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20 Gifts For Coworkers: The Ultimate Guide To Gifting in the Workplace


Japanses Ramen Noodles Bowl Mouse Pad designed and sold by Wieskunde
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Even though you spend 8 hours a day with them, finding gifts for coworkers can be one of the hardest groups to shop for. Not only do you have to find a gift that they’ll love, but you also have to keep all the professional gift-giving formalities in mind.

What’s even harder is trying to gift something to a coworker you aren’t too close with, which may reveal you actually haven’t been paying attention to small talk before meetings. 

Thankfully for you, we’ve put together a guide to gifting in the workplace along with funny and thoughtful coworker gift ideas so you don’t have to stress. Whether you’re shopping for your coworkers, gifts for bosses, or white elephant gifts, you’ll find something your office buds will love.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Gifting in the Workplace

mousepad with retro yellow and orange sun pattern

Happy Retro Sun Pattern Mouse Pad designed and sold by illocharm

Whether your office environment is prim and proper or chill and laid-back, there are a few rules to live by when it comes to gifting to your coworkers.  From the holidays to birthdays, check out these do’s and don’ts of gift-giving in the workplace.

Do: Keep it Professional

Even if you see your coworker as a best friend, always consider how your gift choices communicate your intentions in the workplace. Gifts that come off too personal like luxurious fragrances or expensive jewelry may give off the wrong impression. Stick to a standard and thoughtful gift in the workplace and offer something more personal outside of the office environment if you and your coworker are close friends.

Don’t: Gift Near a Performance Review

Maybe you had good intentions? But gifting near a performance review is setting yourself up to look like a suck-up to your boss. Be mindful to only give gifts when it’s appropriate — sticking to holidays, birthdays, or other office traditions.

Do: Aim for Inclusion

Unless you know the person you are gifting to well, you should always make sure you are bringing an inclusive gift that won’t make a recipient feel uncomfortable or left out. If attending a gift exchange party where there’s not a specific coworker in mind, bring gifts that are gender-neutral, non-holiday specific, and are inclusive to all who are participating. 

Don’t: Overspend

Always respect the price limit of a gift exchange — it’d be awkward to show up with a cashmere sweater while everyone else is exchanging funny mugs and socks. Always stick to the max price range so the gifting field is fair. With that being said, don’t underspend on a gift either.

Do: Be Thoughtful 

Although it’s great to keep gifts light-hearted and fun, it’s another to put little to no effort into a gift exchange where a coworker may feel completely jipped. Avoid cheap gag gifts like a bacon car air freshener and aim for something more thoughtful and appropriate. To help give a gift to someone you don’t know very well around the holidays, do some snooping or have the entire company fill out a Secret Santa questionnaire.

Don’t: Forget Anyone on the Team

You can either gift equally or gift discreetly. If you’re buying a gift for one of the coworkers in the office, make sure you think about how it might impact your other colleagues. This is standard around the holidays, but this also stands true for other gifting occasions like birthdays. If you remember one birthday, try to keep in mind everyone else’s so that no one feels left out.

Best Gifts for Coworkers

a man and woman wearing hats smiling

Mother Earth Dad Hat designed and sold by Emjay Doodles
Be Kind Baseball Cap designed and sold by TheLoveShop

We’ve put together a list of some of the best gifts for coworkers to give you inspiration for your upcoming gift exchange. These are perfect for fun-loving and laid-back companies, but be sure to use discretion while browsing through since some work environments don’t have our great sense of humor.

1. Unique Desk Mat

desk mat coworker gift

Liquid Swirl Abstract Pattern Desk Mat designed and sold by kierkegaard

Liven up your coworker’s desk with a unique and fun desk mat. Whether they have a favorite TV show or a preferred aesthetic, find a mat that expresses their passions. It’s durable and will guard a clumsy coworker’s desk against potential coffee spills.

2. Gift Card

You really can’t go wrong with a gift card. If you know your coworker loves a specific store or has an obsession with the coffee shop down the street, a gift card to those places make an excellent gift. If you still aren’t sure which gift card is appropriate, a Redbubble digital gift card gives the recipient the choice of millions of designs by independent artists printed on a range of products.

3. Travel Coffee Mug

travel mug coworker gift

Fueled by Coffee Travel Mug designed and sold by kacien

For the coworker who can’t function without their morning coffee, give them a travel mug to keep their cup of java with them on those dreading morning commutes. Depending on their style, find a mug that’s cute and trendy or displays a hilariously relatable coffee pun. Pair it with a fun coaster so they don’t have to worry about littering their desk full of rings caused by iced lattes.

4. Personalized Accessories

If you have a work bestie, go above and beyond by gifting them something personalized just for them. Some great examples include business cards, wine glasses, keychains, or anything to help spruce up their desk to make the space they spend 8 hours a day at feel inviting and homey.

5. Handy Notebooks

spiral notebook coworker gift

Make it Happen Spiral Notebook designed and sold by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Notebooks are great gifts, not just for the workplace, but in general. They offer a way to bring all of our best (and craziest) ideas out into the real world. Choose a type of notebook that fits your coworkers needs with a design that fits their awesome personality.

6. Snacks and Sweets

A tried and true gift for coworkers is something super tasty to eat. You could stick with the traditional chocolates and popcorn tins or go all out with a gift basket full of delectable treats you know your coworkers will love. For an office full of foodies, this would be the perfect gift to bring to a white elephant Christmas party. Be sure to note any allergies your coworkers might have before gifting.

7. Fun Mouse Pad

To the Office Mouse Pad designed and sold by Teo Zirinis

Let’s be honest, standard mouse pads are super boring. Help liven up your coworker’s workspace by giving them a unique mouse pad that fits their personality. Whether they love all things dog-related or enjoy vibrant colors and patterns, there’s so many different designs to choose from you may just be overwhelmed with the possibilities!

8. A Bottle of Wine

For your work BFF that only drinks wine on days that end with y, a bottle of specialty wine is the perfect gift. Make it extra special with coasters that have their favorite wine quote. A bottle of wine is also perfect for those in a remote work environment, as wine delivery services take the gift directly to your coworker’s door — talk about convenience!

9. Self-Care Tote Bag

tote bag coworker gift

Inhala Exhala Tote Bag designed and sold by kacien

Self-care gifts are much appreciated after a long day of the 9-5 life. Gather supplies for a much needed relaxing and decompressing self-care session like bath salts, body scrubs, facial sheet masks, and lotions. You could even take it a step further by adding other items like toiletry bags, journals, and cozy socks. Add the assortment into a tote bag that they can use time and time again.

10. Houseplant or Succulent

For your coworker who treats plants as if they were their pets, give them an adorable houseplant or succulent to keep at their desk or take home to add to their collection. Add it to a funky pot and pair it with a greeting card that contains all the best plant puns. You could even make them a super fun mug herb garden to really put their green thumb to good use.

11. T-shirt

t shirt coworker gift

Unbothered Classic T-Shirt designed and sold by Hillary White

If your coworker is one of a kind, find a piece of original clothing for their original personality. Find a t-shirt design that your coworker will love, whether it’s a sarcastic inside joke or displays their favorite fandom art.

12. Specialty Coffee 

For your coffee connoisseur coworkers who love to try something new, give them an assortment of coffee beans and brews to try. Add some flare to your gift wrapping by making it a basket filled with specialty coffee along with some delectable add-ins to really spice up their drink. Don’t forget to add cute mugs so they can enjoy their new coffee brews.

13. Sticker Assortments

sticker coworker gift

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open Sticker designed and sold by jezkemp

Whether your coworker loves to craft or enjoys adding personality to their accessories, an assortment of adorable and hilarious stickers is a great inexpensive gift. They can add these stickers to their emotional support water bottle or to their laptop case that’s filled with their favorite TV quotes or art styles.

14. An Experience

For your coworker who values memories over material things, an experience gift is perfect for them. From tickets to a cool museum to a pottery class, these gifts are a great way to have them explore something new or add to their sense of adventure. 

H3: 15. Desk Decor

acrylic block gift for coworker

Make it Happen Acrylic Block designed and sold by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Help your coworker’s desk stand out with a decoration that gives them an extra boost of motivation throughout the day. Inspire them with an acrylic block that displays a positive affirmation or make them laugh with an art print that features their favorite meme. Either way, a piece of desk decor that brings your coworker joy is a great gift that’ll continuously make them smile.

16. Remote Work Essentials

There’s no denying that working from home = working in pajamas all day. If your company is fully remote, a great gift for coworkers are some work-from-home essentials like fuzzy slippers and a soft throw blanket or a handy gadget like a charging phone stand to keep by their work station.

17. Funny Hat

funny hat gift for coworker

I don’t belong here Cap designed and sold by chestify

A funny hat is the perfect gift for your coworker who has a great sense of humor (or suffers from one too many bad hair days). Grab a hat that displays a sarcastic one-liner or a punny joke that matches your coworkers’ personality.

18. Aromatherapy Products

After a long day of pretending to be productive, there’s nothing like unwinding with some relaxing aromatherapy. Aromatherapy products like candles or an essential oil kit and diffuser are great gifts for coworkers that’ll definitely come in handy. Stack up on the stress-reducing scents like lavender or personalize a candle for your work BFF with some funny best friend quotes.

19. Laptop Accessories

laptop sleeve gift for coworker

Pay the Bills Laptop Sleeve designed and sold by skitchism

If you’re searching for a gift for your tech-loving coworker, help de-blandify their laptop and add more personalization with a vivid laptop skin or help keep it protected with a laptop sleeve. Find out what your coworker enjoys and grab a laptop accessory that reflects just that.

20. Desktop Games

Help the long day of procrastination go by with a nonsensical desktop game. Games like a mini bowling set or desktop skeeball help bring the fun and silliness of the arcade into the office. These gag gifts are perfect for your coworkers with a great sense of humor and will certainly bring out a lot of laughs at a gift exchange party.

Whatever work pal you’re shopping for, the ideal gift is the perfect combination of useful and thoughtful. Whether it’s the holidays or gifting ‘just because’, these workplace gifting tips and ideas will help you win some serious brownie points. Need more inspiration? Check out our list of wine gifts and our anime gifts.

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