues they may have. A doggy DNA testing kit has the answers they’re looking for!

A laptop case with illustrations of dogs in all different colors and sizes.

Dogs Dogs Dogs Laptop Sleeve designed and sold by Steve Haskamp

15. Dogs Dogs Dogs Laptop Sleeve

Roughly 11% of U.S. workplaces are pet-friendly, requiring most dog owners to leave their pups at home every day. This laptop sleeve covered in adorable dogs can help ease the pain of separation for pup parents everywhere.

16. Custom Jewelry

If you can, get a paw or nose print of their dog and send it to a custom jewelry shop. Have them make a custom ring or charm for a necklace using the paw or nose print. 

Funny Gifts for Dog Lovers 

Everyone loves a good laugh, and these funny dog-themed gifts won’t disappoint whether you’re into dog puns or more subtle forms of dog humor.

A guy wearing a white baseball cap with an illustration of a lab holding a marker and doodling and the text "labradoodle"

Labra-Doodle Animal Pun Cap designed and sold by punnybone

17. Labra-Doodle Animal Pun Cap

Available as a dad hat (relaxed style) or a baseball cap (tighter fit), this adorable doodle of a labrador doodling is cute and sure to inspire a giggle. 

18. Lint Rollers

It’s funny but practical, so any dog owner is sure to appreciate a new lint roller. If they already have one, they can put the new one in their car or their office for all the days they forget to check for dog hair before they leave the house.

A man wearing a grey lightweight hoodie with an illustration of a dog wearing a doctor's coat and the text "Trust me, I'm a dog-tor."

Dogtor Lightweight Hoodie designed and sold by obinson

19. Dogtor Lightweight Hoodie

This punny lightweight hoodie makes an excellent gift for the dog owner who is also a doctor, or a pup parent who just likes puns. 

A duvet cover with a pale pink background and an illustration of a pug with a multi-colored wig as a repeating pattern.

Pugicorn Duvet Cover designed and sold by jennisney

20. Pugicorn Duvet Cover

Combine a magical unicorn with an adorable pug and you get this unbelievably cute pugicorn they can snuggle while they sleep! This duvet cover is available in every size and machine washable, so even Fido can sleep on it.

Image of a framed art print of a chihuahua wearing an Elizabethan collar and sitting on a purple-striped box.

Sitting Pretty Framed Art Print designed and sold by Lana Wynne

21. Sitting Pretty Framed Art Print

Chihuahuas are already dramatic little doggos, but put a Shakespearean collar on them and they’re ready for their Oscar. Choose the frame style and frame and mat colors for this framed art print so it’s perfect for the gift recipient’s design aesthetic.

22. Dog Candle

Search the internet for funny dog candles, and you’re sure to find some to cover the odor of that stinky dog food or their noxious farts. Everyone who lives in the home will thank you for such a thoughtful gift!

An image of a clock hanging on a white wall. The clock has a dark background and an illustration of a dog wearing a watch and the text "watchdog on duty" in blue

Watchdog on Duty Clock designed and sold by obinson

23. Watchdog on Duty Clock

Who says clocks have to be traditional? This clock shows a dog checking his watch so you’ll always know what time it is. He may be a watchdog, but you know he’s also making sure his dinner is on time.

A white drawstring bag with line illustrations of a huskies

Oh Husky Drawstring Bag designed and sold by huebucket

24. Oh Husky Drawstring Bag

Dog owners must keep all their dog’s stuff somewhere when they head out, and this drawstring bag is the perfect place. It’s just the right size for a few toys, treats, and a small towel to wipe muddy paws at the dog park.

A taupe-colored tote bag with an illustration of a pug wearing glasses and reading with a cup of coffee

The Hipster Reader Tote Bag designed and sold by Chee Sim

25. The Hipster Reader Tote Bag

For the readers in your life, this tote bag is perfect for picking up books on dog adventures from the library or for sneaking their purse dog into the library.

26. Matching Outfits

Every dog owner needs an outfit to match their furbaby, whether it’s matching pajamas for the holidays or a cute t-shirt set. Just get ready for the adorable Instagram photo.

A canvas print of an illustration of a pug wearing roller skates and the text "Roll with it"

Roll With It Canvas Print designed and sold by Hillary White

27. Roll With It Canvas Print

Remind the dog lover in your life not to take themselves too seriously with this canvas print. If a dog can wear neon shorts, sunglasses, and two pairs of roller skates, you can handle whatever work throws at you.

28. Dog Wine Glasses

Some people can’t decide what they love more: their dog or their wine. With a wine glass etched with a cute dog or a funny phrase, they won’t have to!

A poster of an illustration of a black and white dog dressed in a red dress and an Elizabethan collar

Lady in Red Poster designed and sold by Paloma Hill

29. Lady in Red Poster

Inspired by the artist’s friend’s Boston Terrier, this regal lady wears an Elizabethan red dress in this dramatic poster. Available in multiple sizes and finishes, this poster will liven up the room of any dog lover. 

A man wearing a grey v-neck t-shirt with an illustration of a pug wearing a basketball uniform dunking a basketball

Pug All Star V-Neck T-Shirt designed and sold by SarahJoncas

30. Pug All Star V-Neck T-Shirt

1997 graced us with the classic Air Bud, and dogs playing sports have been a delight ever since. This v-neck t-shirt, showing an illustrated pug balling out on the court, is a must for any sports fanatic who loves dogs.

Two people wearing a brown t-shirt with an illustration of a golden retriever wearing glasses and a tie behind some books with mathematical formulas and the text "no idea what I'm doing"

No Idea What I’m Doing // Golden Retriever, Smart Doggo, Scientist Classic T-Shirt designed and sold by Geekydog

31. No Idea What I’m Doing // Golden Retriever, Smart Doggo, Scientist Classic T-Shirt

Most of us have no idea what we’re doing in life, and that’s okay because our dogs think we do. This funny classic t-shirt with a scientist doggo is perfect for scientists, mathematicians, and anyone else just trying to figure life out as they go along.

32. Matching Dog Collar and Owner Bracelet

For this gift, think of those best friend necklaces you had with your bestie back in middle school, except this time one is for the dog and the other half is for the pup parent. 

Unique Gifts for Dog Lovers

Every dog is unique, with its own distinct personality. These gifts are just as unique as they are!

A metal print with a black background and an illustration of a shiba eating ramen with chopsticks

Shiba Noodles Metal Print designed and sold by Illustrata Design

33. Shiba Noodles Metal Print

Printed on durable yet lightweight aluminum, this metal print of a shiba eating noodles is sure to be a showstopper, or at least a conversation starter, no matter where the recipient hangs it.

34. Personalized Welcome Mat

There are tons of fun designs to let any guests know who the house really belongs to. (Hint: they have four legs and a tail.)

A woman wearing a white A-line dress with an illustration of the Egyptian constellation Canis Major.

Canis Major A-Line Dress designed and sold by Bunnimew

35. Canis Major A-Line Dress

Put dogs on the pedestal they deserve to be on! Based on Egyptian constellation mythology, this A-line dress flatters every shape. 

A light blue miniskirt with a pattern of illustrated corgis

Corgi Mini Skirt designed and sold by PenguinHouse

36. Corgi Mini Skirt

This adorable cartoon corgi-patterned mini skirt is a fun addition to any dog lover’s wardrobe. Pair it with a solid tee and a sweater with tights and boots in the winter, and they’ll always have a Corgi with them to make them smile.

A laptop sleeve based on the Great Wave painting. This version includes a wave of French bulldogs

The Great Wave of French Bulldog Laptop Skin designed and sold by Huebucket

37. The Great Wave of French Bulldog Laptop Skin

You’ve probably seen the famous original by Katsushika Hokusai, but adding French Bulldogs to the wave is sure to grab the attention of dog lovers everywhere. The gift recipient will have the most unique laptop in the office with this laptop skin.

38. Bluetooth Tracker

Some dogs just hate to stay home and prefer to wander. While microchips can help others figure out where the dog lives, it leaves the owner worrying about where their dog is until someone else can get the dog to a shelter or vet’s office. With a Bluetooth tracker, the owner can see exactly where their dog is so they can find them faster.

Acrylic block featuring an illustration of a fae princess and her dog in the woods.

GreenWood Fae Acrylic Block designed and sold by NadiaTurner

39. GreenWood Fae Acrylic Block

A unique piece of artwork featuring a fae woman and a dog, this acrylic block makes a great addition to any office or living space. It’ll bring a touch of magic to any room!

40. Dog Garden Sculpture

Find their dog breed in garden sculpture form. It’ll make a cute garden accessory or serve as a tribute to a pet who has passed on.

A bright yellow shower curtain with illustrations of balloon animals shaped like dogs in multiple colors

Balloon Animal Dogs Pattern in Yellow Shower Curtain designed and sold by evannave

41. Balloon Animal Dogs Pattern in Yellow Shower Curtain

If you want to give the gift of the most unique bathroom ever, this is the shower curtain to give! Balloon animal dogs in assorted colors dance on a yellow background, guaranteed to make anyone smile in the morning, even before they’ve had their coffee

A puzzle with illustrations of multi-colored dogs

Dogs Pattern Jigsaw Puzzle designed and sold by ShowMeMars

42. Dogs Pattern Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles make great gifts, especially when they include a fun dog pattern. This puzzle is a great gift for the dog lover who wants to stay home and snuggle their dog while challenging their brain.

A woman wearing pale blue leggings with illustrations of dogs wearing top hats, monocles, and bow ties

Gentledogs Leggings designed and sold by DariaNK

43. Gentledogs Leggings

A person can never have too many leggings, and these are perfect for lazy days on the couch with the dog or a trip to the dog park. The fun pattern includes dogs wearing monocles, tops hats, bow ties, and scarves.

A woman wearing a gray fitted v-neck t-shirt with an illustration of a happy dog surrounded by crystals

Happy Crystal Doggo Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt designed and sold by kattvalk

44. Happy Crystal Doggo Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt

For the dog lover who is also into crystals or anything witchy, this fitted v-neck t-shirt flawlessly combines their interests in one adorable illustration.

A photographic print of the Russian dog Laika in a spacesuit

Laika, Space Traveler Photographic Print designed and sold by Celeste Ciafarone

45. Laika, Space Traveler Photographic Print

Commemorate the first dog in space with this illustrated photographic print, which comes in several sizes and finishes. Get several prints and some frames, and they’ll have an entire photo wall.

A white water bottle with an illustration of a dog sitting in the lotus position and the text "paws & enjoy life"

Paws and Enjoy Life Water Bottle designed and sold by doddella

46. Paws and Enjoy Life Water Bottle

Remind your favorite dog owner to take deep breaths and relax with this adorable Yorkie in a lotus yoga pose on their water bottle. We guarantee nobody else at the gym will have the same water bottle, at least not until they order one for themselves.

A woman holding up a square, sheer scarf printed with a illustrations of ancient chihuahuas

Ancient Chihuahua Scarf designed and sold by miranema

47. Ancient Chihuahua Scarf

Keep the chill away while on dog walks with a microfiber polyester scarf. This colorful print featuring chihuahuas throughout history is a fun accessory for those who lack the warmer fur coat of their four-legged friends.

A woman carrying a canvas tote with an illustration of a dog wearing sunglasses in an inner tube

Relaxed Doggo Cotton Tote Bag designed and sold by Carlotta Notaro

48. Relaxed Doggo Cotton Tote Bag

Give the gift of summer vibes with this cotton tote bag with a pup who is ready for the pool. Whether they’re carrying groceries, library books, or supplies for the beach, they’ll be doing it in style.

Gifts for Dogs

Don’t forget the dogs! For the dog owner that already has everything, sometimes giving them a gift that’s really for their puppers is the way to go.

Two dogs, one large and one small, wearing bandanas with a green background and an a repeating pattern of an illustration of an old golden retriever with gray fur on his face and wearing a scarf

Old Golden Retriever Pet Bandana designed and sold by animalartbyjess

49. Old Golden Retriever Pet Bandana

Senior dogs make the best dogs, yet puppies get all the love in the artwork. This pet bandana comes in two sizes and makes a perfect gift for any senior dogs in your life.

50. Tennis Balls

Fetch is basically peak entertainment for dogs (and honestly, pretty much peak entertainment for humans too). Not only do we get to do the least amount of work in the game, but we also get to witness one of the purest forms of happiness in the world: seeing the joy on a dog’s face as it eagerly sprints back after getting its prize. Pick up a new pack of tennis balls they can play with all year long.

A small dog sitting on a bone-shaped blue pet mat with a pattern of running dogs

Blue Zoomies Pattern Pet Mat designed and sold by RichSkipworth

51. Blue Zoomies Pattern Pet Mat

“Zoomies” are the sudden bursts of energy your dog gets, usually after they eat or get a bath, during playtime, or at night. This pet mat celebrates those goofy runs with a dog running in joy. 

An Australian shepherd lying next to a dog bowl with a repeating print of books, teapots, teacups, moons, and candles

Sweet Bookish Dreams Pet Bowl designed and sold by ohjessmarie

52. Sweet Bookish Dreams Pet Bowl

Cozy nights spent reading are made even sweeter with a cuddly furbaby snuggled up against you. Capture those perfect evenings with this dog bowl printed with everything you need for a cozy night in.

A cream-colored pet blanket with an illustration of a German short-haired pointer with his tongue hanging out

Jola #01 – German Short-Haired Pointer Pet Blanket designed and sold by PaperTigressArt

53. Jola #01 – German Short-Haired Pointer Pet Blanket

Every dog deserves their own pet blanket, at the very least so their human can steal their throw blanket back. This blanket, featuring a happy German short-haired pointer, will keep any furbaby warm.

54. Heated Dog Bed

Would you want to sleep on the hard, cold floor on a chilly winter night? No? Well, neither do any dogs we know. Help them rest in style and comfort with a heated dog bed.

A small dog wearing a green bandanna with an illustration of a pit bull covered in colorful tattoos

Kirby Gets Inky Pet Bandana designed and sold by johnandwendy

55. Kirby Gets Inky Pet Bandana

Kirby is an American Bull terrier, and this pattern covers a picture of him with beautiful tattoo artwork. This pet bandana is a quirky yet playful accessory for any dog.

56. Toy

Check with the dog’s owner first to see if they have any issues with their teeth or a history of swallowing toys (no one wants an unexpected medical bill as a gift)! If you get the all-clear, pick up a new dog toy for some fun.

A teal bone-shaped pet mat with an illustration of a pug

Pug Puppy Cartoon Pet Mat designed and sold by fizzgig

57. Pug Puppy Cartoon Pet Mat

This cartoon pug puppy is perfect for a pet mat: it’s giving you the big, soulful “feed me, human,” eyes our dogs love to give us. Give it to any dog lover in your life, and they’re sure to take it right home and put it to good use with their little furbaby.

58. Outfits

Some dogs just love playing dress-up! Cute dog outfits mean cute dog pictures, so just be ready for your social media feeds to be full of the dog modeling your gift.

A dog sitting on a chair covered by a white blanket with a repeating pattern of an illustrated bullterrier with nautical tattoos

Tattooed Bullterrier Pet Blanket designed and sold by PaperTigressArt

59. Tattooed Bullterrier Pet Blanket

This illustrated bull terrier has an edgy side, with a few sailor-inspired tattoos on his neck. But he’s also a big softie, making it the perfect pattern for a dog blanket

60. Booties

If their dog likes to go on walks on hot days or loves to be out in the show, protect their feet with booties. Just make sure to talk to their owner first so you get the right size; the wrong size can actually hurt their little paws or cause them to trip and fall.

Golden retriever lying down and a gray cat sitting next to a large pet bowl with a colorful dot design

Color Drops Pet Bowl designed and sold by ninoladesign

61. Color Drops Pet Bowl

Brighten up mealtime for the happy-go-lucky dog in your life with this bowl printed with a colorful spotted pattern. The design includes lots of blue and yellow, two of the three colors dogs can see.

62. Backpack Carrier

Little dogs love to go places, but sometimes their little legs get tired. Gift their owner a backpack carrier so they don’t have to miss out on any of the exploring fun.

A small dog sitting on a purple bone-shaped dog mat with a pattern of illustrated pugs

Pugs in Purple Pet Mat designed and sold by Nemki

63. Pugs in Purple Pet Mat

Intelligent and playful, pugs are adorable and loving, which makes them a favorite for families. The pattern in this pet mat captures all their cute poses, making it a great gift for any pug owner.

64. Local Sports Team Jersey

No matter the sports season, get Fido in on the action with a jersey for his favorite team. He’ll be ready for any tailgate and look cute enough to earn a few extra treats from supportive sports fans.

Inexpensive Gifts for Dog Lovers

If money is tight, or if you have a gift exchange budget to stick to, check out these inexpensive gifts for dog lovers.

A grey water bottle with a sticker of a happy dog and flowers and the text "adopt don't shop"

Adopt, Don’t Shop Sticker designed and sold by Ceci Tattoos

65. Adopt, Don’t Shop Sticker

Roughly 3.1 million dogs enter the shelter system every year in the United States. Anyone who has ever rescued a dog knows the impact rescuing can have on the rescue and the rescuer. Remind people to rescue rather than shop with this sticker.

66. Doggy Donation

Whether it’s a contribution to a well-known organization like Guide Dogs or ASPCA or a donation to your local shelter, any dog lover would be thrilled to know you helped make a difference in an animal’s life. Put the receipt inside a puppers-themed greeting card with a sweet message.

A coffee mug with illustrations of running pugs

Pugs on the Run (Staw Background) Coffee Mug designed and sold by inkpug

67. Pugs on the Run (Straw Background) Coffee Mug

Everyone needs a coffee mug, and coffee from this mug covered in adorable running pugs will probably taste better just from sheer cuteness.

68. Dog Brush

Many fancy new brushes exist these days, and they all make great gifts. Whether it’s deshedding, massage, or self-cleaning, any dog owner will be happy to spoil their pet with it.

Four coasters with an illustration of a sitting dog looking off into space

Endless Opportunities – Dog Looking Into Space Coasters (Set of 4) designed and sold by Nicolae Negura

69. Endless Opportunities – Dog Looking Into Space Coasters

Coasters make a great gift because they’re something most people need but don’t ever buy for themselves. This contemplative doggo gazing off into space will get everyone thinking about the endless opportunities presented in life.

70. Framed Photo

Chances are the dog owner in your life has a digital photo album full of unpublished photos, or they have a social media account for their dog’s latest cute moment. But do they have any physical pictures? If not, see if you can pull one or two of their best looks, print them, and frame them. 

An art board print of an illustration of a dog wearing an old-fashion formal coat and tie in the style of a king

Dog King Art Board Print designed and sold by Windness Zao

71. Dog King Art Board Print

We all know who runs the show in a home, and it isn’t the humans. This art board print lets everyone who enters the house know the family dog is really king.

72. Leash

Leashes are accessories, which means every dog needs more than one. Pick up one in their favorite color, or find one that matches their existing collar. Either way, Fido and its owner will be grateful!

A colorful magnet of an illustration of a dog in sunglasses wearing an ice cream cone as a hat, drinking from an umbrella drink while floating in an inner tube

Be Awesome! Magnet designed and sold by Bakani

73. Be Awesome! Magnet

Everyone needs a little reminder to be awesome every once in a while, and this die-cut magnet with a party pup will remind you to live your best life.

74. Collapsible Dog Bowl

It’s about time someone invented one of these! Help your friend keep their furbaby hydrated on long walks or at the dog park with a collapsible dog bowl.

A pink spiraled journal with an illustration of a pug dressed like a fairy godmother, with a tutu, a magic wand, and a pointed magician's hat

Fairy Pug Spiral Notebook designed and sold by TaylorRoss1

75. Fairy Pug Spiral Notebook

Life is hard, which is why everyone needs this spiral notebook with a fairy pug. Who knows? Maybe all the wishes they write inside will be granted. Get them several notebooks in different designs so they’re ready for every situation.

76. Dog-Themed Book

The book world is filled with wonderful books about dogs. Whether they like feel-good stories of rescue dogs, tear-jerking stories of a dog’s love, or funny photos, a book makes a great gift for dog lovers.

A pale turquoise throw pillow with a heart and the text "Home is where the dog is"

Home Is Where the Dog Is Throw Pillow designed and sold by meandthemoon

77. Home Is Where the Dog Is Throw Pillow

Pup parents know that a home isn’t a home without a dog. This throw pillow echoes that sentiment while decorating your couch. And don’t be surprised if you give it to a friend, only to have the dog claim it as their spot on the couch.

78. Car Magnet

Whether it lets people know there’s a dog on board or their dog is on the honor roll, their owner will appreciate the chance to let the world know they’re a pup parent.

A mousepad with a mint-green background and an illustrated Pomeranians pattern

Pomeranians Mouse Pad designed and sold by Nemki

79. Pomeranians Mouse Pad

Pomeranians are spirited little social butterflies, often with personalities bigger than their tiny bodies. This mouse pad makes a perfect office accessory, reminding the user to have a bit of fun at work. 

A zipper pouch with an illustration of a dog wearing an elaborate flower crown

Flower Power, Kyla Zipper Pouch designed and sold by SophieGamand

80. Flower Power, Kyla Zipper Pouch 

Seriously, how cute is this dog with flowers on its head? Whether they need to organize makeup or writing utensils or their dog’s medication, this zipper pouch comes in three different sizes so they can keep everything organized.

If you still aren’t sure, a gift card to Redbubble always works, or you can explore the rest of our dog designs. Make sure you take a few minutes to wrap your gift and don’t be afraid to get creative to make your gift stand out, no matter the occasion.

Featured Image: Double Dog Dare designed and sold by SteveOramA

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