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55 Gifts for Coffee Lovers Everyone Will Love a Latte


Brew-Light Designed And Sold By Meredith Ann.

Who doesn’t love coffee? Everyone from gamers trying to beat the final boss to parents of young children to your office pals rely on it to get through the day. You’ll find the perfect blend of gifts for coffee lovers in this list of 55 awesome treasures for the coffee enthusiast in your life. So fill up a coffee mug with your favorite brew, start browsing, and give the gift of coffee “just because.” Your loved ones will be ever grateful. 

Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Are you looking for coffee gifts for coffee lovers that mocha them happy? In this section, you’ll find cool beans coffee designs and other classic coffee-related gifts for both newbs to the coffee world and the connoisseurs who want the perfect cup of Joe. 

1. A New Coffee Maker 

First things first, does your gift-recipient have a mug-nificent new coffee maker? If not, buy them one — but only if you love them a lot. You can find coffee makers in all price ranges. 

2. Coffee Subscription Of The Month 

Some people love trying new things, while others need a gentle nudge. Buy your favorite people a coffee subscription that delivers them new flavors each month. 

3. Coffee Grinder 

There’s nothing quite like grinding your own coffee beans. The freshness of the flavor is unmatched, especially for those who can discern between average and out of this world. 

4. French Press 

Give the French press a try for those who love a concentrated, tasty brew. It’s as simple as making a cup of tea in the morning, except you’re brewing coffee instead. 

5. Milk Frother 

The milk frother comes in handy for making some epic latte art and adding just the right consistency of frothed milk to a cuppa. 

6. Gorgeous Electric Kettle 

Did you know that you can find some gorgeous electric kettles at affordable prices? These gadgets make boiling water as simple as pressing a button. They’re fast too! 

7. Espresso Maker 

If a plain cup of coffee isn’t enough for the caffeine-addicted, an espresso maker is where it’s at. Add a shot to your favorite beverage, or just toss it down for an invigorating wake-up. 

8. Carousel For Disposable Coffee Cups 

The best gifts for coffee lovers are the ones they’ll actually use. Some people want convenience with their cup of coffee, so they purchase disposable blends that just pop into the machine. A carousel can help organize all of those cups. 

9. Cappuccino Cup 

You can get pretty creative with all the different cappuccino cup designs out there. Find a delightful coffee-related gift for your boss, friends, and anyone else. 

10. Tasting Cups With A Tray 

Tasting cups are a fun party gift, encouraging those who love to host to do it more. You can find lovely bamboo trays that hold the tasting cups as well. 

art print of colorful coffee cups

Pretty Coffee Cups 2 Artboard Print Designed And Sold By Elisabeth Fredriksson

Gifts for Iced Coffee Lovers

Some people don’t enjoy hot coffee. These gifts for iced coffee lovers will make some people very happy. You can find insulated travel mugs and other cool coffee gifts on the interwebs.

11. Reusable Ice Cubes 

Reusable ice cubes are great for iced coffee lovers who want their drink cold but don’t want to make ice all the time. They’re a versatile gift that can be used for other drinks too. 

12. Metal Straws 

Metal straws are a must for those looking to reduce plastic waste because single-use plastics are harmful to the environment. You can find all shapes and sizes for these handy little coffee accessories. 

13. Insulated Coffee Mug 

Keep your drinks cold with an insulated coffee mug. This would be an excellent gift for those who like hot and cold beverages and want them to stay that way as they travel to and from places. 

14. Coffee Canister  

Old, stale-tasting coffee is less than ideal. Give the gift of freshly ground coffee with a beautiful coffee canister. You can get as fancy or quirky as you like. 

15. Cold Brew Maker 

Cold brew is delicious, and a cold brew maker brings that chocolatey goodness right into your home — an ideal gift for those who like a more mellow coffee experience. 

16. Coffee Syrup 

Add some pizzazz to your morning coffee with some coffee syrup. Some coffee lovers need a little hazelnut syrup or sweetness if they aren’t a fan of straight Joe. 

17. Coffee Service Set 

Coffee sets, gift boxes, and a coffee service set make for a well-rounded gift at a housewarming party, congrats on a new job party, or any other type of gathering. 

18. Reusable Coffee Filter 

Save the planet with a reusable coffee filter instead of single-use papers that get tossed in the trash. Of course, you can always compost the papers and coffee grounds if available in your area. 

19. Cocktail Shaker  

Shake up your espresso concoctions with a stainless steel cocktail shaker. It’ll come in handy for adding to your coffee lover’s coffee cocktails. 

20. Aeropress 

The Aeropress makes the best gift for coffee lovers who like to camp or are on the go and need a single cup of tasty coffee. 

iPhone case with a coffee bean saying boom roasted

Boom. Roasted! iPhone Case Designed And Sold By louros.

Funny Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Do you want fa-brew-lously funny gifts for coffee lovers in your life? You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find all kinds of silly, coffee punny gifts that will kickstart your day. 

21. Coffee Pillow 

Pillows add a pop of style, color, and personality to a room. They’re also big enough to look like a substantial gift without all the extra fluff — or rather, with the extra fluff. A coffee pillow comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs. 

22. Funny Coffee Mugs 

You can never have too many coffee mugs, right? Especially like this sloffee mug for those who feel a little sluggish until they get their daily injection of coffee into their body. 

23. Coffee Puzzle 

Give the gift that goes together piece by piece — puzzles! You can get crafty with all kinds of different puzzle designs. 

24. Masks 

In many places, masks are still a required part of daily life. Help your friends flaunt their love of coffee with funny coffee masks

25. Tote Bag 

Do you have tarot-loving humans in your life? Send them the tarot card of their dreams with The Coffee card drawn on their tote bag

26. Sweatshirt 

Combine someone’s love of cats with a Catpurrcino coffee sweatshirt. Everyone loves an awesome hoodie. You’ll be a favorite among your friends. 

27. Coffee Shop Fragrance 

Get real funny with a coffee shop fragrance in a bottle. Who knew? If someone loves the smell of coffee, you can buy it in a bottle. 

28. Wall Art 

You seriously can’t go wrong with this Llama latte art. It’s funny and gorgeous, a win-win! Wall art comes in all shapes and sizes, so pick something brewtiful. 

29. World’s Largest Coffee Cup 

Set the world record in friendship by gifting the world’s largest coffee cup. Look it up, and you’ll find all kinds of “world’s largest” in the coffee world. 

30. Maple Bacon Coffee 

Get creative with coffee flavors and purchase some new ones as a gift. You can find maple bacon coffee or perhaps maple bacon coffee-flavored chocolates. 

print of a colorful coffee pot

Coffee Lovers – Barista Magic Art Board Print Designed And Sold By livillustration.

Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers

There are so many unique gifts for coffee lovers available. These out-of-the-box ideas will add dimension, play, and plenty of unique gift ideas for your boss. You can even find coffee throw blankets for your besties or body scrub for your lover. 

31. Bourbon-Infused Coffee Beans 

Any kind of infused coffee beans will be a fan favorite for the right person. Try some bourbon-infused coffee beans to up the ante. 

32. A Coffee Scale 

Do you have any coffee connoisseurs in your life? They’ll appreciate a coffee scale as they aim for precision and the perfect cup of Joe. 

33. Brew Sticks 

Brew sticks are a unique gift for coffee lovers because they elevate the drinking experience. Use them to agitate coffee grounds during the brewing process, mix in flavors, and any other purpose you can think of. 

34. Coffee Body Scrub 

Who knew there was such a thing as a coffee body scrub? The fun part is that it might actually smell really good — versus smelling like you just swam in a bath full of coffee grounds. 

35. Bicycle Coffee Cup Holder

Some people have multiple passions, two of which are cycling and sipping some coffee. A bicycle coffee cup holder is perfect for those on the go, commuting, and wanting to enjoy their morning cuppa. 

36. Apron 

Do you know those people you can’t have a conversation with until they’ve had their coffee? Well, this coffee apron is for them. An apron can be a creative gift for any gender. 

37. At-Home Roaster 

Some people take their coffee-making seriously. For those who are curious about taking their skills to the next level, an at-home roaster is the gift for them. 

38. Coffee Scoop 

Give the gift of accuracy with a beautiful coffee scoop. A scoop makes measuring coffee simple and consistent, especially for ground coffee. 

39. Coffee Sieve 

An inconsistent grind with chunky pieces of coffee is the bane of the coffee drinkers’ existence. Elevate their accuracy game with a coffee sieve that filters out bigger pieces and makes a fine-tasting drink. 

40. Coffee-Scented Candle 

Some coffee lovers love the smell of coffee so much that they’d adore a coffee-scented candle — sweet, warm, and earthy. This might also make a great gift for those who love the smell of coffee but don’t drink it as often. 

man wearing sweatshirt that says make coffee not war

Make Coffee Not War Lightweight Sweatshirt Designed And Sold By skitchism.

Inexpensive Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Sometimes you don’t want to spend a lot on gifts for people, but you don’t want to limit the quality or thoughtfulness of the gift. In this section, you’ll find inexpensive gifts for coffee lovers, typically under $20, which are great for coworkers and others you want to send a gift to “just because.” 

41. Personalized Mugs 

Personalized coffee mugs are a simple and affordable way to show someone you care. The coffee lovers in your life will surely appreciate the thought, and the customization options are limitless. 

42. Coffee Ornament 

A coffee-themed ornament makes the perfect addition to any tree, but if it’s not the holiday season, it can be hung year-round depending on how it’s presented. 

43. Coffee Coasters 

Did you know that people still use coasters? Coffee coasters are affordable and customizable, making for a fun, inexpensive gift. 

44. Mug Warmer 

Mug warmers are perfect for chilly days. They also provide a reusable coffee cup holder, so you don’t burn your hands or add more trash to landfills. 

45. Stainless Steel Travel Mug 

Stainless steel travel mugs keep your coffee warm and inside the cup. No one wants spilled coffee all over the cup holder in the car — a perfect gift for that friend who’s perpetually running behind. 

46. Coffee Stickers 

There are so many coffee stickers to choose from. You can personalize them to the person receiving them, add them into a coffee lovin’ gift basket, or stick them to a stainless steel mug. 

47. Phone Case 

A personalized coffee phone case is great for someone you know really well. They can snap an adorable case on their phone and think about you every time they’re scrolling. 

48. Greeting Card 

Send some pretty coffee mugs on a greeting card and to people you care about “just because.” This also makes a great card to stash some cash inside, write a sweet note, and send it to a friend for an easy birthday gift. 

49. Spiral Notebook 

Everyone could use a spiral notebook with incredible art on the outside that inspires you to write on the inside. Give the gift of introspection and creativity! 

50. A Gift Card 

Sometimes you just need to keep things simple with a gift card to someone’s favorite coffee shop. Let the masters do the work, and you can guarantee the gift receiver will be happy about it. 

green throw pillow with to go coffee cups

Take It Away Coffee Pattern Throw Pillow Designed And Sold By evannave.

DIY Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Nothing quite beats DIY gifts for coffee lovers, especially if the receiver prefers the thoughtfulness of a handmade gift over a commercial gift. All of the gifts below can be made by you or purchased from crafty artisans.  

51.  Coffee-scented Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a practical encouragement for someone to slow down and practice a little self-care. You can find some earthy, coffee-scented bath bombs that are combined with other complementary smells for a moment of relaxation. 

52. Hand-knitted Mug Warmer 

Find a pattern for a mug warmer and knit or crochet it yourself. You can make these as unique as the person receiving them. 

53. Coffee-Flavored Cookies 

Handmade means it’s time for delicious desserts. Whip up some coffee-flavored cookies, and you’ll have more new friends than you bargained for. 

54. Coffee Cake 

Along the same vein as cookies, coffee cake makes a tasty gift at a morning office party or to surprise a loved one during a special occasion. 

55. Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mug 

Handmade can get fancy real quick. If you’ve got access to a pottery studio and the skills to attempt it, a handmade ceramic coffee mug makes the ultimate DIY gift for the lovely people in your life. 

You’ll never want for options again when looking for the perfect gifts for coffee lovers. These 55 different coffee-inspired gifts range from bougie to handmade, each showing the people in your life how much you care about them. And for friends who prefer what gets dipped in the coffee, check out the our gifts for foodies.

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